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The Ex-Model Who Claimed Silvio Berlusconi Hosted Satanic Rituals in His House Died From “Apparent Poisoning”

MLB Going Full-Blown TSA: Teams Prepare To Scan Millions Of Fans’ Faces

Why Does The Mainstream Media Purposely Ignore Mass Killings Of Christians Across The Globe?

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Require Police to Render Emergency Aid After Ohio Police Shoot Military Veteran Multiple Times, Let Him Bleed to Death

Don’t Shoot the Dogs: The Growing Epidemic of Cops Shooting Family Dogs

Ron Paul Support Legalizing Heroin

Reputed Gambino crime boss' suspected killer flashes 'MAGA,' other slogans on hand

lMalia, Michelle, Barack and the College Admissions Scandal

Sen. Warren: ‘I Would Support Removing Confederate’ Statues and Monuments

HOW U.S. MEDIA IS HELPING THE NEW ZEALAND TERRORIST ACHIEVE HIS ULTIMATE GOAL There's a reason the media is selectively choosing which facts to report about this killer's purpose

Is Trump Really About to Attack Venezuela?

The Grim Reaper – Frequently A Personified Insignificant Force

Dick Dale, a Great American Original, RIP

Government to Pizzeria: You Can Paint a Mural, Just Not One That Features Pizza

Donna Bazile Hired as FOX News Contributor

Source Claims Fox News Host Secretly Worked to Get Jeanine Pirro Suspended to Curry Favor With Democrats

AP Pushes New Leftwing Conspiracy Theory: "Puzzling" Number of Activists Connected to Ferguson are Dying (Usually by Suicide or Drug Overdose), And That Suggests They're Being Secretly Murdered by an Unidentified But Obviously White Cabal

Man cleaning garage finds burglar crushed by fallen 900-pound floor safe, cops say

US Supreme Court denies hearing Ron Paul 2012 aides' appeal

'Beto' Was A Member Of A Prominent Hacking Group, a Punk-Rock Band And His Name Was 'Psychedelic Warlord,' Report Says

Conservative? Hardly. New Zealand mass shooter is a far-Left “eco-fascist” who praised communist China

Tucker Carlson and Thoughtcrime

New Zealand: The Most Hysterical Reaction to an Event I’ve Seen Since 9/11


Trump threatens 'Saturday Night Live' with federal investigation and charges comedy show as an 'an advertisement without consequences' for mocking him

Illegal Alien Who Used Fake Fed Doc to Get License Committed No Crime, Obama Judge Rules

Hillsborough sues to declare Flintstone House a ‘public nuisance’

Six questions muslims often ask about Jesus

Are libertarian Republicans misreading the political climate?

Why Ron Paul Is Dead Wrong On Venezuela

Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve (vaccinated people are incubators for disease, avoid like the plague)


Juice Newton - Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me

A Woman Flipped Off A Cop And A [federal appeals] Court Sided With Her

OH BOY! Barack Obama’s brother asks if Michelle is ‘Michael’

1986 Amnesty (justfacts.com)

Groupthink and Why They NEED to Censor Us

WATCH THIS AND STOP WATCHING PORN (Rockefeller/Masonic Manipulation & Agenda To Control and Wreck Families and Values)

"Medieval" Diseases Flare as Unsanitary Living Conditions Proliferate

Sanders cuts head on shower door, receives 7 stitches

Houston Public Library admits registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime

Another Murderous AGW

AGWs Hut! Hut! Hut! Man Cleaning Up His Own Yard

No Charges for Cops Who Killed 6yo Boy While Trying to Kill an Unarmed Woman

S.C. Mayor Says ‘Yellow Sticky Substance’ on Her Car Was Sprayed by Vandals, Police Say It’s Just Pollen

LIVE STREAM Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: I have been helped by terror Sahih Muslim 523 f

'Old fat lesbians' who smoke pot find captive Instagram audience

It's all the Fuckin' Farmers Fault...

Exclusive – Trump on Campus Free Speech Executive Order: ‘We’re Going to Do a Very Big Number’ Probably ‘Next Week’

Nancy Pelosi personally supports lowering voting age to 16 to capture Common Core programmed minds

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National Emergency? It’s Not the Border
Post Date: 2019-02-26 07:35:49 by Deckard
Trump has declared a national emergency in a last ditch effort to get his wall built on “public” and private land.  The reality of poor Central American campesinos crossing the southern border in search of free stuff in return for voting Democrats into office is overshadowed by another national emergency, one few want to talk about—the national debt.  After that puppy implodes, there will be millions of born-and-bred Americans screaming for free stuff at the expense of the “one percent,” that is to say your garden variety millionaires, not the 0.01 percent.  Ask Jeff Bezos how this works. His company hauled in record profits and paid zero income tax. ...

