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Domestic Terrorist?" - Leftist BLM Activist Who Stormed Capitol On Jan. 6 Arrested, Charged - John Earle Sullivan

The Republican Party Killed Itself

Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon


Could Joe Biden face impeachment?

Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

Hold Twitter To Account

Incitement, Insurrection, Impeachment, Imperiousness, and Idiocy

Dems want to bring down anyone who ever backed Trump: Goodwin

Uganda Bans Twitter

Big Corporate Uses Capitol Riots To Push Communist-Style Social Credit System On Americans

Worst people on planet

Gluttons for boot news.



Big Tech’s War on Free Speech

GOP Can't Afford to Leave Trump's Voters Behind

North Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Facebook, Twitter on Its Service Over Censorship

ACLU warns of ‘unchecked power’ of big tech for banning Trump amid calls for investigation of Amazon, Google and Apple

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney explained Everything TACTICAL DECEPTION, THE STING, THE DATA


Pelosi And Wimp Portland Mayor Wheeler Conspired And Planned To Blame The Riots On Trump...Nutty Nancy Urges Limp-Wristed Wheeler To Stick To The 'Democrat (Communist) 'Play Book' - Is Nancy's Laptop Starting To Leak?


The Most Trusted Voice In America


MAGA forever

Photos & Videos: BLM Activist John Sullivan Who Stormed The US Capitol Says That The Secret Has Been In Contact With Him - Far-Left Activists Have Raised Suspicion That He Is A Federal Agent Provocateur

US Attorney launches federal excessive force investigation into death of Trump-supporting Air Force vet who was shot dead as rioters breached the Capitol

The white backlash has begun. Again.

Pentagon Officials Say Pelosi Asked Them To Stage A Military Coup Against President Trump

WATCH: Armed Antifa Attack Trump Supporters, Cops in San Diego

Musical interlude

Video: A Whole Plane Of Trump Supporters Kicked Off A Flight For Singing The National Anthem - Singing the National Anthem Is Now Domestic Terrorist Behavior

Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump

Nikki Haley




Media endorsed violence


GOP Party



Posted Articles Urgently Needed

Senile, lame brain calls protesters 'domestic terrorists'

We Ain’T ... Going To SubmiT --- We Won’T ForgeT

Why Aren't Elections Over by 8 p.m.?

Goodbye to 2020; Hello to a Gruesome 2021

JonBeneT Ramsey ... Psychic Reading --- JUNE 19, 2020

Latest Articles: The Establishments war on Donald Trump

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Ann Coulter Might Dump Her ‘Emperor God’ Trump Over Bannon
Post Date: 2017-08-19 14:47:58 by Tooconservative
So much for “In Trump We Trust.” “I’m ticked off at the Emperor God,” said right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter, who last year authored a book with that worshipful title (subtitle: “E Pluribus Awesome”), as she processed Friday’s firing of chief White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon. Increasingly disgusted and disheartened by the president’s inability, or unwillingness, to fulfill the anti-immigration, anti-Wall Street, anti-globalist promises for which Coulter had been one of his more impassioned supporters, she now refers to Trump sarcastically as a deity/monarch in his own megalomaniacal mind. “If Trump wants to prove that he ...

Bannon friend on revenge: "You have no idea. This is gonna be really f***ing bad."
Post Date: 2017-08-19 09:13:09 by Tooconservative
I’m treating this as confirmation that my hot take was right all along, that Bannon reached the point where he preferred to be martyred by "globalists" than to stick around and share blame for a disappointing presidency. Or maybe that’s just his after-the-fact spin to save face? Either way, the fallout will be entertaining. "He's going nuclear,” said another friend. "You have no idea. This is gonna be really f***ing bad." Bannon had in recent days mused about leaving, according to people who have spoken with him; he has expressed to friends that he feels the administration is failing and is a sinking ship. And last week, he told people in a ...

Bannon Gets The AXE -- 'That f***ing Steve Bannon is taking credit for my election!'
Post Date: 2017-08-18 14:00:43 by Willie Green
President Trump is said to be furious over chief White House strategist Steve Bannon's habit of taking credit for his 2016 election.In 'Devil's Bargain,' a book by Joshua Green published last month, Bannon is painted as the mastermind behind Trump's ascendancy.And the president is not pleased.'That f***ing Steve Bannon [is] taking credit for my election,' Trump recently told a confidant, according to the left-leaning Buzzfeed website.The book is a look-back on Bannon's role in leveraging Trump's connection with his base last year as his populist economic message attracted middle-class white voters.Trump took pains to avoid backing him too firmly during a ...

Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams on Receiving Death Threats After Segment Criticizing Trump
Post Date: 2017-08-17 07:20:05 by IbJensen
Eboni K. Williams had never received anything like the responses she garnered after she aired her grievances with President Trump while on-air on “The Fox News Specialists.” The co-host addressed Trump on Monday in her “Eboni’s Docket” segment, which she writes herself, berating him for failing to specify white nationalist groups in his condemnation of the violence that occurred at Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. She told Variety in an interview on Wednesday that her personal website, which usually receives an average of 10-15 emails after each segment, was inundated with over 150 emails, only three of which were anything other than “seething, ...

Federal managers have some bad news for government workers
Post Date: 2017-08-17 04:07:45 by Tooconservative
The Office of Personnel Management has been fielding some unusual and uncomfortable questions from federal departmental managers this summer according to Government Executive. It seems that a terrible bit of reality is dawning on them at last and they need some professional assistance in figuring out how to perform a management function which most of them have never experienced before. They’re going to have to start laying some people off, and for much of Washington, DC, that’s a completely foreign concept. Federal agency managers are privately telling members of the Trump administration they will soon lay off employees, according to Office of Personnel Management officials, and ...

Current state of affairs
Post Date: 2017-08-16 21:59:07 by TravisT0111
After watching the events of the last 7 or 8 days surrounding the Charlottesville riots, it's come to my attention that 99% of the tactics that these anti-Trump groups use in their protests are absolute fascism. So, we have groups like ANTIFA, whose stated mission is to fight fascism, engaging in fascist tactics to get their message across. I'm only 32, but I've never been more disgusted with politics in my entire life. Thoughts?

The Slow-Motion Coup d’Etat picks up steam
Post Date: 2017-08-05 19:37:31 by Tooconservative
Since the election there has been an unprecedented attempt to unwind the election result. Events have accelerated on several fronts lately with attempts from outside and within to paralyze the Trump administration. What started as a collective media freakout on Election Night 2016 quickly progressed to an unprecedented attempt to intimidate Electors into changing their votes. Some Democrats announced, even before Trump took office, plans to impeach him, and Democrat politicians fed media-driven Russia collusion conspiracy theories for which they knew there was no evidence. Chuck Schumer, for example, used the alleged fact of Donald Trump being under FBI investigation as an argument ...

Playing Four-Dimensional Chess With the Mooch [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2017-08-03 12:16:34 by Tooconservative
Anthony Scaramucci blowing a kiss after answering questions during the press briefing in the Brady Press Briefing room. Whatever else you want to say about Anthony Scaramucci, he was a character. Maybe not a good character, but a character nonetheless. And while the White House will be a better, more stable place with him gone, in a certain way, I’ll miss him. But Mooch’s brief moment strutting and fretting upon the stage provided a nice illustration of one of the aspects of Trumpism that I find most alarming. After Mooch was appointed, I had conversations with a couple pro-Trump friends who objected to my characterization of Mooch as being unprepared and ill-suited for the ...

Trump allegedly told golf-club members: "That White House is a real dump"
Post Date: 2017-08-01 23:26:36 by Tooconservative
Yeah, I know. “Anonymous sources! FAKE NEWS!” Hopefully the president knows better than to tell anyone that the country’s most storied home, where Lincoln managed the Civil War and FDR oversaw Hitler’s downfall, is a “dump.” Remember, though, the guy’s a billionaire who used to live in a Manhattan penthouse; his standard of living is higher than most new presidents’. And if Golf Magazine is to believed, he made this comment to members at one of his clubs — i.e. other very wealthy people. When you’re that rich and talking to a bunch of millionaires, you practically have to call the White House a dump compared to what you’re used to, ...

Reports: Scaramucci Was Only Hired To Get Rid Of Priebus
Post Date: 2017-08-01 03:46:50 by Tooconservative
Multiple reports have surfaced saying former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci was only hired to get rid of former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Scaramucci was removed from his position Monday, after 10 days on the job. The dismissal came alongside reports that White House senior advisor Jared Kushner and President Trump’s daughter Ivanka influenced the president to bring in Scaramucci, primarily to take out Priebus. “Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, and Jared Kushner, her husband, had pushed the president to hire Mr. Scaramucci, seeing him as a way to force out Mr. Priebus, the former national Republican committee chairman, and ...

