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Title: Another Narrative Collapse — Eating Meat is not Ritualistic Suicide
Source: Gold, Goats 'n Guns
URL Source: https://tomluongo.me/2019/10/01/nar ... -meat-not-ritualistic-suicide/
Published: Oct 1, 2019
Author: Tom Luongo
Post Date: 2019-10-03 10:37:45 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 144
Comments: 1

I’ve been on some form of low-carb diet since the 1990’s. If not for a few years of intense martial arts training and that dietary switch, I would have likely ended up with type-II diabetes.

And well on my way to the grave.

I know, some of you are thinking, “More’s the pity.” Fair enough.

But, the truth is that once my wife and I started down that path and our health rapidly improved there was no going back. I clearly remember an early article in, of all places, the Gainesville Sun talking about how butter may not be bad for you.

That planted a seed and things went from there.

We started with Dr. Atkins. Then we moved on to books like Neanderthin and devoured, all puns intended, the work of the Drs. Mary and Michael Eades of Protein Power fame.

I went from 250 lbs. with high blood pressure. triglycerides and the kind of temper that cost me jobs (no lie) to dropping below 200 lbs for the first time since high school and more patience for the world.

My belly shrank. I could fit into 36 inch waist jeans.

My friends noticed it. My wife noticed it. My co-workers and my boss thanked me.

Being on that diet allowed me to handle the heat and stress at 35 of building my house in the North Florida summer; working sun up to sun down three days a week for seven-months straight.

I held my full-time job as a Senior Chemist at the same time, working four ten-hour days.

So yes, I had the endurance, focus, strength and fitness to work as a professional researcher and laboratory manager four days a week and an amateur framer, roofer, plumber, general contractor and ditch-digger the other three.

From March to October… in Florida. No days off. No bullshit.

The self-education continues today to refine what works and what doesn’t for us; what foods we’re allergic to and how can we support our organs and gut health as we enter our fifties.

Have I ‘fallen off the wagon’? Of course. At times really badly. I haven’t told you how much I loved my goat milk/duck yolk custard ice cream I used to make when I had a small dairy on the side. I sincerely love ice cream.

That’s the pernicious thing about sugar, like any other powerful drug, you always think you have control over it.

But you don’. It controls you.

And as humans we really have no defense against the combination of fat and sugar. That’s why there is always room for desert.

And its control is far worse than cigarettes or coffee. I’ve quit both, it’s true. The former permanently the latter only when fasting (because I’m no ascetic).

Then you look in the mirror one day and you’re disgusted with what you see. And the only thing worse than that is knowing that you knew better and did it anyway.

Giving in to the Imp of the Perverse undermines your spirit far worse than any other mistake you can make.

And when I was forced by circumstance in 2017 to chain myself to my keyboard and ‘write or die’ to build a new career path, I didn’t treat myself as well as I should have.

And so, while I was in better health than I could have been I wasn’t happy about it either. Because I knew I should be better than that.

And it had gotten to the point of interfering with my ability to write at a level that I expected of myself, no less y’all.

That’s why three weeks ago I followed my wife onto a near all-meat diet. No exceptions, no “I can have a small fries with my hamburger,” or this one candy bar. Just meat, salt, the occasional egg and a little garlic with 20 to 24 hour fasts in between.

The dietary equivalent of cold turkey of everything bad.

And guess what? I’ve already lost significant girth, I sleep better, my concentration has improved, my joints don’t ache and I’m just plain happier.

Recently I had a physical ordered by my life insurance company. This was before I made the switch. And even then, as unhappy with myself as I was, my blood work was fine: a testament to eating mostly low carb, whole foods and staying away from God forsaken vegetables.

It wasn’t that hard for me. My body knows how to cycle in and out of ketosis now. The first couple of days are the toughest, thinking about food constantly. But once you get in the groove it’s not an issue.

Once you put your mind to it, as the saying goes, the rest is just doing it.

It wasn’t as hard as quitting sugar the first time. That was hard. Three weeks of that empty feeling in your stomach, the brain fog, the feeling of just being ‘off.’ It’s like those old V-8 commercials from the 80’s.

But here’s the thing. I was likely pre-diabetic at the time. My body had zero idea how to burn fat and so it resisted doing so for weeks. Once through that, however, I didn’t need a glass of pulverized compost material to keep me upright.

Low carb isn’t anything new now. We helped plow that field twenty years ago. And that’s a great thing. But there is still this horrific stigma against meat that has zero basis in dietary reality. It is a holdover of Ancel Keyes’ moronic and virulent Lipid Hypothesis which demonized saturated fats.

But Keyes, like Michael Mann and his hockey stick chart of global temperatures, cherry picked his data to prove his point. And because what he said was in accordance with what the political establishment wanted to push on us, meat was vilified and vegetable oils (which have never been a big part of human nutrition) were elevated.

To the detriment of us all.

Trillions of dollars in misallocated capital to a theory that made us all fat, sick, stupid and perpetually pissed off.

