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6-Year-Old Florida Girl Arrested After Tantrum At School

Whistleblower 'didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications' between Trump and Ukraine


JUSTICE: Tia Archeiva Parks Hires Hitman to murder her kid then she dies the next day

Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired

Joe Bonamassa - This Train - Live At The Sydney Opera House - Anyone recognize the piano intro?

Polling Average: Trump's Approval Rating Higher Than Obama's at This Point In Presidency

The GOP Briefing Room

U.S. Contains Enough Oil and Gas Reserves to Fuel Country for Decades, Petroleum Institute Says

The Original Rock 'n' Roll Guitar God Was Actually a Goddess

North Carolina High School Teacher: VP Mike Pence Should be “Shot in the Head”

Detroit Police Sued Yet Again for Shooting a Woman's Dogs During a Warrantless Search

France: The High Court condemns political commentator Eric Zemmour for telling the truth about Islamic invasion

13 Marines charged for smuggling undocumented immigrants into the U.S.

A Michigan Man Has Been Acquitted by a Jury for Criticizing a County Judge on Facebook

Pigeon poops on state lawmaker as he gives TV interview about pigeon poop problem

Jon Rappoport — My Memories From The Fake News Business

Court Shoots Down Cop's Assertion That Driving Without Breaking Any Laws Is 'Suspicious'

Those who believe offical government narratives are the real "kooks".

NBC Asks the Public to Confess Their Climate Sins

Why can’t we agree on what’s true any more?

The Clintons, Laura Silsby, Haiti, Amber Alerts & Human Trafficking

POLITICS [VIDEO] LOL: CNN Goes to Minnesota and Discovers Most Democrats Are Now Trump Supporters

Prozac Maker Paid Millions To Secure Favourable Verdict In Mass Shooting Lawsuit

New Epstein Victim Implicates Biden, McCain, "others in the White House today.“"

The Very Book The Government Does Not Want You To Read Just Went #1 In The World

Jersey City cops shown on video kicking innocent man lose jobs, avoid jail time

Woman struggling with mental illness was fatally shot in her home after Henrico police went to check on her

'Total Massacre' as U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers in Afghanistan

Police had a citizen set up a sting to buy back his stolen stuff. Then, they didn’t show up.

9/11 mystery: Contradictory witness accounts left out by official report - 'no accident'

This Awful House Bill Would Promote Gun Confiscation Without Due Process

Hamburg 1948 - Rare Footage in color and HD

The Cheka - Lenin´s Red Terror! English subtitles.

Does the Religious Left Know What Lenin Said About Christians and Socialism? There's no escaping it: Socialism is anti-Christian.

9/11: Short And Powerful Questions

The Deep State Vs The 2nd Amendment

'Only plausible candidate': Never Trump Republicans plotting to back Biden

Ford's Friend Told NYT Scribes She Didn’t Believe Kavanaugh Allegations

Trump says EPA to issue notice to San Francisco on homeless

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing/Third Stone from the sun

Lawsuit Settlement Over Detainment Of A Journalist Will Force Denver Police Department To Admit The First Amendment Exists

Ninth Circuit Upholds Its Previous Declaration That Cops Stealing Your Stuff Doesn't Violate The Constitution

Say That Again, I WILL Kick Your Ass

Revenge of the Baseball Nerds

Navy Confirms Authenticity of UFO Videos Published by Blink-182 Frontman's Extraterrestrial Research Organization

Warren captures big endorsement from former Bernie supporters

‘My AR is Ready’

The Red Flag Council

Trump Tweets on Iran and NSA

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Archaeologist uncovers Scriptures' famed wall
Post Date: 2007-11-11 08:57:36 by A K A Stone
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may want to see Israel wiped off the map and its Jews sent to Europe or Alaska, but an archaeological discovery announced this week marks an event recorded in the Bible when his country – Persia, at the time – literally helped put the Jewish people back on the map in their capital city of Jerusalem. Dr. Eilat Mazar, one of Israel's top archaeologists, ended her presentation Wednesday to the 13th Annual Conference of the Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies on "New Studies on Jerusalem," with a surprise announcement. She had discovered remnants of the fifth century B.C. wall built by Nehemiah, the account recorded in ...

