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The Sleep Eazys (Joe Bonamassa) New Album

“F*CK TRUMP” – Kathy Griffin Tells Jim Acosta How to Kill President Trump

Trump’s NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien Drains the Swamp, Cuts Staff to HALF of Obama-Era Levels

BREAKING: Here's The Full List Of Declassifications That Will Bring The Deep State To It's Knees

7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump

Hitler Reacts to Georgia Reopening Businesses

What Would Cool Hand Luke And Virgil Hilts Do?

Hillary Clinton says lockdown protesters are domestic terrorists

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Tweets Video Of Creepy Joe Biden Paired With Child Grooming Analysis

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Cops Kneel on Motionless Man’s Neck — Until He Dies

Lard ass Jerry Nadler Paper Ballots are extremely suspectable to fraud

Psycho Joe Scarborough joking about having sex with and murdering intern

Sex Doll Sales Surge In Quarantine, But It’s Not Just About Loneliness

People suffering from dementia often have a certain distinct walk This is what it looks like:

COVID-19 Has Replaced Osama bin Laden as the Fall Guy for Lost Liberties

Chicago Mayor Launches Police Raid to Shut Down Black Church’s Sunday Services

Giggling Bill Gates "We take GMO organisms & shoot them right into kids veins"

The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Why Didn't the 1958 and 1918 Pandemics Destroy the Economy? Hint: It's the Lockdowns

Shocking Video Shows Cop Body Slam, Punch Driver Over Not Using His Turn Signal

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Middle Finger to the Confederacy

Trump says Republican National Convention might move from Charlotte—no other city wanted to host it

Joe Biden announces “You Ain’t Black Enough” CRACKERS as fundraiser for his campaign

Jo Jorgensen Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Pharmaceutical Industry is the Leading Cause of Death in U.S., and the Largest Criminal Group in the World

Cop Arrested for Terrorizing and Sexually Grooming Little Girl He Stalked on Minecraft

Biden: 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'

“Back Of The Line!” Gretchen Whitmer’s Husband Gets Big Surprise When He Tries To Use His Unpopular Wife’s Name To Take Cuts In Front Of Other Customers Waiting To Have Boats Put In Water

The creaTion of funcTionally a separaTe judicial sysTem ... subservienT To The DemocraTs leaves noT much in The way of peaceful due process --- To resolve differences.

Joe Rogan Just Blew Up the Death Star

Undercover cops to enforce Ohio Covid Laws

‘I Am Very Serious About Them Losing Their Life’: Alabama Mayoral Candidate Calls for Public Hanging of Drug Dealers

Cop Tries to Force Man to Lick What He Thinks is Urine, Tasers Him After He Refuses

We’ve Got Way Too Many Trumps

Visa Files Patent Application for Digital Currency

Thanks Celebrities!

Brainwashing and the New Vocabulary: 12 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

Illinois Lawmaker Floats Legislation to Give Governor Pritzker the Power to Confiscate Property Including Cars, Trucks, Food, Gas, Animals, Clothing, etc

NRA Shamefully Silent on Innocent Black Man Who Tried to Stop Cops from Murdering His Girlfriend

Cops Accuse Man of Carjacking His Own Car, Viciously Beat Him to Death

Cover Up: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

UNHINGED Michigan AG Jumps on CNN Outraged after President Trump Did Not Wear Mask at Ford Plant — Says He’s Not Welcome Here — THREATENS CHARGES AGAINST FORD!

Hyperloop study: Pittsburgh to Chicago in 56 minutes for $93 is feasible

Facebook and YouTube are rushing to delete “Plandemic,” a conspiracy-laden video

Reopen... and Reject

AGW Threatens to Throw “Civilian” Off Bridge

Operation Haircut Defense Fund — GoFundMe set up to Help Single Mothers Fined $1,000 each for cutting hair in Michigan under orders of Nazi Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Thanks to AG Barr and Senator McConnell, Patriot Act Will Soon Be Much Stronger and More Invasive

Big Brother COVID-19 "Contact Tracing" Involves Clintons, Soros

Enough! (Stop Saying "We're All In This Together)

Latest Articles: Bush Wars

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Post Date: 2006-07-01 00:46:48 by TLBSHOW

Bush administration has refused to abandon military tribunals for Guantanamo Bay inmates despite the Supreme Court ruling the "war on terror" trials illegal
Post Date: 2006-06-30 10:58:12 by TLBSHOW
The Bush administration has refused to abandon military tribunals for Guantanamo Bay inmates despite the Supreme Court ruling the "war on terror" trials illegal, which leading newspapers called a victory for law... The Washington Post and The New York Times on Friday hailed the decision as "a victory for law," while the ultraconservative Washington Times condemned it as a dangerous restriction of presidential authority...

