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Title: Bush and Fed Fail to Honor $4.5 Trillion Wanta Deal to Better American Economy
Source: arcticbeacon.com
URL Source: http://www.arcticbeacon.com/2-Aug-2006.html
Published: Aug 2, 2006
Author: Greg Szymanski
Post Date: 2006-08-02 17:26:47 by Coral Snake
Keywords: Grand, Filch, Continues
Views: 270

Bush and Fed Fail to Honor $4.5 Trillion Wanta Deal to Better American Economy

Ambassador Leo Wanta now ready to pull out all the stops and repatriate entire $27.5 trillion being ripped-off by Bush and Clinton crime families 1 Aug 2006

By Greg Szymanski

U.S. authorities failed to meet Ambassador Leo Wanta's July 31 deadline to release $4.5 trillion into the economy, forcing Wanta and his AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., to try and repatriate $27.5 trillion in offshore funds.

Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of AmeriTrust, said Tuesday authorities were given "ample time" to make good on the agreed written settlement negotiated by two federal court judges, Wanta and two large law firms from New York and Georgia on behalf of U.S. authorities and overseas bankers.

The $4.5 trillion settlement, earmarked for the American people through private funds controlled by Wanta, was hammered out several months ago as the partial repatriation of trillions of offshore funds in Wanta's control and subsequently transferred to a Bank of America account in Virginia during May and June.

However, instead of the money being put under AmeriTrust control, President Bush unexpectedly and without legal authority ordered the private funds blocked, preventing a legal corporate U.S. entity from paying approximately $1.6 trillion in taxes, placing himself in direct violation of federal law with felony consequences.

Further, Attorney Gen. Alberto Gonzalez, aware of the violations of federal law, has failed to take steps to rectify the enormous financial scandal, making him complicit in the crime.

"We are now moving full steam ahead to repatriate the entire amount," said Cottrell Tuesday in an extended conversation with the Arctic Beacon. "I can't be specific exactly what we are going to do as I wouldn't want to tip our hand, but if they want a fight, they've got one."

Cottrell, who has extensive experience in complicated worldwide financial methods, has spoken numerous times in last several weeks, including a guest radio appearance on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, saying the story was the "biggest financial story in the history of the world" and all the big political and financial players around the world were fully aware of dire consequences if the Wanta settlement wasn't honored.

He added that Ambassador Wanta's status as legal trustor of the entire $27.5 trillion gives him authority to round up and repatriate the entire aggregate amount, meaning worldwide financial chaos since much of the money has been illegally used, as well as opening up a Pandora's Box of embezzlement, bribery and murder.

The massive amount of money circulating in more than 190 worldwide banks remains a huge problem for the Bush administration, as it clearly shows how much of the Wanta trillions has been improperly used by many higher-ups in the last three Presidential administrations, including President George H. Bush and President William Jefferson Clinton.

Instead of the money being properly taxed and used for American interests, as prescribed by President Reagan when Wanta was assigned the task to amass the rather large sum of money at the end of the Cold War, criminals in the government, better known as the Illuminati, decided to use if for their own personal Globalist agenda which was far removed and beyond the scope of proper governmental oversight.

Documents meticulously gathered and audited by Wanta himself, reveal more than $743 billion diverted illegally, including illegal transactions by Bush I. According to overseas investigators, articles appearing in several overseas financial journals including The International Currency Review, listen to what may only be the tip of the iceberg regarding the massive corruption involving the Wanta money:

In the case of the unprecedented giga-funding operation on behalf of the Illuminati, which was presided over by President George W. Bush Sr., the crooks helped themselves and their friends -- including Opus Dei, via an entity calling itself the Francis X Driscoil Trust -- to 2.7% of the total intended giga-loan. namely $742.5 billion A new breakdown of how the allegedly embezzled funds were distributed was given on page 144 of the magazine, and is reproduced here on page 9.

When these alleged giga-embezzlements were taking place or had been spotted, the biggest crisis in the history of the international financial system developed. Specifically, given that the funds were to be paid out in US dollars, the transactions were all necessarily handled by the Federal Reserve, under the supervision and control of Dr Alan Greenspan. But although the giga-funding started in 1989, the transmission of funds from the Federal Reserve sudden ceased (we are not, in the available public domain documents, told to whom the funds were to have been transmitted, but the primary recipient was a nexus of accounts loosely referred to as the Global Security Fund, based in Belgium, which is traditionally the financial centre for the Illuminati, and Chicago, where some of the funds may subsequently have been intermingled in the vortex of the derivatives industry).

