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Title: Thanks, Fox News, for reminding us of the Soros role in creating America's riot-coddling DAs (Fox doesn't want Sorros name sullied by Gingrich)
Source: American Thinker
URL Source: https://www.americanthinker.com/blo ... icas_leftist_bluecity_das.html
Published: Sep 17, 2020
Author: Monica Showalter
Post Date: 2020-09-17 10:52:07 by IbJensen
Keywords: None
Views: 41
Comments: 1

Fox News has drawn our attention to the fact that George Soros is bankrolling the leftist district attorneys who are fostering so much rioting in America's blue cities, based on their refusal to prosecute looters and rioters. But probably not in the way the network meant to.

Here's what went down over at the semi-cheesy news commentary show called Outnumbered, whose format is a group of leggy women sitting on a circular sofa with some man in the news and grilling him with chick-like excited shouts and exclamations. It's now a Zoom thing without the leg business. In this case, it led to a very unexpected outcome:

What an amazingly insulting way to treat a supposedly honored guest, a former speaker of the House. Look at the shock on Newt's face at that shutdown. They invited him on, they asked him his take on the leftist riots in America's blue cities, and they got an answer: Gingrich pointed out that the riots were happening because of district attorneys, financed by George Soros, who refuse to prosecute rioting.

It wasn't really news. Nor was it controversial. It's been reported in detail by conservative outfits for years. Fox News itself, news division, reported it. What was strange was that bizarrely unprofessional reaction from this one show, and from hosts whom most viewers have trusted and respected, such as Harris Faulkner and Melissa Francis. The leftist flak for the Obama administration, Marie Harf, no journalist, could be dismissed, given that she is no stranger to boldface lying for her bosses to sing for her supper. But why was Francis the first to bring it up, only to have Harf as her growling dog backing her up with her absolutely adamant call not to engage Gingrich? What did he say that was so evil and unfit for TV? Note that Harf was unable to cite any reasons — she has none; she just wanted to play commissar censor and, like all commissar censors, had a whiff of fear of those above her. Note that booming, croaking, dead-toned angry adamant voice, like that of an upset socialite or desperate high school principal. Shut up, she explained. It really was remarkable. She really didn't want any discussion or even mention of Soros. But why did Faulkner coolly move on after cutting Newt off?

The strange behavior of Francis and Faulkner actually drew more attention to the issue because we expected better. Had they not done that, the whole thing would have rolled out like water off a duck's back, not news, easily forgotten, because, well, everyone knows it — everyone read it on Fox News.

What we didn't know was that Fox News's commentary show, at least one of them, maybe more, seems to be on some kind of mission to protect Soros from scrutiny, which is rather unfitting for a news outfit that calls itself "fair and balanced." Are they in hock to him? Does one of their board members have business ties to him? Are they under some kind of legal threat? Because how else can we explain the bizarre attempt by two respected anchors to gaslight us? They are trying to dismiss any scrutiny of Soros, and let's face it: Newt put his finger on it, as something we can see with our own eyes, but they are effectively (and falsely in the case of Harf) saying it isn't happening. It's creepy, really. We didn't know this about Fox News. Now we do.

Far-left Daddy Warbucks George Soros has been financing far-left candidates in district attorneys' races across the country since 2015. Houston, Albuquerque, Chicago, races in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida — they've all gotten their cut. According to Capital Research:

Since 2015, he has spent more than $17 million on district attorney and other local races in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Arizona, but also in large, predominantly left-of-center states such as California and New York. In 2016, Soros dropped $2,000,000 into a single sheriff race in Maricopa County, Arizona, helping progressive candidate Paul Penzone win the election with ease over longtime incumbent Joe Arpaio. He has given millions of dollars in grants to candidates in several other counties as well.

These huge contributions often make it almost impossible for the other candidates to compete because district attorney elections are on such a small scale and the campaigns typically do not need to raise millions to run local ads and mobilize voters. Constituents are swamped with propaganda, and the opposing conservative candidates are victims of unfair character assassinations, such as defaming them as racists and white supremacists.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner got a $118,000 bagload in the wake of the Ferguson riots, and once elected, filed false and scurrilous charges against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitans, which were thrown out. In 2020, she got $78,000 from Daddy Warbucks. Rioters of course have since run free and but the McCloskeys, trying to defend their home, were prosecuted.

Over in Chicago, State's attorney Kim Foxx has been attacked by her city's own mayor for her failure to prosecute rioters. She also was heavily involved in the Jussie Smollett racial hoax fiasco, something that had the fingerprints of Kamala Harris and other Democrats on it.

There's some kind of power game going on. Democrats, through their control of the DA's offices, can perpetuate and keep riots flowing until election day in a bid to make voters cry 'uncle' and vote for Joe Biden to make it stop. We often view Antifa as the instigator of this, or the trained Marxists of Black Lives Matter, and they certainly have a role. But they would never be able to do what they do without the connivance of the DAs who refuse to prosecute their violent crimes.

And Fox News, at least some parts of it, is covering the whole racket up.

Michelle Malkin has pointed out that they have shut down other truth-tellers about Soros, citing this case from 2018:

And it may or may not be related to the current protection racket going on to shield Soros, but ten years ago, Fox got rid of Glenn Beck, who also criticized Soros.

Watch it here:


One thing we do know, is that Soros is powerful, and he uses his money to wield power. He's also on record as trying to overhaul the justice system. It might not just be the district attorneys that he controls for this, based on this shabby treatment of Gingrich, he might just control at least some of Fox News. That's disturbing. That gets our attention. We didn't know this until this shutdown maneuver against Gingrich. Gingrich, who just wanted to please them, certainly didn't either, based on his startled response.

Now we know. And now we've been reminded for sure that Soros is running the district attorney show, the very reason why the riots are continuing -- because nobody is being prosecuted.

Thanks, Fox News, for getting that out there, reminding us of the big stakes, and letting us know that someone doesn't want us to know. Thanks for letting us know.

Poster Comment:

Harf isn't fit to shine Newt Gingrich's shoes but Melissa Francis and, especially, Harris Faulkner, you had credibility. You are no longer "outnumbered", you are ZERO. Is there no one in the news media willing to stand for truth? Truth comes at a cost but a lie is cheap. Hope it's worth it ladies.

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#1. To: IbJensen (#0)

Is there no one in the news media willing to stand for truth?

As far as MSM commentators, Tucker Carlson is the only real "journalist" on any network.

Government is in the last resort the employment of armed men, of policemen, gendarmes, soldiers, prison guards, and hangmen.
The essential feature of government is the enforcement of its decrees by beating, killing, and imprisoning.
Those who are asking for more government interference are asking ultimately for more compulsion and less freedom.

Deckard  posted on  2020-09-17   21:20:27 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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