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Nextdoor Helps Spread Neighborhood Snitching By Showering Law Enforcement With Gifts

Staten Islanders with masks drive a non mask wearing person out of a Shoprite

The Sleep Eazys (Joe Bonamassa) New Album

“F*CK TRUMP” – Kathy Griffin Tells Jim Acosta How to Kill President Trump

Trump’s NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien Drains the Swamp, Cuts Staff to HALF of Obama-Era Levels

BREAKING: Here's The Full List Of Declassifications That Will Bring The Deep State To It's Knees

7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump

Hitler Reacts to Georgia Reopening Businesses

What Would Cool Hand Luke And Virgil Hilts Do?

Hillary Clinton says lockdown protesters are domestic terrorists

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Tweets Video Of Creepy Joe Biden Paired With Child Grooming Analysis

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Cops Kneel on Motionless Man’s Neck — Until He Dies

Lard ass Jerry Nadler Paper Ballots are extremely suspectable to fraud

Psycho Joe Scarborough joking about having sex with and murdering intern

Sex Doll Sales Surge In Quarantine, But It’s Not Just About Loneliness

People suffering from dementia often have a certain distinct walk This is what it looks like:

COVID-19 Has Replaced Osama bin Laden as the Fall Guy for Lost Liberties

Chicago Mayor Launches Police Raid to Shut Down Black Church’s Sunday Services

Giggling Bill Gates "We take GMO organisms & shoot them right into kids veins"

The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Why Didn't the 1958 and 1918 Pandemics Destroy the Economy? Hint: It's the Lockdowns

Shocking Video Shows Cop Body Slam, Punch Driver Over Not Using His Turn Signal

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Middle Finger to the Confederacy

Trump says Republican National Convention might move from Charlotte—no other city wanted to host it

Joe Biden announces “You Ain’t Black Enough” CRACKERS as fundraiser for his campaign

Jo Jorgensen Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Pharmaceutical Industry is the Leading Cause of Death in U.S., and the Largest Criminal Group in the World

Cop Arrested for Terrorizing and Sexually Grooming Little Girl He Stalked on Minecraft

Biden: 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'

“Back Of The Line!” Gretchen Whitmer’s Husband Gets Big Surprise When He Tries To Use His Unpopular Wife’s Name To Take Cuts In Front Of Other Customers Waiting To Have Boats Put In Water

The creaTion of funcTionally a separaTe judicial sysTem ... subservienT To The DemocraTs leaves noT much in The way of peaceful due process --- To resolve differences.

Joe Rogan Just Blew Up the Death Star

Undercover cops to enforce Ohio Covid Laws

‘I Am Very Serious About Them Losing Their Life’: Alabama Mayoral Candidate Calls for Public Hanging of Drug Dealers

Cop Tries to Force Man to Lick What He Thinks is Urine, Tasers Him After He Refuses

We’ve Got Way Too Many Trumps

Visa Files Patent Application for Digital Currency

Thanks Celebrities!

Brainwashing and the New Vocabulary: 12 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

Illinois Lawmaker Floats Legislation to Give Governor Pritzker the Power to Confiscate Property Including Cars, Trucks, Food, Gas, Animals, Clothing, etc

NRA Shamefully Silent on Innocent Black Man Who Tried to Stop Cops from Murdering His Girlfriend

Cops Accuse Man of Carjacking His Own Car, Viciously Beat Him to Death

Cover Up: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

UNHINGED Michigan AG Jumps on CNN Outraged after President Trump Did Not Wear Mask at Ford Plant — Says He’s Not Welcome Here — THREATENS CHARGES AGAINST FORD!

