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With These Figures, It's No Shock Why Republicans Got Swept by Democrats in Georgia

Domestic Terrorist?" - Leftist BLM Activist Who Stormed Capitol On Jan. 6 Arrested, Charged - John Earle Sullivan

The Republican Party Killed Itself

Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon


Could Joe Biden face impeachment?

Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

Hold Twitter To Account

Incitement, Insurrection, Impeachment, Imperiousness, and Idiocy

Dems want to bring down anyone who ever backed Trump: Goodwin

Uganda Bans Twitter

Big Corporate Uses Capitol Riots To Push Communist-Style Social Credit System On Americans

Worst people on planet

Gluttons for boot news.



Big Tech’s War on Free Speech

GOP Can't Afford to Leave Trump's Voters Behind

North Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Facebook, Twitter on Its Service Over Censorship

ACLU warns of ‘unchecked power’ of big tech for banning Trump amid calls for investigation of Amazon, Google and Apple

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney explained Everything TACTICAL DECEPTION, THE STING, THE DATA


Pelosi And Wimp Portland Mayor Wheeler Conspired And Planned To Blame The Riots On Trump...Nutty Nancy Urges Limp-Wristed Wheeler To Stick To The 'Democrat (Communist) 'Play Book' - Is Nancy's Laptop Starting To Leak?


The Most Trusted Voice In America


MAGA forever

Photos & Videos: BLM Activist John Sullivan Who Stormed The US Capitol Says That The Secret Has Been In Contact With Him - Far-Left Activists Have Raised Suspicion That He Is A Federal Agent Provocateur

US Attorney launches federal excessive force investigation into death of Trump-supporting Air Force vet who was shot dead as rioters breached the Capitol

The white backlash has begun. Again.

Pentagon Officials Say Pelosi Asked Them To Stage A Military Coup Against President Trump

WATCH: Armed Antifa Attack Trump Supporters, Cops in San Diego

Musical interlude

Video: A Whole Plane Of Trump Supporters Kicked Off A Flight For Singing The National Anthem - Singing the National Anthem Is Now Domestic Terrorist Behavior

Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump

Nikki Haley




Media endorsed violence


GOP Party



Posted Articles Urgently Needed

Senile, lame brain calls protesters 'domestic terrorists'

We Ain’T ... Going To SubmiT --- We Won’T ForgeT

Why Aren't Elections Over by 8 p.m.?

Goodbye to 2020; Hello to a Gruesome 2021

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The Climate Change War Heats Up
Post Date: 2015-04-15 14:53:55 by tpaine
canadafreepress.com The Climate Change War Heats Up Failed “global warming” hoax is a war on our entire economic system, capitalism Author By Alan Caruba April 15, 2015 | Comments| Print friendly | There is so much at stake for the charlatans that have foisted the failed “global warming” hoax, followed by the equally dubious claims and predictions regarding “climate change”, that it should come as no surprise that they have begun to wage a propaganda war on the courageous scientists who led the struggle to educate the public about the truth and the organizations who supported their efforts. Along the way, many groups and publications claiming scientific ...

Rand Paul Campaign Sends Cease-And-Desist To Stations Running Iran Attack Ad (+New attack VIDEO)
Post Date: 2015-04-09 17:21:37 by Hondo68
Paul’s lawyers claim the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America is running false and defamatory ads. The intra-Republican Iran fight could be ugly. Darren Mccollester / Getty ImagesWASHINGTON — A lawyer for the Rand Paul campaign has sent a legal notice to TV stations that ran a hawkish attack ad based on Paul’s views on Iran, calling the ad defamatory and asking stations to stop showing it. The letter is an objection to a million-dollar ad buy by a group called the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, led by Republican operative Rick Reed. The ad, which launched in early primary states on the day of Paul’s presidential campaign announcement, ...