Available public domain documentation shows that the Netherlands Bank and some other central banks, together with various very large commercial institutions, embarked upon legal proceedings against the Federal Reserve when the payouts ceased in 1991. In other words, the international financial system was on the verge of effective collapse, since payments were not being implemented.

The documented information we have published relates an extensive, seemingly never-ending, litany of excuses that were made by the US authorities while the payments were being stalled. All trust between certain European central banks, financial institutions and the Federal Reserve was corrupted to vanishing point. And why were the payouts stalled? Because the massive embezzlement that we document were in the process of being undertaken, way beyond the scrutiny of the international financial community generally.

While the financial payments were suffering from internal constipation, no-one had a clue what was going on; so the Dutch authorities (who are very litigious) started the ball rolling by instituting legal proceedings, given the scale of the monies that had been provided and were suddenly not being paid out. The Netherlands Bank also demanded to take up its vacant seat on the Federal Reserve Board, which is to a considerable extent owned by European financial powers and forces. After the alleged embezzlements, the payouts were finally resumed in 1992 (but on the basis of exchange rates, where foreign currency had been provided, prevailing on the dates of the suspensions).


This was nothing less than the biggest bank heist in the history of humanity. No less than $742.5 billion of funds -- admittedly raised for what we consider to be thoroughly evil New Underworld Order purposes -- was misappropriated. Wanta, a servant of the US Presidency, was engaged in the fund-raising and speaks German when telephoned. This is the language of the high-level Illuminati. However Wanta is a technical operative, working, or so he always assumed, for the President of the United States. Moreover we know that is loyalty to the presidency was exploited by the Illuminati, probably without (as is often the case with technicians) him understanding the broader picture, because he told your correspondent in May 2004 that the funds had been raised to support the ''Global Security Environment'', which, judging by the tone of his comments, he did net consider to be a worthy project. .As a patriotic American. he was disparaging about the '' New World Order'' generally

The United States is the designated enforcement arm of the Illuminati and their associates, who are engaged in the Judaic masonic programme to impose the New Underworld Order. That is why the United States has 700 bases worldwide which require massive continuing injections of liquidity and why Britain is constantly reducing its armed forces. This is part of the meaning of Leo Wanta''s phrase ''Global Security Environment''. The Germans are surreptitiously doing the opposite to the British with their military as they have a special status in the New Underworld Ordnung. But that takes us into territory beyond the scope of this update en the geofinancial impasse surrounding Leo Wanta, a brave and loyal intelligence officer and servant of successive Presidents of the United States.oo


The following is summary of receipts identified in handwritten analytical notes performed by the distinguished US Secret Service Treasury agent, Leo Wanta, on some of the transactions involved in the giga-financing operation involving a colossal loan to the Illuminati from 200+ international banks of $27,5 trillion, to finance the ''Global Security Environment'', a.k.a. the New Underworld Order, which is to be enforced by the United States as the sole enforcement, a.k.a. for the project. Sufficient funds were raised to bribe every policymaker, intelligence officer, ruler, Prime Minister, President and senior official for the whole of the 21st century. This fund is now worth $60-$70 trillion at a minimum -- and with collateral leverage, probably far more.

First Financial Services Ltd: 890812

Five billion dollars Total $5,000,000,000

Francis X Driscoll Trust: Allegedly involves the Vatican and CIA Ops

(see below 890810 five hundred million dollars Total; $500,000,000

See also Pinnacle Holdings

Hawaii National Bank Corporation Trust Account: 890812 Two and a half billion dollars Total: $2,500,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd: Date not shown

Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd: Five billion dollars 5,000,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd

Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

International Financial Services Ltd, Wyatt W. Liscomb, Escrow Atty:

890810 Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

Total, International Financial Services;

Fifty billion dollars $

Allegedly Marc Rich [Reich], highly-rated Israeli intelligence asset

Martwell Investments Ltd. Inc.: 890807 Money laundering

Two billion dollars $2,000,000,000

Martwell Investments Ltd. Inc.: 890808 Money laundering

One hundred billion dollars $100,000,000,000

Martwell Investments Ltd, Inc.; 890810

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Martwell Investments Ltd. Inc.: 890610

Two billion dollars 52,000,000,000 Allegedly funds stolen

from Enron Corporation investors (pension funds allegedly stolen)

Total Martwell Investment Trust, Ltd. Inc + Martwell Investments

Ltd; One hundred and four billion five hundred million dollars


Allegedly in part George H W Bush

Pilgrim Investments: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pilgrim Investments: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pilgrim Investments 890811 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pilgrim, Investments: 890811 One hundred billion dollars $100,000,000,000

