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So fkr all you ukiephiles ... go geT your nexT boosTer - new mask - bend over --- Take whaT The criminals have planned for you nexT

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Title: So fkr all you ukiephiles ... go geT your nexT boosTer - new mask - bend over --- Take whaT The criminals have planned for you nexT
Source: pjmedia.com
URL Source: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politi ... ss-in-eastern-ukraine-n1594715
Published: May 3, 2022
Post Date: 2022-05-04 15:19:46 by BorisY
Keywords: mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs
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Russia Making 'Minimal, at Best, Progress' in Eastern Ukraine


MAY 03, 2022

After some small initial gains, the Russian army is getting bogged down in eastern Ukraine with “minimal, at best, progress” being made, according to an unnamed senior Pentagon official.

DOD News:

“We continue to see minimal, at best, progress by the Russians in the Donbas,” the official said. “They are not making the progress that they had scheduled to make and that progress is uneven and incremental.”

The Russians have had some minor gains east of the Ukrainian cities of Izyum and Popasna, the official said, adding that that progress has been anemic.

“What we saw there in Popasna is not unlike what we’ve seen in other hamlets in the Donbas. [The Russians] will move in and then declare victory and then withdraw their troops only to let the Ukrainians take it back. So, there was a lot of back and forth over the last couple of days,” the official said.

Rumors are flying that Russian troop morale is so low that officers are shooting soldiers who refuse to go to the front. Whether the story is true or not isn’t the point. What is obvious is that the Russian army is underperforming dramatically, and it’s costing them dearly.

Fox News:

More than a quarter of troops that Russia sent to fight in Ukraine are now believed to be “combat ineffective,” the United Kingdom announced Monday.

The startling statistic comes as Russia’s bloody invasion of Ukraine is in its 68th day. Prior to the assault from Vladimir Putin’s army, it was estimated that Moscow assembled around 150,000 soldiers to participate in the war.

“At the start of the conflict, Russia committed over 120 battalion tactical groups, approximately 65 percent of its entire ground combat strength,” the U.K. Ministry of Defence said in a tweet. “It is likely that more than a quarter of these units have now been rendered combat ineffective.”

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the Russian army’s problems are.

The official said the Russian military is “still suffering from poor command and control, low morale and many units [have] less than ideal logistics.

The official also spoke of a “casualty aversion that we continue to see by the Russians now, not just in the air, but on the ground.”

“So very, very cautious, very tepid, very uneven work by them on the ground,” the official also said. “And in some cases, quite frankly, the best word to describe it would be anemic.”

Russian outlays for defense have gone up 175% since 2000. It doesn’t appear that Putin is getting much bang for his rubles. The fact that after 70 days, the Russians don’t appear to have ironed out their logistical problems, haven’t solved their command and control issues, and are still suffering from poor leadership, which is a direct cause for low troop morale, doesn’t bode well for the future of the Russian army in their war against Ukraine.



Chayal Boded

Meh, moron is quoting western manipulation media; definitely NOT credible. For all anyone knows, the ruskies may have acheived all their goals, have the ukies locked in place and are just wearing them down for mass surrender, AND collecting all the expensive US hardware as it comes in.

Sadly, the west, and US, are NOT the good guys in this mess. Remember, ukraine was captured by the deep state globalists in 2014 and there has been fighting in eastern ukraine ever since. Ukraine is used to launder money scammed off US tax payers and sex trafficking and all manner if criminality. Xiden is illegit AND senile, the last election was illegit AND stolen, and we are supposed to believe these criminals in dc have our best interests at heart?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!

The ruskies have already won this war. Its over. The cabal lost. Period. Full stop.

So fkr all you ukiephiles, go get your next booster, a new mask and bend over and take what the criminals have planned for you next.




allonright > Chayal Boded

It's amazing that more people haven't seen through the chaff re: this so-called Ukrainian "War". All one needs to know is the NWO-Globalist- Elites/WEF and current (illegitimate) US govt. administration all support Ukraine. That in itself should be the end of the story; and it is for those paying attention.



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