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Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down


Trump's greatest legacy: The GOP now represents America's workers

Joe’s ... firsT 17 AcTs --- Of DesTructTon

google is evil

Now wiTh The UniTed StaTes Taken ouT --- They have a glide paTh To “build iT back beTTer” / “susTainabiliTy” / “social justTce” us --- inTo “The GreaT ReseT

DAY ONE: Beijing Biden Kills Keystone Pipeline and Thousands of Jobs, Rejoins Paris Climate Accord, Removed 1776 Project, Vows to Restart Iran’s Nuclear Program, Fed Mask Mandates

Republicans Block Swift Approval of Biden's DHS Pick

President Donald J. Trump Departure Ceremony

Stop the Steal

Feds ArresT Pennsylvania Woman ... Accused of STealing --- Pelosi’s LapTop

Enter the Dumbest Administration on Earth

How Joe Biden Will Open The Floodgates To Transgendering Public Schools

CNN Pushes to Close Down Newsmax TV

tax and regulate

Supreme CourT Deals DemocraTs A Major DefeaT In Texas ... They JusT Ruled ---To RejecT Universal Mail-In BalloTing


Biden’s party seeks to divide and destroy, not unite and heal

“If You Need All This To Protect Your Inauguration from the People, Maybe the F-ing People Didn’t F-ing Elect You!” – DC Worker Shows Video of Military Checkpoints in City (VIDEO)

Illegal crossing

How Soon Will the Social Security Trust Fund Be Depleted and How Should People Protect Their Retirement Income?

With These Figures, It's No Shock Why Republicans Got Swept by Democrats in Georgia

Domestic Terrorist?" - Leftist BLM Activist Who Stormed Capitol On Jan. 6 Arrested, Charged - John Earle Sullivan

The Republican Party Killed Itself

Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon


Could Joe Biden face impeachment?

Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

Hold Twitter To Account

Incitement, Insurrection, Impeachment, Imperiousness, and Idiocy

Dems want to bring down anyone who ever backed Trump: Goodwin

Uganda Bans Twitter

Big Corporate Uses Capitol Riots To Push Communist-Style Social Credit System On Americans

Worst people on planet

Gluttons for boot news.



Big Tech’s War on Free Speech

GOP Can't Afford to Leave Trump's Voters Behind

North Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Facebook, Twitter on Its Service Over Censorship

ACLU warns of ‘unchecked power’ of big tech for banning Trump amid calls for investigation of Amazon, Google and Apple

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney explained Everything TACTICAL DECEPTION, THE STING, THE DATA


Pelosi And Wimp Portland Mayor Wheeler Conspired And Planned To Blame The Riots On Trump...Nutty Nancy Urges Limp-Wristed Wheeler To Stick To The 'Democrat (Communist) 'Play Book' - Is Nancy's Laptop Starting To Leak?


The Most Trusted Voice In America


MAGA forever

Photos & Videos: BLM Activist John Sullivan Who Stormed The US Capitol Says That The Secret Has Been In Contact With Him - Far-Left Activists Have Raised Suspicion That He Is A Federal Agent Provocateur

US Attorney launches federal excessive force investigation into death of Trump-supporting Air Force vet who was shot dead as rioters breached the Capitol

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Indiana Governor Stunned By How Many People Seem to Have Gay Friends
Post Date: 2015-03-30 17:27:15 by Willie Green
INDIANAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—Indiana Governor Mike Pence is “stunned and amazed” that so many people appear to have gay friends, Pence has confirmed. Speaking to reporters in his office in Indianapolis, Pence said that he made the astonishing discovery about gay friends late last week. “A lot of everyday people have gay friends, and they’re not afraid to call and/or e-mail you to tell you that,” Pence said. “To be honest, I’m still trying to process it all.” Pence said that from what he has been able to gather thus far, the phenomenon of “ordinary folks” having gay friends “has been going on for years.” “You ...

Charlie Sheen Criticizes Obama, in Ebonics, for Focusing on NCAA Bracket over Soldiers
Post Date: 2015-03-19 19:20:31 by cranky
Actor Charlie Sheen sent a message on Twitter Thursday afternoon mocking Barack Obama for working on his NCAA tournament bracket instead of giving attention to U.S. soldiers.   The tweet, written to sound like Ebonics and intentionally morphing Obama’s name, makes reference to an unknown soldier’s funeral and links to a screen shot of the President on TV discussing his “Barack-etology” bracket for the college basketball tournament. Sheen amplified attention to his critique with his permutation of Obama’s name, “Barry Soetero Kenya.” Most of the press has taken this flourish as a nod to the Birther movement–those who believe Obama was not born in ...

Happy Monday! A Cop Car Caught Fire Outside of Dunkin’ Donuts.
Post Date: 2015-03-17 11:15:13 by Deckard
(ANTIMEDIA) Portsmouth, VA — While police in Portsmouth were stopped early Friday morning at a Dunkin’ Donuts, a miracle happened. The heavens smiled upon America’s indentured slaves and the cop car caught fire, seriously. The car was parked at the Dunkin’ Donuts @ 4701 George Washington Highway in Portsmouth, VA. Firefighters fucked it up around 2am and put the fire out. Clueless, the police are investigating what caused the fire. No one was hurt by the blaze except the police car; a car traditionally used to help cops issue tickets and imprison folks into Virginia’s for-profit prison system. Mysteriously, Dunkin Donuts ...