Marine who appeared in `Fahrenheit 9/11' killed in Iraq - "We need to resolve the war," he said. "If we walk out now, my son died for nothing and that will make me mad."
Post Date: 2006-06-28 12:39:03 by TLBSHOW
A U.S. Marine and one-time recruiter who appeared in Michael Moore's acclaimed documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" has died in a roadside bombing in Iraq. Although Staff Sgt. Raymond J. Plouhar willingly appeared in a segment of the 2004 film, his father, Raymond, said Tuesday that his son didn't realize that it was for a movie critical of the war. Raymond Plouhar said that all his 30-year-old son ever wanted to do was serve his country. "I remember when he fell in the bathtub and cut his chin when he was 6 years old, and the only way I could get him to go to the hospital was to tell it was a MASH unit," Raymond Plouhar said. "I'm proud that my son wanted to protect ...

Chaplain faces punishment for gospel message
Post Date: 2006-06-28 08:12:39 by A K A Stone
The Navy chaplain who went without food for 18 days to protest the service's prayer policy has submitted a whistleblower complaint to Sen. Hillary Clinton and other lawmakers, charging top naval officials with violating the Constitution by affirming the actions of officers who barred him from praying "in Jesus name" and quoting certain Bible passages during an optional worship service. Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt's complaint to Congress was issued Monday after an admiral and top Navy lawyer capped an 18-month investigation by ruling the chaplain's superior officer, Capt. James R. Carr, had grounds for punishing him. Military Judge Anita K. Baker, designated by Secretary of ...

Damage Study Urged on Surveillance Reports
Post Date: 2006-06-28 07:39:57 by A K A Stone
WASHINGTON, June 27 — Senator Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, asked the director of national intelligence on Tuesday to assess any damage to American counterterrorism efforts caused by the disclosure of secret programs to monitor telephone calls and financial transactions. Skip to next paragraph Related Bush Says Report on Bank Data Was Disgraceful (June 27, 2006) Court Review of Wiretaps May Be Near, Senator Says (June 26, 2006) Cheney Assails Press on Report on Bank Data (June 24, 2006) Bank Data Is Sifted by U.S. in Secret to Block Terror (June 23, 2006) Statements Keller's Letter to Readers The executive editor of The Times responded to readers. ...

GOP bill targets NY Times
Post Date: 2006-06-28 07:38:12 by A K A Stone
House Republican leaders are expected to introduce a resolution today condemning The New York Times for publishing a story last week that exposed government monitoring of banking records. The resolution is expected to condemn the leak and publication of classified documents, said one Republican aide with knowledge of the impending legislation. The resolution comes as Republicans from the president on down condemn media organizations for reporting on the secret government program that tracked financial records overseas through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), an international banking cooperative. Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-Ariz.), working independently ...

Nation Breaking A soldier discovers that training the Iraqi army is not President Bush’s priority. [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2006-06-27 19:52:07 by A K A Stone
I didn’t grow up with dreams of spreading democracy. I was an all-American kid from a small southern town who went to college on a baseball scholarship and joined the National Guard to earn some extra money. During graduate school, recruiters persuaded me to join the Army through ROTC so that after graduation I would enter as an officer. I bought their pitch and believed our newly elected president when he promised no more nation building. My dad told me, “It’s a great time to join the military. It has done an excellent job of repairing itself after Vietnam.” I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in December 2002 and, after paratrooper and additional officer ...

hey Bush and rice how do you feel now that your ROADMAP TURNED OUT TO BE A POS LIKE I SAID IT WAS - TIME TO WIPE THE Palestinians OFF THE MAP
Post Date: 2006-06-27 12:59:03 by TLBSHOW
A loud explosion has rocked the Gaza Strip according to reports. It comes as Israeli tanks and troops have massed near Gaza for a threatened offensive against Palestinian militants. Israel has said it will target Hamas leaders if kidnapped soldier Corporal Gilad Shalit is not freed. In northern Gaza, Palestinians blocked roads with dirt and barbed wire. Militants with automatic rifles and anti-tank rockets patrolled the streets. The US has urged Israel to give diplomacy a chance to win the release of 19-year-old Cpl Shalit, who was seized on Sunday by militants who also killed two soldiers in a raid on a military border post.

Mr. Bush, I have one question: What would Ronald Reagan do? - You know what he'd do. I'm not sure you have the courage to do it
Post Date: 2006-06-26 17:14:08 by TLBSHOW
Memo to Bush: They were tortured! The ''missing'' U.S. soldiers were found – at least what was left of them. Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said, ''Coalition forces have recovered what we believe are the remains of the soldiers.'' Sir, if not the ''remains'' of the men, what else might they have been? Those soldiers,lest we forget, had names. Pfc. Thomas Tucker, 25, was from Madras, Ore. Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, was from Houston, Texas. Don't forget their names. Gen. Caldwell wanted to spare the families when he wouldn't comment on early reports the men had been tortured before they died. He did say, ''they had been killed.'' Thank you general, but somehow when ...

