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New World Order
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Title: The BEAST SYSTEM Revealed
Source: YouTube
URL Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21qZUBoLr0U
Published: Oct 2, 2018
Author: KJ Ozborne (aka 'TheScariestMovieEver')
Post Date: 2019-03-17 14:33:23 by Liberator
Keywords: NWO, Lucifian, System
Views: 76
Comments: 1

Exactly what is "THE BEAST SYSTEM?

What is their past history?

What is it's hierarchy?

How did this "Beast System" all begin in the USA? When did the USA government turn?

How many different organizations and "secret societies" are involved?

Is the world really run by these elites, and are we really controlled by "secret societies" and "elites"?

What about the symbolism that's used then as well as commonly used today?

Other than complete control and power and corrupting the current system, to what end game do these people and organizations subscribe? Who or what do they worship?

Poster Comment:

Best succinct overview of the "New World Order" and its agenda I've seen. I believe this is an important listen. Knowledge = Power. There's a brief history that's addressed, then understanding and basis of what the author refers to , "The Beast System." Its ideas, its dark agenda, its identity are exposed.

Via the current "Beast System," the intention is obviously to consolidate and control all governance, educational, financial, social, and media institutions. And...to attack and remove all vestiges of God from every nook and cranny of life.

Ultimately, this is a Spiritual Battle for control.

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#1. To: All (#0)

(3:44) The Elites and their "Pyramid of Power." They consider themselves direct ancestors of the ancient "gods," true world royalty. (At the very top of the Pyramid: "The Counsel of the 13 Families.")

(4:48) Jesuits became the Brownshirts of the Vatican, essentially becoming anti-Christ.

(13:14) Illuminati doctrine is based on the Jewish Talmud = Jewish Lucifianism, which based on the ancient teaching of Nimrod and Babylonians who rebelled against God and His system. And again, yes, these people also regard themselves as descendants of Fallen Angels, believe it or not.

For the further record of note, the antithesis of the Talmud and the Jewish Torah, based on God's word. THIS is how and why ALL "Jews" are NOT the same. Talmudic Luciferian Jews use "Anti-Semitic" to ward off all justifiable criticism.

(16:55) The Rockefellers created our current de-education system and NEA; Also the helped established the Federal Reserve and eventually pushed UN, NATO.

(19:00): 'The Round Table' = world policy creators, headed by Freemasons and Illuminati "families." "Mafia" on a planetary scale. On steroids.

Liberator  posted on  2019-03-17   15:38:11 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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