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Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down


Trump's greatest legacy: The GOP now represents America's workers

Joe’s ... firsT 17 AcTs --- Of DesTructTon

google is evil

Now wiTh The UniTed StaTes Taken ouT --- They have a glide paTh To “build iT back beTTer” / “susTainabiliTy” / “social justTce” us --- inTo “The GreaT ReseT

DAY ONE: Beijing Biden Kills Keystone Pipeline and Thousands of Jobs, Rejoins Paris Climate Accord, Removed 1776 Project, Vows to Restart Iran’s Nuclear Program, Fed Mask Mandates

Republicans Block Swift Approval of Biden's DHS Pick

President Donald J. Trump Departure Ceremony

Stop the Steal

Feds ArresT Pennsylvania Woman ... Accused of STealing --- Pelosi’s LapTop

Enter the Dumbest Administration on Earth

How Joe Biden Will Open The Floodgates To Transgendering Public Schools

CNN Pushes to Close Down Newsmax TV

tax and regulate

Supreme CourT Deals DemocraTs A Major DefeaT In Texas ... They JusT Ruled ---To RejecT Universal Mail-In BalloTing


Biden’s party seeks to divide and destroy, not unite and heal

“If You Need All This To Protect Your Inauguration from the People, Maybe the F-ing People Didn’t F-ing Elect You!” – DC Worker Shows Video of Military Checkpoints in City (VIDEO)

Illegal crossing

How Soon Will the Social Security Trust Fund Be Depleted and How Should People Protect Their Retirement Income?

With These Figures, It's No Shock Why Republicans Got Swept by Democrats in Georgia

Domestic Terrorist?" - Leftist BLM Activist Who Stormed Capitol On Jan. 6 Arrested, Charged - John Earle Sullivan

The Republican Party Killed Itself

Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon


Could Joe Biden face impeachment?

Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

Hold Twitter To Account

Incitement, Insurrection, Impeachment, Imperiousness, and Idiocy

Dems want to bring down anyone who ever backed Trump: Goodwin

Uganda Bans Twitter

Big Corporate Uses Capitol Riots To Push Communist-Style Social Credit System On Americans

Worst people on planet

Gluttons for boot news.



Big Tech’s War on Free Speech

GOP Can't Afford to Leave Trump's Voters Behind

North Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Facebook, Twitter on Its Service Over Censorship

ACLU warns of ‘unchecked power’ of big tech for banning Trump amid calls for investigation of Amazon, Google and Apple

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney explained Everything TACTICAL DECEPTION, THE STING, THE DATA


Pelosi And Wimp Portland Mayor Wheeler Conspired And Planned To Blame The Riots On Trump...Nutty Nancy Urges Limp-Wristed Wheeler To Stick To The 'Democrat (Communist) 'Play Book' - Is Nancy's Laptop Starting To Leak?


The Most Trusted Voice In America


MAGA forever

Photos & Videos: BLM Activist John Sullivan Who Stormed The US Capitol Says That The Secret Has Been In Contact With Him - Far-Left Activists Have Raised Suspicion That He Is A Federal Agent Provocateur

US Attorney launches federal excessive force investigation into death of Trump-supporting Air Force vet who was shot dead as rioters breached the Capitol

Latest Articles: The Establishments war on Donald Trump

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Alan Dershowitz Doesn't See Any Legal Jeopardy for Trump Jr.
Post Date: 2017-07-14 15:25:17 by nolu chan
Alan Dershowitz Doesn't See Any Legal Jeopardy for Trump Jr. Fox News Insider July 12, 2017 Legal expert Alan Dershowitz doesn't believe Donald Trump Jr. committed a crime by meeting with a Russian lawyer during his father's presidential campaign. Trump Jr. was informed in a series of emails that attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya would offer him compromising information about Hillary Clinton in the June 2016 meeting. Trump Jr. said nothing came from the meeting and he was unaware that Veselnitskaya was possibly Kremlin-connected. On Fox Business Network, Dershowitz explained that even if Trump Jr. received and used material that was obtained illegally, he's not in legal ...