Why Conservatives are Liberal
Post Date: 2019-02-26 07:11:30 by Deckard
The other day, I “got away” from an armed government worker. I was “speeding” – that is to say, driving faster than the government decrees to be “safe.” Rounding a curve,  I encountered an AGW. In the rearview, I saw him brake and knew he was going to U-turn after me, in order to punish me for harms I hadn’t caused but for rules (and authority) I had affronted.Rather than stop, I “fled” – and successfully “eluded” the AGW.I use the air quotes – so to speak –  to make a point about the cognitively dissonant language most of use without thinking about it much. This is especially true of conservatives ...

Emergencies Do Not Trump the Constitution
Post Date: 2019-02-26 05:55:37 by Deckard
After Congress rejected President Trump’s request for 5.7 billion dollars for the border wall, the president declared a national emergency at the southern border. Present Trump claims this “emergency” gives him the authority to divert funds appropriated for other purposes to building the border wall. President Trump’s emergency declaration is not just an end run around Congress. It is an end run around the Constitution. Article One of the Constitution gives Congress sole authority to allocate federal funds. While President Trump’s order may be a particularly blatant abuse of power, it is hardly unprecedented. Most modern presidents have routinely used so-called ...

Tobacco Bans and Marijuana Bans
Post Date: 2019-02-26 05:53:44 by Deckard
Hawaii state representative Richard Creagan is on a mission. Actually, he is on a crusade. He wants to effectively ban the smoking of cigarettes. Hawaii is already one of six states (California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Oregon being the others) where the minimum age to purchase cigarettes has already been raised to 21. But age 21 is not high enough for the Hawaii lawmaker. Creagan has introduced a bill (HB1509) to raise the minimum age at which Hawaiians can buy cigarettes to age 100. The bill has got to be read to be believed. Here are some excerpts: The legislature finds that the cigarette is considered the deadliest artifact in human history.  The cigarette is an ...

Oscar Bytes
Post Date: 2019-02-26 05:47:42 by Deckard
I like to keep up with the Academy awards to see just how much Hollywood has lost its mind from year to year. And since America is marinated in the juices of Hollywood, it’s a nice Rorschach test for the mysterious tendings of our nation. By the way, I got in a late screening of Black Panther the night before. It’s about the techno-metropolis of Wakanda hidden deep in the African jungle lo these many centuries. (Who knew?)  The elite of that utopia travel the world in flying saucers. When trouble turns up, what weapons do they reach for? Spears. I kid you not. My favorite line in the movie: American white G-man to Nakia, Black Panther’s ex-girlfriend: “Put that ...

AOC: 'We're All Screwed' on Climate Change and 'Are Dying Now'
Post Date: 2019-02-25 10:54:51 by IbJensen
Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) responded to questions from supporters Sunday in an Instagram Live session, explaining her Green New Deal and why “we’re screwed on climate” and are dying. “The whole premise of the Green New Deal is that we’re screwed on climate,” she said. “Like, I’m sorry to break it to you. If we do nothing, there is no hope, period. That’s just a principle across the board. If we do not act there is no hope. The only time we can hope is when we act. But when it comes to climate in particular, we’re actually screwed.” She continued: “There is a global threat to the planet. A global ...

New Age AUTHOR Charles Rentz on COMPELLING new book: Changing the World Without Money or God
Post Date: 2019-02-25 10:37:22 by A K A Stone

Will No One Stop American Gangsterism?
Post Date: 2019-02-25 10:01:22 by Deckard
An accurate description of the US orchestrated event today at Venezuela’s border with Colombia was posted on The Saker’s website 3 days ago.  Most of the world sees this as “US gangsterism.”  But no one does anything about it. John Wight asks:  “Does anybody really think that Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams care one bit about the welfare of the Venezuelan people? These are thugs in tailored suits whose views are far closer to Al Capone than to Thomas Jefferson.President Maduro’s failure to arrest Juan Guaido, the puppet chosen by Washington to be the Empire’s front man in Venezuela, might spell the end of ...

Conscription Equals Slavery: My Time in the Army
Post Date: 2019-02-25 09:56:35 by Deckard
It was a stressful evening sitting in front of the television set on August 5, 1971 with my parents, brother, and sister. It was very quiet and the mood was somber, as my family worried about my fate. The horrible program looked more like a bingo game show than what it actually was; a possible two year sentence of slavery to the state during the Vietnam War. If chosen in this lottery, I was to be drafted into the Army. Irony at this dark level is like a macabre nightmare, especially for the young and naïve. If my number were drawn early, I would be ordered to report for “duty” the following spring. We were huddled together with fingers crossed, anxious in hopes of being there ...

