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New World Order
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Title: The CIA’s Influence Over the Media: Use of the Conspiracy Theorist Slur
Source: 911Truth.Org
URL Source: https://911truth.org/conspiracy-theorist-slur-cia-propaganda/
Published: Sep 4, 2019
Author: Kevin Ryan
Post Date: 2019-09-14 13:55:02 by Liberator
Keywords: CT, Gatekeeper, Tools
Views: 1168
Comments: 110

The CIA’s Influence Over the Media: Use of the Conspiracy Theorist Slur

“Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.”—George W. Bush, November 10, 2001

In April of 1967, a CIA official sent a memorandum dispatch to agency chiefs and stations. This memo described a strategy for discrediting critics of the Warren Report, the official account for the assassination of President Kennedy released in 1964. At the time of the memo, polls showed that 46% of Americans did not think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, in contradiction to the official finding.

To counter such criticisms, the memo proposed labeling critics as “conspiracy theorists” and proposed that the CIA’s “propaganda assets” in media begin to use the slur and other, related techniques to marginalize critics.

Classified as Secret but finally released in 1998, the memo stated, “Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit circulation of such claims.”

The memo instructed media assets to discredit those questioning government reports by saying the critics should be depicted as “wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, hasty or inaccurate in their research, or infatuated with their own theories.”

Conspiracy Theorist: One Who Questions the Statements of Known LiarsPosted by Donna Cleveland on Flickr

The approach laid out by the memo was adopted by many in the American media. That’s not a surprise given that Operation Mockingbird, a domestic propaganda campaign aimed at promoting the views of the CIA within the media, was in full swing at the time. And despite official claims that the CIA’s influence of American media was halted in 1976, after the Church Committee findings, the continued use of the terms “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” indicates that the practice has continued.

A few years ago, I tested this by checking how many times the phrase “conspiracy theory” had appeared in the Washington Post and the New York Times in the 45 years before and after the CIA memo.

Before the memo was issued, “conspiracy theory” was a phrase used 50 times, or about once per year, in the Times or the Post. In the 45 years after the CIA memo, these newspapers used the term 2,630 times, or about once per week.

Before the CIA memo came out, the Washington Post and New York Times had never used the phrase “conspiracy theorist.” After the CIA memo came out, they have used the phrase “conspiracy theorist” 1,118 times.

The continued use of terms such as “conspiracy theorist” suggests that the CIA still controls the mainstream media. With regard to the crimes of 9/11, The New York Times has led the way in terms of support for official propaganda. Moreover, many “alternative” media sources use these slurs as frequently, or more, than mainstream media do.

An example was in August 2011, when I was a guest on National Public Radio’s ‘On Point” talk show to discuss 9/11 skepticism. Interestingly, I was the only 9/11 skeptic invited to appear on this show about 9/11 skeptics. The other two guests were Jim Meigs from Popular Mechanics and dubious “truther expert” Jonathan Kay. During the show, I answered questions from the host for about 5 minutes, until it became clear that my skepticism of 9/11 sounded rational. After I was dismissed—for the remaining 42 minutes of the show—Meigs, Kay, and the substitute host rambled on about the evils of conspiracy theories, using some form of the phrase conspiracy theory a total of 85 times. That’s more than once every 30 seconds.

The use of “conspiracy theory” to deter citizens from investigating historic events is paradoxical, to be sure. It suggests that those who commit criminal conspiracies can only be relatively powerless people who happen to live on the most strategically important lands, (and conspiracies among rich, powerful people are impossible or absurd.) It’s just that kind of doublethink mindset that has led us to where we are today as a nation.

Of course, 9/11 was a conspiracy. The only question is was it a conspiracy of people who could not possibly pull it off and who would only suffer as a result.... OR ... Was it a conspiracy of the people who benefited and had the power to accomplish it? The first option presents many problems. Common sense suggests the latter.

These days, it seems that you can tell who is working for the CIA simply by the way they use “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” in attempts to belittle others. An example might be when a lawyer for gold mining companies was presented by the corporate media as a public servant/truth teller based on stolen documents that were never shared with the public. That lawyer and his colleagues at The Intercept use the conspiracy theorist slur as much as any other media source, and often when they are questioned about their dubious rise to fame.

In any case, our entire legal system is based on the idea of conspiracy....