Breaking: Lynch Ordered Manafort’s Phone Tapped During Veselnitskaya Meeting
Post Date: 2017-07-14 15:04:02 by nolu chan
Breaking: Lynch Ordered Manafort’s Phone Tapped During Veselnitskaya Meeting Jack PosobiecMedium July 14, 2017 Today, Fusion GPS employee Rinat Akhmetshin today confirmed his attendance at a meeting with Donald Trump Jr, Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner along with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. Accusations have arisen that the meeting was part of a wider setup to achieve a FISA warrant to wiretap phones of the Trump campaign during 2016. President Trump himself has accused the FBI under Loretta Lynch of wiretapping his campaign. Now, a former Trump campaign official reports that Paul Manafort’s phone was subject to FISA wiretap during the infamous meeting. If true, ...

Grassley probing how Russian lawyer got into US after visa denial
Post Date: 2017-07-13 20:14:35 by nolu chan
Grassley probing how Russian lawyer got into US after visa denial Published July 12, 2017 Fox News The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. in a controversial June 2016 sit-down had been denied a visa to the enter the United States months before the infamous encounter – and a powerful senator wants to find out how she ended up in America anyway. “She shouldn’t have been in the country,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, told "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday. The senior lawmaker is raising questions about how Natalia Veselnitskaya was able to gain access to the U.S. for a June 9 meeting with Trump Jr., then-campaign ...

Loretta Lynch Let RUSSIAN SPY Lawyer Into Country; McCain Sent Aide to Europe to Collect RUSSIAN Opposition Research on Trump
Post Date: 2017-07-13 19:57:26 by Tooconservative
Loretta Lynch Let RUSSIAN SPY Lawyer Into Country For "Extraordinary Circumstances"; McCain Sent Aide to Europe to Collect RUSSIAN Opposition Research on TrumpBTW, word out on social media is that those "extraordinary circumstances" were just her work for her client, and word further has it that that client (her law firm) is associated with Fusion GPS. More on that later. The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump’s inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under “extraordinary circumstances” before she embarked on a lobbying campaign last year that ensnared the president’s eldest son, members of Congress, ...

Washington Post Contradicts Most Infamous Claim In ‘Peeing Russia Prostitutes’ Anti-Trump Dossier
Post Date: 2017-07-13 14:39:20 by cranky
TEL AVIV — Information contained in a Washington Post article may disprove perhaps the most infamous claim made in the already discredited 35-page dossier on President Donald Trump. The dossier in question was authored by former intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who was reportedly paid by Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans to investigate Trump. Steele recently conceded in court documents that part of his work still needed to be verified. One of the most widely reported claims inside the document was that while Trump was staying in the presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow in 2013, he hired “a number of prostitutes to perform a ‘golden showers’ ...

Roger Stone Alleges That He Knows Who Is Behind the White House Leaks
Post Date: 2017-07-12 19:33:19 by Tooconservative
Much speculation has been made regarding the role former Donald Trump presidential campaign adviser Roger Stone played in the various hacking and leaking scandals that plagued the 2016 election.And now, Stone finds himself speculating on the recent leaks to come from the Trump White House.At an event at the Capitol Hill Club for Young Republicans, Stone was questioned by a tracker from American Bridge, the Democratic opposition research shop.Stone was asked: “Do you think it was someone in the White House, in the Republican Party, who leaked Don Jr.'s emails to the New York Times today?”The emails being referenced are the controversial conversations between Donald Trump Jr. ...

America’s Deep State Power Struggle Is At Its Most Interesting Point Yet
Post Date: 2017-07-12 09:31:35 by Anthem
[click on "Load document in a new window" to see the tweets] In February, after it became undeniable that factions within the US intelligence community were using anonymous leaks to harm Trump in the court of public opinion, bloodthirsty neocon Bill Kristol tweeted that he would “prefer the deep state to the Trump state.” Given the way the US power establishment consistently pushes in a direction that is in alignment with neoconservative foreign policy goals this should not be surprising, but it is noteworthy that such a high-profile neocon would come right out and say such a thing.When AP first broke the news of a partial ceasefire in Syria the other day, I said the ...

