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Title: The Coordinated 'War of Words' Against Trump [Democrat-Owned Media Cartel Admit Collusion Against Trump]
Source: Front Page Mag
URL Source: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/27 ... gainst-trump-lloyd-billingsley
Published: Aug 14, 2018
Author: Lloyd Billingsley
Post Date: 2018-08-14 15:01:24 by Liberator
Keywords: Democrat-Media, Weaponize-Media, Coup-Against-MAGA
Views: 110
Comments: 6

The latest surge of Fake News from the Establishment Media Axis:

The goal was 100 but at this writing 70 news organizations, including major dailies such as the Miami Herald, Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Denver Post, have agreed to “produce independent opinion pieces about Trump’s attacks on the media.” Leading the campaign [aka Coup coordinated with 0bama-Clinton] Democrats] is Marjorie Pritchard, deputy editorial page editor of the Boston Globe

“We are not the enemy of the people,” Pritchard told reporters, and as she tweeted, “This is not about being a Democrat. And this is not about being a Republican. This is about the importance of a free press, enshrined in the Constitution, something we should all get behind.” 

Even so, readers had cause to wonder if the “coordinated editorial campaign” was something of a non-event. 

Coverage of President Trump in the establishment media remains approximately 90 percent negative, so the campaign would hardly signal a new direction. Readers might also wonder about the rallying cry. 

President Trump has not tampered with the First Amendment and never said the media was the enemy of the people. He did tweet “It is the FAKE NEWS, which is a large percentage of the media, that is the enemy of the people!” Readers might take the coordinated campaign as another example. 

The Washington Post is not an official part of the coordinated effort, but columnist Kathleen Parker charges that Trump has launched a verbal open season on journalists. As the Post noted, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens shared a voice-mail warning, “I don’t carry an AR but once we start shooting you f—ers you aren’t going to pop off like you do now. You’re worthless, the press is the enemy of the United States people and, you know what, rather than me shoot you, I hope a Mexican and, even better yet, I hope a n—– shoots you in the head, dead.” Since this came from an anonymous source, readers could easily believe somebody just made it up. 

“The way I view it is, we’re not at war with the administration” explained Washington Post editor Martin Baron. “We’re at work. We’re doing our jobs.” Baron also said “I just look at it as a new administration that we should be covering as aggressively, as energetically as possible. If Hillary Clinton were in the White House, we would be doing the very same thing.” Readers might not think so.

The Washington Post was not very aggressive on the Clinton Foundation, an open-faced bribery scheme that signaled how the Secretary of State would act as president. The best reporting on the Clinton Foundation came from Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, not the Washington Post, New York Times, or CNN, but the possibilities do not end there.

In the run-up to the 2016 election, the former First Lady violated several statutes involving the handling of classified information and destroyed evidence including some 30,000 emails. Those still exist in some form but the investigative journalists of the establishment media do not pursue them in aggressive style. 

If the Boston Globe, Washington Post or New York Times possessed this trove they would likely suppress it. In the old-line establishment media, the truth of a story matters less than whether the facts might validate President Trump. Recall that he called his opponent “Crooked Hillary.”

The 2016 loser travels the world talking about the places in America she “won” but the establishment media hangs on the loser’s every word. The establishment media take seriously the absurd tale that Trump, the 2016 winner, colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary, and that James Comey and Robert Mueller are men of great integrity. 

For all but the willfully blind, the coordinated editorial campaign has been in place all along, with far more than 100 members. Witness the New York Times, where the erudite William Safire once held forth, hiring a bigot like Sarah Jeong. This bottom-feeder has no record of thoughtful essays, articles or books but for the Times her racist tweets are enough. 

The coordinated media campaign ignores the reality that the greatest threat to press freedom comes from Muslim jihadists, who murder journalists for publishing cartoons and hand out death sentences on authors such as Salman Rushdie. Likewise, the far-left thugs now busting up campuses are not big fans of the First Amendment. 

Despite the claims of Marjorie Pritchard, the coordinated campaign does confirm that the establishment media is the attack arm of the Democratic Party. The media barrage started during Trump’s days as a candidate, escalated sharply after his 2016 win, and is now surging as never before. Yet, the president’s approval rating continues to rise

A full 52 percent approve his handling of the economy, 43 percent on immigration, 41 on foreign policy and 41 percent on trade for an overall rating of 45 percent. So look for the president to keep hammering the media. As the coordinated editorial campaign confirms, what some persist in calling the “mainstream media” is really a fathomless sinkhole of fake news.

Poster Comment:

Leading the campaign is Marjorie Pritchard, deputy editorial page editor of the Boston Globe. “We are not the enemy of the people,” Pritchard told reporters, and as she tweeted, “This is not about being a Democrat. And this is not about being a Republican. This is about the importance of a free press, enshrined in the Constitution, something we should all get behind.”

