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Carl Lentz, in First Staff Position Since Hillsong, Joins Transformation Church in Tulsa

Shooter Kills Three Children, Three Adults at Private Christian School in Nashville

Biden scandal strategy — ignore, and let liberal media run defense

Abilene Christian University Professor Arrested on Charges of Abusing His Adopted Children

Bankster Bust Bomb Ready to Explode

US bank trouble heralds end of dollar reserve system

U.S. Act of War Against the European Union

The Supreme Court says good guys with guns save lives

It’s Pancaking All the Way Down, Folks!

Fox’s Kilmeade: ‘Insane’ for Trump to feature Jan. 6 footage at rally

Wheels of Justice: Jury Duty

One of Donald Trump's defense attorneys sparred with an NBC News anchor over the former president's incendiary comments and an allusion to violence against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, calling his social media activity "ill-advised." "I'm

Trump's own attorney says the former president's TruthSocial posts attacking Manhattan prosecutor ahead of possible indictment were 'ill-advised'

The Great Credit Unwind and Powell’s Hidden Pivot

Blinken Wants $2 Billion to Rival China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative

Why the Hell Is the US Occupying Syria?

Parallels Between The Roman Empire And The USA

Turkish Parliament Committee Approves Bill Ratifying Finland’s NATO Membership

Oregon Legislation Would Allow Children to Decide About Abortion/Transgenderism Without Parental Consent

Defending Private Property: Principles of Justice

ESG En Route to Etatism

The UN Is Obsolete – The Cabal & Their NGO’s Are Mental Cavemen

Serbian President: Putin Arrest Warrant Makes Peace Harder

NPR Fumbles “Limited Evidence of ‘Trans-male’ Advantage” Story

Brickbat: Move It Along

Climate science makes a bad religion

The 20th anniversary of the Iraq war also marks a colossal failure of the mainstream media

A bombshell Biden story — and the media dutifully ignore it

Swedish Parliament Pushes Ahead for NATO Membership

Stanford Students Who Shouted Down Federal Judge to Get Mandatory Free-speech Training

Federal Courts Clash Over Financial Watchdog's Constitutionality

Trans in women's sports: Is it inclusiveness, or insanity?

WATCH: Jen Psaki flamed for what she was doing on her new TV show


Meteorologist prays for Mississippi residents in path of tornado while on air: ‘Dear Jesus, please help them’

Yellen Says US Sanctions Have Created a ‘Real Economic Crisis’ in Iran

World Bank Says Ukraine’s Reconstruction Will Cost at Least $411 Billion

Does Cost Cutting Undermine Economic Growth?

Marine Veteran Driving Uber Killed in California Carjacking

Florida Abortion Providers Fined $500K Over 24-Hour-Wait Law

Pentagon Urging Silicon Valley Startups Into Arms Race Business

Israeli PM Netanyahu Fires Defense Minister

Army Pulls Recruiting Ads After Jonathan Majors' Arrest

Protester Fighting for Life After France Clashes

90% of Babies With Down Syndrome are Killed in Abortions, We Must Fight for Them

Loving the Unlovable

FDIC Insurance, Credit Suisse and the Day the Fed Killed Europe

US Studies How To Guarantee All $18 Trillion In US Bank Deposits

The Radical Pro-Abortion Bills that Threaten Colorado

The Secret Plan To Bailout Moderna

Latest Articles: The Left's War On Christians

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New York Agrees to Pay $250,000 in Legal Fees in Religious Discrimination Case
Post Date: 2023-03-24 00:26:25 by Charles_Byrd
After attempting to force a Christian adoption agency in Syracuse, New York, to allow homosexuals to adopt babies in violation of its principles, the state has finally acquiesced and agreed to pay Alliance Defending Freedom $250,000 in legal fees for successfully defending the agency. Click for Full Text!

Praying Football Coach Receives Nearly $2 Million Settlement from School District
Post Date: 2023-03-21 18:48:14 by Charles_Byrd
Joe Kennedy, an assistant high school football coach in Washington state, has accepted a $1,775,000 settlement package from the school district that fired him over his post-game prayer ritual after a court found the move unconstitutional. Click for Full Text!

Pro-abortionists lobby for the ending of one life and the damaging of another
Post Date: 2023-03-19 02:22:14 by Charles_Byrd
She is so precocious that, at the ripe old age of two, she was Facetiming her grandfather at 5:30 in the morning and sending him photos with her phone. But any number of people might have counted her out shortly after she was born. Extremely premature, she was born at a gestational age when some children are tragically aborted. She spent months in the NICU and her fate was uncertain. Click for Full Text!

Pro-life Students Hounded Out of Smithsonian Score Legal Victory
Post Date: 2023-03-17 19:15:55 by Charles_Byrd
A group of students who were harassed and told to leave the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM) because of their “pro-life” hats achieved a legal victory Monday when the Smithsonian accepted a consent decree stating that visitors may wear clothing with religious and political statements. On January 20, a group of students from Our Lady of the Rosary School in Greenville, S.C., who had traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend the National March for Life, also visited the NASM. The students were wearing blue knit caps with the words “Rosary” and “Pro-life” on them. Click for Full Text!

