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The taboo that could break america.

Trump Impeachment DOA in Senate

Seattle Sure Waited a Long Time to Implement This New Policy on Rioting


Warden/Executioner interview-Charlie Jones

He Reveals What 1950s Men Thought & Did

7 Black Americans Express Their Rage In The 1960s

Jackie Kennedy on MLK: 'That man's terrible' - theGrio

World Mourns Nehru

STaTes Eye ... Allowing Concealed Carry of Guns --- WiThouT a PermiT

FEC Filing of the "Patriot Party"

NYC ouT of conTrol ... 12 sub humans beaT man - sTrip him naked - sTeal everyThing --- in broad daylighT on major inTersectTon

It's This Simple: Liz Cheney Must Go

Rand Paul Wipes the floor with pedophile lover George Stephanopoulos

Worst Fishing Day Ever (Winter Fishing) ***Bad Idea***

Pelosi Wanted Machines Guns

They're Coming to America

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Skipped Biden's Inauguration...And The Reason Is Beyond Idiotic

Bernie Sanders predicts the Democratic Party could be 'wiped out' in the 2022 midterm elections

Larry King ... Television legend --- dies aT age 87

OuTrage over U.S. flag flown upside down ... aT half sTaff at SouTh Maui posT office --- InauguraTion Day

Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down


Trump's greatest legacy: The GOP now represents America's workers

Joe’s ... firsT 17 AcTs --- Of DesTructTon

google is evil

Now wiTh The UniTed StaTes Taken ouT --- They have a glide paTh To “build iT back beTTer” / “susTainabiliTy” / “social justTce” us --- inTo “The GreaT ReseT

DAY ONE: Beijing Biden Kills Keystone Pipeline and Thousands of Jobs, Rejoins Paris Climate Accord, Removed 1776 Project, Vows to Restart Iran’s Nuclear Program, Fed Mask Mandates

Republicans Block Swift Approval of Biden's DHS Pick

President Donald J. Trump Departure Ceremony

Stop the Steal

Feds ArresT Pennsylvania Woman ... Accused of STealing --- Pelosi’s LapTop

Enter the Dumbest Administration on Earth

How Joe Biden Will Open The Floodgates To Transgendering Public Schools

CNN Pushes to Close Down Newsmax TV

tax and regulate

Supreme CourT Deals DemocraTs A Major DefeaT In Texas ... They JusT Ruled ---To RejecT Universal Mail-In BalloTing


Biden’s party seeks to divide and destroy, not unite and heal

“If You Need All This To Protect Your Inauguration from the People, Maybe the F-ing People Didn’t F-ing Elect You!” – DC Worker Shows Video of Military Checkpoints in City (VIDEO)

Illegal crossing

How Soon Will the Social Security Trust Fund Be Depleted and How Should People Protect Their Retirement Income?

With These Figures, It's No Shock Why Republicans Got Swept by Democrats in Georgia

Domestic Terrorist?" - Leftist BLM Activist Who Stormed Capitol On Jan. 6 Arrested, Charged - John Earle Sullivan

The Republican Party Killed Itself

Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon


Could Joe Biden face impeachment?

Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

Hold Twitter To Account

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Angry Yukon
Post Date: 2012-11-06 18:19:50 by Abcdefg
Poster Comment:It's gotta be him.

Fox News Begins Election Day With ‘Alert’ Over New Black Panthers
Post Date: 2012-11-06 09:56:17 by Brian S
The Fox News Channel began election day on Tuesday by warning viewers about an alleged member of the New Black Panthers Party at one Pennsylvania polling place. “This is a member of the Black Panthers standing guard outside a polling place in Philadelphia,” co-host Gretchen Carlson noted following the blaring “Fox News Alert” graphic. “Does it look reminiscent?” she asked. “Remember this from four years ago. The organization said it was thinking about monitoring the elections. Critics say it’s more like intimidation. The Black Panthers also stood guard outside polling places, as I just mentioned, in 2008 in Philly, the group’s leader with a ...

