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The Sleep Eazys (Joe Bonamassa) New Album

“F*CK TRUMP” – Kathy Griffin Tells Jim Acosta How to Kill President Trump

Trump’s NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien Drains the Swamp, Cuts Staff to HALF of Obama-Era Levels

BREAKING: Here's The Full List Of Declassifications That Will Bring The Deep State To It's Knees

7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump

Hitler Reacts to Georgia Reopening Businesses

What Would Cool Hand Luke And Virgil Hilts Do?

Hillary Clinton says lockdown protesters are domestic terrorists

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Tweets Video Of Creepy Joe Biden Paired With Child Grooming Analysis

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Cops Kneel on Motionless Man’s Neck — Until He Dies

Lard ass Jerry Nadler Paper Ballots are extremely suspectable to fraud

Psycho Joe Scarborough joking about having sex with and murdering intern

Sex Doll Sales Surge In Quarantine, But It’s Not Just About Loneliness

People suffering from dementia often have a certain distinct walk This is what it looks like:

COVID-19 Has Replaced Osama bin Laden as the Fall Guy for Lost Liberties

Chicago Mayor Launches Police Raid to Shut Down Black Church’s Sunday Services

Giggling Bill Gates "We take GMO organisms & shoot them right into kids veins"

The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Why Didn't the 1958 and 1918 Pandemics Destroy the Economy? Hint: It's the Lockdowns

Shocking Video Shows Cop Body Slam, Punch Driver Over Not Using His Turn Signal

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Middle Finger to the Confederacy

Trump says Republican National Convention might move from Charlotte—no other city wanted to host it

Joe Biden announces “You Ain’t Black Enough” CRACKERS as fundraiser for his campaign

Jo Jorgensen Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Pharmaceutical Industry is the Leading Cause of Death in U.S., and the Largest Criminal Group in the World

Cop Arrested for Terrorizing and Sexually Grooming Little Girl He Stalked on Minecraft

Biden: 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'

“Back Of The Line!” Gretchen Whitmer’s Husband Gets Big Surprise When He Tries To Use His Unpopular Wife’s Name To Take Cuts In Front Of Other Customers Waiting To Have Boats Put In Water

The creaTion of funcTionally a separaTe judicial sysTem ... subservienT To The DemocraTs leaves noT much in The way of peaceful due process --- To resolve differences.

Joe Rogan Just Blew Up the Death Star

Undercover cops to enforce Ohio Covid Laws

‘I Am Very Serious About Them Losing Their Life’: Alabama Mayoral Candidate Calls for Public Hanging of Drug Dealers

Cop Tries to Force Man to Lick What He Thinks is Urine, Tasers Him After He Refuses

We’ve Got Way Too Many Trumps

Visa Files Patent Application for Digital Currency

Thanks Celebrities!

Brainwashing and the New Vocabulary: 12 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

Illinois Lawmaker Floats Legislation to Give Governor Pritzker the Power to Confiscate Property Including Cars, Trucks, Food, Gas, Animals, Clothing, etc

NRA Shamefully Silent on Innocent Black Man Who Tried to Stop Cops from Murdering His Girlfriend

Cops Accuse Man of Carjacking His Own Car, Viciously Beat Him to Death

Cover Up: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

UNHINGED Michigan AG Jumps on CNN Outraged after President Trump Did Not Wear Mask at Ford Plant — Says He’s Not Welcome Here — THREATENS CHARGES AGAINST FORD!

Hyperloop study: Pittsburgh to Chicago in 56 minutes for $93 is feasible

Facebook and YouTube are rushing to delete “Plandemic,” a conspiracy-laden video

Reopen... and Reject

AGW Threatens to Throw “Civilian” Off Bridge

Operation Haircut Defense Fund — GoFundMe set up to Help Single Mothers Fined $1,000 each for cutting hair in Michigan under orders of Nazi Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Thanks to AG Barr and Senator McConnell, Patriot Act Will Soon Be Much Stronger and More Invasive

Big Brother COVID-19 "Contact Tracing" Involves Clintons, Soros

Enough! (Stop Saying "We're All In This Together)

Latest Articles: Bush Wars

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Bush closes the gap (SCARY)
Post Date: 2009-12-10 23:45:56 by Ibluafartsky
December 09, 2009 Categories:Polls Bush closes the gap Public Policy Polling: Perhaps the greatest measure of Obama's declining support is that just 50% of voters now say they prefer having him as President to George W. Bush, with 44% saying they'd rather have his predecessor. Given the horrendous approval ratings Bush showed during his final term that's somewhat of a surprise and an indication that voters are increasingly placing the blame on Obama for the country's difficulties instead of giving him space because of the tough situation he inherited. The closeness in the Obama/Bush numbers also has implications for the 2010 elections. Using the Bush card may not be ...