FEATURED UNCATEGORIZED Child Evangelism Fellowship of Rhode Island Sues School District for Religious Discrimination
Post Date: 2023-03-17 02:27:38 by Charles_Byrd
Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) of Rhode Island is suing Providence Public School District and its superintendent for discrimination because of its religious message. Click for Full Text!

Arizona Christian University Sues School District for Religious Discrimination
Post Date: 2023-03-14 23:33:43 by Charles_Byrd
For 11 years, dozens of education students at Arizona Christian University, a private school in Glendale, Arizona, have gained teaching experience thanks to a student teaching program with the local public school district. Click for Full Text!

Abortion Activists Attack Pregnancy Center, Smashing Windows and Threatening Staff
Post Date: 2023-03-14 01:07:20 by Charles_Byrd
Pro-abortion vandals damaged another pro-life pregnancy center over the weekend, writing threats and smashing the windows at First Care in Minneapolis, Minnesota just hours before a scheduled pro-abortion protest. Carl Nelson, president of New Life Family Services, which runs the center, said abortion activists vandalized the building sometime Friday night. The damage includes several broken windows and spraypaint on several exterior walls and windows. Click for Full Text!

Mark Houck describes DOJ's 'act of terror' against him, family
Post Date: 2023-03-13 01:58:03 by Charles_Byrd
In an exclusive interview following his acquittal on federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act) charges, pro-life activist Mark Houck and his wife Ryan-Marie joined Live Action president and founder Lila Rose to discuss the events that led to the charges, as well as details of the trial. Houck, co-founder and president of The King’s Men, a Catholic men’s outreach organization, is an active pro-lifer who is present outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood business on a weekly basis, ministering to women and men there for two decades and saving at least 100 babies from abortion. A familiar face to the Planned Parenthood staff, Houck said they knew that he was ...

The Associated Press’s pro-abortion slant now includes a War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Post Date: 2023-02-22 19:54:37 by Charles_Byrd
We’ve posted several stories recently about how the Associated Press has gone over to the dark side. Click for Full Text!

'New Inquisition': Catholic leader demands probe into FBI memo
Post Date: 2023-02-15 20:25:48 by Charles_Byrd
Brian Burch, the president of Catholic Vote, is demanding that Congress investigate the recent FBI memo urging agents to probe the alleged nexus between racially-motivated violent extremists and “radical-traditional Catholics,” citing the Southern Poverty Law Center. Burch warned against a “pattern of anti-Catholic bigotry” at the Department of Justice that represents “the new Inquisition” against Roman Catholics. He told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Tuesday that he is in contact with multiple members of Congress, urging an investigation. Click for Full Text!

FBI Targets Traditional Catholics
Post Date: 2023-02-15 19:57:58 by Charles_Byrd
The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently disavowed a report from its Richmond field office which attempted to link traditional Catholicism to so-called white supremacy. Click for Full Text!

FBI Now Going After 'Radical Traditionalist Catholics'
Post Date: 2023-02-11 01:17:26 by Charles_Byrd
Just when you think the nation’s premier criminal investigative agency couldn’t get any more invasive, they prove you wrong. Earlier this week FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin released a bombshell eight-page memo dated Jan. 23 from its Richmond, Va. office. It indicates that they’re looking to intensify its "assessment" and "mitigation" of "Radical Traditionalist Catholics" over the next 12 to 24 months. Click for Full Text!

In Britain, You Can Be Arrested for Silently Praying Outside an Abortion Clinic
Post Date: 2023-02-11 00:45:08 by Charles_Byrd
In Britain, you can be arrested for a thought crime. No, really. In the past few months, several people have been arrested for praying silently outside British abortion clinics. Why? They violated a protection order which effectively creates a strict censorship zone around the facility. While the protection orders were intended to curb aggressive protests or heckling of women seeking services, they stifle a much broader category of speech—and thought. Click for Full Text!

Pro-Life Students File Lawsuit After Kicked Out From Smithsonian
Post Date: 2023-02-06 15:51:34 by Charles_Byrd
Students from Our Lady of the Rosary High School attending the National March for Life were kicked out of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for wearing hats with pro-life messages on them. Security guards claimed to the students that the museum was a ‘neutral zone’ and they were required to either take the hats off or leave the premises. In response to this expulsion, the student’s parents are filing a lawsuit with the American Center for Law & Justice. As the students entered the museum, staff reportedly mocked the students and hurled expletives at them. The museum staff wanted to refrain from allowing controversial opinions to appear inside. However, ...

Jack Phillips and Lydia Booth: Updates on their Stories of Courage
Post Date: 2023-02-05 00:33:15 by Charles_Byrd
Leaders of the early Church, both the Apostles and their disciples, wrote letters to churches facing difficult challenges. These epistles were to encourage and instruct, shoring up new believers against internal conflicts or creeping heresies and increasing persecution. I think of these letters whenever I think about what Jack Phillips has faced for over a decade now. After being harassed, mistreated, and maligned by Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission for not baking a cake for a same-sex wedding at a time when same-sex marriages did not exist in the state, Jack’s been targeted for harassment by a Denver lawyer for refusing to bake a cake celebrating gender confusion. ...