Advocates sue Trump for blocking Twitter users
Post Date: 2017-07-12 08:44:59 by cranky
The Knight First Amendment Institute at New York’s Columbia University filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump for blocking critics on Twitter. White House press secretary Sean Spicer and White House director of social media Daniel Scavino are named as co-defendants along with Trump in the lawsuit filed Tuesday. “President Trump’s Twitter account has become an important source of news and information about the government, and an important public forum for speech by, to, and about the president,” the lawsuit reads. “In an effort to suppress dissent in this forum, defendants have excluded — blocked — Twitter users who have criticized the president ...

Trump Jr. releases email chain on conversations with Russian sources
Post Date: 2017-07-11 11:54:45 by cranky
Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday released a stunning chain of emails highlighting his conversations about setting up a controversial campaign meeting with a Russian lawyer offering compromising information on Hillary Clinton. “The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with [Agalarov’s] father Aras this morning and their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia would be very useful to your father,” reads one of the emails from Rob Goldstone to Trump Jr. “This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for ...

In Nuland's Footsteps: US Names Ex-McCain Staffer as Special Ukraine Envoy
Post Date: 2017-07-08 16:25:10 by Hondo68
The US State Department has apparently found a replacement for Victoria 'Cookies' Nuland to coordinate Washington's Ukraine policy. Former CIA analyst, prominent neocon, and McCain Institute for International Leadership executive director Kurt Volker has been named the US Special Envoy to Ukraine to negotiate an end to that country's civil war.US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed Volker's appointment as US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations on Friday, with the diplomat expected to spearhead US efforts to move forward on the implementation of the Minsk agreements – the ceasefire and peace plan signed by Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany in ...

Rachel Maddow: Someone is shopping fake documents showing collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia
Post Date: 2017-07-07 12:31:00 by Tooconservative
Worth your time if you can spare it to watch the whole thing, but if not, pick up the clip below at around 9:40 when she’s explaining how nearly invisible dots left on a printed document can identify which printer produced it. Remember a few weeks ago when the feds busted Reality Winner for allegedly sending a top-secret NSA report on Russian hacking to The Intercept? The Intercept made the mistake of publishing the actual document she sent them, making it easy for the feds to scrutinize the dots on it and figure out in short order who had accessed the printer it came from. Lo and behold, shortly after Winner was arrested, Maddow received a different top-secret document showing a ...

Bannon’s back: Happiest person in Trump West Wing
Post Date: 2017-07-05 12:25:40 by Tooconservative
Not a lot of people in the White House are having fun these days. But one top official is having a blast — inviting friends over for lunch, joking about good times from the campaign, plotting 2018 and even 2020. He was recently spotted in the West Wing carrying the New York Post cover mocking CNN as "THE MOST BUSTED NAME IN NEWS." Steve Bannon, the proud culture warrior who was briefly and very publicly in the Trump doghouse, is ascendant after what friends call a period of "hibernation." "He's not cocky -- he's comfortable," said a longtime friend. "And he understands the game." His ideas are being taken seriously, and his worldview is ...

Legacy Media Freak Out After Trump Tweets They Will Be ‘Forced’ to Cover Booming Economy
Post Date: 2017-07-05 08:54:19 by cranky
When President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday that the legacy media would be “forced” to cover America’s improving economy, reporters in the establishment press freaked out, implying that Trump would strong-arm them into doing so while ushering in an authoritarian regime. Trump tweeted: “At some point the Fake News will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, strong economy, success with ISIS, the border & so much else!” At some point the Fake News will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, strong economy, success with ISIS, the border & so much else! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 3, 2017 NBC’s Katy Tur oh-so-seriously and ...

