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Colin Reed: Biden and 2022 – what the six-month mark tells us about the future for Dems, GOP

The CDC has changed ... iT is a poliTical pawn for The radical lefT --- IT has declared war on American ciTizens in The name of public healTh.

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The dark side of transgenderism: Moral monsters are mutilating children without parental involvement


Byron York's Daily Memo: For the FBI, a shameful anniversary

I'm noT usually inTo grammar policing ... This one is a liTTle over The Top --- IT isn'T "in forced" - iT is 'enforced' - See definiTion here

Rep. MaTT GaeTz Implies ... ThaT Our Own GovernmenT Was Behind Jan. 6 False Flag --- Demands Release of 14,000 hrs. of Hidden Video (VIDEO)


IT’s well pasT Time for These grifTers ... To be purged from The parTy --- once - for all.

Sen. Marco Rubio: We must stop Silicon Valley-Democrat collusion before conservatives are silenced for good

Reward Offered - $10,000 To The FirsT Individual Who Can Successfully Address - Defend as LegiTimaTe ... The 2020 ElecTion Anomaly Referred To as --- The ‘Drop - Roll’

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Here Are The Republicans Most Likely To Refuse The Covid-19 Vaccine, Poll Finds

What Jim Jordan would have said

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Republicans Crush Democrats In Georgia Special Election

Why Democrats’ Massive Effort To Suppress Election Concerns Is Dangerous

Bizarre arrest of FBI agent spotlights accusations of bureau corruption

Voter ID laws are not racist

America Is Only ... One STep Away From --- a SouTh African-STyle Social Implosion

Your only proTecTion is a good immune sysTem ... If you haven'T goTTen sick yeT --- you probably won'T

BOOM - Founder of mRNA Vaccine ... CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING - EDITING Adverse AffecTs of COVID Vaccines --- GovT. Suppressing InformaTion! (VIDEO)

Biden tells fleeing Cubans to get lost — while flooding the southern border

Really - iT's jusT for our benefiT ... Next They will hold us down - injecT us --- wiTh Their "safe and effecTive vaccine"

You - indeed are The sheepie who believes ... whaT Biden The DemenTed says --- GoT your EXPERIMENTAL vaccine????

Stefanik Nails Why Pelosi Is So Afraid of Republicans on Jan. 6 Select Committee Decision

ReporT ... 49 Fully VaccinaTed in New Jersey --- Have Died of The Coronavirus

my bro died because They “waiTed”--- never gave him The Hydrochl - ivermecTin --- They are murderers...

American support for same-sex marriage continues to increase, even as religious conservatives battle LGBTQ community on other fronts

In many COVID hot spots, a pattern: High concentrations of white evangelicals

Pelosi bans GOP Reps. Jim Jordan, Jim Banks from serving on Jan. 6 committee, McCarthy threatens total boycott

Socialism Has Ruined Cuba, And It Seeks To Engulf The United States

we’re noT up againsT progressives gone bad --- but againsT a new generaTion of eliTes --- who’ve been inculcaTed wiTh hard-lefT worldviews.

This elecTion was so bad - iT’s laughable ... The subpoenas will be enforced --- we will know everyThing soon enough.

Two big lies are harming America

Article Censored - Now Posted Here

Don’t believe in election fraud? GOP on ‘RINO hunt’ for Republicans who accept Trump lost in 2020

More parents should fight for, not flee from, public schools

Democrats’ Definition Of ‘Misinformation’ Is Whatever Hurts Them Politically Today

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Black Rifle Coffee ... shooT Themselves --- in The fooT…

Altered Hunter Biden photo falsely claims Trump won the 2020 election

Most Arizona Republicans say election audit will show Trump won: poll

The Walls Are Closing In -- on Biden!