Americans Favor Legalizing Pot and Criminalizing Congress
Post Date: 2015-03-02 09:01:06 by Deckard
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—By a huge majority, Americans support laws legalizing marijuana and criminalizing Congress, according to a poll released on Thursday.While the poll reflects a relaxation of attitudes about recreational pot use, it also suggests that many Americans now view membership in Congress as a problem ravaging the nation.>"" st*l*="border: 0px none; vertical-align: bottom;" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" name="google_ads_iframe_/3379/newyorker.dart/humor/borowitz_report_2" id="google_ads_iframe_/3379/newyorker.dart/humor/borowitz_report_2" frameborder="0" ...

Post Date: 2015-03-01 12:30:25 by Pridie.Nones

Finally! Chemtrails Debunked (Epic FAIL!)
Post Date: 2015-02-23 13:13:28 by Deckard
Darn it! Those pesky concerned citizens are at it again, always looking up in the sky and calling in worried that the government is poisoning us… Thank goodness Steve the weatherman is here to explain everything. Well I guess that clears that up, right guys?Comments from YouTube :anavash2 days ago (edited) I hope this guy gets hit by a bus with Jesus driving. Yah that's just totally normal. I mean I live in AZ and when i first moved here the sun shined constantly. But now I walk outside in the morning and the sky is totally covered over with shit and god knows what from planes crossing the skies in a grid pattern. Totally normal! That's always happened! And they always ...

Hitler Finds Out About Brian Williams
Post Date: 2015-02-15 20:33:36 by Golem
Planning for next year's election, Hitler finds out Brian Williams has imploded.

Friday Funnies: This is Brian Williams Reporting
Post Date: 2015-02-06 13:52:19 by Deckard

A Letter from Joni Ernst About Measles
Post Date: 2015-02-04 09:16:40 by Willie Green
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) — On Tuesday, Senator Joni Ernst (R.-Iowa) responded to the recent measles outbreak with the following letter to the American people: Hi, it’s Joni!In recent days, you’ve heard about a measles outbreak among children who have not been vaccinated. Like many Americans, you have probably been asking, “How would Joni solve this problem?”Some in the media have suggested that politicians should not have opinions about vaccinations because we’re not scientists. Excuse me, but that’s like saying people shouldn’t have opinions about flowers because they’re not bees.The fact is, many parents are concerned about ...

Senior trying to set a password
Post Date: 2015-02-04 03:08:11 by out damned spot
Senior trying to set a password WINDOWS: Please enter your new password. USER: cabbage WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters. USER: boiled cabbage WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must contain 1 numerical character. USER: 1 boiled cabbage WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot have blank spaces. USER: 50bloodyboiledcabbages WINDOWS: Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character. USER: 50BLOODYboiledcabbages WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot use more than one upper case character consecutively. USER: 50BloodyBoiledCabbagesShovedUpYourAssIfYouDon'tGiveMeAccessNow! WINDOWS: Sorry, the password cannot contain punctuation. USER: ...

Hilarious Bud Light commercial
Post Date: 2015-02-02 10:36:59 by sneakypete
Poster Comment:Their beers may suck,but they sure do come up with some good commercials.

Illuminati Fixed the Superbowl
Post Date: 2015-02-02 02:53:16 by Palmdale
Photographic Proof:

Rand Paul Releases ‘Secret Tape’ of Hillary Clinton-Jeb Bush Phone Call
Post Date: 2015-01-29 21:47:15 by Excalibur
Rand Paul Releases ‘Secret Tape’ of Hillary Clinton-Jeb Bush Phone Call

...And Now for Something Completely Different
Post Date: 2015-01-25 21:27:47 by Fibr Dog
This video is called "NFL 2015" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL. It's pretty funny

Donald Trump tips his hand on a White House run by hinting at 'when' – not 'if' – he will file papers
Post Date: 2015-01-24 15:26:16 by Hondo68
Donald Trump tips his hand on a White House run by hinting at 'when' – not 'if' – he will file papers, and says he'll build a border fence 'nobody would be able to penetrate''Who can build better than Trump?' he asks in Iowa; 'I've built lots of buildings. Fences are easy'Boasts of 8-figure deals: 'Almost all of them have been very successful. You'll see that when I file my statements'Real estate magnate claims unemployment rate is actually 21 per centBlasts Obama's Affordable Care Act: 'Everything about Obamacare was a lie – it was a filthy lie' Takes aim at GOP leadership in Washington: 'Our ...

Needed: A Warren Commission for Deflategate
Post Date: 2015-01-23 08:48:22 by Deckard
I hope the MSM can get to the bottom of this national, if not world, controversy over a football team letting air out of their footballs during a playoff game. Who cares if Bush knew about the torture program at Gitmo? What did Bill Belichick know and when did he know it? Is there any type of Warren Commission that can be set up over this? Will the ball boys take the fall and face prison? This country needs answers.

