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Title: Bankers Are Behind The "Counter" Culture
Source: savethemales.ca
URL Source: http://savethemales.ca
Published: Dec 15, 2009
Author: Henry Makow Ph.D.
Post Date: 2009-12-15 00:22:32 by Coral Snake
Keywords: Bankers, TheBeatles, LSD, Yellow Submarine, Downer, Dope, Ed Sullivan
Views: 1487
Comments: 5

Bankers Are Behind The "Counter" Culture May 7, 2005

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

We assume large corporations have economic objectives. But we don't expect them to have a secret social and occult agenda as well.

For example, we don't expect them to engineer arrested development and family breakdown. We don't expect them to use pop culture to foster alienation and dysfunction.

Central bankers based in the City of London control the cartels that dominate the world. They finagled the right to print money based on our credit and quite naturally used this advantage to buy control of everything worth having.

This might be tolerable if limitless wealth was all they wanted. But they also want limitless power: not just one-world dictatorship but total control over our minds and souls.

In the book Dope, Inc., (1992) Executive Intelligence Review researchers unveil the true occult and criminal character of the bankers' agenda. Incredible and bizarre as it sounds, the bankers practice the pagan Cult of Isis, which is at the heart of Freemasonry, Theosophy and the Kabala.

"Their religion is not the Anglican Christianity they publicly profess but a hodgepodge of paganism, including satanic cults such as Theosophy and Rosicrusianism. The central, synergetic ideology of the oligarchies inner cult life is the revived Egyptian drug cult, the myth of Isis and Osiris, the same anti-Christian cult that ran the Roman Empire." (263)

This is why the logos of many major corporations feature occult symbolism . This is why their advertising often contains an overt social message, lately espousing occult Feminism.

According to EIR, the "New Age" counterculture "that was foisted on the 1960s adolescent youth of America is not merely analogous to the ancient cult of Isis. It is a literal resurrection of the Cult..." (537)

This is why most counter culture symbols, like the Peace Sign, also have occult anti-Christian origins.


The 35-page Chapter "The Aquarian Conspiracy" is available on line at Anthony Grigor-Scott's excellent web site. I am merely highlighting the most pertinent points. Consider the following as Cliffs Notes.

"Popular culture" (music, TV, movies, books, fashion etc.) is NOT spontaneous but corporate controlled and manufactured. EIR compares it with the drug trade in general: "Today's mass culture operates like the opium trade: The supply determines the demand." (545) (Think of the talentless Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton etc..)

For example, the bankers' social engineering branch, the Tavistock Institute, manufactured the Beatles phenomenon. The screaming teenagers were bused in from a girl's school.

"In 1963 the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. They combined rock and mystical music, long hair, and Hindu worship...Drugs were suggested in many of their songs: "Yellow Submarine" (a "submarine" is a "downer"), "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" (the initials of the main words are LSD), "Hey Jude" (a song about methadrine), "Strawberry Fields" (where opium is grown to avoid detection) and "Norwegian Wood" (a British term for marijuana).

John Lennon's song "Imagine" attacked religion ("Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky"), espoused a do-your-own-thing philosophy ("Imagine all the people, Living for today"), attacked nationalism ("Imagine there's no countries"), attacked religion ("It is isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for and no religion too"), called for the abolition of private property ("Imagine no possessions").

It supported a new international order ("I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world") and advocated a one-world government ("You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.") Lennon called for abolition of private property and then left his Japanese-born widow a $250 million estate."


In his Brave New World Revisited, (1958) Aldous Huxley, a member of the banker braintrust, described a society in which "the first aim of the rulers is at all costs to keep their subjects from making trouble." He described a likely future: "The completely organized society... the abolition of free will by methodical conditioning, the servitude made acceptable by regular doses of chemically induced happiness . . ."

He predicted democracies would change their nature: quaint old forms -- elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts will remain but the underlying substance will be non-violent totalitarianism...

Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial -- but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian [i.e. not literal] sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit."

The "highly trained elite" consists of dupes, many of whom actually believe they are opposing the corporate elite and building a better world. Generally speaking, they are self-righteous mediocrities who sense which path leads to "success," like ants and jam.

These "change agents" [Communists call them "useful idiots] are often feminists, Marxists, Masons, socialists, liberals or naive "New Agers." Conspiracy leaders H.G. Wells and Marilyn Ferguson mention them in "The Open Conspiracy" (1928) in "The Aquarian Conspiracy" (1980) respectively.