Trillions to a health care industry designed to treat these new problems caused mostly from people eating like they are pigs being fattened for slaughter.

And the irony is, of course, that now we raise lean hogs as opposed to lard hogs. So even our pork is fed a better diet than we feed ourselves.

So much of our political debate about rising health care costs come down to treating lifestyle diseases brought on by insipid and venal government propaganda and the ideological zealotry of vegans.

Health care wouldn’t be the Byzantine nightmare and wholly unethical quicksand of graft, corruption and corporate profiteering if it wasn’t for Ancel Keyes and his disciples.

And the Democrats wouldn’t be pushing for Health Care to be a right as defined by everyone else has to pay for my shitty choices about what foods I push down my gullet.

Worse, today, after the mainstreaming of low-carb, we are still dealing with the remnants of Keyes and the vilification of meat-eating. Because they know that once a critical mass of us get trim, healthy and independent-minded, their amateurish narrative control techniques don’t work on us.

This is why we laugh at “Soy Boys” with “Bitch tits.”

They’ve given ground gradually and grudgingly. First it was butter was better than margarine, after telling us that trans-fats were better than saturated fats.

Then it was eggs are okay, even though a lot more people are allergic to egg whites than you would think.

But they won’t bring themselves to admit that saturated fats are the healthy fats. They are the ones that your body uses to build cell walls resistant to oxidative stress. They are the ones that are made of the ‘good cholesterol’ and not the nasty stuff the body produces when you starve it.

But, even then, grudgingly as the data started coming back, to hold the line they keep telling us, if you have to eat them, avacado, coconut and fish are okay.

Just stay away from the red meat!

Because the demonization of red meat cuts to the heart of the political con job that is modern cultural Marxism and its supposed moral high ground.

You can see this in the response to the landmark study just completed that concluded there is no perceivable risk from eating red meat as opposed to anything else. It immediately provoked apoplexy akin to doctors prescribing hemlock to treat eczema.

“Based on the research, we cannot say with any certainty that eating red or processed meat causes cancer, diabetes or heart disease,” said Bradley Johnston, an associate professor at Dalhousie University in Canada who co-led the review published on Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal.

However, in what amounts to a scientific food fight, experts from Harvard, Yale, Stanford and elsewhere, including one of the review authors, said guidelines that could lead people to eat more red and processed meats were irresponsible.

They asked in a letter to the journal that it “pre-emptively retract publication” of the papers pending further review.

I can’t wait until the study comes out comparing those on a carnivore diet to vegan one. That’s the study no one in power wants to see the results of.

We’re at the overwhelming evidence stage of the benefits of not eating like our dinner eats and these guys are trying to hold back the dam and force the truth under the rug.

Because they can’t give up the dream, man.

Veganism and ethical vegetarianism are inextricably bound up with the push towards modern forms of social control. They are religions based on the mistaken, inherently Marxist, belief that humanity is a virus that needs to be contained.

Vegetarians claim a moral high ground they can’t support as an extension of an ideology built on the guilt of being alive, of denying their basic humanity as predators.

It is another false narrative designed to rob you of your reason physically as well as psychologically, since diet affects both in a vicious feedback loop of auto-immune disorders which are entirely avoidable, just like the donuts in the break room.

And the idea that you can just go to the gym and burn that donut off is simply ignorant of how the body actually functions. Calories in do not just equal calories out.

The body doesn’t treat a teaspoon of sugar the same way it treats an ounce of bacon grease. If you think that. Then you aren’t just ignorant, at this point, you are being willfully obtuse.

We don’t have a bathtub metabolism anymore than we have Keynes’ idea of a bathtub economy. Reducing our food intake to the same gross generalization that we do the economy via GDP is not only stupid but antithetical to truth.

The idea that calories are just calories is, literally meaningless. It strips out all meaning as to how specific molecules are utilized by the body and for what purpose. Just like reducing the economy to gross spending also strips out the meaning about what we spent the money on and how it was utilized.

If we spend all our money on hookers and blow do you think that’s any more sustainable than living on pasta, pizza and paninis?

But like all gatekeepers they will fail to hold containment on the truth because, as I keep saying, lies are expensive, the truth sells itself.

Don’t you ever wonder why they have to sell us on tofu but bacon sells itself?

I don’t.

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#1. To: Deckard (#0)

The self-education continues today to refine what works and what doesn’t for us; what foods we’re allergic to and how can we support our organs and gut health as we enter our fifties.

Another good article, Deckard.

Tom Luongo managed to touch on several important factors related to diet...physical, psychological, and political.

His use of the phrase "vilification of meat" is something I have (over) used here on this forum. Glad to see it coming from another source.

As for "gut health" my wife always says: healthy gut...healthy person.

She, being a microbiologist, reminded me that we humans have anywhere from 2 to 6 pounds of bacteria (imagine that!) in our body at any given time. Very important to manage the bacteria, keeping more "good" bacteria than "bad".

watchman  posted on  2019-10-03   12:05:26 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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