Hyperloop study: Pittsburgh to Chicago in 56 minutes for $93 is feasible

Facebook and YouTube are rushing to delete “Plandemic,” a conspiracy-laden video

Reopen... and Reject

AGW Threatens to Throw “Civilian” Off Bridge

Operation Haircut Defense Fund — GoFundMe set up to Help Single Mothers Fined $1,000 each for cutting hair in Michigan under orders of Nazi Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Thanks to AG Barr and Senator McConnell, Patriot Act Will Soon Be Much Stronger and More Invasive

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Bush Paraguay Land Grab Incites Unease
Post Date: 2006-10-18 00:11:37 by TLBSHOW
Bush Paraguay Land Grab Incites Unease Asuncion, Oct 17 (Prensa Latina) The land grab project of US President George W. Bush in Chaco, Paraguay, has generated considerable discomfort both politically and environmentally. The news circulating the continent about plans to buy 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near the Triple Frontier (Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay) is the talk of the town in these countries. Although official sources have not confirmed the information that is already public, the land is reportedly located in Paso de Patria, near Bolivian gas reserves and the Guarani indigenous water region, within the Triple Border. Alto Paraguay Gov. Erasmo Rodriguez Acosta ...

Agents raid homes of Rep. Curt Weldon’s daughter, close friend [ must be truth to able danger] BUSH IS A TRAITOR
Post Date: 2006-10-16 13:25:36 by TLBSHOW
Agents raid homes of Rep. Curt Weldon’s daughter, close friendBy John Shiffman, Mitch Lipka and Patrick Kerkstra INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS Federal agents raided the home of the daughter of U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon (R., Pa.) and his longtime friend Charlie Sexton this morning. The agents departed Karen Weldon's three-story brick home on Queen Street in Philadelphia with arms loaded with boxes. A government car pulled into the alley to the back door of the house and loaded boxes into it. Three agents standing in an alley declined to identify themselves. "I can confirm that we conducted a number of searches regarding an ongoing investigation," said FBI agent Jerri Williams, a ...

G. W. Bush Will Run For President Again!
Post Date: 2006-10-16 09:29:13 by alwaysontheright
By John W. Lillpop To say that Washington politicians speak in stealth, and without apparent transparency, would itself be a perfect example of code-speak. The fact is that most of what is said for public consumption in Washington has at least one possible alternative meaning. "Plausible Deniability" is an obvious ploy to shield public servants should overexposure to the light of day threaten to wreak havoc on previous assertions. So it was with that cynical perspective that I read President Bush's statement last summer to the Cuban people concerning their future, sans Fidel Castro. Bush said: "We will support you in your effort to build a transitional government in ...

Canada troops battle 10-ft Afghan marijuana plants
Post Date: 2006-10-12 16:28:36 by TLBSHOW
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian troops fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan have stumbled across an unexpected and potent enemy -- almost impenetrable forests of 10-feet (three metre) high marijuana plants. ADVERTISEMENT General Rick Hillier, chief of the Canadian defence staff, said on Thursday that Taliban fighters were using the forests as cover. In response, the crew of at least one armored car had camouflaged their vehicle with marijuana. "The challenge is that marijuana plants absorb energy, heat very readily. It's very difficult to penetrate with thermal devices ... and as a result you really have to be careful that the Taliban don't dodge in and out of those marijuana ...

THERE WILL BE NO VICTORY IN IRAQ - BUSH LOST THE WAR - damn they could of saved money and just read tlbshow
Post Date: 2006-10-12 10:29:52 by TLBSHOW
Baker's Panel Rules Out Iraq Victory By ELI LAKE - Staff Reporter of the Sun October 12, 2006 A D V E R T I S E M E N T A D V E R T I S E M E N T WASHINGTON — A commission formed to assess the Iraq war and recommend a new course has ruled out the prospect of victory for America, according to draft policy options shared with The New York Sun by commission officials. Currently, the 10-member commission — headed by a secretary of state for President George H.W. Bush, James Baker — is considering two option papers, "Stability First" and "Redeploy and Contain," both of which rule out any prospect of making Iraq a stable democracy in the near term. More ...

bob woodward up next on fox news gretta show - BUSH IS A DAMN LIAR - IMPEACH BUSH
Post Date: 2006-10-11 22:28:40 by TLBSHOW

Army is preparing plans to keep the current level of troops in Iraq through 2010
Post Date: 2006-10-11 11:24:25 by TLBSHOW
Army is preparing plans to keep the current level of troops in Iraq through 2010... MORE...