Bush brushed aside reports that Casey had plans for sending home two combat brigades, or about 7,000 of the 127,000 American troops there, by September without replacing them
Post Date: 2006-06-26 16:13:46 by TLBSHOW
Bush downplays Iraq troop pullout reports By TOM RAUM, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday that U.S. troop levels in Iraq will be determined by military commanders, the new Iraqi government and conditions on the ground. His spokesman said a Pentagon troop withdrawal plan is among options being considered. Bush told reporters he would await a recommendation from Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq. "And one of the things General Casey assured me of was that whatever recommendation he makes, it'll be aimed toward achieving victory," Bush said. "And victory means a free government that is able to sustain itself, defend ...

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday offered an olive branch to insurgents who join in rebuilding Iraq EVEN IF YOU HAVE KILLED 100'S OF AMERICANS
Post Date: 2006-06-25 10:58:06 by TLBSHOW
Jun 25, 7:52 AM EDT Iraqi PM Offers Olive Branch to Insurgents By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA Associated Press Writer BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday offered an olive branch to insurgents who join in rebuilding Iraq and said lawmakers should set a timeline for the Iraqi military and police to take control of security throughout the country. The prime minister made no mention of any timetable for the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces in a 24-point national reconciliation plan he presented to parliament. The plan would include an amnesty for insurgents and opposition figures who have not been involved in terrorist activities. Al-Maliki stressed that insurgent killers ...

Neil Young Places Three Albums In Top 200 This Week - slammimg bush pays
Post Date: 2006-06-24 14:05:38 by TLBSHOW
BURBANK, CA (Reprise) - Neil Young had an extremely busy week on the album sales charts this week, while his recent performance film "Heart of Gold" sold over 78,000 its debut week. All this activity is in advance of the upcoming Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young North American tour, which begins July 6th in Camden, New Jersey and continues until September 10th. Three recent releases by Reprise Records recording artist Neil Young all had large sales increases. The critically acclaimed and controversial album "Living With War," released in May, had a 53% jump in sales, while the Grammy nominated "Prairie Wind," released last September, increased 55%, and was the ...

new york times and la times to be charged with treason
Post Date: 2006-06-24 02:20:50 by TLBSHOW
and so will a lot of others SOON~~~~

Post Date: 2006-06-22 14:21:40 by TLBSHOW
#1 Dixie Chicks Taking The Long Way

Will military cut and run' on homosexual issue? - the men behind the military's Oz-like "curtain" are not men at all but scared little boys and girls
Post Date: 2006-06-22 14:13:39 by TLBSHOW
Will military cut and run' on homosexual issue? Is the military about to "cut and run" over the issue of allowing open homosexuals to serve in our Armed Forces? The answer is "yes." More correctly, military leaders and those charged with the oversight of the military are about to cut and run. When it comes to dealing with controversial issues, the men behind the military's Oz-like "curtain" are not men at all but scared little boys and girls when it comes to standing up to narrow, vocal special-interest groups – especially those that are the darlings of the mainstream media. When the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military – ...

War on Terror to Last Decades and decades - U.S. Army raises maximum enlistment age TO 42 AND OF COURSE WHEN THE DRAFT COMES !!!!!
Post Date: 2006-06-22 14:06:55 by TLBSHOW
Tom Ridge: War on Terror to Last Decades Former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, speaking at the opening of a new RAND Corp. office, said the war on terror is likely to last for decades, much like the Cold War. "For every (Osama) bin Laden, there's a bin Laden wannabe. And for every al-Qaida, there's a like organization," Ridge said Wednesday in Pittsburgh. "I don't know if anyone in the 1950s thought the Cold War would last close to half a century, but it did," Ridge said. "The challenge is global and it may take a generation or two or more to reduce." Federal, state and local authorities now share more intelligence that they did before the attacks, but ...

Post Date: 2006-06-21 19:18:20 by TLBSHOW

Post Date: 2006-06-21 19:17:01 by TLBSHOW

A defense official in Washington said militants beheaded at least one and maybe both of the USA soldiers who vanished in Iraq Friday
Post Date: 2006-06-21 17:45:12 by TLBSHOW
Military: At Least One Kidnapped Soldier Beheaded POSTED: 2:58 pm EDT June 21, 2006 UPDATED: 3:17 pm EDT June 21, 2006 PENTAGON -- A defense official in Washington said militants beheaded at least one and maybe both of the soldiers who vanished in Iraq Friday. The description confirms fears raised by U.S. and Iraqi officials who said the bodies were mutilated. A final report on the bodies hasn't been released formally. A posting on a militant Web site Tuesday said al-Qaida-in-Iraq's new leader had "slaughtered" the soldiers. The language in the statement suggested beheading. The remains are due at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware Wednesday for DNA testing to confirm the ...