Republican-Heavy Counties Eat Up Most Food-Stamp Growth
Post Date: 2012-11-05 13:41:32 by Brian S
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said in May that he’d written off votes from 47 percent of Americans who are collecting government aid. Turns out many of them are part of his political base. Seventy percent of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg. They include Republican strongholds like King County, Texas, which in 2008 backed Republican John McCain by 92.6 percent, his largest share in the nation; and fast-growing Douglas County, Colorado. That means Romney is counting on votes from areas where ...

Chrysler executive to Trump: ‘You are full of sh*t!’
Post Date: 2012-11-01 23:35:32 by Brian S
Ralph Giles, the vice president of product design at Chrysler, blasted real estate mogul Donald Trump via Twitter on Thursday. Trump, who has campaigned with Republican hopeful Mitt Romney, accused President Barack Obama of being “a terrible negotiator” on Twitter, adding that the President “bails out Chrysler and now Chrysler wants to send all Jeep manufacturing to China–and will!” Giles bluntly responded, “you are full of shit!” Hours later, he added, “I apologize for my language, but lies are just that, lies. Thanks for the support People.” The Romney campaign has claimed Jeep is shipping American jobs to China. But Chrysler described the ...

Morale Waning for Anti-Paul Zealots
Post Date: 2012-11-01 16:33:44 by calcon
With the loss of their leader, the anti-paul jihadists at LP are losing the battle against the forces of ron paul. Once again their efforts to control LP has resulted in an EPIC FAIL. #35. To: Gatlin (#34) Purge your list ... Facts and accuracy is not the "AGENDA" for some posters. As always, good job. The responsible, normal thinking posters are dwindling. I bet you wont see Yukon back. I wouldn't blame him. GrandIsland posted on 2012-11-01 1:00:21 ET Reply Trace #36. To: GrandIsland, Goldi-Lox (#35) (Edited) I bet you wont see Yukon back. I wouldn't blame him. I have already come to that conclusion ... I wouldn't blame him either. Goldi screwed the pooch. 1 ...

Biden to voter: ‘Are you Indian?’
Post Date: 2012-10-31 14:47:26 by calcon
Speaking with a group of voters at a campaign volunteer center, Vice President Joe Biden asked if one of a group of men if he was an Indian. “Are you an Indian,” the Vice President asked, according to the pool report. “American,” the man replied. “No, I mean first generation,” Biden said shortly before he moved on.

Happy (Redistributionist) holloweeen
Post Date: 2012-10-31 14:14:36 by calcon
Today we celebrate Halloween, when roving bands of children go from door to door threatening to do damage to people’s houses unless they get payoffs in sugar. All right, so the “trick” part of “trick or treat” has become an anachronism, but that’s probably the only thing that will make you feel better about Steven Crowder’s demonstration of how redistributionism really works — and how easy it is for children to recognize that it’s just not right. He placed a hidden camera at a church trick-or-treat event and attempted to make the candy distribution more “fair” by redistributing the loot in the bags. That prompted immediate objections ...

Romney Campaign Staged Donations At Storm Relief Event
Post Date: 2012-10-31 11:23:04 by Brian S
As the East Coast and parts of Ohio struggled to regroup in the devastating wake of “Superstorm” Sandy, the Romney campaign hastily transformed a scheduled victory rally in Dayton, Ohio into a non-political “storm relief event” on Tuesday. According to BuzzFeed, the campaign encouraged supporters to bring hurricane relief supplies and “deliver the bags of canned goods, packages of diapers, and cases of water bottles to the candidate, who would be perched behind a table along with a slew of volunteers and his Ohio right-hand man, Senator Rob Portman.” Just to be safe, campaign aides reportedly spent $5,000 at a local Wal-Mart on supplies that could be put on ...

Post Date: 2012-10-29 23:50:35 by Brian S
MITT ROMNEY’S 5-POINT FRANKENSTORM PLAN: 1) Stash money. 2) Put money in binders. 3) Pray to money. 4) Lie about money. 5) Strap dog to roof.

Labor Department Says No Decision Yet on Whether to Delay Jobs Report
Post Date: 2012-10-29 12:17:14 by Brian S
The Labor Department said Monday that it has yet to make a decision on whether to delay Friday’s closely-watched October employment report due to the effects from Hurricane Sandy. Federal government offices in Washington are closed Monday and may be shut again Tuesday due to the storm. It isn’t clear if the closure would cause a delay in processing the data. “We will assess the situation when the weather emergency is over and notify the press and public of any changes at that time,” said Gary Steinberg, spokesman for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data arm of the department. The Labor Department is also scheduled to release its third quarter employment cost index ...