Ferguson writes: "There are legions of [Aquarian] conspirators. They are in corporations, universities, and hospitals, on the faculties of public schools, in factories and doctors' offices, in state and federal agencies, on city councils, and in the White House staff, in state legislatures, in volunteer organizations, in virtually all arenas of policy making in the country."

They are products of a counter culture that has robbed them of moral or common sense.


The "counter" culture is exactly that: a sophisticated ruse that runs counter to true culture. It is the enemy of Western Civilization, which is based on belief in God, i.e. a natural and moral order that includes universal standards of love, truth, beauty and justice.

Under the aegis of "humanism" and "secularism," the Neo Feudal World Order redefines reality and fosters pagan dissipation . It builds museum-monuments to "human rights" while courts deprive millions of children of access to their fathers.

People who uphold the truth aren't suppressed but rather made to seem irrelevant. In the NWO, defenders of civilized values have a status similar to model railroad enthusiasts.

Thanks to David Livingstone, author of The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization, for bringing EIR's "The Aquarian Conspiracy" to my attention.

See my CIA Created the Drug Culture

A Treasure trove of Excellent Historical Research from LaRouche/EIR Team

See Reader Comment Below

Comments for "Bankers Are Behind The "Counter" Culture" Zapata said (May 13, 2005):

Dear Dr. Makow,

I, as well as most other revolutionary socialists, would like to thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts. You, bumbling and irrelevant as you are, have done a great service to our cause. This is because when sane, rational people read your ludicrously inaccurate condemnations of the principles of communism, they realize how woefully inadequate the response by the bible-belt hick sid of the spectrum is. You are actually propagating our message of the destruction of the single most repressive institution in society: the family.

Thankyou for inspiring thousands, and reminding us that even the least intelligent of us can be awarded a doctorate.

Comrade Zapata.

Dear Comrade,

Send for your "useful idiot" t-shirt co/ N.M. Rothschild, London.

If you have nothing left to learn, why go on living?


Alisha said (May 13, 2005):

Dear Henry, As an incidental Jew with cosmic outlook, I am deeply dismayed by the Zionist bankers who have taken over our world. IS BARTER THE ANSWER? How rid ourselves of the false monetary stranglehold? Sincerely Alisha Musician/poet/wouldbe humanist

Dear Alisha,

We need to abolish the private control of credit and bring it under government control. This isn't likely to happen since politicians, the media, academics are all bought and paid for.


Hendrik said (May 10, 2005):

remember lucy being the masonic code for lucifer? w.r.t. sky and diamonds - heaveans and souls - the line makes perfect satanic sense: lucifer in heavens gathering his currupted souls. the same line pointing to LSD as way to corrupt seems too much of a coincidence to me and i wonder if any beatle song text has not been written by tavistoc. (hint: some aural seers discribe the human energetic field as two opposite interlocked pyramids, looking like a six star in profile and resembling a diamond..)

Dan said (May 10, 2005):

The days of counter culture are done. They don't need it any more. Now they are moving into a period of more direct means. The job of 50's commuinism, beatnik-ism, 60's 'anti establishmentism', sex drugs and rock n' roll has been accomplished. Our original humanity has been co-opted as a human culture, replaced by addictions to credit cards, and anti-depressants. The people are now soft, scatter brained, and demoralized.

There is an internet company in Austin Texas, called 'Illuminati Onine' (IO). They sell T-shirts, with their eye in the pyramid logo, that say, 'Everything is under control'.

Phil said (May 9, 2005):

I think you are absolutely right about the '60s counter culture movement and its effect on the most selfish generation in history: the baby boomers. What fascinates me about the '60s movement is that it was truly an ode to hedonism and self-aggrandizement at the cost of the nuclear family.

Of course, the baby boomers don't see it that way. To them, it was bucking the system. But really, when given their vast numbers and the chance to change things, did they improve the world? No, they created a generation of spoiled children (which several authors have referred to as a trophy generation), a worship of material culture (every baby boomer needs an SUV and a second home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and granite throughout), they polluted the planet at a faster rate than any other group in history, and they continue to foist the cost of their lives on the young people in the countries in which they live. But hey, there will always be the summer of '69.

