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Title: Smart Phones Make Dumb People
Source: Left Hook
URL Source: https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress ... smart-phones-make-dumb-people/
Published: May 3, 2018
Author: Dean Henderson
Post Date: 2018-05-18 19:27:33 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 197
Comments: 2

This morning our yard was abuzz with a chorus of songbirds.  Summer tanagers, vireos, orioles, indigo buntings, goldfinches and cardinals had joined the resident bluebirds, woodpeckers, Virginia creepers, nuthatches, titmice and sapsuckers to complete the ensemble.

Many had come in flocks, which was unusual before a few years ago.  We live in a remote area, far from any cell phone towers.   As these towers have become more ubiquitous the flocks of birds coming here increase.  Others in urban areas say their songbirds have disappeared altogether.  Many urban people are also reporting a massive decline in insect populations.

With the discovery of the Schumann resonances in 1952, it became apparent even to mainstream scientists that the earth was an electromagnetic living organism that constantly emits extremely low-frequency (ELF) waves.

Birds and insects use these frequencies as a compass when migrating.  Many studies have demonstrated the adverse effects which the spike in artificial ELF waves have had on birds and insects.  Colony collapse in honey bees has been connected to these same ELFs.  Hundreds of species of birds and butterflies will soon be extinct.  These are the canaries in the coal mine for a coming mass extinction event.

Human health is also being severely damaged by this explosion in radio waves.

The earth’s electromagnetic field surrounds and protects us, operating at an average natural frequency of 7.83 Hertz.  Solar winds, lightning and other natural phenomenon act to maintain this average by adding or subtracting energy when necessary.  This is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Since humans are of this earth, we are electromagnetic beings.  Just look at an EKG (electrocardiogram) screen in any hospital and this becomes obvious.  In the 1980’s it was discovered that the human brain also has an operating frequency – the exact same as the Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hertz.

Austrian electrical engineer Lewis Hainsworth discovered these naturally occurring brain frequencies , which have become known as alpha waves.  Hainsworth was the first to suggest that human health is dependent upon our brain frequency being in sync with the earth’s Schumann resonance.

One of the main researchers on the topic, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, discovered that while the Schumann resonance could be easily measured in nature and out at sea, it was nearly impossible to detect in cities or even smaller towns where cell phone towers and usage are omnipresent.

More ominously Hainsworth predicted that should humans continue to be exposed to these unnatural frequencies, an evolution of the human brain was likely.  But an evolution into what?  We would be evolving from a hundred thousand year state where we were happily tuned into Mother Earth’s natural rhythms, to a state of chaos and discontent based on an unnatural and therefore Alien/AI life cadence.

Does this explain the multiple personality, identity scrambling trans-gender, trans-humanist push by the Illuminati’s Tavistock Institute media branch?  Does it explain why people seem to be going completely nuts?  What happens when 5G gets completely rolled out?  Will humans be in the same boat as birds?  Will we completely lose our bearings as to who we are and be herded that much more easily into New World Order City of London-orchestrated depopulation and disease?

Despite the lack of both telecomm regulation and funding for studies critical of ELFs, even mainstream organizations like to WHO now admit that cell phones cause cancer,  the most common form of which are gliomas in the area of the brain nearest the ear.  Many of these gliomas then migrate to the pineal gland at the center of the brain.  This is significant for two reasons.

Physiologically, the pineal gland is where we produce melatonin, which is the key to rebuilding our badly taxed immune systems since this hormone attacks free radicals, which most researchers agree is the main culprit behind not just cancer but all disease.

We produce melatonin only when we sleep in a dark place, due to our innate circadian rhythm.  But recent studies have shown that our brain cannot distinguish between light frequency and ELFs.  So if you live in an area congested with cell phone chatter, you are not producing melatonin because your brain doesn’t think you’re asleep even when you are.

Spiritually, the pineal gland was regarded by the ancients as our “third eye”, giving humans a natural ability to detect phenomenon existing beyond our five-senses.  Many Illuminati researchers have documented the obsession these self-professed Luciferians have had with shutting down this God-given ability based in our pineal gland in the entire human population, and hoarding this knowledge for themselves via their secret societies.

If we are to remain human, we must expose this well-marketed onslaught of radio waves for what it is:  an assault on both humanity and our earth Mother by an alien/AI invader.  Get off your phone, get outside and get to know both your Mother and yourself.  Then fight like hell to defend both of you, because this is a war they have declared on all of us.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some birds I need to get in tune with.

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#1. To: Deckard (#0)



Does this explain the multiple personality, identity scrambling trans-gender, trans-humanist push by the Illuminati’s Tavistock Institute media branch?

It's the Illuminasties. Again!

To answer the question, it does explain that the writer is either a low-IQ nutjob or a con artist trying to take advantage of low-IQ nutjobs.

Tooconservative  posted on  2018-05-19   4:16:27 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Tooconservative (#1)

It's the Illuminasties. Again!

Or the Illuminites, lit up by the backlighting of their phones as they ponder the imponderable of whether to twitter or not to twitter

paraclete  posted on  2018-05-21   0:20:00 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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