At least 127 killed as explosions rock Baghdad
Post Date: 2009-12-08 13:18:00 by Bickus Dickus
At least 127 killed as explosions rock Baghdad About 450 people also are wounded as four car bombings within 30 minutes gut portions of the city. Reporting from Baghdad - Car bombs exploded amid busy streets and official buildings in Baghdad this morning, killing at least 127 people and wounding 450 more, in the latest assault on the Iraqi government by militants, according to police officials. Four car bombs shook the city on its eastern and western sides in the span of about 30 minutes, starting around 10:10 am, police officials said. One blast gutted portions of the city's main courthouse on the western side of the Tigris River; another lay waste to a street in front of ...

The Surrealism of the Afghan Surge
Post Date: 2009-12-07 23:31:01 by Bickus Dickus
The Surrealism of the Afghan Surge Tom Friedman's column today (New York Times, December 6, 2009) is surreal. He approvingly recounts an interview of JFK with Walter Cronkite on the need for reform in Vietnam as the key to success in Vietnam, making an analogy to Afghanistan. Cronkite asked Kennedy whether the war can be won. Eerily, Kennedy responded "With changes in policy and perhaps with personnel I think it can." Friedman, however, fails to tell the reader the punch line. The interview was given on September 2, 1963. On November 1, 1963, a CIA-backed coup removed the President of Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, who was then assassinated by the Vietnamese coup leaders. Kennedy ...

U.S.-led Sunni militias turn guns on Iraqi police
Post Date: 2008-02-12 07:52:32 by A K A Stone
U.S.-backed Sunni militiamen have killed three police officers and injured three others, an Iraqi security source refusing to be named said. It is the first time U.S.-financed Sunni militias turn their guns against government police forces. The incident comes as the so-called Majlis Sahwa in Diyala or the Awakening Council, the euphemism used to describe the militias, has called for civil disobedience in the restive city. Security sources said many government offices were closed on Sunday and Monday and that certain neighborhoods in the city saw anti-government demonstrations. The Sunni militias are run by tribal chieftains who have demanded that the government remove the city’s ...

Basra fight pointless says British Commander. Likens their role to Robocop, admits innocent people were hurt
Post Date: 2007-10-29 00:00:17 by A K A Stone
One of the most senior British commanders in Iraq has claimed that there is no point in fighting on in Basra, likening British troops in the city to "Robocop" and admitting that innocent people were hurt as a result of their actions. # Message from Basra: 'Get us out of here' # In pictures: soldiers on operation in southern Iraq # Frontline: Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan British troops in Basra On the ground with British troops in southern Iraq The officer, who spoke to The Sunday Telegraph on condition of anonymity, said commanders had concluded that a military solution was no longer viable. "We are tired of firing at people," he said. "We would ...

Ron Paul: U.S. In "Great Danger" Of Staged Terror
Post Date: 2007-07-13 09:49:00 by A K A Stone
Presidential candidate Ron Paul says the U.S. is in "great danger" of a staged terror attack or a Gulf of Tonkin style provocation while also warning that a major collapse of the American economy is on the horizon and could be precipitated by the bombing of Iran and the closure of the Persian Gulf. Speaking to The Alex Jones Show, the Texas Congressman was asked his opinion on Cindy Sheehan's recent comments that the U.S. is in danger of a staged terror attack or a Gulf of Tonkin style provocation that will validate the Neo-Con agenda and lead to the implementation of the infrastructure of martial law that Bush recently signed into law via executive order, as well as public ...

Progress in Iraq likely to miss target
Post Date: 2007-05-29 00:50:08 by A K A Stone
BAGHDAD -- U.S. military leaders in Iraq are increasingly convinced that most of the broad political goals President Bush laid out early this year in his announcement of a troop buildup will not be met this summer and are seeking ways to redefine success. In September, Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American commander in Iraq, is scheduled to present Congress with an assessment of progress in Iraq. Military officers in Baghdad and outside advisors working with Petraeus doubt that the three major goals set by U.S. officials for the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki will be achieved by then. Enactment of a new law to share Iraq's oil revenue among Sunni, Shiite and ...

This wall is their grave
Post Date: 2007-05-19 20:07:40 by A K A Stone
Plans for Al-Adhamiyah confirm that the US occupation and its puppets in Iraq can build nothing but open-air prisons. It will fail. No military strategy can impose on the Iraqi people an occupation it overwhelmingly refuses. Its resistance is national and continues. What kind of government walls-in its own people? One desperate and illegitimate, tied to the fate of a defeated occupation. The latest US ploy to subjugate Baghdad — exemplified in plans to wall-in the district of Al-Adhamiyah — reveals in clarity the Great Lie of the US-led occupation of Iraq. This is nothing more than the implementation of apartheid and sectarianism by a foreign military police state, aimed to ...