A military investigation has found that Iraqi troops being trained by American forces killed two California National Guard soldiers two years ago during a patrol north of Baghdad - ARE WE TRAINING THE ENEMY TO KILL US?
Post Date: 2006-06-21 13:09:15 by TLBSHOW
Iraqis Killed Their U.S. Trainers, Probe Finds By Hector Becerra and Scott Gold, Times Staff Writers June 21, 2006 A military investigation has found that Iraqi troops being trained by American forces killed two California National Guard soldiers two years ago during a patrol north of Baghdad, an Army spokesman said Tuesday. National Guard Spc. Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr., 34, of Tracy and 1st Lt. Andre D. Tyson, 33, of Riverside were killed in June 2004 by the Iraqis as they walked in the farmland outside of the town of Balad, about 50 miles from the capital. ADVERTISEMENT Their deaths were originally attributed to an ambush by insurgents, but after looking into the incident for several ...

FORMER foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush SAYS THE level of violence in some areas of Iraq is worsening dramatically and US forces may soon be asked to leave by the Iraqi Government
Post Date: 2006-06-21 01:20:07 by TLBSHOW
THE level of violence in some areas of Iraq is worsening dramatically and US forces may soon be asked to leave by the Iraqi Government. In an exclusive interview with The Australian, former US deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage has given a gloomy assessment of the situation. "The British used to make a big deal of walking around in their berets in the south," he said. "Now they won't even go to the latrines without their helmets. The south has got much rougher, it's mainly Shia on Shia violence." Mr Armitage said much of the violence came from differences over how the Islamic religion should be interpreted. And he said he believed the Iraqis would soon ask the ...

War Criminal Nation You'd Better Shut-Up
Post Date: 2006-06-15 19:44:48 by Coral Snake
War Criminal Nation You'd Better Shut-Up By Paul Craig Roberts 6-11-6 Faced with mounting civilian carnage, both from war crimes committed by demoralized and broken US troops and from the raging civil war unleashed by Bush's ill-fated illegal invasion of Iraq, the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee has decided to waste another $50 billion to continue the lost war for five more months. Our elected "representatives" are so in thrall to the powerful military-industrial complex that no amount of American shame, pariah status and military defeat can shut off the flow of taxpayers' funds to the merchants of death. Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing hard-pressed ...

75,000 Forces to Be Deployed in Baghdad with the promised to show "no mercy" to terrorists
Post Date: 2006-06-13 13:46:43 by TLBSHOW
75,000 Forces to Be Deployed in Baghdad Under an ambitious plan to bolster security in Baghdad, some 75,000 Iraqi and multinational forces will be deployed in the capital beginning Wednesday, a top Iraqi police official said. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki promised to show "no mercy" to terrorists and said the security plan would include a curfew and ban on weapons. Facing unrelenting violence following the death of terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi last week, al-Maliki said the crackdown in Baghdad "will provide security and confront the terrorism and ... enable Iraqis to live in peace in Baghdad." "The raids during this plan will be very tough ... because ...

top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee is calling for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to be fired
Post Date: 2006-06-11 15:13:37 by TLBSHOW
Jane Harman: Military Not Succeeding in Iraq Four days after the killing of top terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi brought the U.S. its most stunning military success of the Iraq war, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee is calling for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to be fired because the military effort is failing. "I don't think we're succeeding militarily," Rep. Jane Harman told "Fox News Sunday." "Continuing the same course, you know, is not getting us anywhere," she insisted. "What would help with doubters - and there are doubters in both parties all over the country - [would be] if the president decided that Rumsfeld should ...

Bloodthirsty Sean Hannity On Al-Zarqawi Killing: “Those 500 pound bombs… It gives me Goosebumps.”
Post Date: 2006-06-10 12:35:30 by A K A Stone
Iraq, always happy on FOX News, was even happier today with the killing of al-Zarqawi. But as happy as Iraq was, Sean Hannity was downright ecstatic. Speaking to General Tommy Franks, Hannity said, “General, I gotta tell you, when I got up this morning and I turned on the FOX News channel and I got to see that video, with pinpoint accuracy, those 500 pound bombs, one after another being dropped on this man and this location. I gotta tell you. It gives me goosebumps.” The conversation with Franks was the first of a triple segment about the death of Al-Zarqawi. There were three guests, each of whom touted the death as a major success. As frequently happens, Alan Colmes was the only ...

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