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Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank Account Funded by Communist Chinese Gov & Companies Before Election

Van Morrison, Eric Clapton Enrage the Media

'Wake up! Stand up! This is America!': Restaurant owner interrupts news broadcast, urges resistance to COVID-19 state 'tyranny'

Bowyer v. Ducey

What’s Up, Ruby?… BREAKING: Crooked Operative Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots in Georgia After the Room Was Cleared Because of a So-Called Burst Pipe IS IDENTIFIED

Tucker Carlson: ‘We’ve Been Lied to’ About Coronavirus — ‘A Global Fraud that Began Long Before Election Day

Renowned scientist tells Laura Ingraham the Covid-19 vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom’

Episode 1205 Scott Adams: I Tell You How Democrats Pulled off the Perfect (Alleged!) Crime

Leaked video Shows China Forging US Ballots; Will Trump Use Martial Law? | Eye Opener

Investigation of 100-Ballot Sample in Arizona Finds 3% of the Ballots Were Deemed Fraudulent in Favor of Joe Biden – Larger Audit Granted By Court


What Do Communist Brainwashing Techniques And COVID-19 Have In Common?

Faggot lover and possible pedophile Joe Biden Urges Americans to Limit Holiday Travel due to Coronavirus

WE GOT IT! — Col. Waldron Confirms US Has a Copy of the Election Night Data ‘Traffic and Packets’ Sent Overseas to Frankfurt!

Nevada 'fraud': 1,500 ‘dead’ voters, 42,248 voted ‘multiple times,’ RV camps as 'homes'

Video: Pope Francis Takes Off The Mask, Says Christianity Never Recognized Private Property As A Right

PRINCE CARPING Prince Harry suggests Covid was ‘punishment from Mother Nature’ as he launches new Netflix-style nature channel

Neuroscience Says Doing This 1 Thing Makes You Just as Happy as Eating 2,000 Chocolate Bars

Lawmakers bristle after Trump threatens defense bill veto

Newsmax Rises On Wave Of Resentment Toward Media — Especially Fox News

What No One Is Saying About The Lockdowns

CBC Journalist Brags About Ratting Out Worshippers at Church

Dr Mark McDonald talks about his patients and how fear is effecting our country. from The Front;ine Doctor's Summit

Episode 1203 Scott Adams: Biden's Foot, Data Anomalies, Opening Schools, Who Took the Utah Monolith?

“Pandemic is Over” – Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says “Second Wave” Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests

Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it’s re-labeling on a grand scale

A compilation of twenty alleged election 'facts' that don't pass the smell test

Arizona witness: Truck loads of ballots kept coming in for 10 days after elections officials thought they were done counting votes

Watch a Dominion Representative at Gwinnett County Election Central, responsible for tabulating ballots and certifying results, download data to a USB from the Election Management Server, plug it into a laptop, manipulate the data, then palm the USB.

Don’t Want to Eat Cows? Try “Ethical Cannibalism” Instead

Saudi Journalist In Message To Iran Following Normalization Agreements With Israel: Iran, Not Israel, Is The Enemy Of The Arabs, Destabilizes The Region

Down balloT ... proves --- DemocraTs cheaTed

Catch and Cook your own food (Trout Catch Clean Cook) - Ep 4

LIVE: Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

I bought a voting machine....then I hacked it.

Episode 1201 Scott Adams: Watch Me Monetize My Dumbest Critics While Discussing Election Allegations

Trump Reportedly Planning To Announce 2024 Run During Biden’s Inauguration…

Candace Owens Challenges Facebook ‘Fact-Checker’ and Wins: ‘They Lied for Democrats’

“I’m Going to Use 125% of My Energy to Do It” – President Trump Vows to Reveal Massive Voter Fraud and Overturn Results in 2020 Election (VIDEO)

New: FBI requests files of people voting ‘in multiple states’

Update: Data Analyst Says Election Findings Could ‘Easily’ Overturn Results in Three States

Trump Says He’s ‘Ashamed’ to Have Endorsed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

BREAKING UPDATE: Judge Timothy Batten Issues Order to Freeze All Dominion Machines in Georgia!