Freed British sailors say their confessions were coerced
Post Date: 2007-04-07 12:08:36 by Don
Freed British sailors say their confessions were coerced Several who were held in Iran describe being blindfolded and threatened into making the apologies that appeared on TV. By Kim Murphy, Times Staff Writer April 7, 2007 LONDON — For two weeks, their televised confessions were seen by many here as a humiliating case of "surrender first and apologize after" by the British navy. But on Friday, the sailors and marines who spent 13 days in an Iranian jail said that they were blindfolded and threatened into fabricating their confessions. Their dramatic account, given a day after leaving Tehran with gift bags of sweets and pistachios, appeared to turn Iran's carefully ...

Released sailors tell of ordeal
Post Date: 2007-04-06 20:14:59 by Don
Released sailors tell of ordeal The crew spoke for the first time about being held captive Royal Navy personnel seized by Iran were blindfolded, bound and held in isolation during their 13 days in captivity, the crew have said. They were lined up while weapons were cocked, making them "fear the worst", one of the 15 freed sailors revealed. The crew were told that if they did not admit they were in Iranian waters when captured that they faced seven years in prison, a press conference heard. Opposing their captors was "not an option," they said. And after the 15 marines and sailors were seized they were subjected to random interrogation and rough handling, and faced ...

CIA Rushing Resources to Bin Laden Hunt
Post Date: 2007-03-05 23:40:27 by A K A Stone
Armed with fresh intelligence, the CIA is moving additional man power and equipment into Pakistan in the effort to find Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al Zawahri, U.S. officials tell ABC News. "Reports that the trail has gone stone cold are not correct," said one U.S. official. "We are very much increasing our efforts there," the official said. People familiar with the CIA operation say undercover officers with paramilitary training have been ordered into Pakistan and the area across the border with Afghanistan as part of the ramp-up. Although never publicly acknowledged, Pakistan has permitted CIA teams to secretly operate inside Pakistan. Pakistan officials ...

Dick Cheney: America's "Hands-On" Veep Takes it to Rag heads!
Post Date: 2007-03-02 19:35:53 by alwaysontheright
="" a="a" accolades="accolades" afghanistan="Afghanistan" aforementioned="aforementioned" agnew,="Agnew," akhund,="Akhund," all="all" allah.="Allah." america="America" americans="Americans" americans,="Americans," an="an" and="and" appreciation="appreciation" apprehension="apprehension" approached="approached" arrested="arrested" as="as" assassination="assassination" attempt="attempt" became="became" been="been" blessed="blessed" bravery="bravery" but="But" by="By" calling="calling" card="card" caused="caused" cheney="Cheney" cheney.="Cheney." come="come" credited="credited" critical="critical" current="current" dan="Dan" deserve="deserve" dick="Dick" displayed="displayed" ...

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq --- 'If they're gonna support us, support us all the way.'
Post Date: 2007-02-11 23:05:28 by A K A Stone
NBC Nightly News story on US troops in Iraq, who are frustrated by American criticism of the Iraq war: "If they're gonna support us, support us all the way." "[The Apache Company] worries their country may be abandoning the mission they died for."

How this must end
Post Date: 2007-01-29 07:00:30 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment: This war must end. It is killing our children. Maiming them for life. Tearing apart families. Dividing the country. Emptying the treasury (if we had one we are just borrowing). On the other side of the coin Bush the murderer is raking in profits for him and his cronies. Bush is a war criminal that needs to be brought to justice.

Nazi Like Pentagon official stoops to new low
Post Date: 2007-01-16 07:33:40 by A K A Stone
For a country that's supposed to be a democracy, it sure is acting like a military dictatorship. The senior Pentagon official in charge of military detainees suspected of terrorism said in an interview this week that he was dismayed that lawyers at many of the nation’s top firms were representing prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and that the firms’ corporate clients should consider ending their business ties. The comments by Charles D. Stimson, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, produced an instant torrent of anger from lawyers, legal ethics specialists and bar association officials, who said Friday that his comments were repellent and ...

Ft. Bliss Troops Off To Middle East
Post Date: 2007-01-13 18:31:29 by A K A Stone
More than 500 soldiers from the Patriot Missile Battalion will leave for the Middle East as soon as next month. The news came as a shock to many on post but officials say the Patriot Unit has known about the possible deployment and is prepared to leave. While overseas their main mission will be protecting the troops on the ground from air missile attacks. This deployment will bring the total number of Fort Bliss Troops in the Middle East up to 5,000.

G.W Bush and His “January Surprise”
Post Date: 2007-01-07 20:46:10 by alwaysontheright
By John W. Lillpop With most of the world anxiously awaiting the president’s announcement concerning new plans for the war in Iraq, beltway insider Opel Bijiquiovarti reports that Bush will rock America and all of the world with a “January Surprise.” According to Bijiquiovarti, the following is the final transcript of the speech that Bush will deliver from the Oval Office next Wednesday evening: “Good evening, fellow Americans. Laura and I extend our best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to each and every American. On November 7, 2006, America showed the world why we are the greatest and most blessed nation in human history. For on that otherwise ordinary ...

