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IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team

The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis


My favorite moment from the impeachment hearing today.

Judge In Planned Parenthood Trial Orders Guilty Verdict Against Journalist

Judge orders man accused of threatening U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, family to be involuntarily medicated

The real meaning of ‘OK Boomer’

Casualties of War: Military Veterans Have Become America’s Walking Wounded

T(y)ranny Triumphant, Part II: Zhe Who Controls the Past…

FAKE SCIENCE for COPS: Alcohol level breathalyzers based on sham science, shocking investigation discovers

The Big Plantation

J. P. Morgan’s Takeover Of The American Press In 1915

Police Responding to Man Having a Seizure, Shoot and Kill His Service Dog

It Happened To Us In Idaho – The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family

The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Students for Reporting News That Triggered Them

Drag queen sashays into Trump impeachment hearings

Israel Settles Score with Islamic Jihad Leader

Robert Spencer’s 'The Palestinian Delusion': A Treasure


Coming Soon to a Democrat Run City Near You… Denver Business Owner Fined for Not Picking Up the Homeless Sh*t on the Sidewalk Outside his Business

BOOM! Rudy Giuliani DESTROYS Schiff’s First Witness GEORGE KENT – He’s Behind Dismissal of Investigation into Soros’s Corrupt AntAC Operation in Ukraine

Ukrainian Officials Release Records of 46 Payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma Holdings, 38 Payments were for $83,333 Totaling Over $3.1 Million

Berkeley ‘instructor’: ‘Rural Americans’ are ‘bad people’

Australian Police Willing To Leer At As Many Naked Teen Bodies As It Takes To Stop Drug Overdoses

Trump Jr walks out of book launch after heckling from supporters

The Sad, Sad State Of Virginia

Let’s Invade Mexico! (Another Entry in the Tourney of Damn Fool Ideas)

Child Rape Stories Are Too ‘Stupid’ for ABC News to Cover

THOUGHT POLICE: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter all ban any mention of “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella as the Overton Window of allowable speech collapses

AKA Stone onered with stachoo in his/hers/its/whuts liknis

Landmark Bill Would Bar State from Enforcing Federal Red-Flag Gun Laws

CNN Accidentally Airs the BEST PRO-GUN Commercial EVER!

Rachael Maddow Has Been Happily Married For 20 Years

Mormon families fleeing Mexico after violent attack arrive in Arizona

Baby Trump’ Balloon Slashed at Alabama Appearance

BREAKING: Rep. Devin Nunes Releases Requested Witness List for Adam Schiff’s Show Trial, Including: Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, Alexandra Chalupa and Eric Ciaramella

AGW Taunts, Brutalizes Old Man

Cop Kills Two Innocent Girls, Gets Off Scot Free and Was Just Elected Mayor

Another Drug-War Massacre

Internet Owns NYPD After They Bragged About Stealing 106 lbs of LEGAL Hemp for Cancer Patients

Trump 'regularly stumbles, slurs and gets confused'

The Bloomberg Factor

Time for Some Drano in the Swamp

Gov. Ralph Northam confirms Virginia already 'working on' gun confiscation now that Democrats are in control

Study confirms TV industry is pushing homosexuality on network TV more and more each year…

Ohio detective dies after being shot twice in face during drug raid, police say

The Sissifying of America Continues (“Beat them, but not too badly” has no place in sports.)

AmericaÂ’s Largest Health Insurer Is Giving Apartments to Homeless People

Fake WhistleblowerÂ’s Lawyer Outs the Coup dÂ’etat in a Tweet

Federal judge strikes down rule allowing clinicians to object to abortions for moral or religious reasons

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Many GOP lawmakers furious at Freedom Caucus over healthcare bill
Post Date: 2017-03-27 16:24:53 by Gatlin
Rank-and-file House Republicans have had enough of the Freedom Caucus' opposition to the way GOP leaders and President Trump propose to repeal the Affordable Care Act. One day before the bill is set to hit the House floor, the majority of the decidedly conservative caucus remains unwilling to yield to entireties from the Trump administration and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to support the legislation. That, leaders and more and more of their Republican colleagues say, cannot stand. Inaction is not an option. And if they torpedo the bill Thursday, it is argued they will embarrass the party and Trump. "I just feel like that this is our moment to move forward — no it's ...