Is there no end to these liars' chutzpah?? These Dems and Fake-Media cartel lie so easily. Because...they possess NO conscience. NO sense of decency and honesty. They are a collective Cartel of Fascist Sociopaths.

The Fake New Cartel even ADMITS they coordinate the SAME "Hate-Trump!", "Hate Conservatives!" headlines and stories. But then claim no bias? And reject their "Enemy of the People" status just as President Trump has charged??

This is all EXACTLY because the Media Establishment are a the Left Arm of the Democrat Parties. And that means they have been lying by default, actively working in unison to undermine and destroy Donald Trump, MAGA, Conservatives, Republicans, the Middle Class, the Constitution, Whitey, Blacks who reject the Dem Plantation, etc!

Trump is 110$ CORRECT: The Establishment Media IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. And Enemy of Truth.

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#1. To: All (#0)

And now there is this additional phony "Omarosa", who has obviously been PAID like any common whore.

'Releases Tape Of Trump Campaign Aides Discussing Alleged N-Word


(The above is filed under the "Entertainment" section of Yahoo "News".)

MOREOVER: Omarosa even volunteering to testify for Mueller's Witch Hunt. The newly paid-off prostitute source: (Soros?? DNC?? ValJar?) WHO? Let's investigate HER!

Liberator  posted on  2018-08-14   15:06:59 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Liberator (#1)

In a statement to ABC News, a senior Trump campaign official confirmed to ABC News the: “Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. has filed an arbitration against Manigault-Newman ("Omarosa")with the American Arbitration Association in New York City, for breach of her 2016 confidentiality agreement with the Trump Campaign.

President Trump is well known for giving people opportunities to advance in their careers and lives over the decades, but wrong is wrong, and a direct violation of an agreement must be addressed and the violator must be held accountable.”

Like all employees of the Trump presidential campaign, Manigault-Newman was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That agreement, as described by a source familiar with its contents, tells ABC News it sought to protect the president, the Trump family, Trump Organization.

Manigault-Newman (as well as the MSM Cartel) is now claiming, "racism". For this as well as Trump calling her a "dog". (Frankly, he was being nice).

So...Trump gave this dishonorable skank and opportunist the chance of a lifetime, and what's she do? Stab him in the back (The Dems and Left give standing ovation!!)

ALL previous laws, protocols and rules, courtesies and words-of-honor extended over the several decades have been pulverized into powder in the wake of the 0bama-Clinton "ethics". (Which is to say, Democrats-Marxists-Liberals possess ZERO ETHICS.

The Dem-Marxist mantra: "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY".

Liberator  posted on  2018-08-14   16:22:35 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Liberator (#0)

This is about the importance of a free press, enshrined in the Constitution

What good is a free press if they don't tell the truth? Or if they refuse to publish stories favorable to a political party? Or if they hide facts that go against their own agenda?

misterwhite  posted on  2018-08-14   16:26:49 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: misterwhite (#3) (Edited)

What good is a free press if they don't tell the truth?

THAT is THE REAL question.

That these dishonorable liars get to continue playing the "Free Speech"/"Free Press" card while shoving their fake "news" down our throat sickens me.

Or if they refuse to publish stories favorable to a political party?

Or if they hide facts that go against their own agenda?


Just try getting a straight, honest answer out of them.

They weave ideological fake "truth" out of lies, innuendo and wishful thinking -- then are insulted when their integrity and honor is questioned or doubted.

The MSM Cartel are plain partisan Democrat Sociopaths. They see NO wrong in themselves, NO lies, NO lack of ethics and morals.

Liberator  posted on  2018-08-14   16:41:22 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: Liberator (#0)

This is about the importance of a free press, enshrined in the Constitution, something we should all get behind.”

And this may be some "free" press for Omarosa. Due to her Non-Disclosure Agreement violations, Trump may take every penny she may profit from her violations.

nolu chan  posted on  2018-08-14   20:18:13 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: Liberator (#1)

Omarosa is easily silenced. She illegally taped conversations within the White House. National security is at stake. A gag order can be imposed, and her tapes seized.

If that is not happening, it is because Trump is playing 3D chess.

Omarosa will end up helping Trump. She will do her worst, and nobody will care, but the crudeness and aggressiveness of the way she will do it will cause fissures on her side, and stoke up support on Trump's side.

She was not set up to do this - she did it on her own - but Trump is playing her character flaws to increase his rating just as he did on his show. Watch it happen. Trump is a master showman, and he knows how to run a plotline.

Vicomte13  posted on  2018-08-14   22:42:40 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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