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Title: Will the Last NeverTrumper Turn Off the Lights, Please
Source: Patriot News Daily
URL Source: http://patriotnewsdaily.com/will-th ... er-turn-off-the-lights-please/
Published: Oct 11, 2018
Author: Staff
Post Date: 2018-10-11 07:29:55 by IbJensen
Keywords: None
Views: 114
Comments: 7


Nothing has cemented, united, and solidified conservative America like this fight to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. While there will forever be those “conservatives” like the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin who are beyond saving, this past couple of weeks has delivered what may very well be the last true gasp of the NeverTrump movement. And to put the gravestone on the plot, Erick Erickson, who was proudly one of the first to declare himself a NeverTrumper in 2016, wrote an op-ed for Townhall this week saying that he was finally open to voting for the president in 2020.

“I have long been critical of Republicans who abandoned principles to stand with Trump, and I am as critical of Republicans who abandon principles to oppose Trump,” Erickson wrote. “Principle should stay, because people go. The Kavanaugh nomination has been clarifying in this regard. Seeing some conservatives aid and abet character assassins because Trump nominated Kavanaugh is disgusting.

“I find myself in an odd position where, for the first time, I see myself, one of the original so-called ‘Never Trump conservatives,’ voting for Trump in 2020,” he continued. “I have inevitably concluded at times that Trump would do something to push me away from him. He has not disappointed on that front, from tariffs to character issues. But now I do not see how anyone else can offer a more compelling alternative to the president. Each time the president does something I do not like, his opponents play a game of ‘hold my beer.’”

Erickson is certainly right when it comes to Trump’s critics, who seem dedicated to topping each other in a game of “Who can say the most insane thing this week?” But there are even better reasons for conservatives to turn their backs on the movement against Trump.

Imagine, if you will, a conservative primary challenge against Trump. Think John Kasich or Bill Kristol. What the hell, exactly, would be their platform? Restore “kindness” to the presidential Twitter feed? They certainly can’t campaign on lower taxes; Trump already cut them. They can’t campaign on healthcare; Trump went as far as any Republican possibly could to restore sanity to Obamacare. The Supreme Court? No Republican president has EVER done as much for the court as Trump. Terrorism? Immigration? The economy? Good friggin’ luck.

There is no good reason for the NeverTrump movement to exist anymore, except as a shroud for “conservatives” who would much prefer to either talk about their pipe dreams (while losing the country to encroaching liberalism) or “conservatives” who are really nothing more than moderate Democrats. It’s tempting to hold a grudge against people like Erickson who tried their best to help Hillary Clinton become president, but hey, we all make mistakes. Better to see the light late than to never see it at all.

Poster Comment:

The DemonRATS have nothing to fight with so they call names and slander people who are trying to do the right thing (a.k.a. Susan Collins). Like the woman who was peacefully protesting abortion and was kicked in the face by some asshole who got arrested and lost his job (probably has a job at the DNC now).

The whole "Dr." Ford affair where she sat there some some 5 year old girl with that little girl voice and couldn't answer a question without looking at her lawyers (made me want to barf). I knew she was lying out her ass. (1 image)

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#1. To: IbJensen (#0)

The Democrats have plenty of things with which they could beat the Republicans. So does any other seriously organized opposition party.

But the Democrats refuse to be serious. They’re vengeful lunatics who want power for THEIR group, as opposed to really righting what’s wrong with the country.

A lot of Republican Issa are bad, and if the Democrats focused on that, they could revive. But they’re just focused on their own wild hatred, and nothing can be built on that.

Vicomte13  posted on  2018-10-11   8:58:04 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Vicomte13 (#1)

They’re vengeful lunatics


They're destroying themselves with their embracing socialist fascism and encouraging their mobs to go after Republicans and other supporters of the Trump administration. They truly showed their repulsive asses over the Kavanaugh debacle.

Liberals are like Slinkys. They're good for nothing, but somehow they bring a smile to your face as you shove them down the stairs.

IbJensen  posted on  2018-10-11   10:19:16 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: IbJensen (#2)

They're destroying themselves with their embracing socialist fascism and encouraging their mobs

They're not destroying themselves with their socialism. As long as there is an unaddressed and growing concentration of wealth at the top and steady impoverishment at the bottom, with no effort to redress that by Republicans, socialism will have growing appeal and will eventually prevail. Socialism is the Democrats' ace card, their strong suit. That is the way they could win. If they focused on the inequalities and the suffering of the bottom half, and stayed true to that focus, they would become the dominant party once more. They COULD do that at any time, and if the Republicans themselves, when in power, do not address the problems of the bottom half, and continue to revile them, it will be socialism that gives the Democrats the win. So no, Democrats are not losing because of their socialism.