Jury Finds Mark Houck Not Guilty on Bogus Biden Admin Charges
Post Date: 2023-02-05 00:10:59 by Charles_Byrd
A Philadelphia jury has found pro-life father Mark Houck not guilty on both counts in the case of the bogus charges the Biden administration filed against him. Houck is facing bogus charges that he violated the federal FACE law when he was helping women outside an abortion center. An abortion business escort accosted and bullied his son and Houck stepped in to stop it – and, in doing so, the older abortion center volunteer fell down. Houck could have faced over a decade in prison if he was found guilty. Click for Full Text!

Pro-life Sidewalk Counselor Mark Houck Announces He Will Sue FBI, DOJ in Wake of Acquittal
Post Date: 2023-02-02 23:11:38 by Charles_Byrd
Following his acquittal Monday for charges that he violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, Mark Houck says he plans to launch action against the FBI and other Biden administration officials for their “reckless” violations of his rights. Houck made the announcement on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast Tuesday. Houck’s ordeal began when he and his 12-year-old son were accosted by abortion “escort” Bruce Love during a legal protest outside an abortion clinic in Philadelphia on October 13, 2021. Love had repeatedly verbally abused Houck’s young son and Houck had asked him to stop. Finally Houck responded by pushing Love away ...

You're 'only a state, not a god': Officials push Christians to support sin
Post Date: 2023-02-01 16:26:05 by Charles_Byrd
Officials in the state of Colorado are being scorched in a new editorial from the Washington Examiner, which bluntly informed them that Colorado is a state, "not a god." "It lacks the power to force anyone to celebrate other people'[s choices, which is what the Left and the [state civil rights] commissioners are trying to do," the editorial explained. "Toleration is not enough for them; they demand affirmation." Click for Full Text!

'Egregious': Smithsonian ejects pro-life kids, now conservatives 'fight back'
Post Date: 2023-02-01 16:24:07 by Charles_Byrd
The American Center for Law and Justice has announced it is "fighting back" on behalf of a group of pro-life students who were ejected from the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum because they were wearing pro- life beanies. "This is a clear and egregious abuse of the First Amendment, which protects their right to free speech without government interference, and we are ready to take action," said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the ACLJ, in Fox News report. Click for Full Text!

Pro-life activist Mark Houck details shocking Planned Parenthood encounter following acquittal
Post Date: 2023-02-01 16:18:45 by Charles_Byrd
Acquitted pro-life activist and father Mark Houck is revealing the shocking details of his encounter with a rowdy Planned Parenthood escort that led to the FBI raiding his home and the Biden administration wanting him to face 11 years in prison. Click for Full Text!

AP Stylebook turns page from journalism to woke newspeak
Post Date: 2023-01-30 22:20:31 by Charles_Byrd
Call something a stylebook, and you conjure images of fashion photography and models. Add the words Associated Press to it and that gives it an aura of authority, like holy writ. The AP Stylebook is a journalism referee, explaining what things mean and is embraced across the industry because it wasn’t always insane. It’s supposed to be the news media version of wordsmith Susie Dent, only without all the wit, humor or accuracy. (Dent might call the stylebook mumpsimus, a 16th century term for "someone who insists that they are right, despite clear evidence that they are not.") Click for Full Text!

Colorado Baker Targeted Again by Anti-Christian Left
Post Date: 2023-01-30 21:51:33 by Charles_Byrd
In its ruling in another lawsuit against Colorado baker Jack Phillips, the Colorado Court of Appeals last Thursday said its decision wasn’t biased against him just because he is a Christian: These proceedings were not marked by any hostility toward Masterpiece [his bakery design business] or Phillips, or by a desire to punish or target them based on their religious views. Of course they weren’t. Ignore the fact that two of the three judges ruling unanimously against Phillips had been appointed by far-left Governor Jared Polis, who is “married” to a man, and the third by Governor John Hickenlooper who, while a senator, racked up a treasonous Freedom Index score of 5 out ...

Court rules against cakeshop owner who refused to bake gender-transition cake
Post Date: 2023-01-27 01:17:28 by Charles_Byrd
A Colorado Court of Appeals judge ruled against Christian baker Jack Phillips Thursday after he appealed an earlier court decision requiring him to bake a cake for an individual’s gender transition. Click for Full Text!

Police officer resigns after being put on leave for Facebook post on traditional marriage
Post Date: 2023-01-26 00:10:16 by Charles_Byrd
A Georgia police officer has resigned after he was told by superiors that he could not share his personal religious views on social media. “If someone somewhere considers an opinion I have—that isn’t a direct quotation from Scripture—to be offensive, then that would be a fireable offense,” Jacob Kersey, the former officer, told The Daily Signal. Click for Full Text!

Historic painting of Jesus hidden after single complaint from critic
Post Date: 2023-01-25 23:17:04 by Charles_Byrd
Mikey Weinstein, chief of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, in his career has attacked as an "atrocity" a program to lay wreaths at the tombs of American soldiers. He's led the fight to censor Bible verses from dog tags that a private company offers soldiers. Click for Full Text!

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