Zionist Organization Of America Cancels Its Annual Fundraising Dinner Because Of The Loss Tax-Exempt Status
Post Date: 2012-10-24 11:56:36 by Brian S
The Zionist Organization of America has canceled its annual fundraising dinner because of the loss of its tax-exempt status, the organization has confirmed. The fundraiser, usually held in late November or early December, is a key annual event for the group. Recent galas have drawn such high-profile speakers as conservative talk show host Glenn Beck and Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, the House majority leader. The event could still be held sometime next spring, according to David Drimer, the ZOA’s executive director. But the cancellation comes as internal critics continue to raise questions about the handling of the crisis, and as the ZOA makes cuts to some programs. As the Forward ...

Please Move The Deer Crossing (Donna - Romney voter)
Post Date: 2012-10-22 16:54:10 by Hondo68
This audio clip from Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station was too funny to not find a way for more people to hear it -- so thus, this video. Donna asks for help getting deer crossing signs moved to lower traffic areas. "The government can guide deer to lower traffic areas". Poster Comment:Move those signs... a shovel ready project for big government Willie-Mitt!

Romney Blimp Goes Limp
Post Date: 2012-10-22 10:56:29 by Brian S
An airship promoting Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in Florida drew attention for other reasons Sunday when it was forced to make an emergency landing just north of Miami. According to WSVN-TV, the blimp, bearing the banner, “America Needs Romney,” was caught in high winds on its way back to a local airport, forcing it to the ground near a residential area in Davie, Florida. “It was getting lower and lower,” one resident said. “It was totally going down, it was just losing altitude. The wind was just taking it and taking it.” The airship was first spotted in the area Friday, on the weekend before the final presidential debate between Romney, the ...

Fire destroys State Fair of Texas icon Big Tex
Post Date: 2012-10-19 13:58:40 by Brian S
DALLAS (AP) -- Fire has destroyed Big Tex, leaving behind little more than the metal frame of the 52-foot-tall metal-and-fabric cowboy that's an icon of the State Fair of Texas. Some fabric that made up the towering structure's hands and sleeves still could be seen as firefighters gathered around the scorched area Friday. Big Tex's 75-gallon hat, 50-pound belt buckle and slow drawl have been greeting state fair visitors since 1952. This year's fair, which closes Sunday, had been celebrating Big Tex's 60th birthday. Fair spokeswoman Sue Gooding says she doesn't know the cause of the fire but did note electrical controls move Big Tex's mouth and head. Gooding ...

Women Dressed As Binders Protest At Ohio GOP HQ (PHOTOS)
Post Date: 2012-10-18 12:40:14 by Brian S
Tiffany Ricci, an AFSCME organizer, provided TPM's Evan McMorris-Santoro these photos of her "own personal little afternoon project" of women gathered in front the Ohio Republican Party headquarters on Wednesday dressed as binders protesting Mitt Romney's “binders full of women” remark during the presidential debate at Hofstra Tuesday night. It's "pretty clear which candidate has real solutions that inspire progress and which can only inspire a Halloween costume," Ricci said.

Celebrity sperm donor service gears up for launch
Post Date: 2012-10-17 20:15:40 by Abcdefg
Celebrity sperm donor service gears up for launchA sperm donor service aimed at matching women with anonymous celebrity dads – such as rock stars and famous athletes – will launch next year, its owners have claimed. By James Hall, Consumer Affairs EditorPosted especially for yukon

Soldier Tackles Westboro Baptist Church Member As Crowd Cheers
Post Date: 2012-10-16 10:55:53 by Brian S
A member of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church was tackled on Saturday by an angry soldier at a funeral for fallen Army Staff Sgt. Donna Johnson in North Carolina. “So at the funeral today for Fallen Soldier Sgt. Johnson a Westboro member decided it would be smart to stomp on the American flag,” the blog Guardian of Valor explained. “A Soldier did not take kindly to that and broke through the line, hitting one of the protesters that was disgracing Old Glory. As he was being arrested, two other Soldiers rescued the flag.” The Westboro Baptist Church believes that God is punishing the United States because of America’s acceptance of homosexuality, and has gained ...