Abraham, Higgins: Blame GOP Freedom Caucus for saving Obamacare
Post Date: 2017-03-27 16:12:59 by Gatlin
Congressman Ralph Abraham blistered his GOP colleagues in the "Freedom Caucus" for the demise of the House Republicans' health care bill Friday, saying their opposition may lead to a nationalized health care system. "We had an opportunity to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood and reform Medicaid — goals Republicans have worked for years to accomplish — and yet some members of my own party defeated those goals by sinking this bill," said Abraham, R-Alto, who represents Louisiana's 5th Congressional District. Congressman Mike Johnson, R-Benton Congressman Mike Johnson, R-Benton (Photo: Courtesy photo) "Their decision marches us closer ...

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Freedom Caucus hampering GOP’s ability to govern
Post Date: 2017-03-27 15:48:01 by Gatlin
Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Monday the House Freedom Caucus is torpedoing the GOP’s ability to govern, and said the party should look to work with Democrats to get things done on Capitol Hill. Mr. Kinzinger said the debate over health care showed that the House GOP is better off building a center-right coalition than trying to wooing “the so-called Freedom Caucus,” whose members, he said, typically are “never, ever, ever going to get to ‘yes.’” “They have been in existence for about three years and every time they have tried to come to the table they consistently move the goal post and they did that on President Trump,” Mr. Kinzinger said on ...

Conservatism's worst enemy? The Freedom Caucus.
Post Date: 2017-03-27 15:39:29 by Gatlin
Friday was a great day to be part of the American left. What a coup for Democrats to score a huge legislative victory when they're the minority party in both houses. How on Earth did they do it? Was it brilliant strategy? Was it top-notch fundraising? Was it powerful rhetoric? Nope. They didn't have to do anything. The House Freedom Caucus — supposedly the most conservative members of the House of Representatives — handed them victory on a silver platter! Who would ever have guessed that the saviors of Planned Parenthood would be 31 Ted Cruz disciples? They sound conservative, they act conservative, and they represent conservative districts, but the House Freedom Caucus ...

Following Health Care Debacle, White House Considers More Conservative Outreach
Post Date: 2017-03-27 11:23:03 by Tooconservative
"There could have been more outreach to conservative groups." That was the reflection of a senior White House aide about 24 hours after the decision by House speaker Paul Ryan to scrap Friday's vote on the American Health Care Act. The bill, presented as the best chance to repeal and replace Obamacare and backed by President Trump, didn't have enough votes in the House thanks to factions on both sides of the Republican conference's ideological spectrum. But it was conservatives who helped kill the bill, from those in Congress who held together firmly as a bloc to help deny Speaker Ryan the votes to outside interest groups to health-care experts and commentators on ...

Poe says some members of Freedom Caucus would vote no against Ten Commandments
Post Date: 2017-03-27 08:57:00 by Gatlin
Video is HERE. Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas), who resigned Sunday from the conservative House Freedom Caucus, criticized the group Monday for its constant opposition. "The Freedom Caucus has always been the opposition caucus and I guess the Democrats, and now, when we are in the majority, it continues to be the opposition caucus against anything in the Republican Party," Poe said on CNN's "New Day." "And, we had not been included in the past, but we were included in the healthcare replacement bill." Poe said the group spent more than an hour with President Trump and members of the administration talking and making compromises. "Compromises were made. ...