----- Poster Comment -----
Post Date: 2015-01-22 12:46:00 by tpaine
----- Poster Comment ----- This article contains news, information or the author’s opinion. The “Post Comment” link is defaulted “To” the “Post by (Screen Name).” A comment is directed to the author of the article when “To: Gatlin” is shown. Use caps for GATLIN” in the “To” block when directing a response to me. The posted article has been extracted if it is too long or copyrighted. Poster Comment:The above, enclosed in a neat little box, is being posted at the end of every article that gatlin puts up. Good idea!! I'd now like it to be known that henceforth, it would be appropriate if everyone would; --- Use caps for ...

Post Date: 2015-01-19 07:23:20 by Gatlin
The Alarming Outbreak of 'Anti-Government' Phobia by Daniel J. Kuehne (from the October 1996 issue of The Nationalist Times) Many psychologists consider fear of government to be some sort of mental illness. Although I have never seen any of the scientific literature on this subject, if I had to guess, I would say that it probably resembles the following: A CLINICAL ANALYSIS OF ANTI-GOVERNMENT PHOBIA (Also known as: Patriot's Psychosis, Patriot's Disease) by Ivor E. Tower, M.D. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Volume 11, Series 3, Pages 4-5 INCIDENCE AND ETIOLOGY Anti-Government Phobia (AGP) has a worldwide distribution, but has a particularly high incidence in the ...

YouTube Pranksters Pretend to Be “Coke” Pushers at the Beach. Cops Show Up, Fun Begins
Post Date: 2015-01-15 12:41:22 by Deckard
Los Angeles, CA — The guys from Nelk Filmz decided that it would be funny to act like coke dealers at the beach. Only the coke they were selling was the same coke you could get out of a vending machine. The idea was that if someone said “yes” to the question of, “Hey do you wanna buy some coke?” they would pull out one of the cans they had stashed in the back of their SUV. Apparently this got the attention of the LAPD, who quickly showed up to investigate their suspicious activity……so the pranksters played along. The two bicycle units that responded to their suspicious activity began questioning the driver and then the rest of the passengers in the ...

French Police Commissioner Suicided after Attempting to Issue MURDER WARRANT against OBAMA
Post Date: 2015-01-14 00:02:08 by Murron
An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show why all top US officials failed to join their counterparts in Paris yesterday who marched in solidarity against the Charlie Hebdo Massacre as it reveals a top French police commissioner was “suicided” within hours of his attempting to obtain a European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and other as yet unnamed American leaders. According to this report, French police Commissioner Helric Fredou was tasked immediately after the 7 January Charlie Hebdo Massacre with the examination of documents contained in a small backpack found in the getaway car used by the ...

Be a man, try running Liberty Post [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-01-12 16:37:59 by tpaine
>> TooConservative-- Before you just shut it down, have you done any tally of results? Just eyeballing it, it looks like tpaine is probably above 60%. >> Sneakypete---- Seems to ME that if TPaine is serious he would quit being a wuss and stand up like a man and say he will accept a 51 percent vote tally by regular posters as a victory and step up to the plate. ----It isn't me that would have to be a man and take all the bullshit... It would be the moderator. And my choice for mod would have been TooConservative, or Sneakypete, or even better, both of you. ----Tell you what, if you two take over mod/tech functions, I'd be willing to put up the money for the first ...

Post Date: 2015-01-12 12:23:10 by Nexus6
LP WILL SHUT DOWN WED. 1/14 AT NOON Prepare for the flood of refugees.

RLKK: "Where it [Christianity] results in some improvement, it is tolerable... where it conferrs arrogance and intrusion, it is disgusting." (52 of 56 Christian Signers of the Declaration of Independence snicker)
Post Date: 2014-10-16 16:55:59 by Liberator
"The Main Doctrinal Problem with Protestant Fundamentalism is the same as that which common to all religions. "It is the assertion of mythology as revealed by one or another ignorant assholes is the revelation of some great uncontestable truth. For people rendered accessable by their own stupidity, thats all they have. In those instances where it results in some improvement, it is tolerable, but a poor substitute for thought... "In those instances where it [Christianity] conferrs arrogance and intrusion, it is disgusting." http://libertypost.org/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=348653&Disp=15#C15 Poster Comment:Where do you start with such inferior thinking, conferred ...

Michelle Obama is a man, baby!
Post Date: 2014-03-16 19:32:44 by Abcdefg

Savage Dominates Hannity In Key Markets
Post Date: 2014-02-20 19:02:40 by Brian S
Sean Hannity has long been right-wing radio's dominant silver medalist, second only to the untouchable Rush Limbaugh. So when Michael Savage, his new competitor in afternoon drivetime, started throwing punches in the hopes of ginning up a public feud, Hannity demurred. But now the first month's numbers are in, and in at least five of nation's largest markets, Savage is not only beating Hannity -- he's trouncing him. In January, in the coveted 25-to-54 year-old demographic, Savage beat and in some cases doubled Hannity's average quarter-hour (AQH) audience, according to new Nielsen numbers provided by an industry insider. In New York, Savage's program on WABC ...

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