Don’t Use a Debit Card at the Gas Pump
Post Date: 2019-02-25 09:43:52 by Deckard
Two Cents – by Alicia Adamczyk Don’t get skimmed. Card skimming, in which an illegal reader is attached to a payment terminal, is a pervasive financial scam, particularly at the gas pump. According to the National Association for Convenience Stores, a single compromised pump at a gas station can compromise 30 to 100 cards every day in the U.S.   “These card readers grab data off a credit or debit card’s magnetic stripe without your knowledge,” warns the FTC. “Criminals sell the stolen data or use it to buy things online. You won’t know your information has been stolen until you get your statement or an overdraft notice.” It’s ...

Virginia’s Automated Revenue Collectors
Post Date: 2019-02-25 09:31:03 by Deckard
Speed cameras are like kudzu – they have to be beaten back every so often. If, that is, the public has any idea they are about to get mulcted by them.With almost no notice and even less media coverage, Virginia is on the verge of erecting these automated revenue collectors on its highways. Two companion bills (509 and 917) have already passed the General Assembly and now await the signature of Governor “Coonman” Northam. Virtually no one seems to be aware of it.The main instigator behind the pending legislation is a former in-person revenue collector by the name of Bill Carrico, who is a state senator now but was formerly an armed government worker. That is to say, a guy ...

Ocasio-Cortez: People Maybe Shouldn’t Reproduce Due To Climate Change
Post Date: 2019-02-25 09:23:13 by A K A Stone
Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested on Sunday night that people should consider not having children due to climate change because there is a "scientific consensus" that life will be hard for kids. "Our planet is going to hit disaster if we don't turn this ship around and so it's basically like, there's a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult," Ocasio-Cortez said while chopping up food in her kitchen during an Instagram live video. "And it does lead, I think, young people to have a legitimate question, you know, 'Is it okay to still have children?'" Ocasio-Cortez ...

Clumsy Kamala- Why Kamala Harris may be her own worst enemy
Post Date: 2019-02-24 09:37:39 by IbJensen
No Democrat running for president has had a better 2019 than Kamala Harris. The numbers tell the tale. The California senator was in the low single digits in polls conducted before her official launch on January 28. She is now in the low double digits, running third behind Joe Biden, who enjoys cosmic name recognition, and Bernie Sanders, whose devoted supporters brought him a second- place finish last time. But polls do not tell the whole story. Harris raised $1.5 million in the day after declaring her candidacy. That number, impressive for a senator not even a third of the way through her first term, has been bested only by Sanders, a socialist who has a venture capitalist's talent ...

Trump’s cronies are in secret talks to sell nuclear tech to Saudis
Post Date: 2019-02-24 09:24:46 by Willie Green
The congressional report on this multibillion-dollar scheme provides further evidence of attempts to monetise the Trump presidency The idea that the US might sell state-of-the-art nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, potentially enabling Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s reckless regime to build nuclear weapons, sounds so far-fetched as to be almost grotesque. After all the near-hysterical American and Israeli warnings about the risk of Iran, the Saudis’ arch-rival, acquiring the bomb, surely even Donald Trump would balk at such breathtaking – and dangerous – hypocrisy? Apparently not. According to a congressional inquiry, senior White House officials, retired generals ...

We need a new cuckoo clock
Post Date: 2019-02-24 07:50:52 by Tooconservative
I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!'. Well, the hours passsed and the margaritas went down way too easily. Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I headed home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hallway started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with him. (Even when totally smashed... 3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals = 12 cuckoos MIDNIGHT!) The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, I told him 'MIDNIGHT'... he didn't seem pissed in ...

Homeschoolers Outraged at ‘Orwellian’ Iowa Bill That ‘Treats Them All Like Criminals’ – Mandatory Home Inspections
Post Date: 2019-02-23 21:01:54 by Deckard
Homeschool advocates are speaking out about an Iowa bill that requires school and court officials to conduct health and wellness checks on families who homeschool. HF 272, introduced by Rep. Mary Mascher, would make homeschool families who do not report to their school district subject to regular home visits.    “The board of directors of a school district shall conduct quarterly home visits to check on the health and safety of children located within the district who are receiving independent private instruction or private instruction,” the bill reads. The bill also says these home visits “shall take place in the child’s residence with the consent of the ...

Anyone Buying This Venezuela Bullshit Is A Complete F***ing Moron [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2019-02-23 12:43:19 by Deckard
#VenezuelaAidLive is trending on Twitter in the USA as I write this, forced to the forefront of public consciousness and into everyone’s eyeballs by a concert staged by billionaire plutocrat Richard Branson. Branson’s Virgin Group controls hundreds of companies and brings in some $21 billion annually, with Branson himself valued at around five billion dollars.The concert is pure narrative control operation, designed to advance the proven lie that the Venezuelan government is shutting out all humanitarian aid from its people, and the proven lie that it has blockaded a bridge to prevent the aid from getting through, both of which are also currently being promoted by American ...