Who Owns Obamacare Now?
Post Date: 2017-03-27 02:50:15 by Gatlin
Who Owns Obamacare Now? Mark Meadows and the so-called Freedom Caucus. Otto von Bismarck famously said, “Politics is the art of the possible.” This is a reality that President Trump and the GOP congressional leadership understand. Sadly, a small clique of rigid ideologues constituting about 10 percent of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives is clearly ignorant of this fact. These people call themselves the “Freedom Caucus.” Yet, by refusing to support the American Health Care Act (AHCA) last week, they preserved one of the most outrageous assaults on individual liberty ever signed into law. They have virtually guaranteed that Obamacare will never ...

Disgusting: The Freedom Caucus Saves Obamacare Again
Post Date: 2017-03-27 02:26:05 by Gatlin
AHCA was pulled from the floor yet again this afternoon, and it now is probable that Obamacare will be the law of the land for years to come. This is an utter disaster for U.S. health care, not to mention individual liberty, and the responsibility rests squarely on shoulders of a small cadre of political opportunists with the effrontery to call themselves the “House Freedom Caucus.” These people held out for the impossible — full repeal of Obamacare in one fell swoop — and have thus destroyed the only realistic opportunity their party will have in the near future to eradicate the law’s individual and employer mandates, enact entitlement reform, expand HSAs, defund ...

Trump: Democrats ‘Smiling’ Because Freedom Caucus ‘Saved Planned Parenthood’ and Obamacare
Post Date: 2017-03-27 02:03:24 by Gatlin
Before the American Health Care Act was pulled from the House floor on Friday, President Trump took to Twitter to call out the House Freedom Caucus specifically: Follow Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrumpThe irony is that the Freedom Caucus, which is very pro-life and against Planned Parenthood, allows P.P. to continue if they stop this plan! 5:23 AM - 24 Mar 2017 Trump delivered some brief comments in the Oval Office on Friday and when asked about the Freedom Caucus, he said he was “disappointed” that this group of Republicans opposed the legislation. The caucus did oppose the AHCA, but there were Republicans outside that group who came out against the bill as well. ...

Trump shifts blame for health-care collapse to far right
Post Date: 2017-03-27 01:50:42 by Gatlin
President Trump cast blame Sunday for the collapse of his effort to overhaul the health-care system on conservative interest groups and far-right Republican lawmakers, shifting culpability to his own party after initially faulting Democratic intransigence. His attack — starting with a tweet that singled out the House Freedom Caucus as well as the influential Club for Growth and Heritage Action for America — marked a new turn in the increasingly troubled relationship between the White House and a divided GOP still adjusting to its unorthodox standard-bearer. And it served as a warning shot, with battles still to come on issues such as taxes and infrastructure that threaten to ...

The Freedom Caucus is at a crossroads
Post Date: 2017-03-27 00:42:24 by Gatlin
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), chair of the House Freedom Caucus. Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call The loose agglomeration of hard-line conservatives known as the House Freedom Caucus routinely threatened to derail the government during the presidency of Barack Obama. Now, they’re threatening to derail the top legislative priority of President Donald Trump. On the morning of the day the House is supposed to vote on the American Health Care Act, the White House — facing enough defections from both the Freedom Caucus on the right and a “coverage caucus” of moderate-ish Republicans — is negotiating directly with the Freedom Caucus to try to win over its support.But what’s ...

The obsession of the House Freedom Caucus
Post Date: 2017-03-26 23:45:43 by Gatlin
Rep. Justin Amash [a libertarian] insists the group that pushed John Boehner to the exits isn't just a bunch of bomb throwers. They want real reform in how the House works. [No the don’t they want to control the House….and they are damn well doing it!] Rep. Justin Amash, a leader of the House Freedom Caucus who helped plunge the House of Representatives into an unprecedented state of chaos, wants to talk about rules. […] Amash, a 35-year-old libertarian-minded Republican first elected in the tea party wave of 2010, is at the heart of a new power center in the House Republican Conference. With roughly 40 members, the Freedom Caucus has an outsized role in selecting ...

