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Title: Democrats’ New Logo Looks Suspiciously Like ‘Death To America’
Source: Def Con News
URL Source: https://defconnews.com/2020/08/24/d ... ciously-like-death-to-america/
Published: Aug 26, 2020
Author: Staff
Post Date: 2020-08-26 13:27:31 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 927
Comments: 1

Democrats hate this country and want to destroy it but they usually aren’t this forthcoming about their agenda. A new logo rolled out by the DNC reads as “Death to America” marking the first time these anti-American scumbags were honest about anything. Because Joe Biden is the party’s nominee, naturally there is a tendency toward plagiarism, so this catch-phrase was actually stolen from the radical Islamic militants who run Iran. I guess it’s possible that Iran licensed this sentiment to the democratic party seeing on how cozy of a relationship they have.

The democrats unveiled their new logo at their convention last week. I’m not sure why nobody noticed it until now, but that probably has something to do with how completely unwatched their shithow was:

It’s hard, if not impossible, to read this thing in any other way than Death to America. The “D” has a weird star in it that looks like an arrowhead, the number 2, and then a zero with a map of America. What else could it be?

This actually makes a lot of sense for democrats considering how much hatred they have for this country as well as the love affair they have with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Not only were they pissed that President Trump pulled the U.S. out of Obama’s shitty and illegal Iran Nuclear Deal, their candidate Joe Biden has vowed to jump back in bed with the terrorist-sponsor nation if he is elected.

Recently Nancy Pelosi and the democrats held a vigil for criminal drug-abuser George Floyd that was indistinguishable from one held by the Iranian parliament.

Joe Biden, who is highly suggestible in his diminished state, has adopted Bernie Sanders’ socialist revolution message to destroy America and rebuild it into a dystopian dictatorship. Just look at this tweet:

That’s not unlike the Islamic revolution that “transformed” Iran from a relatively normal country into the the bat-shit crazy Islamic dictatorship it is today. There is no way that is a coincidence. (1 image)

Click for Full Text!

Poster Comment:

On another note - did anyone notice the difference between the flags used as a backdrop at both conventions?


W3Schools.com(3 images)

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#1. To: Deckard (#0)

No fringes, means someone in the Trump camp knows about Admiralty law and the difference between the flags.

THIS IS A TAG LINE...Exercising rights is only radical to two people, Tyrants and Slaves. Which are YOU? Our ignorance has driven us into slavery and we do not recognize it.

jeremiad  posted on  2020-09-04   19:29:00 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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