Bush’s call to “stay the course” SOON TO BE HISTORY
Post Date: 2006-10-08 19:50:16 by TLBSHOW
WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 — James A. Baker III , the Republican co-chairman of a bipartisan commission assessing Iraq strategy for President Bush, said today that he expected the group to depart from Mr. Bush’s call to “stay the course.” In an interview on the ABC News program “This Week,” Mr. Baker said, “I think it’s fair to say our commission believes that there are alternatives between the stated alternatives, the ones that are out there in the political debate, of ‘stay the course’ and ‘cut and run.’ ” Mr. Baker, who served Mr. Bush’s father as secretary of state and White House chief of staff, did explicitly reject a ...

26 Dead Across Iraq as 700 Cops Taken Out of Service for helping the enemy - HEY BUSH ISLAM IS THE ENEMY YOU
Post Date: 2006-10-04 15:50:25 by TLBSHOW
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraqi authorities have taken a brigade of up to 700 policemen out of service and put members under investigation for "possible complicity" with death squads following a mass kidnapping earlier this week, the U.S. military said Wednesday. Meanwhile, a series of bombs went off in rapid succession in a shopping district in a mainly Christian neighborhood of Baghdad, killing 16 people and wounding 87, police said. The dead were among 26 people killed in attacks across Iraq. The U.S. military also announced the death of two soldiers — the latest in what has been one of the bloodiest stretches of days for American troops this year. At least 17 troops have ...

Bush Says Democrats Shouldn't Be Trusted [LMAO]
Post Date: 2006-10-03 16:20:38 by TLBSHOW
STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) - President Bush, on a campaign swing in the West, is telling voters that the Democratic Party is weak-kneed on national security and shouldn't be trusted to hold the reins of Congress. "If you listen closely to some of the leaders of the Democratic Party, it sounds like - it sounds like - they think the best way to protect the American people is, wait until we're attacked again," Bush said Monday at a $360,000 fundraiser in Reno, Nev., for state Secretary of State Dean Heller's congressional campaign. "That's not the way it's going to be under my administration. We will stay on the offense," the president said. "We will defeat the enemy ...

Post Date: 2006-09-29 09:44:49 by TLBSHOW

women in a Kentucky National Guard unit posed nude for pictures with their M-16s and other military equipment
Post Date: 2006-09-28 22:39:25 by TLBSHOW
Louisville Paper Gets Disc With 232 Photos of Nude National Guard Women By E&P Staff and The Associated Press Published: September 28, 2006 1:55 PM ET updated 4:20 PM ET LOUISVILLE, KY. -- U.S. Army officials are taking a close look at whether women in a Kentucky National Guard unit posed nude for pictures with their M-16s and other military equipment, authorities said. A local newspaper reported that it had a disc containing 232 of the photos, which they did not publish, and do not plan to publish, E&P has learned. Andrew Wolfson, who disclosed the existence of the disc in the Louisville Courier-Journal today, told E&P it came from an "anonymous" source. ...

Bush Holding Tough On Iraq: 'I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me'
Post Date: 2006-09-28 11:26:54 by TLBSHOW
Woodward Says Bush Holding Tough On Iraq: 'I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me'...

60,000 more troops needed
Post Date: 2006-09-25 23:16:10 by TLBSHOW
The strain on the Army from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan has become so great that top officials are now privately saying the only long-term solution may be to make the overall size of the Army bigger, adding as many as 60,000 troops, ABC News has learned. It's not a request or a recommendation yet, but senior Army officials have discussed this for weeks and are now in agreement that the Army could meet its worldwide obligations more easily by expanding the overall size of its force.