The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018
Post Date: 2017-08-01 03:17:47 by Tooconservative
The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 1 “We cannot tolerate this any longer,” said the former CIA Director at the head of the table. “We have to forcibly retake the government from Donald Trump. It is the only way save our democracy.”His audience nodded solemnly. The men and women gathered at that secret February meeting on the top floor of 241 West 41st Street, the New York Times building, were Democrat politicians, media figures, retired and active members of the federal security bureaucracy, and several Establishment Republicans, and they were at wit’s end. There simply was no other choice. Donald Trump must be replaced, and it no longer mattered ...

Thanks for Nothing, John McCain
Post Date: 2017-07-31 07:13:09 by IbJensen
n the early morning hours of July 28, 2017, Sen. John McCain cemented his legacy as an enemy of American conservatism with his vote against the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, thus likely tanking the one and only chance Republicans will ever have of ridding the nation of this burdensome, socialist form of government-sponsored healthcare. Thanks to McCain (with a special shout out to Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins), millions of Americans will continue to be forced to buy health insurance they don’t want, thousands of business owners will continue to struggle to meet an unacceptable federal mandate, and the government itself will continue to grow and ...

Trump is a disgrace to all men
Post Date: 2017-07-30 13:53:11 by Willie Green
Ever think about what Donald Trump is like in bed? That is, when he's not otherwise occupied, tweeting. Or watching Fox News. Or tweeting again. This week, a presidential address to 40,000 Boy Scouts gave a remarkable, if unintended glimpse into what Trump is really like in the bedroom. These were scouts who'd come to hear sage adult advice about what it takes for a boy to become a real man, aspiring to the ideals of the Scouting Oath. These are ideals which, they may later learn as men, are as good a guide as any to how a man should act as a lover: Kind. Brave. Trustworthy. Loyal. Prepared. Instead, they got Donald Trump.Point by nasty, boastful, petty, slipshod point, the ...

Obama’s CIA Director Encourages Outright Coup Against Trump
Post Date: 2017-07-30 12:39:04 by IbJensen
Okay, this is officially getting scary. If we were in charge of the Secret Service, we’d be sending agents out to have a talk with former CIA Director John Brennan, because some of his recent comments go well beyond threats to the president’s bodily safety and into the realm of insurrection. It’s one thing for some dumb liberal pundit on a blog somewhere to encourage Trump’s cabinet to revolt against him, it’s quite another for the former head of the CIA to do so. These are serious times and his is a serious threat that needs to be investigated. Brennan is not wont to spout off at the mouth, so when he says something seemingly reckless like this, you can bet your ...

Trump is something the nation did not know it needed
Post Date: 2017-07-30 11:16:31 by Tooconservative
Looking, as prudent people are disinclined to do, on the bright side, there are a few vagrant reasons for cheerfulness, beginning with this: Summer love is sprouting like dandelions. To the list of history’s sublime romances — Abelard and Heloise, Romeo and Juliet, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy — add the torrid affair between Anthony Scaramucci and President Trump. The former’s sizzling swoon for the latter is the most remarkable public display of hormonal heat since — here a melancholy thought intrudes — Jeff Sessions tumbled into love with Trump. Long ago. Last year. Sessions serves at the pleasure of the president, who does not seem pleased. Still, ...

McCain and the POW Cover-Up
Post Date: 2017-07-28 13:56:16 by Anthem
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam. Eighteen months ago, TAC publisher Ron Unz discovered an astonishing account of the role the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, had played in suppressing information about what happened to American soldiers missing in action in Vietnam. Below, we present in full Sydney Schanberg’s explosive story.* * * John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout ...

Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon
Post Date: 2017-07-27 21:44:17 by Tooconservative
On Wednesday night, I received a phone call from Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director. He wasn’t happy. Earlier in the night, I’d tweeted, citing a “senior White House official,” that Scaramucci was having dinner at the White House with President Trump, the First Lady, Sean Hannity, and the former Fox News executive Bill Shine. It was an interesting group, and raised some questions. Was Trump getting strategic advice from Hannity? Was he considering hiring Shine? But Scaramucci had his own question—for me. “Who leaked that to you?” he asked. I said I couldn’t give him that information. He responded by threatening to fire ...