Trump on Election Fraud: The DOJ and FBI Are ‘Missing in Action’

Situation Update - Nov. 27th - DoD vs. CIA firefight in Frankfurt as covert war against the deep state RAGES across the globe

SCOTUS: Democrat Gov. Cuomo’s Coronavirus Restrictions on Houses of Worship Violate First Amendment Rights

Supreme Court Says New York Can't Limit Attendance In Houses of Worship Due To COVID

Kyle Rittenhouse FINALLY Released on $2 Million Cash Bond

Music Legends Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Team for Anti-Lockdown Anthem ‘Stand and Deliver’

Suit asks Supreme Court to take custody of all election materials for investigation

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Justice Stevens (Ret.) Explains It All: Bush's Presidency Was First Step Toward Fascism
Post Date: 2011-10-13 11:19:31 by Brian S
And now comes retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens to assure the nation that what we thought happened in 2000 really did happen: Five justices kowtowed to the obscene request of an over-reaching mob of democracy molesters to hand the presidency of the United States and leadership of the world as we then knew it to the least son of a family that made its fortune supporting Hitler, and acquired its US political currency when the pater familias worked as second-banana to the most banal leader in modern history, Ronald Reagan. Huffington Post has reported that Stevens wrote, regarding the stay that allowed the execrable Florida recount/revision to take place, “What I still ...

The Real Story of How Israel Was Created
Post Date: 2011-10-11 18:40:18 by Brian S
by ALISON WEIR To better understand the Palestinian bid for membership in the United Nations, it is important to understand the original 1947 UN action on Israel-Palestine. The common representation of Israel’s birth is that the UN created Israel, that the world was in favor of this move, and that the US governmental establishment supported it. All these assumptions are demonstrably incorrect. In reality, while the UN General Assembly recommended the creation of a Jewish state in part of Palestine, that recommendation was non-binding and never implemented by the Security Council. Second, the General Assembly passed that recommendation only after Israel proponents threatened and ...

15 Years & Smears With Fox News
Post Date: 2011-10-08 13:29:04 by Brian S
As Fox News celebrates its 15th anniversary, Media Matters looks back on 15 of the network's most outlandish smears since 2004. Fox News: Kerry Just Loves His Manicures. Loves them! On October 1, 2004, Fox chief political correspondent Carl Cameron wrote a fake news story about Sen. John Kerry receiving a manicure before a debate and included false quotes like "'Didn't my nails and cuticles look great? What a good debate!' Kerry said Friday" and "'Women should like me! I do manicures,' Kerry said." The network subsequently issued a retraction and an apology. But this "stupid mistake" was not the only time Fox ridiculed Sen. Kerry for ...

The Sphinx Decoded?
Post Date: 2011-10-02 20:43:22 by A K A Stone
"The first time I went to Egypt and saw the Sphinx with my own eyes, I was deeply shocked," writes Robert Temple, Ph.D in his recent book (with Olivia Temple), The Sphinx Mystery, for "the Sphinx did not look at all like a lion." Everyone knows that the Great Sphinx, ensconced for millennia on the Giza plateau near modern-day Cairo, is a lion with a man's head; specifically the head of the Pharaoh Chephren, thought by archaeologists to have built the Sphinx during Egypt's Old Kingdom, roughly the mid-third millennium B.C. But Robert Temple, try as he might, could see no lion: For one thing, the back of the monument, the spine (as it were) of the animal, is ...

