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Title: Homosexuals In Israel's Armed Forces
Source: Power Of Prophecy
URL Source: http://www.texemarrs.com/062015/homos_in_israels_armed_forces.htm
Published: Jun 20, 2019
Author: Texe Marrs
Post Date: 2019-06-20 05:34:53 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 34

“Just got back from an all expenses paid trip to Tel Aviv—gay capital of the world, Wow! So many hot dudes. Who cares if they have turned the Gaza Strip into one big concentration camp when it’s PARTY time here.”

Fagburn, February 4, 2013

American evangelicals, who revere Israel as the “Holy Land” and as the home of God’s Chosen, may want to reconsider their diseased theology. In fact, Israel is home to some of the world’s most energetic and active gays and lesbians—men and women who not only have same sex but regularly mock and despise our Lord Jesus Christ.

     The Apostle Paul, who warned against sexual uncleanness, lewdness, and fornication, would be appalled if he were to return to Israel today.

     Paul specifically names “homosexuals” and “sodomites” as among those who will not inherit the kingdom of God (I Corinthians 6: 9-10).

Government of Israel Foots the Bill

The perverse Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu continues to spend millions of U. S. taxpayer dollars promoting a filthy and open display of sexual carnality by Israel’s gays. For example, the government officially endorsed the annual Gay Pride World Festival held each July in Tel Aviv.

     It was the Orwellian Ministry of Truth that paid the bills for thousands of American gays to travel to Israel this year to participate in the revelry. The publisher of Fagburn, a blog promoting gays and their culture had his trip paid for by the Ministry of Truth.

Israeli homosexuals flock to beach

Israeli homosexuals and lesbians flock to the beach near Tel Aviv. Note the rainbow flags, a definite sign that homosexuals are welcome.

Fagburn says that, Killing Palestinian kids to make gay holiday resorts in Israel is Fab!

Fagburn says that, “Killing Palestinian kids to make gay holiday resorts in Israel is ‘Fab!’”

     Fagburn actually congratulated the Israeli government for its genocidal attacks on Palestine and for its “killing of children.” They are clearing the beaches of Palestinians for “gay holiday resorts,” blared Fagburn in a recent edition. “Fab!” said the gay website.

     Fagburn went on to remark, “Who cares if they have turned the Gaza Strip into one big concentration camp when it’s PARTY time here.”

     Palestinians have noticed that although many of their Israeli Defense Forces soldiers are cruel and vicious, the worst seem to be the homosexuals. “They will kill you in an instant, then laugh and spit on your dead corpse,” lamented one Palestinian.

     Amazingly, the cowardly Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the Israeli military. They have been exempted from military service by the courts. This leaves the way open for gays and lesbians to enter. Many psychopathic “warriors” join the armed forces and brag that they now have a license to kill the Palestinians, whom they deem to be “inferior beasts.” The Babylonian Talmud, their most holy book, confirms their brutal treatment of the Palestinian population.

Two homosexuals in IDF hold hands.

Two homosexuals in the Israeli military hold hands. This is an official Israeli Defense Forces photo.

Historian Josephus Reports on the Homosexual Jewish Warriors

That the gay warriors of Israel came from a long tradition is proven by the writings of the great Jewish historian, Josephus. Josephus, in reporting on the Jewish rebellion (66-70 AD) against the Romans, stated there were principally three Jewish factions fighting against the Roman army of Titus and Vespasian, which had laid siege to Jerusalem.

     These three factions hated and fought each other, and so, the Roman army laid back to see how much damage and chaos they would do to each other before advancing.

     One of the factions was the Galilean gangs of John of Gischala, whose members were reprobate homosexuals. Their “degenerate practices” were distasteful to the others who warred against them.

     Josephus reported that this homosexual faction of warriors adopted peculiar methods:

“Not content with looting throughout the city, they unscrupulously engaged in effeminate practices, plaiting their hair and attiring themselves in women’s apparel, drenching themselves with perfumes and painting their eyelids to enhance their beauty... Yet, while they wore women’s faces, their hands were murderous, and approaching with mincing steps they would suddenly become warriors and whipping out their swords from under their dyed mantles, transfix whomsoever they met.”

     With these perfumed and painted homosexual Jewish warriors decimating their opponents, the path of the Romans was made relatively easy. Michael Grant, in The Jews in the Roman World, wrote that, “The Jews were destroying themselves by their extraordinary disunity, quite as effectively as the whole Roman army could.”

     This result was exactly as was prophesied by Jesus in 33 AD. It was the victory of Roman General Titus, who utterly destroyed the city of Jerusalem, unmercifully massacred the homosexual Jewish warriors, and left not one rock on top another of the Jewish Temple built by their Idumean King Herod.

Gay pride is Tel Aviv

Jewish Gays Wreck American Culture

Today, in the United States, it has been the Jews who have led the people into a confused tar patch of wicked homosexuality. Jews are the founders of almost all the gay organizations. The Southern Poverty Law Center, an evil, propaganda-spewing Jewish group, is pro-gay all the way, and the son of Abraham Foxman, head of the ungodly group, the ADL, is the husband (or wife?) of a homosexual marriage partner.

     Though Jews themselves rarely serve in the U.S. military, being duel citizens of Israel and for the most part, unpatriotic to America, they enthusiastically support gays and transgenders in our armed forces. The Babylonian Talmud, which the rabbis strongly endorse, is said to be a book devoted to radical sexual liberation. As Jonas Alexis, a noted Christian author and researcher, stresses in his excellent book, Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism, “Following Talmudic mores, these people have abandoned moral restraints and are weakening the Biblical Christian foundation of America.”

They’ll Kill You and Think They Do God Service

Homosexuals, contrary to what the media report, are not innocent and friendly bystanders of American culture. They are “reprobates,” the Bible reports. They hasten to murder. First the Jews, next the Romans, now, in the 21st century, the Christians. As Josephus warned, while they wear women’s faces, their hands are murderous. They will kill you and think they do God service. (5 images)

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