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Title: Pandemic of The VaccinaTed ... Covid HospiTalizaTions Up 8-Fold Compared To LasT Year --- in Super-Vaxxed UK
Source: noqreport.com
URL Source: https://noqreport.com/2021/09/15/pa ... -last-year-in-super-vaxxed-uk/
Published: Sep 15, 2021
Author: JD Rucker
Post Date: 2021-09-16 01:18:40 by BorisY
Keywords: mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs
Views: 58

Pandemic of the Vaccinated: Covid Hospitalizations Up 8-Fold Compared to Last Year in Super-Vaxxed UK

The powers-that-be in the United States wish our nation was as heavily vaccinated as the United Kingdom.

Judging by what's happening there, that should truly terrify us.

by JD Rucker

September 15, 2021

Pandemic of the Vaccinated_ Covid Hospitalizations Up 8-Fold Compared to Last Year in Super-Vaxxed UK

The UK is one of the most double-vaxxed nations in the world with more than 80% of their eligible population over the age of 16 “fully-vaccinated,” at least by pre-booster mandate standards. Their numbers are the envy of people like Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden who wish more Americans would put down their vaccine skepticism and just get with the program.

What they hope Americans will ignore are the results of attaining super-vaxxed status like the UK. It’s not working. It’s getting far, far worse than before when nobody had taken the jabs yet. In a sane world, the United Kingdom would act as a clear indicator that the so-called “vaccines” are not delivering the immunity nor the protections that we’ve been promised for months. But this isn’t a sane world. This is Fauci’s America forming before our eyes as the Biden-Harris regime continue to listen to tainted scientists instead of the science itself.

An article in Reuters this morning highlights the problems the UK is currently facing as their super-vaxxed status appears to be having the opposite effect than what was promised. They’re in worse shape than similar-sized nations with far fewer vaccinated people, causing doctors to scratch their heads as they scramble for excuses. The agenda dictates they cannot state the obvious — that the injections are miserable failures — so they’re busy blaming the people for not staying locked in their homes and the government for not forcing them to do so.

Weren’t the vaccines supposed to be the way to end the lockdowns? It’s a promise that has been conveniently memory holed.

As for Reuters, they are pushing the same propaganda that we’ve been hearing since it became apparent the vaccines were failing. In lieu of lucid and revealing journalism, they’re supporting the narrative that it’s not the vaccine’s fault for not working. It’s the silly people who expected the vaccines to work who are to blame since they didn’t continue all of the protocols the vaccines were originally supposed to make obsolete.

If that makes no sense, it’s because you’re reading it properly. Nevertheless, that’s their narrative. According to the article:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hoping to get through winter without any more coronavirus lockdowns, but doctors and scientists warn that relying largely on vaccines without other measures could put unsustainable pressure on hospitals.

Britain has recorded one of the highest COVID death tolls in the world for its population size and one of the deepest recessions of wealthy nations as a result of the pandemic, but also has one of the world’s highest vaccination rates.

Leaning on that latter success, the plan Johnson announced on Tuesday involves booster vaccinations, shots for children and continuing a much criticised test, trace and isolate system to avoid lockdowns during the tough winter months.

Measures such as mandatory mask wearing, a requirement to be vaccinated to attend mass events and a renewed order to work from home will only be brought in if data suggests the National Health Service (NHS) may become swamped, officials said.

But many doctors already feel overburdened, and their representatives say that if minor COVID restrictions are not brought in now, tougher restrictions may be needed later, noting lockdowns that were delayed last year had to be extended.

“Our hospitals and GP (doctor) practices are already overstretched,” Dr Chaand Nagpaul chair of the British Medical Association (BMA) council, told Reuters. “With high rates of infection, we need additional infection control measures if we’re to keep the health service afloat this winter.” Mug Asked why the government was not firming the rules now, health minister Sajid Javid told Sky News vaccination, including boosters and for children, was the first line of defence.

“There is no risk free decision but I think what we’ve announced in terms of this plan is well thought through,” he said.