BMW dynasty breaks silence over Nazi past
Post Date: 2011-09-29 14:13:17 by Sebastian
The dynasty behind the German car manufacturer BMW has broken its silence over its dark Nazi past and admitted to using forced labourers in its factories and profiting from the "aryanisation" of Jewish businesses. The Quandt family empire, which became a major shareholder in BMW after the Second World War building it up to become one of the most desirable car brands, launched a project to investigate its Nazi-era activities after unpleasant revelations were aired in a 2007 TV documentary. The ensuing research using company files from the 12-year period of the Third Reich has established the depth of collaboration between the family patriarch, Günther Quandt and his son ...

President Lyndon Johnson using the "N" word.
Post Date: 2011-09-07 11:37:36 by A K A Stone

LBJ talks about his nuts and bunghole
Post Date: 2011-09-07 10:48:01 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:"The crotch where your nuts are" Lyndon Johnson "You never do have much margin there lets see if you cant leave me about an inch where the zipper ends belch ends where the zipper ends to my bunghole" Lyndon Johnson

1775 document: Colonists asked pacifists to pay
Post Date: 2011-09-05 18:24:37 by A K A Stone
LITITZ, Pa. (AP) -- In a fledgling nation hungry for men to fight in the American Revolution, conscientious objectors were frequently greeted with scorn and their loyalty was questioned. As war approached, leaders in Pennsylvania's Lancaster County sought to ease tensions by urging the growing number of German immigrants with religious objections to war to demonstrate their patriotism by giving as much money as they could afford to the revolutionary cause. The proposition is spelled out in a July 11, 1775, public notice known as a "broadside," which is on display at the Moravian Archives & Museum here. Experts recently confirmed it as the only known English-language ...

Chamberlain's secret bid to reach a deal with Hitler, revealed in newly released documents
Post Date: 2011-09-04 00:23:05 by Sebastian
British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain held secret talks with Hitler's henchmen to work out ways of making the Nazis look more sympathetic to ordinary Britons, classified documents released last week reveal. The cloak-and-dagger meetings in London came shortly after Chamberlain signed his disastrous appeasement deal with Hitler in Munich in September 1938, declaring 'peace for our time' on his return to Britain. The meetings were held without the knowledge of the Cabinet and Foreign Office. Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax only learned of them later because of an MI5 mole in the German embassy. Secrets: Recently released documents show Neville Chamberlain (left) tried to ...

Fury as Virginia considers limiting Confederate flag displays in town where civil war generals are buried
Post Date: 2011-09-02 21:46:14 by Sebastian
Crowds of Confederate Veteran demonstrators rallied yesterday to protest against plans to limit the flying of the Confederate flag in rural Virginia.The flag of Dixie has long caused controversy as a divisive symbol between northern and southern American states, with officials in Lexington, Virginia, trying to limit its use.The Sons of Confederate Veterans rallied yesterday to oppose plans to limit flags on downtown poles in the city where Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson are buried. Flying the flag: Demonstrators from the Sons of Confederate Veterans take part in a rally against plans to limit use of the Confederate flag Taking a stand: ...

Buchanan: Looking Back at 'The Good War'
Post Date: 2011-09-02 18:42:39 by Brian S
In the early morning hours of Sept. 1, 1939, 72 years ago, the German army crossed the Polish frontier. On Sept. 3, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, having received no reply to his ultimatum demanding a German withdrawal, declared that a state of war now existed between Great Britain and Germany. The empire followed the mother country in. The second world war was on. It would last six years, carry off scores of millions and end with Germany in ruins, half of Europe under Josef Stalin's rule and the British Empire on the way to collapse. Though it may prove to be the mortal wound that brings about the death of the West, most today accept World War II as inevitable, indeed ...

When American Was Free
Post Date: 2011-08-31 21:33:40 by jwpegler

Remembering Ireland and Fighting for the Union
Post Date: 2011-08-30 20:31:16 by CZ82
Remembering Ireland and Fighting for the Union By Thomas J. Craughwell from the July/August 2011 issue Civil war historians and enthusiasts will argue over the greatest Confederate general, or whether Mary Todd Lincoln was certifiable or just a bit quirky. But when it comes to naming the greatest Union fighting outfit, most will agree it was the Irish Brigade. Comprised of the 63rd, 69th, and 88th New York Infantry Regiments, and eventually the 116th Pennsylvania and the 28th Massachusetts, the Irish Brigade fought in every major battle of the eastern theater of the war, from Bull Run to Appomattox. And they lost more casualties than any other brigade—approximately 4,000. Their ...

