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Colin Reed: Biden and 2022 – what the six-month mark tells us about the future for Dems, GOP

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Really - iT's jusT for our benefiT ... Next They will hold us down - injecT us --- wiTh Their "safe and effecTive vaccine"

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we’re noT up againsT progressives gone bad --- but againsT a new generaTion of eliTes --- who’ve been inculcaTed wiTh hard-lefT worldviews.

This elecTion was so bad - iT’s laughable ... The subpoenas will be enforced --- we will know everyThing soon enough.

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Article Censored - Now Posted Here

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BUSTED ... Maricopa CounTy ElecTions Official DEMANDED Pens Before The ElecTions --- SHARPIES On ElecTion Day

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Title: Second man makes sex assaulT claim ... againsT Fox News analystT - never Trumper --- former N.J. judge Andrew NapoliTano
Source: nj.com
URL Source: https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/09/s ... j-judge-andrew-napolitano.html
Published: Sep 29, 2020
Author: Noah Cohen
Post Date: 2020-10-01 16:33:31 by BorisY
Keywords: huTus mau maus devilcraTs, huTus mau maus devilcraTs, huTus mau maus devilcraTs
Views: 118

Second man makes sex assault claim against Fox News analyst, former N.J. judge Andrew Napolitano

Sep 29, 2020

By Noah Cohen

NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

A second man has accused Fox News analyst and former Bergen County judge Andrew Napolitano of sexual assault, alleging in a lawsuit that the jurist tried to rape him and offered legal help in exchange for sex.

James Kruzelnick claimed in the suit that he met Napolitano while working as a waiter at a Sussex County restaurant beginning in 2014. Napolitano followed Kruzelnick into the establishment’s bathroom, groped him and told him “[y]ou are just so hot,” according to the lawsuit filed Monday in New Jersey Superior Court by Manhattan law firm Joseph & Norinsberg.

In the first suit, another man, South Carolina resident Charles Corbishley, alleged Napolitano forced him to perform a sex act while he had a criminal case pending with the judge in the 1980s.

Thomas A. Clare, Napolitano’s lawyer, called the latest claims false and a “copycat lawsuit” filed by the same legal team representing Corbishley.

“These allegations are total fiction, and Judge Napolitano unequivocally denies them,” Clare said in an email. “This copycat lawsuit, filed and promoted publicly by the same lawyers representing career criminal Charles Corbishley, is nothing more than a pile-on attempt to smear Judge Napolitano for their own financial gain. We will defeat these false allegations in court and look forward to exposing this continuing attempt to abuse our court system to smear a highly-respected former public servant.”

Napolitano, who was then 20 years older than Kruzelnick, repeatedly sexually harassed him after Kruzelnick rebuffed the judge, according to the suit. Napolitano allegedly made explicit comments to the man, saying “I am crazy about you,” “I am thinking about you,” and “I would love to see you soon,” the suit claimed.

The lawsuit further claimed that Napolitano forced Kruzelnick into a “bizarre sexual act,” involving spanking when Kruzelnick allegedly visited the television analyst’s residence in September 2015.

When Kruzelnick faced gay bashing at work, he sought Napolitano’s legal advice in November 2015, the lawsuit stated. During a visit to Napolitano’s home to discuss the purported legal issue, the judge allegedly told Kruzelnick, “If you do things for me, I’ll do things for you.”

According to the lawsuit, the final encounter between Kruzelnick and Napolitano took place in August 2017 when he was invited to the judge’s farm to go swimming. During the visit, the suit alleged, Napolitano tried to rape Kruzelnick as he changed in a bedroom. Kruzelnick allegedly told several unnamed individuals about the attempted sexual assault, according to his suit.

“Mr. Kruzelnick has suffered physical and emotional distress because of Judge Napolitano’s repulsive actions. It is also disturbing that Mr. Kruzelnick was reluctant to come forward because he felt as a gay man, no one would believe him,” one of his lawyers, Jon Norinsberg, said in a statement announcing the lawsuit.

Lawyers for Napolitano, who served as a judge in Bergen County until the mid-90s, earlier this month countersued his first accuser. That suit claimed the man, Charles Corbishley, fabricated the decades-old allegations as part of an extortion scheme and smear campaign targeting the judge.

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Noah Cohen may be reached at ncohen@njadvancemedia.com.

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