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Official describes the moment a Butler officer confronted the Trump shooter

Jesse Watters: Don’t buy this excuse from the Secret Service

Video shows Trump shooter crawling into position while folks point him out to law enforcement

Eyewitness believes there was a 'noticeable' difference in security at Trump's rally

Trump Assassination Attempt

We screamed for 3 minutes at police and Secret Service. They couldn’t see him, so they did nothing. EYEWITNESS SPEAKS OUT — I SAW THE ASSASSIN CRAWLING ACROSS THE ROOF.

Video showing the Trump Rally shooter dead on the rooftop

Court Just Nailed Hillary in $6 Million FEC Violation Case, 45x Bigger Than Trump's $130k So-Called Violation

2024 Republican Platform Drops Gun-Rights Promises

Why will Kamala Harris resign from her occupancy of the Office of Vice President of the USA? Scroll down for records/details

Secret Negotiations! Jill Biden’s Demands for $2B Library, Legal Immunity, and $100M Book Deal to Protect Biden Family Before Joe’s Exit

AI is exhausting the power grid. Tech firms are seeking a miracle solution.

Rare Van Halen Leicestershire, Donnington Park August 18, 1984 Valerie Bertinelli Cameo

If you need a Good Opening for black, use this.

"Arrogant Hunter Biden has never been held accountable — until now"

How Republicans in Key Senate Races Are Flip-Flopping on Abortion

Idaho bar sparks fury for declaring June 'Heterosexual Awesomeness Month' and giving free beers and 15% discounts to straight men

Son of Buc-ee’s co-owner indicted for filming guests in the shower and having sex. He says the law makes it OK.

South Africa warns US could be liable for ICC prosecution for supporting Israel

Today I turned 50!

San Diego Police officer resigns after getting locked in the backseat with female detainee

Gazan Refugee Warns the World about Hamas

Iranian stabbed for sharing his faith, miraculously made it across the border without a passport!

Protest and Clashes outside Trump's Bronx Rally in Crotona Park

Netanyahu Issues Warning To US Leaders Over ICC Arrest Warrants: 'You're Next'

Will it ever end?

Did Pope Francis Just Call Jesus a Liar?

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) Updated 4K version

There can never be peace on Earth for as long as Islamic Sharia exists

The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 Years of Spiritual Deception.

Trump Is Planning to Send Kill Teams to Mexico to Take Out Cartel Leaders

The Great Falling Away in the Church is Here | Tim Dilena

How Ridiculous? Blade-Less Swiss Army Knife Debuts As Weapon Laws Tighten

Jewish students beaten with sticks at University of Amsterdam

Terrorists shut down Park Avenue.

Police begin arresting democrats outside Met Gala.

The minute the total solar eclipse appeared over US

Three Types Of People To Mark And Avoid In The Church Today

Are The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse About To Appear?

France sends combat troops to Ukraine battlefront

Facts you may not have heard about Muslims in England.

George Washington University raises the Hamas flag. American Flag has been removed.

Alabama students chant Take A Shower to the Hamas terrorists on campus.

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

Deadly Saltwater and Deadly Fresh Water to Increase

Deadly Cancers to soon Become Thing of the Past?

Plague of deadly New Diseases Continues

[FULL VIDEO] Police release bodycam footage of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley traffi

Police clash with pro-Palestine protesters on Ohio State University campus

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George Washington University raises the Hamas flag. American Flag has been removed.
Post Date: 2024-05-03 14:26:58 by A K A Stone
twitte r.com/CitizenFreePres/status/1786176738768134532

Police Dispersing Student Protesters at USC - Breaking News Coverage (College Protests)
Post Date: 2024-04-24 23:17:47 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:Deport them to Gaza so Israel can drop bombs on their heads.

Pete Buttplug's Butt Plugger Trying to Turn Kids into Faggots
Post Date: 2024-03-11 23:28:24 by A K A Stone
twitter.com/i/status /1767229108449059164

2023 Hottest in over 120 Million Years [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2024-01-28 18:35:18 by interpreter
2023 Hottest in over 120 Million Years (plague #4 -- Rev. 16:8-9) Last Plague # 4 (men are scorched with heat) is accelerating at a much faster rate than any scientist predicted with their dated theories. (They failed to consider the God-factor). 2023 is said (by Scientific American) to be the hottest year in 125 million years. In other words, the hottest year since the dinosaurs rumbled around at the (ice-free) poles, and almost half of the U.S. was under-water. Debunking the Myth There are some who say that 2023 being the hottest in 120+ million years is evidence that global warming is a naturally occurring cycle. But they are wrong because there is a cause and effect for ...