'This is 21st Century racism and apartheid': Cherokee Indian tribe expels all slave descendants
Post Date: 2011-08-27 18:30:25 by Sebastian
The nation's second-largest Indian tribe formally booted from membership thousands of descendants of black slaves who were brought to Oklahoma more than 170 years ago by Native American owners.The Cherokee nation voted after the Civil War to admit the slave descendants to the tribe.But on Monday, the tribe's Supreme Court ruled that a 2007 tribal decision to kick the so-called 'Freedmen' out of the tribe could be upheld.Scroll down for video Heritage: The case centred on whether the descendants of black slaves taken in by Native American owners should be deemed official members The controversy stems from a footnote in the brutal history of U.S. treatment of Native ...

Georgia Southern University digs at newly discovered WAR between the States POW camp
Post Date: 2011-08-20 21:46:13 by Mad Dog
In 2009, Georgia Southern University's Department of Sociology and Anthropology began a project to investigate the archeology at Camp Lawton, a Civil War prisoner of war camp situated in Jenkins County, Georgia. Working with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, archeologists used the drawings of Private Robert Knox Sneden, a prisoner at the camp, to designate several initial survey areas and to identify the likely location of the camp stockade. About that same time, we learned that Dr. John Derden of East Georgia College was completing a history of Camp Lawton. His knowledge and expertise provided valuable guidance to the archeological ...

NAACP President Compares Black Unemployment To Rodney King Beating; Says Blacks Better Off In The 1800’s
Post Date: 2011-08-11 20:43:30 by CZ82
NAACP President Compares Black Unemployment To Rodney King Beating; Says Blacks Better Off In The 1800’s by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Recently in downtown Los Angeles, NAACP President Ben Jealous held a press conference to kick off his group’s 102nd annual convention. His remarks came just two days before our newly formed South Central L.A. Tea Party held a major rally to expose the lies and racism of the NAACP. During the press conference Jealous was asked about the black-led Tea Party group and about details of a recent closed-door meeting he and other liberal black leaders had with President Barack Obama. What you will see in the following video and read from the partial ...

Why Capitalism Is Worth Defending
Post Date: 2011-07-29 16:05:00 by Capitalist Eric
As Obama demonizes the wealthy and pitches a dozen plans to restructure the economy, opponents of this program need a reminder of what exactly we’re fighting for. We are resisting bureaucracy, central planning, and encroachments on our freedom and communities. Yet this does not get to the heart of the matter. We are not only an opposition movement, countering the president and his partisans’ agenda. More fundamentally, we stand in defense of the greatest engine of material prosperity in human history, the fount of civilization, peace, and modernity: Capitalism. Many regard it a dirty word and it is tarnished most of all by its supposed guardians. Wall Street giants fancy ...

Post Date: 2011-07-11 15:47:26 by A K A Stone
TEL EL-SAFI, Israel (AP) — At the remains of an ancient metropolis in southern Israel, archaeologists are piecing together the history of a people remembered chiefly as the bad guys of the Hebrew Bible. The city of Gath, where the annual digging season began this week, is helping scholars paint a more nuanced portrait of the Philistines, who appear in the biblical story as the perennial enemies of the Israelites. Close to three millennia ago, Gath was on the frontier between the Philistines, who occupied the Mediterranean coastal plain, and the Israelites, who controlled the inland hills. The city’s most famous resident, according to the Book of Samuel, was Goliath — ...