A year ago Johnson was similarly determined to resist another lockdown, but the spread of the virus and high hospitalisation levels forced him to lock down England for a second – and then a third – time for extended periods.

Britain is now averaging more than 30,000 new COVID-19 infections a day, behind only the United States, fuelled by the highly transmissible Delta variant that has kept cases stubbornly high over the summer.

Again, there is no mention of the vaccines simply not working. Instead, they’re suggesting that the government needs to do the things they were doing before the vaccines, only with more authoritarianism and absolute control over the population. It’s ludicrous prima facie, requiring the thickest possible cognitive dissonance to accept that higher percentages of vaccinations means harsher lockdowns to stop a disease that has a 99.93% recovery rate for people under 40.

None of this makes sense on any level, but a strong delusion has spread across the masses. For some reason, they’re not even questioning it. It’s a combination of confirmation bias and stubborn pride. Nobody wants to feel like they made a terrible mistake with no potential for reversal. but that’s exactly what the so-called “vaccines” represent.

Hospitalizations in the UK are up 8-fold compared to the same time last year when nobody was vaccinated, yet UK officials, doctors, and even citizens are calling for even more vaccinations and rapid deployment of booster shots. The Reuters article continues:

Johnson has stressed that vaccines have broken the link between cases and deaths, and that without them, he would not have been able to re-open England’s economy in July. His government sets health rules in England, with other nations setting their own policies.

Buy your Gold and Silver from true America-First patriots. Contact Our Gold Guy and protect yourself through the coming (and current) economic turmoil. But while 81.3% of people over 16 have received two vaccine doses, there are currently 8,340 COVID-19 patients in hospital in Britain, compared to just 1,066 a year ago.

The government’s scientific advisers say hospitalisations could rise further if the population begins to mix more, with one of their published scenarios showing more than 6,000 hospital admissions a day by mid-October.

“The earlier that interventions are brought in, the lower prevalence is kept, reducing the direct COVID-19 burden and reducing the risk of needing more stringent measures to quickly reduce transmission,” the advisers said.

Some business leaders and politicians in Johnson’s Conservative Party have argued forcefully against any restrictions, saying the damage they do to the economy far outweighs any benefits. The government says it will bring in the extra measures as soon as they are needed.

This Daily And Watch What Happens Fungus Eliminator There are clearly questions surrounding the efficacy of lockdowns, but one thing is absolutely certain: They cause tremendous economic, emotional, and even physical harm to the citizens. While some say the lockdowns are necessary because the death rates are rising, others point to Sweden where lockdowns never happened.

The nation with over 10 million people recorded zero Covid deaths this week. According to B92:

“Sweden was maligned in 2020 for foregoing a strict lockdown. The Guardian called its approach ‘a catastrophe’ in the making, while CBS News said Sweden had become ‘an example of how not to handle COVID-19’ “, fee.org portal reports.

Despite these criticisms, Sweden’s laissez-faire approach to the pandemic continues today. In contrast to its European neighbors, Sweden is welcoming tourists. Businesses and schools are open with almost no restrictions. And as far as masks are concerned, not only is there no mandate in place, Swedish health officials are not even recommending them.

What are the results of Sweden’s much-derided laissez-faire policy? Data show the 7-day rolling average for COVID deaths yesterday was zero. And it’s been at zero for about a week now.

So, it is concluded in the text of the fee.org portal, “even a year ago, it was clear the hyperbolic claims about “the Swedish catastrophe” were false; but a year later the evidence is overwhelming that Sweden got the pandemic mostly right”.

“Sweden’s overall mortality rate in 2020 was lower than most of Europe and its economy suffered far less. Meanwhile, today Sweden is freer and healthier than virtually any other country in Europe”, Foundation for Economic Education, fee.org portal, concludes.

The only question we need answered by the UK and US governments is whether they’re ignoring the science over pride of if they have a different agenda they’re working because saving lives doesn’t seem to be a factor in their policies.

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