Adrian said (May 9, 2005):

Hello Henry,

I was happy that I stumbled on your article about bankers being behind the counter culture of the 1960s and 70s. I had a really good chuckle and am still in a state of wonder that someone (you in this case), can be so far removed from reality. Your article reminds me of something I have known for a long time, that you don't need drugs to halucinate. Do yourself a favour. Think less and observe more. I have included a couple of quotes to consider.

"The more you know, the less you understand." (Lao-tsu)

"If you are too clever, you could miss the point entirely." (a Tibetan saying)

Thanks Adrian, I can use the crtiticism! I'd like to be wrong but the more one studies, the more a coherent picture of deception and manipulation emerges. Henry

Andrew said (May 8, 2005):

Henry, you expect your readers to assume certain things... how can I? I never assumed corporations didn't have an occult agenda... shit, what corps do doesn't make sense. A guy can run a company into the ground and get hired by another company for even more money. It doesn't make sense, if you think normally. But if you understand the system, it does make sense.

The illuminati are emissaries, merely go betweens and representatives for the unseen ones. Why do all these guys talk about the system, and forensically analyse what has already happened? Why don't they uncover who the emissaries are, and expose them, and uncover who the unseen force is that has whored this planet out?

Gordon from Burnaby BC said (May 8, 2005):

Dr Makow

Re your comment "People who uphold the truth won't be suppressed but rather made to seem irrelevant. Defenders of civilized values will have a status similar to the one held today by devotees of model railroads."

A better illustration is the prediction Joe Scheidler made at the Pro-Life Action League convention in San Antonio. In 1992 he said that the Pro-Life movement was in danger of the same fate the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Once upon a time in America, the WCTU was a moral movement to contend with, but which wound up as only a quaint cartoon of times past.

By 1994, in fact, the anti-abortion presence was gaining real traction in the streets. The media learned how best to deal with that, ie. stop giving them space. Stupid Christians were like the rest of the herd, gathering their information from the propaganda machine. Thus, 'if it didn't appear on tv, then it was not part of their reality'. The Pro-Life momentum dissipated because they couldn't get their message out to those who - ostensibly - were their own constituency.

Now that artificial abortion is normalized, the industry is positioned to make incredible profits from harvesting human tissue. Which is nothing less than cani-baalism.

The so-called "human genome project" is the age-long grand design to breed a Master Race, eugenics, rebranded. No small co-incidence that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was the darling of the Nazis.

What's really going on is that the Tyrant state is determined to usurp THE ultimate appellation of God Almighty, ie. "the life giver". Once the state is in the position to determine who shall be born, and who shall not, then the monopoly will do what monopolies always do = eliminate any competition. That would be people who want to make babies the old fashioned way. In such scenario, opponents of state control of technological human reproduction are portrayed as Luddites.


Alexandra said (May 8, 2005):

One interesting note about the 1960s "flower child" culture--the peace symbol is actually an upside-down broken cross, meaning rejection of Christianity. And we all know that feminism, "free" love (it ain't free), etc., are things a Christian hates.

I was in the high school band from 1987-91, and my junior year we did a Beatles show. At band camp a lot of kids were listening to Beatles tapes (I'm sure you might recall a bit of a 1960s revival around fall of 1989) and every time the Beatles sang "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" the kids would shout right after it, "LSD!" I thought it was only a joke! Guess not! Of course, after hearing the lyrics, you wonder if they WERE on something when they wrote it!

I know some people think, eh, the Beatles were tame compared to today. They fail to see that early rock-and-rollers started us down this slippery slope, and each year it's gotten worse. My husband says nowadays girls like Britney use their bodies to sell their music.

Berkano said (May 8, 2005):

This is nothing new. The occult banksters engage in Moloch and Satan worship. They tend to believe they will be reincarnated into positions of power by staying loyal to the coven. They also blackmail each other so loyalty is secured by threat of exposure for illegal acts.

It was the International Bankster Cartel that had Jesus the Christ crucified. When he cast the money-changers out of the temple, he cast them out not for selling doves, but for selling seats during the bond, slave, and commodity trading events. The word translated as "doves" should have been translated "seats."

The Jerusalem temple was like fort knox, the federal reserve, and wall street in the same building. Jerusalem was the center of global trade, the heartbeat of the world market. Without control over it, Rome could not further spread pax romana, and the San Hedrin could not use rome to expand their economic and religious power.