...Yet despite this fact we have been conditioned by the government and the media to blindly accept official reports and to treat anyone questioning those reports as conspiracy theorists; THAT IS, YOU ARE A CONSPIRACY THEORIST IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT'S CONSPIRACY THEORY.

This technique is easy to see. Next time you read an article that uses these slurs, look more closely at the author (or poster/gatekeeper/troll) and where he or she is trying to lead you.

SOURCE: Published at Digwithin by Kevin Ryan on 7/31/2019

Poster Comment:

Oh, the rich RICH irony. This same Alinsky "Rules For Radicals" technique that is used by Spooks, Gubmint & G00gle against "CT!!" to shut down legit discussion and truth without question WHILE discrediting their opponent:

"Racist!!", "Anti-semite!!", "H0mophobe!!", "Xenophobe!!"(blank]tard!!), "Truther!!" etc!).

This obvious semantic parlor-trick by a panicky unprincipled elite and its army of uninformed/ignorant gatekeepers are no longer able to dam-up 911 lies OR its a plethora of other ongoing accepted Big Lies.

Perhaps it's time to re-examine and re-assess what and whose side you support....and Big Picture Agenda. (1 image)

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#1. To: All (#0)

As those paying attention have noticed, the very real cabal of assorted PTB (Masons-Illuminati-Vatican-Jesuits-Talmudics-Etal) have directed its covert muscle (CIA) to order its lackeys in DC and Media to literally criminalize discussions of "Conspiracy Theorists" online. BUT IT'S TOO LATE. The Cat(s) is out of the bag.

Given PTB Cabal of One Worlders are rapidly losing complete control over several institutions (see Trump & Brexit & Orban & Putin) and several ongoing narratives, including it's deeper, darker secrets and under-belly exposed (as well as its ongoing hoaxes, thanks to the interweb's vast spread of previous hidden, buried, masked info), here' a question:

What will be their next desperate Operation/Big Lie/Distraction/Red Flag/Step?

Further Invasions of the West? (see "Kalergi Plan") War(s)? Disease & Epidemics? Gun Confiscation? Shutting down Internet Communications? Shutting down the Electric Grid? EMPs? De-Population?

Liberator  posted on  2019-09-14   14:08:35 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#18. To: Liberator (#1) (Edited)

About the Freemasons?

Most are prior military.

Most are respected family men.

They rise through ranks by being active and learning lines in the LARP they engage in.

Leadership is elected.

The square and compass represent becoming better men.

Now why......would any evil organization insist to join you need someone to vouch for your character, (they need to before you join.) then, want you to be better men, then, as your commitment to the organization gets rewarded assuming you also have leadership qualities, would you expect those people to become bad?

And please, show me any evidence of any Mason in the last 100 years who’s done any nefarious stuff. Having a secretary embezzle some cash doesn’t count. I’m talking about any truly nefarious shit.

The Masons leaders are just fellas who’ve been chosen by members to be leaders. There is NO other way to get there. This is NOT a recipe for evil, but rather, for good, given who becomes Masons.

Going back 140 years and finding a group who took the LARP a little too seriously and disappeared a member is not proof of a vast criminal organization bent on creating evil in the world, but rather, an emotional appeal based on pretty much zip.

I argue this all the time on VOAT, and to THAT audience, I always snarkily say it’s a way to say it’s whitey that’s behind all the evil in the world. That causes most there to question their beliefs, which are based on mostly just fantasy anyways.

One would think, with all the shit they’re blamed for, there would be some Hillary, or Epstein level proof, instead of what is trotted forth as truth. But nah, it’s very thin.

Dead Culture Watch  posted on  2019-09-15   18:34:22 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#19. To: Dead Culture Watch (#18)

And please, show me any evidence of any Mason in the last 100 years who’s done any nefarious stuff. Having a secretary embezzle some cash doesn’t count. I’m talking about any truly nefarious shit.

I'd like to reply to your comment...

In the truly nefarious shit category I'd like to nominate Billy Graham.

Seen here extending the Masonic handshake to Harry Truman.


There's plenty more on Graham where that came from.

Do I believe the accusations of molestation made against Graham? Yes, I do.