BOMBSHELL by SeTh Keshel ...Trump Won Pennsylvania --- by 6-8% (VIDEO)

Breaking - Texas Rep. Steve Toth ... Files Bill for Forensic AudiT --- in Top 13 PopulaTion CounTies in Texas

COVID-19 - 60% of people being admiTTed To hospiTal ... wiTh coronavirus --- have been double-jabbed - says Vallance

WE CAUGHT THEM - AudiT DocumenTs Were CreaTed ... LasT Week for Georgia ElecTion AudiT CompleTed in November --- Only AfTer Our FOIA RequesT

BUSTED ... Maricopa CounTy ElecTions Official DEMANDED Pens Before The ElecTions --- SHARPIES On ElecTion Day

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Title: Her Name Is Lynn Marie Maher - (WhiTe Privilege in AcTion) While Working aT 7-Eleven aT 1 A.M ... WhiTe MoTher of Four --- Murdered by Black Male
Source: unz.com
URL Source: https://www.unz.com/sbpdl/her-name- ... f-four-murdered-by-black-male/
Published: Oct 3, 2020
Post Date: 2020-10-03 14:48:57 by BorisY
Keywords: huTus mau maus devilcraTs, huTus mau maus devilcraTs, huTus mau maus devilcraTs
Views: 296
Comments: 3

Her Name Is Lynn Marie Maher: (White Privilege in Action) While Working at 7-Eleven at 1 A.M., White Mother of Four Murdered by Black Male


OCTOBER 2, 2020

A white mother of four, working at a 7-Eleven, is murdered by a black male in a random, “senseless” robbery gone wrong.

Lynn Marie Maher was an employee of 7-Eleven, who worked as a convenience store clerk. She was a white mother of four, and was murdered at 1 a.m. by a black male.

Were white privilege, systemic racism, implicit bias, structural racism, and even a hint of white supremacy a reality in America, Lynn Marie Maher would never have been toiling away at a job with 7- Eleven at 1 a.m., putting her at risk of a black robber while her four children slept.

Her Name is Lynn Marie Maher. [‘Senseless’: Woman Working at 7- Eleven Fatally Shot in Waldorf: Lynn Marie Maher, 49, was a mom of four who was married to her high school sweetheart, NBC Washington, October 1, 2020]:

A woman working at a convenience store in Waldorf, Maryland, was fatally shot early Thursday by a man who announced a robbery, officials say.

The victim, 49-year-old Lynn Marie Maher, of White Plains, Maryland, died from her injuries on the scene. The Charles County Sheriff’s Office initially gave her first name as Linda.

Maher was a mother of four who was married to her high school sweetheart.

“My brother’s grieving,” said Maher’s brother-in-law, hours after the crime. “There’s so much pain there. It’s a senseless, senseless tragic killing.”

Lynn Maher and her husband, Travis, were high school sweethearts at Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, who went their separate ways and later reconnected, their family member said. They rekindled their love in Iowa, married and moved back to Maryland about 10 years ago.

Maher was working at the 7-Eleven at 3370 Middleton Road when she was slain, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office said.

A man wearing a surgical mask entered the store shortly before 1 a.m., sheriff’s office spokeswoman Diane Richardson said live on News4 Today.

“He apparently approached the clerk, produced a gun, announced a robbery and during that robbery he shot and killed the clerk,” Richardson said.

After the robber got the money, he shot Maher and then fled, Charles County authorities said in a release Thursday.

The sheriff’s office has surveillance footage, which they are examining. Any video of the suspect will be released as soon as possible, Richardson said.

Maher loved her job. On Thursday, her regular customers brought flowers to the scene of the tragedy to honor their friend.

“I’ve been coming since they opened, so I’m really hurt that this has happened to her and that it’s happened to our community,” one woman said through tears.

Maher also had a blackbelt in taekwondo.

“She loved teaching the kids,” her brother-in-law said. “That was her calling. She just wanted to help the children, help other kids, especially underprivileged kids.”

Officials believe Maher was working alone when she was killed but that customers were either in the store or nearby.

Were white privilege real, Lynn Marie Maher.would never have been working at a 7-Eleven at 1 a.m.