CUNT Nikki Haley (Not natural born citizen) has Laura Loomer Kicked Out of Town Hall
Post Date: 2024-01-06 13:39:46 by A K A Stone
rumble.com/v45hdxu-nikki-...the-cops-on-laura-loomer- and-had-her-escorted-out-of-the.html Poster Comment:Nimrotta needs to be imprisoned for pretending to be a natural born citizen.

Vivek Destroys liberal cunt Dasha Burns
Post Date: 2024-01-05 00:05:45 by A K A Stone
https://twitter.com/CitizenFreePres/status/1743073318905790707 Click for Full Text!

Faggot Loving Pope Proves He is with the Antichrist by siding with satanists who call themselves muslims
Post Date: 2023-12-18 10:43:44 by A K A Stone
ROME — Pope Francis used his strongest language to date in condemning ongoing Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, calling them acts of “terrorism.” “I continue receiving very serious and sad news about Gaza,” the pontiff said following his weekly Angelus prayer in the Vatican. “Unarmed civilians are targets for bombs and gunfire,” he stated. “And this has happened even within the parish complex of the Holy Family, where there are no terrorists, but families, children, people who are sick and have disabilities, sisters.”

Post Date: 2023-12-16 10:58:49 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment: Why do they hate white people? Or maybe they are jealous and feel inferior.

Government-Enforced Racism and Sexism
Post Date: 2023-10-11 00:18:28 by Charles_Byrd
A half-century ago, the US was the envy of the world – the Land of the Free, where virtually anyone could prosper, if he were willing to roll up his sleeves and work. America was made great through the immigration of those who wished to pursue the American dream of “work = personal success.” It’s important for us to remember that those who were less ambitious remained in their homelands and helped their countries stagnate, whilst their worker-bee counterparts colonised America for generations. Click for Full Text!

The True Cost of the Antiracism Grift
Post Date: 2023-10-11 00:04:58 by Charles_Byrd
The more months that pass, the more that “antiracism”—the fashionable ideology that rose to prominence in the wake of the 2020 George Floyd protests—is being exposed as a grift. As highlighted last week at Intellectual Takeout, Boston University recently opened an inquiry into Ibram X. Kendi’s Center for Antiracist Research, to uncover, among other enigmas, where $55 million in funding has been spent since the center opened in 2020. Click for Full Text!

The Marines Are Moving Gradually and Sometimes Reluctantly to Integrate Women and Men in Boot Camp
Post Date: 2023-10-09 01:17:49 by Charles_Byrd
Under a scorching sky at Marine Base Parris Island, two young recruits grapple awkwardly in hand-to-hand combat inside an Octagon training structure. Circling them, the drill instructor barks orders, “Hit her! Punch her! DO something!” Outside the ring, a mix of male and female Marine hopefuls are helping each other put on protective headgear, preparing for their turn at combat. They are assigned to one of the mixed-gender recruit companies as the Marine Corps moves gradually — and at times reluctantly — to more integrated training at boot camp. Click for Full Text!

Biden judicial nominee instructed preferred pronouns be used in his courtroom
Post Date: 2023-10-07 21:35:11 by Charles_Byrd
One of President Joe Biden’s recent judicial nominees instructs parties and lawyers in his courtroom to address one another using their preferred “pronouns and honorifics.” U.S. Magistrate Judge Mustafa T. Kasubhai, Biden’s nominee for the U.S District Court for the District of Oregon, advocates for the use of pronouns in the courtroom, official opinions and emails. Republican senators tore into his record during confirmation hearings Wednesday, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slamming his views on sexuality as “radical” and Utah Sen. Mike Lee pressing him on his views on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Click for Full Text!

Harvard ‘Social Scientists’ Admit Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Training Has Exacerbated Racial Issues
Post Date: 2023-10-06 16:55:41 by Charles_Byrd
Corporations, academic institutions, and organizations across the US routinely incorporate “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) training into the education of their staff. In theory this training is designed to minimize so-called “microaggressions” in the workplace and to ensure diversity in hiring. But, according to two Harvard social scientists, DEI training isn’t quite working out that way. They wrote that “There’s also no question that the way organizations deal with [DEI training] is more likely to hurt than help.” The scientists went on to say, “[A]fter decades of diversity training, many university faculties, state agencies and ...

Prominent Atlanta 'Stop Cop City' BLM leader arrested in violent hit-and-run involving stolen vehicle, multiple injured
Post Date: 2023-10-06 16:41:39 by Charles_Byrd
A prominent activist with the anti-police extremist group "Stop Cop City" was arrested and charged last week in Georgia after he allegedly stole a vehicle, crashed into other vehicles, then ran from the scene, according to authorities. Matthew V. Johnson, 33, of Atlanta, Georgia has been charged with theft by taking, reckless driving, and hit-and-run, jail records show. Click for Full Text!