Pilgrim Investments: 890810 Jorqe [= George] Bush One billion dollars


Allegedly narcotics and illegal weapons sales: Money laundering

Pilgrim Investments: Ltd 890811 One hundred billion dollars


Pilgrim Investments: 890811 Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Allegedly narcotics and illegal weapons sales: Money laundering

Pilgrim investments: Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Pilgrim Investments: Two and a half billion dollars $2,500,000,000

Pilgrim, Investments: Two and a half billion dollars $2,500,000,000

Pilgrim Investments, Inc. (Keith Bennett Group 890810

One billion dollars $

Pilgrim Investments Trading Account: 890811

Ten billion dollars $10.000.000,000

Total, Pilgrim Investments outlets:

Two hundred and seventy-seven billion, five hundred million dollars


Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust

[CIA Ops]: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X. Driscoll Atty Trust: 890810

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust:

Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Pinnacle Holdings/ Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust

[CIA Ops]: 890811 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Total Pinnacle Holdings/Francis X Driscoll Atty Trust [CIA Ops]:

Twenty-six billion five hundred million dollars $26,500,000,000

Driscoll = Allegedly on behalf of Opus Dei/The Vatican

Prudential Bache Securities: 890805

One hundred billion dollars Total: $100,000,000,000

Rocio Lopez Perez 890811

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Rocio Lopez Perez: 890811

Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Total Rocio Lopez Perez: One billion dollars $1,000,000,000

Silverado Investment, Inc [Neil Bush): 890815

Total Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Synergy Trust: 890811 Fifty billion dollars

Total: $50,000,000,000

Unknown: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Unknown: 890810 Five hundred million dollars $500,000,000

Unknown: 890810 Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

Unknown: Date not shown: Five billion dollars $5,000,000,000

Unknown: Date not shown: Five hundred million $500,000,000

Unknown: Date not shown: Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

Unknown: Date not shown: Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Unknown: Date not shown: Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000

Unknown: Date not shown Twenty-five billion dollars $25,000,000,000 Unknown: 890811 Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

Unknown 890810 Ten billion dollars: $10,000,000,000

Total unknown recipients: One hundred and twenty-one billion

five hundred million dollars $121,500,000,000

Wm. W. Wilson Atty Special account: 890807

Two billion dollars $2,000,000,000

Wm. W. Wilson Atty Special Trust: 890808

Ten billion dollars $10,000,000,000

Wm. W. Wilson Atty Specie! Account/Trust:

Twelve billion dollars $12,000,000,000

Grand total: Seven hundred and forty-two billion five hundred million dollars $742,500,000,000. Now worth at least $2,0 trillion.

These data are collated from the handwritten analytical notes accompanying the print-out sets shown or pages 150-160 only of International Currency Review, Volume 30, Numbers 2 and 3, which were made available and placed in the public domain by US intelligence. The Editor itemised the entries in the handwritten notes, gauging them to represent transactions which diverged from the intended destinations of the giga-funds. In summary, what happened was that 2.7% of the proceeds of the Illuminati''s unprecedented gigantic loan were creamed off for the benefit of the parties shown. Since we are dealing with international criminal intelligence operations, it is no surprise at all that the crooks concerned should have helped themselves to a proportion of the funds. Notice the destinations, which include Opus Dei (Francis X. Driscoll Trust), which is in the driving seat in Vatican affairs -- all 31 cardinals appointed by the late Pope being Opus Dei members. It should be noted that those data illustrate only one component of the financial scandal. Funds belonging to the US Government and lodged in accounts of Title 16 Section 6 intelligence corporations are hidden offshore all over the world.

The biggest, most brazen alleged organized embezzlement operation in world history.

Here is a breakdown of the negotiated Wanta Plan not honored by U.S. authorities, indicating a healthy injection of liquid funds are right around the corner if the American people wake-up before it's too late:

The agreement provides for the prepayment of taxes to the US Treasury, at a rate of 35% of the $4.5 trillion, equating to $1,575 trillion, together with prepayment of taxation to the State of Virginia at 6%, amounting to some $270 billion.

In addition, Wanta through his AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., has put financial mechanisms in place for the further generation of corporation tax deposits payable to the U.S. Treasury

Department/Internal Revenue Service of about $96 billion per banking day.

Because of financing transactions which will consequently be carried out by other U.S. financial institutions, estimated total windfall accruals to the U.S. Treasury are likely to exceed $200 billion per banking day, from the moment of start-up. This is now running nearly three months late.

However, President Bush and the Fed are still illegally blocking the money with Wanta now being forced to try and recover the entire $27.5 trillion, saying he will take every legal step necessary to protect the American people.

Although the story has been called the "biggest financial in the history of the world" due to the connected corruption by the Bush and Clinton crime families who have back stabbed Ambassador Wanta by not returning the money to the American people as President Reagan had directed.