Archeologists find ancient tunnel used by Jews to escape Roman conquest of Jerusalem
Post Date: 2007-09-09 18:46:13 by A K A Stone
JERUSALEM: Israeli archeologists on Sunday said they've stumbled upon the site of one of the great dramatic scenes of the Roman sacking of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago: the subterranean drainage channel Jews used to escape from the city's Roman conquerors. The ancient tunnel was dug beneath what would become the main road of Jerusalem in the days of the second biblical Temple, which the Romans destroyed in the year 70, the dig's directors, archaeology Professor Ronny Reich of the University of Haifa and Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority, told a news conference. The channel was buried beneath the rubble of the sacking, and the parts that have been exposed since it ...

Thomas Newcomen (1663 - 1729)
Post Date: 2007-03-22 14:07:29 by A K A Stone
Newcomen was an ironmonger by profession, but made a significant contribution to the Industrial Revolution with his invention of the atmospheric steam engine. Thomas Newcomen was born in Dartmouth, Devon in 1663 and established himself as an ironmonger in his home town. Some of his biggest customers were Cornish tin mine owners, who faced considerable difficulties with flooding as mines became progressively deeper. The standard methods to remove the water - manual pumping or teams of horses hauling buckets on a rope - were slow and expensive, and they sought an alternative. Contemporary engines worked by using condensed steam to make a vacuum, but whereas Thomas Savery's pump of 1698 ...

Leonidas the Spartan
Post Date: 2007-03-10 13:22:20 by A K A Stone
There are heroes, and there are super-heroes, just as there are warriors, and super-warriors. These elite of the elite hold a place in history in the Hall of the Immortals, bridging the gap between mortal man and superman, between mortal man and the Gods. Some seem to change the course of history almost single-handedly; while for others it may be a display of courage, poised between myth and destiny, of which legends are made. One such legend, which remains a model of heroism for White people everywhere, was the great battle at Thermopylae, which took place in the year 480 BC. The man of the hour was Leonidas of Sparta, a selfless warrior-hero, a strategist king and fearless commander. ...

A Nation Without a History
Post Date: 2007-01-03 00:12:47 by A K A Stone
It is a common refrain that India lacks any history. Although the antiquity of the civilization is well-known, there are no pyramids nor ancient stone temples to speak of nor any stone walls with inscribed hieroglyphics. Who then were these people? Were they a nameless, faceless mass of population or were they living, breathing, caring individuals with distinct personalities and aspirations? Did they have names and did they name the cities they lived in? Is there any way to know if they left us nothing? The attempts to decipher the true history of India have been too few and too often undertaken under unfavorable conditions. The ancient Indians themselves often freely conflated their ideas ...

Post Date: 2007-01-03 00:08:12 by A K A Stone
In spite of the intrinsic hostility of its landscape and climate, archaeological discoveries have confirmed that Baluchistan was already inhabited in the Stone Age, and the important neolithic site at Mehrgarh is the earliest (7000-3000 B.C.) on the subcontinent. Until its overthrow by Alexander the Great, Baluchistan was part of the Persian Empire, whose records refer to it as "Maka". In 325 B.C. Alexander led part of his army back from his Indus campaign to Babylon across the Makran Desert at the cost of terrible suffering and high casualties. Thereafter Baluchistan lay for centuries on the shadowy borderlands of the Zoroastrian rulers of Iran and the local Buddhist and Hindu ...

Remembering American Wars: 'Politically Correct' Myths of Military Service
Post Date: 2006-12-27 09:00:01 by continental op
M uch of what Americans believe about the causes of war, national conflicts, and wartime casualties, is shaped by popular myths. The entertainment industry, mass media and mass-market publishers feed Americans a continual psychosomatic diet of fictionalized propaganda by directors such as Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone that regularly passes as fact. Americans have been a profoundly a historical and anti-intellectual people with a deep distrust of those who remember anything more than what was on television, on the movie screen or a sports score. Yet, we continue to have an abiding conviction that we are the chosen people of the modern age and everybody wants to be just like us. The ...