Kendi’s Troubles Threaten the Whole ‘Antiracist’ Biz
Post Date: 2023-10-06 01:50:07 by Charles_Byrd
As blue-collar philosopher Eric Hoffer reportedly observed some years back, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Ibram X. Kendi’s brand of antiracism skipped the first two phases. It was conceived as a racket. Like most rackets, Kendi’s depended for its success on finding suckers to support it. Kendi found his at Boston University. In a perverse effort to atone for imagined sins, the BU administration funded a Kendi brainchild, the Center for Antiracist Research. Hysteria over the death of George Floyd inspired the center, but hysteria alone cannot sustain it. Click for Full Text!

Washington State Might Protect Sex Offenders. Proposal: No More Public Notices, Public Access to Registries
Post Date: 2023-10-04 23:13:14 by Charles_Byrd
Washington state is preparing to let sex offenders roam wild and free by easing restrictions and sentencing guidelines for the rapists and perverts, a draft report from two state panels says. Indeed, the report’s authors don’t even want parents to know if a sex offender is living next door. And leftist Governor Jay Inslee recently vetoed a notification bill on violent offenders, and even released dangerous sex offenders into residential neighborhoods. Click for Full Text!

Machete-Wielding Professor In New York Lands New Gig At Another School
Post Date: 2023-10-03 01:03:08 by Charles_Byrd
A former college professor fired after threatening a NY Post reporter with a machete and wrecking a table containing pro-life materials appears to have landed a new teaching job, according to a New York private art college website. Shellyne Rodriguez is listed as an adjunct professor at The Cooper Union in New York, and a college course catalog appears to show a sculpture class with a person named S Rodriguez for this fall semester. Click for Full Text!

Kaiser Permanente health care employees poised for 3 day strike this week
Post Date: 2023-10-03 00:57:08 by Charles_Byrd
Employees at Kaiser Permanente could begin striking as soon as this Wednesday after the labor contract for 75,000 unionized health care workers with the company expired, potentially triggering the largest strike of health care workers in United States history. “Our patients are not safe and getting the care that they deserve while we’re in the staffing crisis,” Datosha Williams, a member of SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West, told KTLA. “Us going on strike is us standing up to Kaiser executives to have them fix and address the staffing crisis.” Click for Full Text!

Prophetess of Climate Propaganda
Post Date: 2023-10-03 00:28:53 by Charles_Byrd
Her name is Agnes Walton, and in her environmental fanaticism she makes Greta Thunberg look half-hearted and Al Gore look irresolute. Let’s start with her 2017 video for HBO’s VICE News Tonight, in which she noted that “more than half of all consumer goods” contain palm oil – often labeled on packaging as “vegetable oil” or “vegetable fat” – and, over images of trees being felled and cute animals running for their lives, claimed that the growth of palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia was causing “massive deforestation,” “killing the rainforest,” and “driving forest species to the brink of extinction.” ...

Joe Biden’s IRA committed more than $100 million to promote ‘tree equity’
Post Date: 2023-10-03 00:27:08 by Charles_Byrd
The “climate change” (uh huh, sure) picture is clear: the transfer of wealth (to them and away from us), and an attack against nature and sensibility. Click for Full Text!

Homeless Portlanders sue the city over homeless ban, alleging it goes against state's constitution
Post Date: 2023-10-03 00:23:03 by Charles_Byrd
A group of homeless people in Portland have filed a class action lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court, pushing back against the city's homeless camping restrictions. The recent move comes after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler banned homeless people in June from camping on public land during daytime hours. The class action lawsuit was filed on Friday, according to Oregon Live. Click for Full Text!

Here Are The Republicans Who Helped Defeat A Measure To Defund Taxpayer-Funded Pride Events
Post Date: 2023-10-02 22:54:09 by Charles_Byrd
Eighteen Republicans joined 213 Democrats in defeating an amendment that would defund Pride month celebrations sponsored by the state department Wednesday. “None of the funds made available by this Act for the Department of Defense or the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute may be used to carry out the observance of Pride Month as specified in the Cultural Observances and Awareness Events List of the Department of Defense and authorized by the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness,” the amendment, which was introduced by Republican Congressman Chip Roy, read. Click for Full Text!

TRANSGENDER INQUISITION: Newsom Weaponizes Schools Against Non-‘Affirming’ Parents
Post Date: 2023-10-02 22:42:40 by Charles_Byrd
It’s official: California Gov. Gavin Newsom has launched the transgender inquisition against non-“affirming” parents that I warned about earlier this month. Yet the Democrat found a cunning way to hide it: He made news by vetoing a horrible bill he was expected to sign. When conservatives brand Newsom a radical opponent of parental rights, he will point to his veto of AB 957—a bill that would require family courts to consider parental stances on “gender affirmation” in custody disputes— as evidence that he’s no radical. Click for Full Text!

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