Rep. Thomas Massie Is Voting for Trump
Post Date: 2017-03-26 23:15:42 by Gatlin
Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie is, along with Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, one of two members of the House of Representatives who is frequently described as a libertarian. We included him when we sent around Reason's quadrennial "Who's Getting Your Vote?" survey (full results coming soon!), and he just replied with this note: I've voted for Bob Barr (Libertarian) and Pat Buchanan (Reform Party) for POTUS in the past, but this year I plan to vote for Donald Trump. […]

GOP congressman [Rep. Thomas Massie]: Trump could be one-term president if health bill passes
Post Date: 2017-03-26 22:54:56 by Gatlin
As President Donald Trump makes his final push to seal the deal with Republicans before the House votes Thursday on its bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, one Republican congressman opposed to the bill has a dire warning for the President. "We're afraid he's a one-term president if this passes," Rep. Thomas Massie said during an interview on CNN's "Outfront" with Kate Bolduan. "We are trying to save him." "Electorally, voting for this is bad today and it's going to be really bad in two or three years when the changes start kicking in and health insurance prices start going through the roof," said Massie, of Kentucky. The White ...

NBC's MTP Takes a Hatchet to ‘Area 51’ Freedom Caucus and Cruel GOP
Post Date: 2017-03-26 22:37:59 by Gatlin
In the wake of the failure of the House GOP’s health care legislation on Friday, blame was being hurled all over Washington. And during Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC, the panel joined in and savagely began tearing into the different factions of the Republican Party on the Hill. “ That loss isn’t on the President it isn't on Paul Ryan and it is on the Area 51 sub-caucus of the Freedom Caucus, which believes in legislative flying saucers,” spat Republican radio host Hugh Hewitt. “Which believes in legislative flying saucers that ignore the Senate and Senate rules and the reconciliation rules and they own the loss. Nobody else,” he continued to rant. ...

Freedom Caucus holds Congress captive
Post Date: 2017-03-26 22:19:09 by Gatlin
At the end of the long day, the alliance of conservative ideologues that once shut down the government over President Barack Obama’s health-care law could not find the will to repeal it. Since the tea-party wave of 2010 that swept House Republicans into power, a raucous, intransigent and loosely aligned group of lawmakers known as the House Freedom Caucus — most from heavily Republican districts — has often landed a punch to its own party’s face. The Republican leadership’s decision Friday, in the face of certain defeat, to pull the bill that would have repealed the Affordable Care Act was a return to form, handing an immense defeat to President Donald Trump and ...

The House Freedom Caucus is "so secretive that it will not disclose the names of its members."
Post Date: 2017-03-26 21:17:04 by Gatlin
The House Freedom Caucus is "so secretive that it will not disclose the names of its members."[32] In the current (115th) Congress, the group has about three dozen members. [32] A number of members have identified themselves, or have been identified by others, as members of the Freedom Caucus, as of March 2017[update] including: Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Chairman, 2017–present[33][32]Justin Amash of Michigan[33]Brian Babin of Texas[34]Rod Blum of Iowa[34]Dave Brat of Virginia[35]Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma[36]Mo Brooks of Alabama[37][38]Ken Buck of Colorado[39] Warren Davidson of Ohio[40] Ron DeSantis of Florida[33]Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee[41]Jeff Duncan of South ...

Why (almost) everyone hates the House Freedom Caucus
Post Date: 2017-03-26 19:47:01 by Gatlin
Washington (CNN)The rag-tag rabble-rousing House Freedom Caucus may be the linchpin to repeal and replace Obamacare at this point. Its members, however, are Public Enemy No. 1 on Capitol Hill. The group of conservative agitators who've irked leadership, held the line against spending bills and rebelled against trade priorities of leaders have now helped delay a health care vote at least one day. Lawmakers and staffers are taking out their unhappiness on the group. Even the White House is getting frustrated, sources say, as meetings -- -- including one Thursday morning with President Donald Trump -- have gotten them nowhere. Rep. Bradley Byrne, an Alabama Republican and member of the ...

