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Watching The Cops
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Title: Mueller’s mother’s first cousin was the Architect of the JFK Assassination.
Source: [None]
URL Source: http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3713644/posts
Published: Dec 18, 2018
Author: Junk Bond
Post Date: 2018-12-18 09:21:58 by A K A Stone
Keywords: None
Views: 50
Comments: 1

Richard M. Bissell Jr. headed the CIA's Directorate for Plans from 1958 until President Kennedy fired him, General Charles P. Cabell and Allen Dulles after the disastrous Bay of Pigs Invasion of April 1961. Richard Bissell was the primary architect of the invasion plans. General Cabell was basically the top operational commander. Allen Dulles of course was head of the CIA.

Richard M. Bissell Jr., as Director for Plans in the CIA is believed to have controlled half of the CIA’s annual budget at the time. He was known for his meticulous organizational abilities and was also known for his success in starting the U2 Spy Plane Program. The planning, funding, and logistics of the Bay of Pigs Invasion was arranged by Bissell.

In 1959, the head of the CIA’s counter intelligence unit, James Jesus Angleton, was looking for a suspected Soviet Mole. James Jesus (“the Ghost”) came up with an elaborate idea to ferret out the mole and the funding, logistics and planning to find the mole were arranged by Richard Bissell. The plan involved sending a false defector to the Soviet Union, one who the KGB would have interest in as someone with knowledge of the U2 Spy Plane Program. The false defector used by Bissell was a radar operator/technician at the Japanese base where U2 Spy planes flew out of, and then into Soviet Air Space. Lee Harvey Oswald arrived in Moscow on October 16, 1959.

JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Cuban Veterans from the Bay of Pigs and their CIA handlers, from other attempts to kill Castro, are believed to have comprised the kill teams.

Lee Harvey Oswald was the Patsy.

Richard Bissell was in the unique position of having the ability to both arrange for an assassination team (Bay of Pig Cubans) and the Patsy (Lee Harvey Oswald). Richard Bissell was the architect of the plan to assassinate JFK.

In any event, Robert Mueller's mother was named Alice Truesdale.

>Her Father was Melville Douglas Truesdale. >His Sister was Marie Truesdale. (Aunt of Alice.) >Marie Truesdale married Richard M. Bissell Sr.. (Uncle of Alice) >Their son was Richard M. Bissell Jr. (First Cousin of Alice)

Robert Mueller, son of Alice, is therefore the First cousin once removed of Richard Bissell Jr., the man who planned the JFK Assassination.

Bonus Deep State Mueller Relation.

Mueller’s wife Ann Cabell Standish Mueller is related to General Charles Cabell and his brother, Earle Cabell, the Mayor of Dallas in 1963.

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#1. To: A K A Stone (#0)

URL Source: http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3713644/posts

LOL! Stumpy Robinson's cesspit has become even more pustular & fetid than ever....

I bet 2019 will be the year that FarceRepublic finally gives up the ghost...

Willie Green  posted on  2018-12-18   10:36:49 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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