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1

watchman  posted on  2019-09-16   12:36:14 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#20. To: watchman (#19)

Ok. So, Billy Graham was exactly what in Masonry? And links to molestation from him please.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. No evidence ever of anything. Just sliming people and then using that to ‘nudge, nudge, wink wink’ a whole agenda of world domination and evil.

Ya, it’s always whitey at the top. Please don’t look at (((bankers.)))

BTW, I believe operation mockingbird is alive and well. So, I’m on board the thrust of article. I do find it real odious to slime a group of people who don’t deserve it in the slightest though.

Can you actually address the structure and the membership and how that completely destroys the argument they are evil?

I do know one thing. If there is ever a EOTWAWKI happening, I’m bee lining straight to the Mason friends I have. Ones a retired LT Colonel, and almost all are prior military and have the nicest guns and huge supply of ammo. They’ve been Masons for many years, and are 32nd degreed.

Hell, my brother is currently Worshipful Master of one of the oldest lodges in this state. He’s 20 years in military as well.

The best people I know are Masons. Not exactly who I would want even remotely close to evil shit due to the absolutely fantastic morals they have. The argument makes zero sense if you knew them.

It’s absurd.

Dead Culture Watch  posted on  2019-09-16   14:58:34 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#24. To: Dead Culture Watch (#20)

No evidence ever of anything.

The photograph is really all I need. The image of Graham/Truman caps off more than thirty years of listening to other Christians telling me that Graham is a mason. Those of us in the local churches have heard this for decades, and ignored it for just as long. The photograph, that ain't no lie. It's black and white.

As for the molestation accusations, those come from Fiona Barnett, who lists Graham as one of her abusers when she was a child.

I would normally take anything like Barnett's claims with a grain of salt. If she were ritualistically abused as a child she would naturally be messed up in her thinking. And, it is just her word against a famous preacher.

However, the final straw for me concerning Billy Graham and his fraudulent ministry...was Franklin Graham's visit to Voodoo Donuts. This was real. Like father, like son. If you are unfamiliar with Voodoo Donuts you can find out more on Barnett's own website.


My goal is not to slime anyone, but simply show Graham (and son) for what he is... a false teacher who deliberately hid his masonic beliefs from us to become the highest leader of the evangelical church. All based on lies.

watchman  posted on  2019-09-16   17:00:05 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#31. To: watchman (#24)

This is absolutely hilarious. Sorry for being rude, it’s my natural state.

Ever see the episode of South Park with the underwear gnomes? That’s exactly what your thinking reminds me of.

Step one: steal underwear.

Step two: ?

Step three: profit!

What’s hilarious is you are equating one picture of two men, and a accusation, and using just that to put Masons on top of some ridiculous global conspiracy that is void of anything regarding any actual evidence of.

Your step two is so obvious.

Again, you deliberately avoid any discussion of any point I raise and instead serve up same old tired bullshit of, well, this guy was a Mason, and he did this, ergo, profit!

Am I talking to a wall here? Wasting my time? It’s pretty much the reason I only post a couple posts a year for the last 7 years or so.

If the damn Freemasons were so friggen evil, why don’t you, yes, you, infiltrate and expose this sinister world domination plan? Just become active, learn your lines, make friends, and make it known you want a larger role in organization. It’s NOT the Manhattan project.

Jeez, they’re even running ads for members since their numbers are cratering. What an evil group!

Seriously! But nah, all it ever is, is one person somewhere who was a Mason did something, or, in your case, was merely accused, and for you? That’s enough to flesh out crazytown.

I need to start a crazy group and expose all those evil Episcopalians. Seriously, am sure there is just as much material to work with.

You do realize there have been millions of Masons in this country, right? You’re bound to find a few things some have done that ain’t cool. But, take a good, solid look where that takes you. Ya, I get it, your brain is pozzed with this, and you will never admit this whole pile of shit is what it is.

Pride is funny like that. Most times, all someone has to do to harden someone’s opinion is disagree with them. If they’ve been spouting this nonsense for years, it’s done. It’s like a terminal case. No coming back.

When you can admit to yourself you have no step 2, we can talk. I’ve already given examples of conspiracies that have real legs to them in Hillary, and Epstein.

Wish this place luck, hope that the improvements considered bring new faces. Would be nice for you guys.

Dead Culture Watch  posted on  2019-09-16   19:51:53 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 31.

        There are no replies to Comment # 31.

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