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Hillary Clinton emerges as top choice of Democratic voters in Harvard-Harris presidential poll

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Mexican Invasion
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Title: Surprise! Illegal immigration deeply unpopular with voters … in Mexico
Source: HotAir
URL Source: https://hotair.com/archives/ed-morr ... eeply-unpopular-voters-mexico/
Published: Jul 17, 2019
Author: Ed Morissey
Post Date: 2019-07-17 11:58:45 by Tooconservative
Keywords: None
Views: 77

Nearly two-thirds of voters consider illegal immigrants a burden. Fifty-five percent of them want all illegal immigrants kicked out of the country. Is this a poll from border states, or states won by Donald Trump in 2016? Actually, these numbers come from a survey conducted by the Washington Post and Reforma, a leading daily in Mexico.

Donald Trump may not be popular in Mexico, but his immigration policy seems to be:
Mexicans are deeply frustrated with immigrants after a year of heightened migration from Central America through the country, according to a survey conducted by The Washington Post and Mexico’s Reforma newspaper.

More than 6 in 10 Mexicans say migrants are a burden on their country because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Mexicans. A 55 percent majority supports deporting migrants who travel through Mexico to reach the United States.

Those findings defy the perception that Mexico — a country that has sent millions of its own migrants to the United States, sending billions of dollars in remittances — is sympathetic to the surge of Central Americans. Instead, the data suggests Mexicans have turned against the migrants transiting through their own country, expressing antipathy that would be familiar to many supporters of President Trump north of the border.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador had to get pushed into a crackdown, but from these numbers it looks like Trump did him a favor. Mexican voters favor a crackdown on migrants by their National Guard by a wide 51/36 margin, even though 55% of voters see this — accurately — as a policy imposed on Mexico by Trump. Only a plurality support the agreement itself (41%), with enthusiasm for the crackdown tempered by López Obrador’s agreement to house asylum seekers in northern Mexico for an indeterminate amount of time, which has grown deeply unpopular.

Despite seen as submitting to Trump on immigration, López Obrador remains very popular in Mexico, with a 70% approval rating. (Only 7% of respondents had a good opinion of Trump.) A majority believe that López Obrador has stood up to Trump (54/34), while a narrower plurality approve of the way López Obrador has handled the relationship with the US (47/41), although they generally view the relationship as bad (42%, as opposed to 24% good).

Even though his crackdown on illegal immigration got forced upon him, it doesn’t appear to be hurting López Obrador’s standing with his constituents. In fact, it appears that Trump might have done him a favor.

Poster Comment:

This is a practical policy in many ways.

In Mexico, up to 80% of key public officials like mayors and cops and legislators are compromised by the cartels to protect the lucrative drug trade and the even more lucrative human smuggling rackets. These public officials actually represent the cartels, a foreign interest, and not the Mexican citizens who elect them.

However, there is another dimension here. Mexicans who live in the United States as citizens or green card holders or illegal aliens do in fact have a big interest in keeping other illegal aliens and refugees out of the States. New arrivals suck up available benefits from state and federal government, receive charity from sources like Catholic Charities which would otherwise go overwhelmingly to Mexicans. Perhaps most importantly, allowing more cheap low-skill workers to invade the States puts Mexicans-in-America into direct competition for jobs in many sectors of the economy. Which means it's harder for Mexicans-in-America to find work and this larger pool of laborers drives down wages for those jobs. Which in turn will inevitably drive down the amount of remittances they can afford to wire back to relatives in Mexico. BTW, Mexicans-in-America also quite often have dual citizenship and can vote in Mexican elections. And those Mexicans-in-America may have their citizen anchor-babies but they themselves are often still only Mexican citizens and can still vote in Mexico.

Trump really has made the smart play here. So has Mexico's president who is getting extremely high approval ratings while doing the bidding of Trump. And Trump is totally hated by these people and they know the Mex-prez is doing Trump's bidding. Trump has found a way to make Mexico feel like winners if they pursue his policies even while hating Trump's guts with a passion. Like Trump even cares what they think of him.

Self-interest by Mexicans-in-Mexico and Mexicans-in-America is winning. And it is in their interests to reduce cartel control of Mexico, keep new workers out of the Promised Land, drive up working class wages, increase remittances, increase cross-border trade, avoid backlashs against Mexican pols from Mexicans-in-America voting in Mexican elections, etc.

That's a lot to take in politically. But Trump seems to have squared that circle, one that our previous presidents only paid lip service to or actively undermined to provide cheap labor to the investor class in America.

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