Confederate Flag License Plate Sparks Debate (Texas)
Post Date: 2011-06-24 22:28:43 by Hondo68
FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) -- Would you buy a license plate with a Confederate flag on it? State officials are looking at possibly launching a new Texas state license plate honoring veterans of the War Between the States. Mr. Hilary Shelton, with the NAACP in Washington, D.C., said that the Civil War may not be something we want to celebrate. “When many look at that history, we think about it in terms of secession, that is we were seceding from the Union in the southern parts of the country,” explained Shelton. “Many would view that, quite frankly, as treason, because they meant to actually destroy the existing governmental structure. But when we dig deeper, the issue becomes ...

Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie and the Rescue of Roger Locher
Post Date: 2011-06-24 19:13:25 by CZ82

Post Date: 2011-06-03 22:20:06 by Mad Dog
Jidaigeki (78;É95;Ó27;) is a genre of film, television, and theatre in Japan. The name means "period drama," and the period is usually the Edo period of Japanese history, from 1603 to 1868. Some, however, are set much earlier — Portrait of Hell, for example, is set during the late Heian period — and the early Meiji era is also a popular setting. Jidaigeki show the lives of the samurai, farmers, craftsmen, and merchants of this time. Jidaigeki films are sometimes referred to as chambara movies, a word meaning "sword fight", though chambara is really a sub group. They have a set of dramatic conventions including the use of makeup, language, ...

Why Arafat is Looking to Bush
Post Date: 2011-05-21 12:52:38 by lucysmom
Yasser Arafat's qualified "yes" to President Clinton33;s proposals also looks a lot like a "no." What's his game? "Arafat is under more pressure than he's ever been. First he's pressured by the Americans to sign a deal. But then he's pressured by his own people, and by some of the most important Arab countries, not to sign. Arafat knows that saying no to Clinton is something very dangerous, but that accepting the American proposals is also very dangerous. So he has to find a formula in which he can appear to be both accepting them and rejecting them. snip So will the pro-Western Arab regimes encourage Arafat to make a deal? "Over ...

Tostig Godwinson Brother and Traitor to the King
Post Date: 2011-05-21 08:40:29 by A K A Stone
Born around the year 1025, Tostig was the third son of the power Earl Godwin and the younger brother to the future King Harold. For most of his early life, he lived in the shadow of his two older brothers. In 1051, he married Judith the daughter of Count Baldwin IV of Flanders, which cemented an already powerful alliance between the two families. In 1055, when Earl Siward died, King Edward named Tostig the Earl of Northumbria, Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire. The most important of these was Northumbria, which at the time was a lawless domain, ruled by bandits and robbers. With the backing of his powerful family, Tostig was able to impose new laws and round up the outlaws that had ...

Early Days of US Involvement in VN [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2011-04-20 11:12:45 by sneakypete
Poster Comment:This is a documentary type thing from the early days in VN about Special Forces involvement in recruiting and training the locals. Notice the guys are still wearing regular fatigues,white name tags,and gold stripes,and they are all still carrying WW-2 weapons. Not real sure of the year,but I was issued a full-auto AR-15 and jungle fatigues when I got to Bragg in 64. Which means this was probably a team that was TDY from the 5th while it was still at Bragg. IIRC,the 5th deployed to VN in 65,and by then they should have all been wearing jungle fatigues.

Lincoln’s Religion, His Belief about God and Christianity
Post Date: 2011-04-16 20:02:29 by Sebastian
$35,000 The Original of William H. Herndon’s Famous Letter of Revelations on Lincoln’s Religion “He…was a Theist & a Rationalist, denying all extraordinary – supernatural inspiration or revelation…doubting the immortality of the soul as the Christian world understands that term. He believed that the soul lost its identity and was immortal as a force.” On Lincoln the man and the politician: “He’s the purest politician I ever saw, and the justest man.” William H. Herndon was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1844, and late that year formed a partnership with Abraham Lincoln in Springfield. They practiced for 17 years together, and no one ...

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