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Corrupt Government
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Title: I Knew It Would Be a Disaster, But This?
Source: Town Hall
URL Source: [None]
Published: Sep 19, 2021
Author: David McGrath
Post Date: 2021-09-19 09:32:18 by IbJensen
Keywords: None
Views: 176
Comments: 1

(Phony)President Joe Biden is taking a long weekend this weekend. I spent some of the morning wondering if the president is actually resting comfortably. Is he playing fetch with his dog on the beach? Perhaps Biden is watching ‘’Wheel of Fortune’’ reruns all the while snacking on his favorite pudding? Is he really that detached? How can the president who is overseeing the most chaotic time frame in United States history possibly catch a moment of relaxation? I don’t think I am overstating this. The United States is in a death spiral. The wings have detached and we are heading towards a crash landing at speeds somewhere near MACH. Sure, some detractors would say Donald Trump’s presidency was much more chaotic. Most of Trump’s ‘’scandals’’ were media creations, or they were just paid for by the DNC and made up out of thin air.

This is real. I have watched Biden sycophant’s all morning on social media run cover for the president. Alluding to the fact that Donald Trump would be golfing nearly every weekend, and now we are being unfair to Biden for doing the very same thing. All of this is happening while the southern border is in complete chaos. Thousands upon thousands of illegals are streaming in literally every day, from as far as Haiti. The Biden regime could care less. Let them stream in and destroy the concept of a sovereign nation like America. The American people won’t vote democrat for sure, hell we left it up to the people who are living here already and they voted for Donald Trump in 2016, postponing by 4 years the managed decline of this country.

CARTOONS | AL GOODWYN VIEW CARTOON The democrats are hoping to outsource their voting base by importing a new lower class that will immediately go to the public dole, and vote democrat forever. Officials in the Rio Grande valley have come out and stated that the Biden administration is currently not available to even take their calls for help. Texas Governor Greg Abbott needs to immediately deploy the National Guard, or resign. The Biden administration is not coming to help, and they are certainly not coming to the phone. It’s on you, governor. We also learned this week that the airstrike the United States carried out in Kabul after the fatal suicide bombing last month that killed Thirteen Americans, did not succeed in killing bad guys like we were told. In fact, all we did was kill an aid worker, and a couple of children. Even though the Biden admin kept up the lie for as long as they could. The intelligence on the ground was a total farce. The airstrike was allegedly targeting ‘’ISIS-K’’ Planners. Allegedly the vehicle that was hit was equipped with bombs and was headed to the Kabul airport. Obviously, none of that was even close to correct. I hope the weather is nice in fantasy land because that’s where this administration was living if they actually took intelligence from the Taliban at face value, on which vehicles they should target.

As usual, the Biden administration got played like fools. They are fools. State- run media officials like Rachel Maddow took the ball and ran with it after the strikes. She immediately went to her dwindling audience to cheerlead what the Biden administration did immediately after the strike. She took no pains to ensure what actually happened. It doesn’t matter. Her audience and her bosses want her to lie and carry the water for the establishment, and she does it faithfully. Don’t look for an apology or a retraction from Maddow. They just move on.

Nobody in the establishment ever looks back. They think you're a complete moron. They are better. We are exactly 7 months into the Biden regime. We have massive inflation that is killing small businesses and inflated the cost of basic essentials we all need to live. We have strengthened our sworn enemies Russia and China by abandoning pipelines and leaving Afghanistan literally overnight. We left billion of dollars of weapons and supplies for idealistic cavemen who live their entire existence around crushing the west. The military is demoralized after the Afghanistan disaster. The police have been crushed and destroyed for well over a year. Two of our greatest institutions that will take years to rebuild. I fear that the worst is yet to come. We have an economic disaster on the horizon. We have no budget for fiscal year ’22. Democrats want to push through a 3.5 trillion-dollar bill that will leave your grandkids in debt up to their eyeballs before they take a breath on earth. On September 30, the government may very well shut down, and a stalemate will commence. Starting to really stack up huh? These disasters are not media creations like they were for Trump, they are real, unfortunately. I think we all need to understand that these people in charge hate our country. They will do anything to make sure it is fundamentally transformed any way they can. I think things get a lot worse, before better. I would buckle up, and strap in. It is going to be a crazy 3 and a half years on what’s left of the Biden administration. That’s if we make it.

Poster Comment:

This is how democrat leftists rule and once they sufficiently change the demographics, you won’t know it because of the media and even if you do know it doesn’t affect the voting results. They’re importing the Third World so we become the Third World. Yes Democrat states are run like hell. But once you have enough imported Third Worlders you can run them that way forever. Likewise America.

You won’t stop this unless the country actually sends back millions of illegals and the coke-sucking Biden, Camelface and the ghastly Pelousy are drug off the the dungeons and their lobotomies.

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#1. To: IbJensen (#0) (Edited)

America is destroyed by Biden and Democrats, and also by media that helps them.

THE MEDIA (some of them, not all) IS THE REAL ENEMY.

tankumo  posted on  2021-09-19   14:35:01 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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