They are losing because of their embrace of the mob. They have whipped the mob into a frenxy, but the mob is not numerous enough to win in this democracy of ours. It is large enough and obnoxious enough to alarm everybody else, and so the reaction causes the Democrats to lose.

All the Democrats need to do is stop doing that, retool, and focus on equity issues and they will surge back to dominance. Fortunately for the Republicans, the Democrats have a fever and can't bring themselves back from the brink right now, so Republicans will win.

Unfortunately, Republicans are prone to take their victories as an embrace by the people of their deep agenda, as opposed to recognising the truth: that the people are rejecting the Democrats because of what the Democrats have become, not embracing the Republicans.

Republicans DO have a narrow window of opportunity to actually reposition themselves, and intelligently position the redistribution necessary to get everybody health insurance. Universal Medicare makes very good sense for Republican business interests: the current system is becoming far too expensive.

One of the reasons Establishment Republicans hate Trump is that Trump is a populist, who sees, for example, that preserving jobs is more important than maximising traders' profits (ergo: tariffs). Trump may save the GOP yet, by looking out for the little people and working out something like universal Medicare or something similar.

If the Republicans DON'T do that, then the Democrats will eventually get over their fever, turn back to socialism, and regain power.

If you don't want socialism, then when you have power you have to put in place things that work for the bottom half BETTER THAN socialism does. Otherwise people will revert to the mean of having government do it. The Republicans are not winning the battle against socialism - health care, long term care and education costs have to be addressed. The Democrats have caught rabies and taken themselves out. Once the Democrats are cured (by election losses), they will be back calm and with socialism, and if the Republicans haven't done major things for the bottom half, the Democrats will win again.

Vicomte13  posted on  2018-10-12   7:13:23 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Vicomte13 (#3)

They're not destroying themselves with their socialism. As long as there is an unaddressed and growing concentration of wealth at the top and steady impoverishment at the bottom, with no effort to redress that by Republicans, socialism will have growing appeal and will eventually prevail. Socialism is the Democrats' ace card, their strong suit.

Is that why you Catholics went along with Hitler and didn't speak up when the socialist nazis were murdering Jews>?

Socialism is godless atheism the opposite of christianity. So it is where you belong. I mean you're basically a commie lite. Look in the mirror and you see a commie socialist who attends a church where the rape children and cover it up.

A K A Stone  posted on  2018-10-12   7:17:50 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: Vicomte13 (#3)

Socialists will always deny that getting on the pathway to tyranny will lead to tyranny, and they will always tell you that true socialism has never been achieved.

Basically, their argument is that we should throw out the ideology that brought the world the freest and most prosperous country in human history and instead adopt an ideology that has failed every single time it's been attempted, yet give it another shot because they are tired of paying for the things they want.

Liberals are like Slinkys. They're good for nothing, but somehow they bring a smile to your face as you shove them down the stairs.

IbJensen  posted on  2018-10-12   8:10:30 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: IbJensen (#5)

People need food, shelter, medical care and an education. These needs are permanent. A socio-economic system either provides sufficiently for everybody or it does not. When it does not, people change it, peacefully or violently.

In our democracy, we have (mostly) chosen to things in a (mostly) peaceful manner, through the vote.

Ideology is swell, but people still need the basics. If they're not getting them, things will change until they do.

Right now, they're not. If you don't want a more socialistic system, then figure out something that will get people what they need. Otherwise, they'll enact legislation to get what they need. What they won't do is stop needing.

Vicomte13  posted on  2018-10-12   8:40:42 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: A K A Stone (#4)

Is that why you Catholics went along with Hitler and didn't speak up when the socialist nazis were murdering Jews>?

Wait. I seem to remember Catholic Poland and Catholic France and Catholic Belgium FIGHTING Hitler, while Proddy US stayed out of the war completely and let Hitler run amok, all the way until Hitler declared war on the US.

The US declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941, but only declared war on Germany in response to Germany's declaration of war against the USA on December 11.

In other words, the US didn't join the war in Europe even after Pearl Harbor. Hitler dragged us in - we never came in of our own volition. Had Hitler not declared war on us, we - in all of our Protty goodness - would have been off beating the snot out of Japan, and still not have done anything about the Nazis murdering Jews, or British, or Poles, or anybody else.

Seems to me that Protty honor was saved by the UK declaring war on Hitler...that is if Anglicans are really Protestant.

Vicomte13  posted on  2018-10-12   14:50:58 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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