Trump's America Is 'No Friend' Says Germany's Angela Merkel Ahead of 'Thorny' G20 Summit
Post Date: 2017-07-04 18:23:04 by Justified
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is no longer describing Donald Trump’s U.S. as a “friend” in campaign literature for the country's elections in September, and divisions are expected to widen between the leaders at the G20 summit this week. Merkel’s conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU/CSU) four years ago described the U.S. as Germany’s “most important friend outside Europe,” and the relationship between the countries as the “cornerstone” of Germany’s international relations. However, the party has dropped the amicable language from campaign literature ahead of federal elections, after a cooling in the relationship ...

'Your worst nightmare: a successful Donald Trump presidency'
Post Date: 2017-07-03 19:01:14 by Tooconservative
Sgy Michael Verardo, who lost an arm and a leg while serving with the US army in Afghanistan in 2010, says he was failed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He had to wait 57 days to get his prosthetic leg fixed and three and a half years for adaptations to his home. But then came Donald Trump. “Thank you, President Trump and [Veterans Affairs] Secretary [David] Shulkin for ensuring that we are not forgotten and that we will receive the care we need and deserve,” Verardo said at the White House recently. Trump, signing an act to protect VA whistleblowers, revelled in the moment, using his fingers to mime a gun and mouthing his catchphrase “You’re fired!” ...

Shadow President? Obama Meets With South Korean President To Discuss Trump
Post Date: 2017-07-03 17:06:56 by cranky
Former President Barack Obama seems to be feeling nostalgic for his old job, meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in Monday for 40 minutes. The Korea Herald reported that Moon spoke about his recent meetings with President Trump in Washington and asked Obama for his advice on how to improve that relationship. The meeting came after Obama spoke at the Asian Leadership Conference and the Fourth Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in Jakarta. There he attacked Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change accord. “In Paris, we came together around the most ambitious agreement in history about climate change, an agreement that even with the temporary absence of ...

Reports: No Intimidation, Scarborough Sought Help from WH to Stop Tabloid Story About His Affair with Brzezinski
Post Date: 2017-07-01 17:30:13 by cranky
MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough reportedly approached the White House seeking help in preventing a story about his affair with co-host Mika Brzezinski from being published in the National Enquirer — a story that differs from his account spelled out in a Washington Post oped published on Friday. According to an MSNBC journalist, Scarborough contacted Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser Jared Kushner ahead of the story’s publication earlier this month. Gabriel Sherman, who writes for MSNBC and NBC, wrote in New York Magazine on Friday that three anonymous sources told him what happened between the White House, Scarborough, and Brzezinski. “In mid-April, Scarborough ...

Trump, Kushner never blackmailed Scarborough, source says
Post Date: 2017-07-01 14:49:12 by cranky
A top White House aide never suggested a quid pro quo during a call with Joe Scarborough regarding an upcoming National Enquirer Story, a source told Fox News – despite Scarborough’s claim Friday morning that a Trump adviser recently tried to blackmail him into giving positive coverage of the president. Scarborough made the allegation during Friday’s “Morning Joe,” as he and Mika Brzezinski provided a fierce response to a pair of tweets President Trump directed at the MSNBC hosts a day earlier. But a source familiar with the matter said Scarborough called senior adviser Jared Kushner, with whom Scarborough has a friendly relationship, to ask about a National ...

Two dozen Democrats get behind bill to lay foundation for removing Trump for being mentally 'incapacitated' (but they'd need Mike Pence to agree)
Post Date: 2017-06-30 20:59:28 by cranky
25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows Congress to set up a medical commission that could determine if a president is fit for officeThe president's cabinet is also allowed to serve that purpose, but Congress has never established its own group to participateEither panel would require the vice president to agree before Congress could vote to remove the presidentA Maryland Democratic congressman is trying to set up a commission to target President Trump, tweeting: 'Trump's mental incapacity is no laughing matter'Plan has only attracted Democratic cosponsors so farSenate that passed 25th Amendment agreed 'inability' meant a 'mental debility' rendering a ...