U.S. Senate Democrats plan probes into Iraq war
Post Date: 2006-09-20 23:37:20 by TLBSHOW
WASHINGTON, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Accusing Republicans of failing to adequately monitor the conduct of the war in Iraq, Senate Democrats on Wednesday announced their own series of hearings into what they called a failed policy. "Three years into war, the American people still don't have a clear picture of what's gone wrong in Iraq -- or how to set it right," said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada. "We've been going backward for too long," he said. Democrats said they had invited Republicans to attend the hearings, which will start in Washington on Monday and move across the country in October and November -- before and after the Nov. 7 congressional ...

Gen. says U.S. may boost forces in Iraq
Post Date: 2006-09-19 13:51:43 by TLBSHOW
WASHINGTON - The U.S. military will likely maintain or possibly even increase the current force levels of more than 140,000 troops in Iraq through next spring, the top US. commander in the Middle East said Tuesday in one of the gloomiest assessments yet of how quickly American forces can be brought home. Gen. John Abizaid, commander of U.S. Central Command, said military leaders would consider adding troops or extending the Iraq deployments of other units if needed. "If it's necessary to do that because the military situation on the ground requires that, we'll do it," he said. "If we have to call in more forces because it's our military judgment that we need more forces, ...

Even the Historian agrees with TLBSHOW - hey bush define the enemy we are at war with
Post Date: 2006-09-13 11:39:18 by TLBSHOW
U.S. May Lose War on Terror, Historian Says BY DANIEL FREEDMAN - Staff Reporter of the Sun September 13, 2006 URL: http://www.nysun.com/article/39539 The victor of the war on terror is far from clear, the historian Bernard Lewis told a Hudson Institute conference. The British-born professor of Near Eastern studies at Princeton said Monday that he was "more optimistic about the future of our struggle" in the early 1940s — when the French had capitulated to the Germans, when Stalin was Hitler's ally, and when America was still neutral — than he is today. "Hitler would have won under these conditions," Mr. Lewis said, citing America's inability to clearly ...

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham slams George Bush but good
Post Date: 2006-09-11 12:26:20 by TLBSHOW
CHARLESTON, S.C. - Sen. Lindsey Graham said the United States has "screwed up" in Iraq but that the fundamental idea of the war was still correct. "I know Iraq is a mess and we have screwed up seven ways from Sunday," the South Carolina Republican told about 300 people at the College of Charleston on Sunday, the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. "We underestimated how hard it would be. But the fundamental idea behind Iraq is still correct," said Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. "If we back out of this fight ... your children and grandchildren will never know peace," Graham warned. He told the audience, ...

Bush administration pulled the wool over everyone's eyes
Post Date: 2006-09-09 20:12:24 by TLBSHOW
(CBS) When the Senate Intelligence Committee released a declassified version of its findings this past week, the Republican chairman of the committee, Pat Roberts, left town without doing interviews, calling the report a rehash of unfounded partisan allegations. Its statements like this one, made Feb. 5, 2003, by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell that have become so controversial, implying Iraq was linked to terror attacks. "Iraq today harbors a deadly terrorist network headed by abu Musab al-Zarqawi, an associated collaborator of Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda lieutenants," Powell said. But after 2 1/2 years of reviewing pre-war intelligence behind closed doors, the lead ...