Pete King: Freedom Caucus to blame for failed healthcare bill
Post Date: 2017-03-26 19:36:40 by Gatlin
Pete King: Freedom Caucus to blame for failed healthcare bill © Getty Images Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) on Sunday pinned the failure of the GOP healthcare bill on the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus, saying the GOP faction wanted a "total repeal" of the Affordable Care Act. "[The Freedom Caucus] was insisting on virtually a total repeal of ObamaCare, which sounds good," King told radio host John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York. "You can't end that overnight." President Trump was handed the first legislative defeat of his presidency on Friday, after Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) pulled the American Health Care Act amid dwindling support among ...

White House Opens Door to Democrats in Wake of Health-Bill Failure
Post Date: 2017-03-26 19:16:02 by Gatlin
Copyright – Read the story here.

First casualty for House Freedom Caucus after health care meltdown
Post Date: 2017-03-26 19:08:02 by Gatlin
Rep. Ted Poe announced Sunday he has resigned from the conservative House Freedom Caucus over its opposition to the Republican health care plan, becoming the group's first public casualty in the fall-out over its role in defeating the bill. "In order to deliver on the conservative agenda we have promised the American people for eight years, we must come together to find solutions to move this country forward," the Texas Republican said in a statement. "Saying no is easy, leading is hard, but that is what we were elected to do. Leaving this caucus will allow me to be a more effective member of Congress and advocate for the people of Texas. It is time to lead." House ...

Collapse of Obamacare repeal plan puts Freedom Caucus in complicated spot
Post Date: 2017-03-26 19:01:20 by Gatlin
WASHINGTON — The House Freedom Caucus scored a victory with conservatives Friday when House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump decided to abandon legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. But the group now also must face a party and a president frustrated that their demands for a more conservative approach forced the legislation to a standstill that leaves the Affordable Care Act in place. On Friday afternoon, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., announced that the legislation had been pulled from consideration because there were not enough votes for it to pass. While the bill faced critics from all factions of the party, no group played more of a role in sinking the legislation ...

Freedom Caucus chairman shrugs off Trump warning on 2018
Post Date: 2017-03-26 18:53:34 by Gatlin
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, says he's not worried about losing his seat in 2018 if the ObamaCare repeal plan fails. "I serve at the pleasure of the people of western North Carolina, and when you serve at their pleasure, it's only those 750,000 people that can send you home," Meadows told reporters Tuesday. "It's a temporary job, and I've known that from day one." Meadows’s comments came minutes after President Trump addressed the GOP conference Tuesday, telling members that they could lose their seats — and the House majority in 2018 — if they fail to repeal and replace ObamaCare. ...

Freedom Caucus thwarts Boehner, Ryan — and now Trump
Post Date: 2017-03-26 17:45:00 by Gatlin
President Donald Trump’s election was supposed to neuter the House Freedom Caucus, the band of three-dozen rabble-rousing conservatives who made their name vexing House GOP leadership and driving John Boehner into early retirement. So much for that idea. On Friday, the Freedom Caucus delivered enough votes to sink Trump’s push to replace Obamacare, proving it can stymie not only another Republican speaker, but a new Republican president. It was not supposed to be this way. Trump’s election, along with the return of Republican majorities to the House and Senate, appeared to marginalize the party’s purist wing. Republicans elected their own bomb-thrower to the ...

Rep. Jim Jordan: Freedom Caucus ‘did country a favor” by keeping Obamacare
Post Date: 2017-03-26 17:03:16 by Gatlin
Rep. Jim Jordan said Sunday that he and fellow House conservatives may have done America “a favor” by derailing the Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Mr. Jordan, a leading member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, insisted that his group had remained true to its values in bucking the bill supported by President Trump. “Maybe, by the fact we opposed it, we did the country a favor because this bill didn’t repeal Obamacare,” the Ohio Republican said on “Fox News Sunday.” “This bill didn’t do what we told the American people we were going to do.” The failure of the health care bill, which was pulled Friday before a ...

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