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Title: Earth is Scorched with Heat
Source: Last Days Chronicle
URL Source: [None]
Published: Apr 17, 2024
Author: Barry Midyet
Post Date: 2024-04-17 11:58:10 by interpreter
Keywords: None
Views: 134

Oceans are Super-heating (Part of last plague # 4 -- Rev. 16:8-9)

It is very alarming that the temperature of the tropical Atlantic ocean where hurricanes form was reported by NOAA to be in the 90’s even in early December. Over the last year, ocean temperatures set a new record every day for a year, ABC news is reporting.

That tells us the hurricane season will start early this year and produce even scarier storms than 2023. Plus, a La Nina summer is expected, meaning less wind shear.

In 2023, Hurricane Otis went from a tropical storm to a full blown hurricane with 175 mph wind gusts in a little over 8 hours. Having little or no warning, it killed over 50 unsuspecting people in Mexico.

Hurricane Otis was so powerful that it was off the meteorologist's scale. They could only call it a category 5 storm because there was no category 6.

This year they are now creating a category 6 to accommodate the stronger hurricanes caused by the scorching heat of plague # 4.

Fueled largely by excess CO2 in the air (mostly man-made), plague # 4 is part of God’s plan to harvest the earth because it is “ripe.” (See Rev. 14:14-16).

Only the good guys will be left, the Bible tells us. We should all pray that we are deemed by God to be one of the good guys.

That means converting to clean energy among other things, and taking care of God’s perfectly created Earth that we are supposed to be taking care of, and certainly not destroying it. – Barry Midyet

“God will destroy those who destroy the Earth” – Revelation 11:18

Fire Season starts Early in Texas Panhandle (Part of Last plague #4)

Over the last ten years, the fire season, caused by the scorching temperatures of plague # 4, has grown progressively longer.

Last year there was a gigantic forest fire in Canada that set all-time records, burning tens of millions of acres. It burned all year until winter’s rain and snow helped in extinguishing the inferno.

There was also a big forest fire in East Texas last year, the only one in my lifetime, and the worst one in recorded history. It is very unusual because east Texas is the wettest part of the state (in a normal year).

This year, the fire season began in north Texas in the pan-handle, and in the middle of winter which is unheard of (until now). It was the worst wildfire in the history of Texas.

It burned over a million acres, and killed three people, and hundreds of heads of cattle (not to mention hundreds of wildlife that lost their life).

In Genesis, newly created man is charged with having dominion over the Earth and all of God’s creation, which means to preserve it, and not to destroy it. That is why we are being punished by the seven last plagues.

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