White House official on Scaramucci’s profane interview: I’m concerned for my safety in the office tomorrow
Post Date: 2017-07-27 20:31:19 by Tooconservative
I don’t see Reince as cause for concern, but Scaramucci versus Bannon? Yeah, chairs will be thrown at a minimum. A knife fight isn’t out of the question. To add insult to injury for Team Trump, the outlet reporting this is … Fox News. But the comments have spooked some of his co-workers. Speaking to Fox News, one White House official expressed concern. “This is getting out of hand. I am honestly getting concerned for my safety in the office tomorrow. This type of behavior is unbelievable. Working in the White House and something like that is said, it is a disgrace,” the official said. Politico’s also sensing unusual fear in the corridors of power: Just asked ...

Is the Military Losing Its Ability to Fight Capable Foes?
Post Date: 2017-07-24 19:35:19 by Anthem
In the conflicts currently at play in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and elsewhere in the Middle East, America practices a policy of “military first.” But this constant use of force will not bring the conflicts to an end or stability to the region. Nor will these policies safeguard American interests. As has has been the case for virtually the past 16 years, the almost-certain outcome is that U.S. national security interests will continue to be eroded. A new direction in American foreign policy, however, can reverse these negative trends. By keeping our conventional military focused so sharply on fighting insurgent-based enemies that have no modern armies, no navies, no air forces, ...

Poll: Americans split 42%-42% on impeaching Trump
Post Date: 2017-07-24 19:14:21 by misterwhite
WASHINGTON — Just six months after his inauguration, Americans already are split down the middle, 42%-42%, over whether President Trump should be removed from office, a new USA TODAY/iMediaEthics Poll finds. While no serious effort is now underway in Congress to impeach Trump, the results underscore how quickly political passions have become inflamed both for and against the outsider candidate who won last year's campaign in a surprise. A third of those surveyed say they would be upset if Trump is impeached; an equal third say they would be upset if he's not. Those findings, designed to measure the intensity of opinion, also show a perfect divide, 34%-34%. "I don't ...

Billionaire GOP donor calls President Trump 'an abortion of a human being'
Post Date: 2017-07-21 18:11:25 by Willie Green
One billionaire health care mogul and GOP mega-donor, Mike Fernandez, is sending a strong message to Republicans who don't stand up to President Trump.Fernandez told Politico, "All the Republicans who hide behind the flag and the church, they don't have the F-----g balls to do what it takes." Fernandez went on to call Trump an "abortion of a human being," saying If "I was the doctor and knew what the baby would do, I'd have made sure it never would have seen the light of day."Fernandez, who is chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners, has been a staunch opponent of Trump's.In 2016, he spent 3.5 million dollars in ads against him during the campaign, ...

Antifa Leader Arrested in California for June 2016 Sacramento Riot
Post Date: 2017-07-20 16:12:03 by Hondo68
Elijah Nouvelage / Getty The California Highway Patrol announced the arrest Wednesday of Yvonne Felarca, a.k.a. Yvette Felarca, a leader in the so-called “Antifa” (anti-fascist) movement, on charges related to a June 2016 riot in Sacramento. The charges were “inciting and participating in a riot and assault likely to cause great bodily injury,” according to the Associated Press. At the time, Breitbart News reported: Seven people were sent to the hospital with stab wounds, two with life-threatening injuries, on Sunday afternoon as Black Bloc anarchists attacked and fought with white supremacist groups outside the state Capitol in Sacramento. Several other demonstrators ...

Democrats Spooked by Drop in Colorado Voter Registration Amid Trump Probe Into Voter Fraud
Post Date: 2017-07-16 08:25:56 by cranky
Democrats are apparently spooked by a sudden drop in voter registrations in the key swing state of Colorado, with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez arguing that it is connected to President Trump’s investigation into electoral fraud in the 2016 election — and promising to fight back against it. According to the Denver Post, approximately 3,400 Colorado voters canceled their registrations after the Trump administration sought voter info from the states. The Post notes that the number is hardly enormous, representing only 0.09 percent of the state’s 3.7 million voters.Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has asked states to hand ...

Donald Trumps CNN on Monday Night RAW
Post Date: 2017-07-14 23:29:01 by nolu chan
Donald Trumps CNN on Monday Night RAW Vidgeo July 14, 2017

Homeland Security confirms special entry for Russian lawyer [in June 2016]
Post Date: 2017-07-14 23:16:47 by nolu chan
Homeland Security confirms special entry for Russian lawyer By John Solomon and Jonathan Easley - 07/14/17 05:53 PM EDT [no text - Source The Hill]

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