Holocaust: Auschwitz victims' remains and possessions
Post Date: 2006-12-17 19:42:29 by A K A Stone

The Soviet Constitution: myth and reality - Richard Schifter's address before the American Bar Association in San Francisco, August 10, 1987 - transcript
Post Date: 2006-12-06 20:46:55 by A K A Stone
The Soviet Constitution: Myth and Reality Address before the American Bar Association (ABA) in San Francisco on August 10, 1987. Ambassador Schifter is Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. If we were asked to identify the passage or passages in the Constitution of the United States that best characterize the nature of our government, I would assume that a good many of us would point to the Bill of Rights, particularly the First and Fifth Amendments. If the same question were asked with regard to the Soviet Constitution, I, for one, would select four key provisions. First and foremost, I would direct attention to Article 6, which states: The leading and guiding ...

The Battle of Fishing Creek
Post Date: 2006-12-03 21:20:00 by A K A Stone
Brigadier General Crittenden was sent east to assume command of the right wing and found Zollicoffer was camped on the wrong (north) side of the unfordable Cumberland River. He was facing Brigadier General George H. Thomas' Federal command which was twice as large as his own. Crittenden ordered him to move back to the south bank, but in early January, Zollicoffer was still on the north side of the river. To compound problems, the Federal forces were starting to advance. Suddenly realizing his desperate circumstances, Zollicoffer launched a dawn attack on the Federal encampment at Mill Springs, Kentucky during a rain-soaked, dreary, January day. The attack failed and Zollicoffer was ...

John Hanson, American Patriot and First President of the United States
Post Date: 2006-12-03 17:35:44 by A K A Stone
He was the heir of one of the greatest family traditions in the colonies and became the patriarch of a long line of American patriots – his great-grandfather died at Lutzen beside the great King Gustavus Aldophus of Sweden; his grandfather was one of the founders of New Sweden along the Delaware River in Maryland; one of his nephews was the military secretary to George Washington; another was a signer of the Declaration; still another was a signer of the Constitution; yet another was Governor of Maryland during the Revolution; and still another was a member of the first Congress; two sons were killed in action with the Continental Army; a grandson served as a member of Congress under ...

"What's a Crematorium? What's a Gas Chamber?"
Post Date: 2006-12-02 20:27:10 by A K A Stone
Lucille Eichengreen was born in Hamburg in 1925 to a family with Polish roots. She was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust. Lucille Eichengreen moved to California in 1949. She now frequently talks about her experiences during the Holocaust to schoolchildren and university students. Großbildansicht Monika Zucht / DER SPIEGEL Lucille Eichengreen moved to California in 1949. She now frequently talks about her experiences during the Holocaust to schoolchildren and university students. SPIEGEL: Mrs. Eichengreen, in 1941, along with your mother and your sister, you were deported and taken to the Lodz ghetto. What happened to your family there? Eichengreen: My mother ...

"I Can Still Remember the Piles of Corpses"
Post Date: 2006-12-02 20:24:36 by A K A Stone
Agnes Sassoon was pulled out of school in Budapest one day and sent on her journey through the Nazi concentration camp system. It ended in Bergen Belsen -- she arrived in an ambulance after being shot on the road from Dachau. Agnes Sassoon was born in Czechoslovakia in 1933. After the war ended, she moved to Israel before moving to London in 1958 with her husband. Großbildansicht Monika Zucht / DER SPIEGEL Agnes Sassoon was born in Czechoslovakia in 1933. After the war ended, she moved to Israel before moving to London in 1958 with her husband. SPIEGEL: Ms. Sassoon, how did you come to be separated from your parents? Sassoon: In October 1944 I was attending a Jewish school in ...

The “Holocaust” is a Typical Zionist Myth
Post Date: 2006-11-25 23:26:45 by Dr Tongue
The “Holocaust”  is a Typical Zionist Myth By Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi (Ph.D. International Relations)   1. Introduction 2. Zionist Lies 3. How and Why the “Holocaust” Lies Started 4. Scholars and Historians Deny the “Holocaust” 5. Conclusion     1. IntroductionThe word "holocaust" means an extensive destruction of humans by other humans resulting in the massive loss of life, especially by fire. However, the so-called "holocaust" by Nazi Germany against Jews is actually based on two major lies. The first lie says that the Nazis killed "6 million" Jews. Because this figure is extremely exaggerated, ...