Charity President Unhappy About Paul Ryan Soup Kitchen ‘Photo Op’
Post Date: 2012-10-15 18:20:44 by Brian S
The head of a northeast Ohio charity says that the Romney campaign last week “ramrodded their way” into the group’s Youngstown soup kitchen so that GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan could get his picture taken washing dishes in the dining hall. Brian J. Antal, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, said that he was not contacted by the Romney campaign ahead of the Saturday morning visit by Ryan, who stopped by the soup kitchen after a town hall at Youngstown State University. “We’re a faith-based organization; we are apolitical because the majority of our funding is from private donations,” Antal said in a phone interview ...

Special Day for El Pee's Canary Posse!!!!!!!!!!
Post Date: 2012-10-11 15:32:39 by calcon
National Coming Out Day: Key Moments in Fight For Equal Rights Twenty-five years ago today, half a million people participated in a historic march on Washington, D.C., for gay rights. Fired up from the march, organizers found a way to keep the march alive. The first National Coming Out Day was celebrated on Oct. 11, 1988. The goal of the day is for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies to celebrate coming out and encourage those who haven't to make their voices heard. "It's a day to be visible," said Candace Gingrich-Jones, associate director of youth and campus outreach with the Human Rights Campaign. "What we know today is people who ...

Ryan-Endorsed Wisconsin Republican: ‘Some Girls Rape So Easy’
Post Date: 2012-10-11 11:23:46 by Brian S
A Wisconsin State Rep. endorsed by Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told a reporter that he believes “some girls rape so easy.” State Rep. Roger Rivard (R) later insisted he was merely recounting a story from his father about the dangers men face in having premarital sex. Instead, he somehow wandered into a jaw-dropping commentary on how easy it is to accidentally rape women. According to quotes reported by the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Rivard explained: googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1331163101011-9'); });He also told me one thing, ‘If you do (have premarital sex), just remember, consensual sex can turn ...

Obama Phone Meets Elmo (uncensored)
Post Date: 2012-10-10 21:44:21 by Hondo68
A Youtube user posted a remix of the viral “Obama Phone lady” video that caught the nation’s attention a few weeks ago. In the post, the user says he was inspired by Alex’s “Elmo Gone Bad” video, in which he compared the lady’s voice to that of the Sesame Street muppet Elmo. Of course, as Paul Watson explained, once we recover from the hilarity of the clip, “the awful truth behind it begins to sink in.”

Thin-Skinned CEO Superstar Jack Welch Quits Fortune, Reuters After His Demented BLS Tweet Gets Criticized
Post Date: 2012-10-09 16:10:31 by Brian S
Jack Welch, the strongest and most capable CEO in the history of the world, made news last week when he took to his Twitter account (history shall record the phrase "took to his Twitter account" as the five words that immediately precede all news of social media disasters) to accuse the Bureau of Labor Statistics of intentionally cooking its latest jobs report to favor President Barack Obama's chances for reelection in November, writing "Unbelievable jobs numbers...these Chicago guys will do anything...can't debate so change numbers." While Welch won some support from the right-wing fever swamp, most rational observers saw the remarks as listing toward a ...

A Documented Case Of False Prophecy: Four Years Later, ‘Letter From 2012′ Makes Focus On The Family Look Ridiculous
Post Date: 2012-10-07 17:22:34 by Brian S
Before the 2008 election, the religious right was predicting doom, gloom and the end of the world if Barack Obama were to win.One of the most colorful and intense denunciations of Obama came from Focus on the Family, which produced a 16-page “Letter From 2012 in Obama’s America.” I had forgotten all about that dire “letter from the future.”In 2008, Focus on the Family listed 34 predictions of what would happen if Barack Obama became president. They were wrong about all 34 of them.Unfortunately for Focus, Libby Anne did not forget about it. Since this fictional “letter” was dated October 2012 — which is now — she dug out a copy to see how ...

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