Jesus came along and led people out of the system, had them renounce their allegiance to the "governments" of the day, and declare their allegiance to the government of Yah, the ancestral King who layed down the first order of republican government known on earth, called Basilea Ouranous (Kingdom of Heaven), also called the Kingdom Yis'rael (where God prevails with his princes)...Result: San Hedrin (International Banking Cartel) murdered Jesus.

Nothing new under the sun. This same old story has repeated itself many times. Some believe a day will come when it will cease to repeat, and all people will be free. I am hopeful for that, although it is doubtful it will happen in this or even the next generation.

Alexander from Germany said (May 7, 2005):

Dear Henry,

By searching for articles about feminism as a weapon of the New World Order I've found this article and your website. I would like to say thank you for your articles and it is good to know that there are some people out there who still know how to use their brain.

Here in Germany the pressure on males is very high (because the invisible force has something special in mind with this country) and the first time I stopped to believe the media, the teachers and the politicians (i.e. the officials) was, as I felt, that women (those women which are known to me personally) are not really happy with their new role as Super Girl, Xena and so on.

I think that the intention behind the usage of feminism is that the Masonic rulers would like to break the backbone of independence, which in my opinion is the interest of the people in politics and the ability to participate in "higher politics".

Women in general are not interested in politics and political controversies. Second, the male part of the society is the only part who is able to form something like a "Resistance" against the New World Order.

Women in general do not oppose against the official consensus because they have learned to adapt themselves to political or official order and therefore women are the "tools" of the Masonic rulers. With a brainwashed woman, the masonic rulers have an agent in every family.

Third, women in general are materialistic, and one of the goals of the New World Order is to commit men to a profane life and work with earthly objectives. Masonic rulers do not want males to aspire toward heroical self-fulfillment (e.g. Elysium or Valhalla) and to realize this they create a new official rewarded behaviour which is to become rich (not strong and/or intelligent) and an often invitated guest to society parties (see you in the next Rotary or Lions Club Meeting or become a freemason and you will ever be rich if you do what we tell you).

Women like to ingratiate-the masons know that women will help to realize and implement this new behaviour (of successful persons). You know result.

By the way, the leading circles of the Masonic Movement do only accept men as members-they know why!

These are a few reasons why the officials educate the boys in the schools to shut up for rest of their lives and to behave like George Michael.



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#1. To: Coral Snake (#0)

No offense Snake (you know I love you)
but I'm as New Age as they come
and I think this article is hogwash
I know the New Age is a huge umbrella which seems to take in everything under the sun
but my own experience of it is it is about love and forgiveness
which is the message Jesus taught
Love, Palo

Palo Verde  posted on  2009-12-15   2:35:17 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Coral Snake (#0)

Joe Snuffy  posted on  2009-12-15   9:18:38 ET  (1 image) Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Coral Snake (#0)

There is nothing new under the sun

Just re-wrapped hip marketed old age paganism..goddess worship...earth "spirit" worship..

Joe Snuffy  posted on  2009-12-15   9:21:34 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Palo Verde (#1) (Edited)

I think this article is about the 60s Counter Culture that produced such people as Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, etc. The new Age Movement as you understand it actually began in the 1980s pretty much.

As for religion I'm gravitating toward the "New Agey" brand of trinitarian Christianity known as Christian Universalism myself. (This branch does not believe in eternal hell for the finite sins we commit during finite earthly lifetimes.) I also have come to believe in the reality of NDE (Near Death Experiences) and OBE (Out of body experiences) and see most of these, even those featuring hellish environments as showing the truth of Christian Universalism.

(Jesus does seem to act as an Evangelist of last resort to rescue people from such hell environments even on post mortum basis).

Photobucket Oh what a DUFFLE-HEAD that Barack Obama is !!! Duffle-Head (As used in a Felix the Cat cartoon) A wicked person of limited intelegence but with pretenses of intelectual grandeur. Their only successful endevors are usually the invention of self punishment machines.

Coral Snake  posted on  2009-12-15   22:53:21 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: Coral Snake (#4)

Hi Coral Snake
Wow, I thought I was the only New Ager on this boards
but I see you and I have a lot in common
I love you

Palo Verde  posted on  2009-12-16   12:46:11 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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