The Sand Creek Massacre
Post Date: 2006-11-19 06:34:35 by cwrwinger
The Sand Creek Massacre Southern Cheyenne November 29, 1864 Colorado Territory during the 1850's and 1860's was a place of phenomenal growth spurred by gold and silver rushes. Miners by the tens of thousands had elbowed their way into mineral fields, dislocating and angering the Cheyennes and Arapahos. The Pike's Peak Gold Rush in 1858 brought the the tension to a boiling point. Tribesmen attacked wagon trains, mining camps, and stagecoach lines during the Civil War, when the military garrisons out west were reduced by the war. One white family died within 20 miles of Denver. This outbreak of violence is sometimes referred to as the Cheyenne-Arapaho War or the Colorado War of 1864-65. ...

Post Date: 2006-10-31 14:45:10 by TLBSHOW
BREAKING NEWS - My thought on the matter is as follows. You wanted to know who would win the house and the senate next week. Mud Boy wanted to know who will win next week. Since you both asked me I gave you the truth as showed me by the God. Which is a gift. God loves to give out gifts to his children. But you know that don't you? Next Tuesday you will see this breaking news all over the world and you have this thread to prove it. Which is the real truth you want to see... You of little faith all you have to do is to believe and love God. Think on the bright side..within a week the truth you seek will be showed.

Blood and Honor
Post Date: 2006-09-26 20:39:51 by A K A Stone
Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor Nurnberg 15 September 1935 Thoroughly convinced by the knowledge that the purity of German blood is essential for the further existence of the German people and animated by the inflexible will to safe-guard the German nation for the entire future, the Reichstag has resolved upon the following law unanimously, which is promulgated herewith: § 1 1.) Marriages between Jews and nationals of German or kindred blood are forbidden. Marriages concluded in defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose of evading this law, they are concluded abroad. 2.) Proceedings for annulment may be initiated only by the Public Prosecutor. ...

George Bush Targets Conspiracy Theorists As Terrorist Recruiters
Post Date: 2006-09-08 09:19:09 by TLBSHOW
September 7, 2006 A document cited by President Bush in his recent speech at the Capital Hilton Hotel on how to 'win the war on terror' cites conspiracies as one of the wellsprings of terrorism and threatens to "address" and "diminish" the problems they are causing the government in fulfilling their agenda. On Tuesday Bush referred to the strategy paper as "an unclassified version of the strategy we've been pursuing since September the 11th, 2001," that takes into account, "the changing nature of this enemy." The document says that terrorism springs from "subcultures of conspiracy and misinformation," and that "terrorists recruit ...

has anyone talked to you about Jesus and God and why you are here?
Post Date: 2006-07-26 18:53:21 by TLBSHOW
Has anyone talked to you about Jesus and God and why you are here? Why you were born to life forever? sIMPLE....starting point to spread the Good News....

Post Date: 2006-07-15 18:17:58 by A K A Stone
The end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 marked the breakup of the Spanish empire in the New World. Between 1815 and 1822 Jose de San Martin led Argentina to independence, while Bernardo O'Higgins in Chile and Simon Bolivar in Venezuela guided their countries out of colonialism. The new republics sought -- and expected -- recognition by the United States, and many Americans endorsed that idea. But President James Monroe and his secretary of state, John Quincy Adams, were not willing to risk war for nations they did not know would survive. From their point of view, as long as the other European powers did not intervene, the government of the United States could just let Spain and her ...

Secrets & lies
Post Date: 2006-07-09 17:44:22 by Jhoffa_
Secrets & lies While researching Kenya, she found shocking truths about the British empire CAMBRIDGE -- Wiry and energetic, the Hugo K. Foster Associate Professor of African Studies at Harvard University coils in her chair and speaks with rapid force about her book that recently won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize. ``I was strongly urged by colleagues not to undertake this project, for two reasons," Caroline Elkins said in an interview at her home, not far from the campus. ``One, they felt it was too politically sensitive. Two, they said there wouldn't be enough information. So, me being me, I decided those were good enough reasons to undertake the project." At 37, Elkins has ...

The George Washington Papers From the Library of Congress 65 thousand documents
Post Date: 2006-07-02 01:39:40 by A K A Stone
The complete George Washington Papers collection from the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress consists of approximately 65,000 documents. This is the largest collection of original Washington documents in the world. Document types in the collection as a whole include correspondence, letterbooks, commonplace books, diaries, journals, financial account books, military records, reports, and notes accumulated by Washington from 1741 through 1799. The collection is organized into nine Series or groupings. Commonplace books, correspondence, and travel journals, document his youth and early adulthood as a Virginia county surveyor and as colonel of the militia during the French and ...

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