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Title: If Kate Steinle’s Killer Isn’t Guilty, Then San Francisco Is
Source: Patriot News Daily
URL Source: http://patriotnewsdaily.com/if-kate ... -guilty-then-san-francisco-is/
Published: Dec 1, 2017
Author: Staff
Post Date: 2017-12-05 08:38:47 by IbJensen
Keywords: None
Views: 56
Comments: 2

In the summer of 2015, a 32-year-old tourist named Kate Steinle was shot and killed in San Francisco in a senseless murder that inspired outrage from sea to shining sea. The (confessed) killer – a homeless illegal immigrant named Jose Garcia Zarate – was arrested and charged with first degree murder. His story, which included seven previous felonies and five previous deportations, sent shockwaves through the American political system. Donald Trump, then on the precipice of what would turn out to be a historic run for president, used the tragic case to rail against San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies, which Garcia Zarate admitted acted as a beacon, drawing him there in the first place.

And he apparently made a fantastic decision when he chose to commit his most deadly felony there as well. Because on Thursday, a jury in San Francisco determined that Garcia Zarate, the (confessed) killer, was not actually responsible for Steinle’s death in any way that deserves lawful punishment. It was just fine. An accident. He was not guilty of murder and he was not guilty of manslaughter. He was not even guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. No, the worst he could be convicted of was unlawful possession of the gun – the gun he used to kill an innocent woman.

Okay, so now what?

Some are reading this as a result of over-prosecution on the part of the DA. They say they didn’t have a first-degree murder case and could have gotten the manslaughter conviction if they’d aimed their sights a little lower. Others are saying that this was San Francisco’s big middle finger to the Trump administration and to red state America, both of which have been hammering the Bay Area and California as a whole for their bleeding-heart, dangerous sympathies for illegal immigrants. There may be a little bit of truth to both of these. We don’t know.

What we do know is that Kate Steinle would be alive today if Garcia Zarate had not been in the country. That blame lies on Congress. It lies on the Obama administration. It lies on San Francisco, where sanctuary city policies prevented officials from cooperating with federal authorities. It lies on every leftist in the Democrat Party who puts the welfare of illegal immigrants above the safety and security of American citizens. All of them have the blood of Kate Steinle on their hands.

There’s been talk lately that Democrats might shut down the federal government rather than agree to a spending bill that does not grant amnesty to Obama’s so-called Dreamers.

After this verdict, we literally dare them to do it.

Poster Comment:

The Left can't win elections without the poor, the ignorant, the communists and the illegal vote. Why? Because their corrupted and anti-American policies don't work and are a sham. To keep the con going you have to keep bringing in new blood. And this is how they do it - illegally. They are desperate to keep the open borders. The desperation is palpable. So we know we're on the right track by shutting down the borders to illegal immigration and terrorist country jihadi "refugee's" who have no intention of ever assimilating as did previous immigrants.

Enough is enough. Shut em down. And hold the sanctuary city politicians responsible for Kate's death and any future deaths due to their illegal policies and break their backs by a lawsuit brought by the Federal government.

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#1. To: IbJensen (#0)

on Thursday, a jury in San Francisco determined that Garcia Zarate, the (confessed) killer, was not actually responsible for Steinle’s death in any way that deserves lawful punishment. It was just fine. An accident. He was not guilty of murder and he was not guilty of manslaughter. He was not even guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. No, the worst he could be convicted of was unlawful possession of the gun

That's because the enlightened and evolved denizens of San Francisco understand it was the GUN that is guilty of committing the murder.

Guns kill,and people are victims,none more so that the tortured individual that has to live with giving a home to a deadly weapon,and allowing it to murder people.

As that famous philosopher Goober Gore once noted,"Whut's spossta be up iz doawn,and whut's spossta be doawn iz up!"

In the entire history of the world,the only nations that had to build walls to keep their own citizens from leaving were those with leftist governments.

sneakypete  posted on  2017-12-05   9:01:22 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: sneakypete (#1)

Just another reason to stay far away from San Francissyco. The courts system in this nation is beyond contempt.

Liberals are like Slinkys. They're good for nothing, but somehow they bring a smile to your face as you shove them down the stairs.

IbJensen  posted on  2017-12-05   11:53:18 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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