Bush has done more for drug traffic than anyone else has - Afghanistan has just harvested its biggest opium crop ever, up a whopping 59 percent from last year and big enough to cover 130 percent of the entire world market
Post Date: 2006-09-09 15:49:46 by TLBSHOW
AFGHANISTAN: HIGH ON OPIUM, NOT DEMOCRACY Sat Sep 9, 6:49 AM ET The good news, for drug fiends, is that Afghanistan has just harvested its biggest opium crop ever, up a whopping 59 percent from last year and big enough to cover 130 percent of the entire world market. The street price for illegal heroin, 92 percent of which now comes from Afghanistan, should be way down from Bangkok to London, and for those shooting up in the back alleys of Chicago. The bad news, for the rest of us, is that in Bush-liberated Afghanistan, billions in drug profits are financing the Taliban. Remember them, the guys who harbored the al-Qaida terrorists, who gifted us with the 9-11 attacks five years ago, ...

abc news TERRORIST TEAM purchased a half ton of one of the world's most dangerous bomb-making materials and moved it into a storage shed only a few miles from the White House
Post Date: 2006-09-08 20:18:29 by TLBSHOW
With virtually no questions asked, an undercover ABC News team was able to purchase a half ton of one of the world's most dangerous bomb-making materials and move it into a storage shed only a few miles from the White House and the U.S. Capitol. Despite its use in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, there are still no federal laws restricting the purchase of ammonium nitrate, a chemical fertilizer, widely sold at farm supply stores. The ABC News undercover team made the purchases, in cash, at farm supply stores in North Carolina and Virginia and were never once asked for any valid ID. Legislation requiring buyers of ammonium nitrate to be registered by the federal ...

Why is bin Laden breathing? this represents a fundamental failure of President Bush's "war on terror"
Post Date: 2006-09-08 15:42:10 by TLBSHOW
Five years after the worst foreign attack on U.S. soil, why is the man who claimed responsibility for it still alive? I'm surprised by how few people are asking this question. Maybe it's just too disturbing for Americans to think about. In my view, the fact that Osama bin Laden is still alive today – still plotting and directing more attacks against America and her allies – represents a fundamental failure of President Bush's "war on terror." Or does it? Is it possible – is it conceivable – that President Bush doesn't really care about getting bin Laden? Someone needs to ask this question of the president and demand a straightforward public response. If ...

The United States has expanded its force in Iraq to 140,000 troops, the most since January and 13,000 more than five weeks ago
Post Date: 2006-09-01 00:58:57 by TLBSHOW
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has expanded its force in Iraq to 140,000 troops, the most since January and 13,000 more than five weeks ago, the Pentagon said on Thursday, amid relentless violence in Baghdad and elsewhere. This follows July's decision by commanders to augment the U.S. military presence in Baghdad to try to curb escalating sectarian violence that has heightened concern about all-out civil war in Iraq. As American troops continue to fight a tenacious insurgency nearly 3 1/2 years into the war, U.S. military deaths in Iraq reached at least 62 in August -- increasing from 43 in July and ending three straight monthly declines. August's total still was about average ...

Soldiers' families question Rumsfeld on deployment
Post Date: 2006-08-27 14:48:34 by TLBSHOW
FAIRBANKS, Alaska (Reuters) - The wives of soldiers whose duty in Iraq was extended to add troop strength to Baghdad peppered U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with tough questions, some that he could not answer, at a closed-door meeting in Alaska on Saturday. Rumsfeld, who received a mixed reception from a crowd that offered more applause for the questions asked than the answers provided, praised the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He would not commit to a date for bringing those soldiers home, but told a 12-year-old girl in the audience, "I'd bet your daddy gets home before Christmas." He also told the estimated 700 to 800 family members at the meeting in an Army ...

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,620
Post Date: 2006-08-26 00:25:57 by Brian S
U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,620 - By The Associated Press Friday, August 25, 2006 (08-25) 18:09 PDT , (AP) -- As of Friday, Aug. 25, 2006, at least 2,620 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes seven military civilians. At least 2,078 died as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers. The AP count is two higher than the Defense Department's tally, last updated Friday at 10 a.m. EDT. The British military has reported 115 deaths; Italy, 32; Ukraine, 18; Poland, 17; Bulgaria, 13; Spain, 11; Denmark, El Salvador, four each; Slovakia, three; Estonia, ...

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