12-year-old Girl Owns Cop for Threatening to Arrest Her for Her Journalism
Post Date: 2019-02-23 12:04:54 by Deckard
Patagonia, AZ — If you have been to the Free Thought Project before, chances are you’ve seen one of the countless videos we’ve covered showing police officers threaten to arrest people for practicing their First Amendment right to film in public. However, the following video is like any we have ever seen, as the person flexing their rights is a 12-year-old girl, who runs her own news company out of Arizona. Hilde Kate Lysiak is a reporter/publisher of the website Orange Street News—which she founded. Since she was in the single digits of age, this little journalist has been an inspiration to those who value dedication to the free press becoming world famous for being ...

Weekend Music Including New Tom Petty
Post Date: 2019-02-23 09:15:02 by A K A Stone
Lets start off with some Tom Petty that was previously unreleased.

The New Police Motto: “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later”
Post Date: 2019-02-22 04:22:57 by Deckard
Being a police officer was not just a career for me- for better or worse it defined me.  Period. Both my grandfathers were New York City cops; my late father was a Lt. in the New York City Fire Department; my uncle was a New York City cop for three years before he made the right move and switched over to the New York City Fire Department where he retired as a Battalion Chief. One of my cousins is a cop in the New York City suburbs.  Another cousin is a former New York State correction officer and yet another one is a firefighter in upstate New York. All have worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods and assignments in this country. I had the fortune and honor of working in what ...

Phony Houston Drug Warrant Prompts FBI Investigation and Review of 1,400 Cases
Post Date: 2019-02-22 04:05:43 by Deckard
Lying to justify a search that killed two people could be a capital crime.The fraudulent search warrant that authorized last month's deadly Houston drug raid has prompted an FBI investigation and a review of more than 1,400 cases involving the narcotics officer who obtained the warrant. "The FBI Houston Field Office has opened an independent civil rights investigation into allegations that a search warrant obtained by Houston police officers was based on false, fabricated information," the FBI announced in a press release yesterday. "The execution of that search warrant at 7815 Harding Street, Houston, TX, on January 28, 2019, resulted in the deaths of Rhogena Nicholas ...

California judge orders state to pay $399G to pro-life pregnancy centers
Post Date: 2019-02-21 14:36:33 by hondo68
California was ordered to pay three pro-life centers, including Pregnancy & Family Resource Center, after a state law tried to force the centers to promote abortion. (Google Maps)A federal judge ordered the state of California to pay three pro-life pregnancy centers and a conservative law firm a total of $399,000 after a state law meant to force "crisis pregnancy centers" to promote abortion was struck down.The Supreme Court found the California law requiring pro-life centers to display information about how to obtain a state-funded abortion unconstitutional in June. Then in October, a federal district court issued a permanent injunction against the law in question, the ...

16 States File Lawsuit Challenging Trump Border Emergency
Post Date: 2019-02-21 09:47:14 by Deckard
After making the rounds on seemingly every cable news show that would have him over the weekend and on Monday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra led a coalition of 16 states in challenging Trump’s national emergency declaration, according to the Washington Post. The states are seeking a preliminary injunction to stop the order in the suit, which has been filed – just as Trump anticipated – in the Ninth Circuit, which has already struck down several key Trump policies. The lawsuit, brought by states with Democratic governors except for Maryland, could stall the president’s ability to build the wall for weeks or even months. Accusing the president of “an ...

Uncovered FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation and Russian/China Related Crimes – PART I
Post Date: 2019-02-21 09:28:14 by Deckard
A 2016 DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI that involved a major NY Democratic power broker, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.The investigation revolved around the illegal sale of controlled US Homeland Security technology to Russia and China in the years before the 2016 election.The DOJ terminated its internal investigation despite clear and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity and hid it from the public! The Gateway Pundit will expose this scandal in a series of posts this week. Today is our initial report on this egregious scandal and coverup. This story begins with the Clintons and their Clinton Foundation.  It includes Russia ...

Post Date: 2019-02-21 08:24:58 by IbJensen
For every half a de’gree of warming we’re expected to see a ten to twenty percent increase in conflicts WALLACE-WELLS: “There’s uncertainty in all the predictions. so they may be a little off. But we know we’re entering into an unprecedented climate and that all of the ways that that will transform how we live on this Earth, it’s an innumerable list, public health, economic growth, conflict. For every half a degree of warming we’re expected to see a ten to twenty percent increase in conflicts. So if we get to where we’re going by the end of the century, we could have twice as much war as we have today. And that conflict happens even at the individual ...

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