George W. Bush’s Top 10 Resolutions for 2007
Post Date: 2007-01-01 10:24:43 by alwaysontheright
President Bush has had a very rough 2006. To start with, he turned 60 in August and, by November 8, Bush looked and felt 85. Only Saddam Hussein had a worse year than Bush, but at least Saddam no longer has to worry about broken resolutions, income taxes, or gaining weight. Bush, on the other hand, has made his 2007 resolutions public as listed below. Included are the actions Bush intends to take in order to meet his resolutions: * Get U.S. Troops out of Iraq. Action: Order them to invade Iran. * Avoid impeachment by a hostile Congress. Action: Order the Marines to take over the U.S. House and Senate mail rooms with orders to destroy and all subpoenas. * Avoid ridicule during the ...

An Open Letter to All Border Patrol Agents
Post Date: 2006-12-27 01:24:44 by alwaysontheright
From Chronwatch, this piece by Doc Farmer. http://www.chronwatch.com/content/contentDisplay.asp?aid=25841 Written by Doc Farmer Wednesday, December 27, 2006 Dear Border Patrol Agents, Officers and Employees, First of all, thank you for your service. Your dedication to this nation is impressive and humbling. You do a tough job without nearly enough support from the government, in either manpower or equipment. You catch illegal aliens and drug smugglers, only to see them back on the American streets weeks (or even days) later. While you no longer have the infamous "catch and release" program, there's still no effective handling of the massive illegal alien problem by your ...

Presidential Mercy Needed for Patriotic Border Patrol Agents
Post Date: 2006-12-24 21:01:49 by alwaysontheright
Last week, President Bush commuted the prison sentence of Phillip Emmert, who was convicted on methamphetamine charges and sentenced to 22 years. See Debra Saunder’s article: http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272610610.shtml However, before he puts his “compassionate conservative” pen into mothballs for 2006, the president needs to consider the case of two patriotic Americans who need and richly deserve his help. Specifically, Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos, former Border Patrol agents, are scheduled to begin serving 12- and 11-year sentences, respectively, for shooting an illegal alien in the buttocks, and related misdeeds, including failure ...

Saddam's Nephew Escaped From Prison in Northern Iraq
Post Date: 2006-12-09 13:48:43 by TLBSHOW
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Saddam Hussein's nephew escaped from prison Saturday in northern Iraq, authorities said. Ayman Sabawi, the son of Saddam's half brother Sabawi Ibrahim Hassan al-Tikriti, fled the prison some 45 miles west of Mosul in the afternoon with the help of another police officer, according to local police Brig. Abdul Karim al-Jubouri. Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Abdul-Karim Khalaf confirmed the escape but declined to elaborate. Sabawi was found guilty of illegally crossing the border from Syria and sentenced to 15 years in prison late last year by an Iraqi court. Sabawi, who was apprehended last May by U.S. and Iraqi forces near Saddam's hometown of Tikrit, ...

GOP senator says war may be 'criminal' it is absurd
Post Date: 2006-12-08 19:51:41 by TLBSHOW
GOP senator says war may be 'criminal' WASHINGTON - Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith, a Republican who voted in favor of the Iraq war in 2002 and has supported it ever since, now says the current U.S. war effort is "absurd" and "may even be criminal." In an emotional speech on the Senate floor Thursday night, Smith called for changes in U.S. policy that could include rapid pullouts of U.S. troops from Iraq. He said he never would have voted for the conflict if he had known the intelligence that President Bush gave the American people was inaccurate. "I for one am at the end of my rope when it comes to supporting a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same ...

Neil Young set to slam Bush and the war in iraq one last time this year starting Nov 19 - living with war RAW
Post Date: 2006-12-07 22:08:30 by TLBSHOW
Living with War - Raw This limited edition version of Living with War finds Neil Young revisiting the original recordings, stripping down the arrangements and bolstering the raw guitar sound. The bonus DVD features video clips documenting the recording session for each of the 10 tracks.

Opium production in Afghanistan breaks all records under Bush Years
Post Date: 2006-12-02 21:13:39 by TLBSHOW
Opium production in Afghanistan, which provides more than 90 percent of the world's heroin, broke all records in 2006, reaching a historic high despite ongoing U.S.-sponsored eradication efforts, the Bush administration reported yesterday. In addition to a 26 percent production increase over past year -- for a total of 5,644 metric tons -- the amount of land under cultivation in opium poppies grew by 61 percent. Cultivation in the two main production provinces, Helmand in the southwest and Oruzgan in central Afghanistan, was up by 132 percent.

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