Also, were even a hint of white privilege real, everyone in America would know a black male murdered Lynn Marie Maher.at 1 a.m. as she worked at a 7-Eleven.

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Mr. Rational says:

October 3, 2020

Were white privilege real, Lynn Marie Maher.would never have been working at a 7-Eleven at 1 a.m.

Quoted for truth.

Also, were even a hint of white privilege real, everyone in America would know a black male murdered Lynn Marie Maher.at 1 a.m. as she worked at a 7-Eleven.

QFT too.

Nuck Figgers. Every day and twice on Sundays. And hold every last blood relation of theirs criminally responsible for things like this. Every. Last. One

Dr.C. Fhandrich says:

October 3, 2020

Also, it is too bad so many white Americans don’t care, for it they cared, no politician like Pelosi, Clinton, Schumer, Warren, or any other CRETON ( informal for a stupid, insensitive, clod, or lout), pretending to “represent” white voters dare mention “white privilege”, or any other derogatory crap aimed towards white people. How they can get away with it is mindnumbing.

Dr.C. Fhandrich says:

October 3, 2020


Gunga Din says:

October 3, 2020

What a beautiful woman. The negro had the money and was wearing a mask that would make him hard to identify so why kill? The average black American male is a murderous savage. It’s in their genes.

• Agree: Kolya Krassotkin

Jim in Jersey says:

October 3, 2020

Were white privilege real, Lynn Marie Maher.would never have been working at a 7-Eleven at 1 a.m

Not true.

If white privilege were real, or we were serious about its application, this beautiful woman would have no reason to fear working at a 7-11 at 1AM.

To the contrary, the orc would rightly fear the reprisal and anger of the community and confine his crimes to his own neighborhood.

That’s what ‘white privilege’ used to be. That’s what we want returned.

In the meantime boys, they’re not going to punish themselves…

anaoymous says:

October 3, 2020

What can you do to this murdering scum if caught? In prison they’re at home with their homies and get fed regularly. It’s no big deal for them. People like Maher are working and paying taxes to support criminal parasites like her killer who never work a day in their lives. This just goes on and on without end.

Lancelot_Link says:

October 3, 2020 ↑ The population density was 320.2 inhabitants per square mile (123.6/km2). There were 54,963 housing units at an average density of 120.1 per square mile (46.4/km2).[26] The racial makeup of the county was 50.3% white, 41.0% black or African American, 3.0% Asian, 0.7% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific islander, 1.3% from other races, and 3.7% from two or more races. Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 4.3% of the population.

That’s for 2010, up from the 2000 census.

m. says:

October 3, 2020

a dindu will do anything

The OverSeer says:

October 3, 2020

What a surprise a black male…I’m shocked, appalled and taken aback.

Poster Comment:

summer of love

jusT an idea

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jusT an idea


have dug

a ... hole so deep

iT's Time To bury Them

If you ... don'T use exclamaTion poinTs --- you should'T be Typeing ! Commas - semicolons - quesTion marks are for girlie boys !

BorisY  posted on  2020-10-03   15:02:00 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: BorisY (#0)

Can't we all just get along?

Hell NO! We;ll NEVER get along because a high percentage of Negroes living in America are African animals. They are mainly stupid and are the drug dealer's biggest customers.

The big problem is that lots of money is wasted on a lengthy trial for a thrill kill animal who will get room, board, television, and coddling the time he spends in the slammer.

I'm for broadening the death penalty and making trials real quick. Executions follow the sentence immediately. There are no freaking appeals.

Liberals are like Slinkys. They're good for nothing, but somehow they bring a smile to your face as you shove them down the stairs.

IbJensen  posted on  2020-10-08   9:41:52 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: IbJensen (#2)

judge judy me

probaTion - deaTh

no more jails


If you ... don'T use exclamaTion poinTs --- you should'T be Typeing ! Commas - semicolons - quesTion marks are for girlie boys !

BorisY  posted on  2020-10-08   13:59:24 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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