To illustrate how Wanta was back stabbed, records and court dopcuments reveal he was illegally jailed for his efforts for the better part of the 14 years while Bush Sr., Clinton and the current Bush administration continued to use the trillion dollar offshore money for their own private shadow government agendas instead of strengthening U.S. interests at home and abroad.

Although the mainstream press, the White House and the entire U.S. Congress have remained hush-hush since Wanta's story reveals deep corruption of all the above parties, the Ambassador endured against unlikely odds, including death threats, 133 days in a Swiss dungeon and years in a Wisconsin jail to negotiate with the help of federal court judges the $4.5 trillion dollar settlement, now be ignored.

However, for the last 14 years Wanta's steadfast determination not to be corrupted by the likes of former President George H. Bush and President William Jefferson Clinton has taken the criminals by surprise, sending a financial electric-shock through the corrupt Illuminati underworld banking community, the likes of which their criminal minds never expected.

And this is exactly why all of them, including President George W. Bush. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the entire Federal Reserve Board (controlled by foreign interests), Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance committee, and Rep. Michael Oxley of the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services are all remaining with their thumbs sucking in their mouths, not saying a word.

Furthermore, the Wanta story trumpets loud and clear how the likes of the Illuminati, including Daddy Bush and Clinton, has their hand in the trillion dollar cookie jar for their own benefit and now, if anybody cares to pursue the matter in this country, how they can finally be indicted for defrauding the people

For example, the Wanta story goes back to August of 1989 when Daddy Bush wanted him to illegally transfer $1 billion in U.S. money to an account in Panama for Bush's own person use.

When Wanta refused, citing violations of criminal statutes for anyone to personally benefit, including a President, from public funds, he was taken out of the picture with a bogus 22 year jail term.

Wanta was even told at the time by high ranking official, James Baker, it was useless to try and block the matter since people like Bush were above the law, saying it would be better to just turn a blind eye.

However, Wanta refused, keeping records of the transaction and his communications with Baker, the $1 billion, however, eventually making its way to Bush despite Wanta's objections in an account listed under Pilgrim Investments/Jorge (George) Bush.

But according to Wanta, who has proven to be an honest and loyal American, the $1 billion is only the tip of the ice berg of stolen funds diverted by the Illuminati from an estimated $27.5 trillion to $70 trillion raised at the end of the Cold War by Wanta on behalf of then President Ronald Reagan.

Besides the $1 billion, Wanta has documented at least $743 billion diverted and used by the Bush and Clinton crima gang, saying this is a conservative estimate since tracing the funds has been a difficult task after spending years in jail and even being decalred dead by the CIA in order that private Illuminati interests could use the trillions amassed for their own personal use.

It's important to remember Wanta's efforts on behalf of President Reagan amassed huge sums of monies when he set out to destabilize the Soviet currency at the end of the Cold War. The original plan was bankrolled with $150 billion of American taxpayer money, the financial fruits of which President Reagan had always intended to be returned to the American people and not ripped-off by Illuminati banksters on behalf of Daddy Bush and Clinton.

When made aware that he may have been working for an Illuminati banking scheme all along, Wanta said at the time the Soviet financial destabilization was initiated, he had no idea any nefarious or underhanded actions were taking place.

However, once Daddy Bush and Clinton's evil and back stabbing intentions were made known, Wanta tried to do the right thing by turning over the money to the American people, as he was then and still remains today the legal trustor of the vast sum of money, a position he was given by President Reagan and a position in 2003 affirmed by Federal Court Judge Bruce Lee.

But instead of the money coming back for infrastructure and other improvements in American society, Bush and Clinton jailed Wanta illegally, first in a Swiss dungeon for 133 days in the early 1990's and then railroaded in Wisconsin on a bogus $14,000 income tax charge in which he was given a 22 year sentence, conveniently due to expire in 2015, three years after the financial maturation of the original $27.5 trillion.

And if the 22 year sentence had been served or Wanta caved under Illuminati pressure from three prison assaults, perhaps the big boys wouldn't be shaking their heads today and perhaps they all wouldn't have their thumbs in their mouths as the $4.5 trillion suits in a Richmond Bank of America account, drawing financial dust instead of $200 billion a day for the American people.

However, since Wanta remains strong, never diverting from President Reagan's intentions, America stands now at the precipice of regaining its pride, honor and financial strength. Further, if Americans remain strong perhaps we can put a stop to the Illuminati's goal of financially destroying the country.

For more informative stories, go to http://www.arcticbeacon.com

Greg Szymanski Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to http://www.rbnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at http://www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site http://www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on http://Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.


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