NYT Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia
Post Date: 2017-06-30 09:24:02 by Tooconservative
The New York Times issued a correction Thursday on an article that incorrectly claimed all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that “Russia orchestrated the attacks, and did it to help get [Trump] elected.” The original article, published June 25, covered certain reactions that President Donald Trump gave in response to Russian cyber attacks and interactions with the 2016 presidential election. TheNYT’s correction notes that: “The assessment was made by four intelligence agencies — the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not ...

Trump Attacks ‘Crazy’ Mika Brzezinski: She Was ‘Bleeding Badly From a Face-Lift’
Post Date: 2017-06-29 11:13:12 by cranky
The president of the United States took time out of his Thursday morning to attack ‘low I.Q.’ Brzezinski and her co-host fiancé ‘Psycho Joe’ Scarborough.Rather than deal with his health-care bill seemingly on death’s door Thursday morning, President Trump launched a cruel personal attack on MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-hosts and love birds Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.“I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore),” the president tweeted minutes before the MSNBC morning show’s broadcast completed.He then went off the deep end, christening new nicknames for his one-time pals and tossing out an insult aimed ...

The media will do anything to bash Trump -- and now they’re hurting
Post Date: 2017-06-28 14:17:35 by Tooconservative
It was many years ago, but the memory lingers of the first time I was embarrassed to be a journalist. It was a steamy summer afternoon and reporters and photographers were shoehorned into a small Manhattan apartment for a civic group’s announcement. As we waited, a photographer wearing a “Press” card in his battered fedora picked up a bud vase from a table, pulled out the rose and drank the water in one gulp. The hostess was horrified and shrieked, “What are you doing?” He looked at her as if she were nuts and said simply, “It’s hot in here and I’m thirsty.” I laugh now at the outlandishness of the photographer’s behavior, but at the time I ...

Project Veritas Undercover Investigation: CNN Producer Admits Network Hyping ‘Mostly Bullsh*t’ Trump-Russia Scandal for ‘Ratings’
Post Date: 2017-06-27 10:08:23 by A K A Stone
James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has struck again: This time, a senior CNN producer was caught on camera by one of O’Keefe’s investigators admitting that the network’s relentless bashing of President Donald Trump with the Russia scandal lacks proof. “Could be bullshit. I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” the CNN producer, John Bonifield, said in a video O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released on Tuesday, when asked about his thoughts on the Russia investigation. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof. Then they say, well there’s still an investigation going on. And you’re like, yeah, I don’t know. If they were finding ...

Did Votes By Noncitizens Cost Trump The 2016 Popular Vote? Sure Looks That Way
Post Date: 2017-06-22 21:35:23 by Tooconservative
Election 2016: Late in 2016, we created a stir by suggesting that Donald Trump was likely right when he claimed that millions of noncitizens had illegally voted in the U.S. election. Now, a study by a New Jersey think tank provides new evidence that that's what happened. Last November, just weeks after his Electoral College win that gave him the presidency, then President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, "In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." The reaction was angry and swift, with the left accusing him of being an "internet troll" and of hatching a "Twitter-born ...

BREAKING: Trump Supporter Stabbed By Armenian Gang Member After Being Identified As Conservative
Post Date: 2017-06-20 05:19:50 by 3-Dee
BREAKING: Trump Supporter Stabbed By Armenian Gang Member After Being Identified As Conservative Lucian Wintrich Jun 19th, 2017 10:09 pm A Trump supporter was stabbed and is currently in critical condition in Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after being identified as a conservative and subsequently stabbed by an Armenian gang member. 27-year-old Antonio “Tony” Foreman had just left a free speech rally in California alongside a slew of other well-known Trump supporters such as Kyle Chapman (“Based Sick Man“). Afterward, they headed to a local bar to relax. After a few hours at the bar, the group — many dawning Trump hats and supportive bumper stickers on their ...

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