A 32-year-old woman from Gothenburg could be locked up for 2 years after making some Facebook jokes about Islam, Swedish newspaper Friatider reports.

According to police reports, the woman is charged with “talking in a negative or threatening way about a group of people” after she posted cartoons about Islam on Facebook.

One of the cartoons the woman posted – Source: Swedish police

A preliminary investigation was started after she was reported to the police. The woman had to undergo a “degrading” interrogation and had to submit DNA as well. During the police hearing, the woman apologised for her post and said she had nothing against ordinary Muslims, but only against ISIS.

“I read a lot and looked a lot at documentaries about IS and how they treated people. I didn’t mean it in a bad way”, she said. Later she added that her “best friend is Muslim so I don’t have a problem Muslims”.

But Gothenburg’s prosecutor, Sara Toreskog, chose to move on with the case and prosecute the woman for “hate speech” – a crime that could lead to two years in a Swedish prison.