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Title: Profiles in Tyranny: Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health
Source: Moonbattery
URL Source: https://moonbattery.com/profiles-in-tyranny-barbara-ferrer/
Published: May 17, 2020
Author: Dave Blount
Post Date: 2020-05-17 22:51:14 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 21

Far and away the most populous county in the USA is Los Angeles County. The most powerful person there, with the possible exception of the corrupt dictator of the City of Los Angeles, is Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer, who recently announced that the economically devastating and increasingly insane “Safer at Home” order would continue indefinitely.

Like Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the communist apparatchik who was made Director-General of the pernicious ChiCom-controlled WHO, Dr Ferrer is not a medical doctor. Her educational background:

Ferrer received her Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, a Master of Arts in Public Health from Boston University, a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

After majoring in moonbattery, she became a community organizer. As noted at American Thinker,

Not only do those degrees sound irrelevant to her current job, but they sound irrelevant to work of any kind.

No wonder the Puerto Rican–born Ferrer forbids work to countless people in the LA area. She never had an opportunity to develop respect for the concept. After all, without noticeably doing anything useful, she is still getting paid — and paid extravagantly:

According to Transparent California, a watchdog group, Ferrer’s total compensation package in 2018 was $553,249.

Meanwhile, many of the people under her thumb are earning nothing because Ferrer and other bureaucrats will not let them work. Some will get free money from the government for a while, to be financed by their grandchildren. That is poor compensation for not being allowed to earn a living.

The mortality rate from Wuhan coronavirus in Los Angeles County is trivial, even if the toll in the rest of California is lower still. Authorities have inflated the numbers throughout the country, but even so, Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker currently lists 1,793 fatalities. Rounding the population down to 10 million, that means one in 5,577 residents have perished. The vast majority of the genuine coronavirus fatalities have been very old people with preexisting conditions; a round of flu would have been just as likely to do them in.

Slipping in the bathtub is probably more likely to kill you than Kung Flu in Los Angeles County. But this isn’t about the virus anymore. It is about tyrants exploring how much we will take before we rebel.

You know something is very wrong when the Director of Public Health looks about as healthy as something that crept out of a crypt:

Poster Comment:


The Health Director for Los Angeles County looks like she chose the wrong grail before Indiana Jones. 12:14 PM - May 15, 2020 (1 image)

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