Senator Cruz Tells Rich Donors He's Not Really "All That Conservative"
Post Date: 2015-04-09 02:12:34 by Hondo68
In 2012, Mitt Romney was suspected of being a closet moderate. Indeed, while he was a candidate for U.S. senator of Massachusetts in 1994 and governor of the Bay State from 2003 to 2007, it was Romney's conservatism, if there was any, that was kept in the closet. So when he was seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 2008 and again in 2012, he had to assert, again and again, his conservative credentials. And in 2012, he declared, "I'm severely conservative." But Ted Cruz? Not so much, it seems. The primary campaigns for president in 2016 are still not formally underway, though the White House hopefuls are surely jockeying for position — and money. But winning ...

Scientists Say New Study Is A ‘Death Blow’ To Global Warming Hysteria
Post Date: 2015-04-01 09:07:20 by tpaine
dailycaller.com Scientists Say New Study Is A ‘Death Blow’ To Global Warming Hysteria A new study out of Germany casts further doubt on the so-called global warming “consensus” by suggesting the atmosphere may be less sensitive to increases in carbon dioxide emissions than most scientists think. A study by scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology found that man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought. Why is this big news? It means increases in carbon dioxide emissions likely cause less warming than most climate models suggest. What do aerosols have to do with ...

March to martial law? Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest
Post Date: 2015-03-30 11:04:42 by Hondo68
As elite branches of the US military prepare to hold military training in seven southwest states, with some troops operating incognito among civilians, some Americans fear the training is actually preparation for imposing martial law. Operation Jade Helm, which is scheduled to kick off in July and run for eight weeks, will involve the participation of 1,200 troops from the US military’s most elite fighting forces, including Green Berets, Navy SEALS and Special Operations from the Air Force and Marines. The troops will be participating in what has been called Realistic Military Training in towns in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah. In an effort to ...

Marco Rubio may have presidential announcement date: April 13 at Freedom Tower (Cuban American Museum)
Post Date: 2015-03-29 13:47:03 by Hondo68
In February, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., delivered remarks during the graduation of small business owners from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program held at the Freedom Tower. Marco Rubio has reserved the Freedom Tower in downtown Miami for an undisclosed event April 13, which appears to be a potential, if not likely, spot for Florida’s junior senator to announce his candidacy for president.A Rubio adviser stressed nothing has been nailed down for any kind of announcement, but the timing makes sense: Likely presidential candidate Rand Paul is expected to make things official April 7, followed by a five-day, five-state announcement tour, so Rubio presumably would not want to ...

Liberty University students protest mandatory Cruz convocation - $10 fine (tax?)
Post Date: 2015-03-23 15:06:37 by Hondo68
Rand Paul supporters at Ted Cruz's speech at Liberty University, March 23, 2015. LYNCHBURG, Va.—Sen.  Ted Cruz took the stage to declare his presidential candidacy at Liberty University Monday, surrounded by upwards of 10,000 cheering students. They weren't all here by choice. Attendance at convocation at Liberty is mandatory, and a group of students clad in "Stand With Rand" shirts sat center stage—directly in view of the cameras—to log their displeasure with having to be here. "Of course, you want it to appear as if you have a large audience," said Eli McGowan, who organized the not-so-subtle protest. "We felt like if we didn't wear ...

Obama Rolls Out Plan to Use UN to Circumvent Congress on Israel, Iran
Post Date: 2015-03-19 20:15:23 by cranky
In the aftermath of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s big electoral win on Tuesday, the Obama administration reportedly seeks to use the United Nations as a club with which to beat those recalcitrant Jews into line. According to Foreign Policy, the Obama administration may stop blocking United Nations efforts to “call for the resumption of political talks to conclude a final peace settlement” between Israelis and Palestinians. The fact that the United Nations wants to force Israel, a fully functioning diverse democracy, into negotiating with a terrorist regime led by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the institution. But more ...

Senate Cybersecurity Bill Is 'Surveillance By Another Name,' Says Lone Senator Who Voted Against It
Post Date: 2015-03-14 23:12:29 by Hondo68
U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden says the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act passed by the Senate Intelligence Committee is a "surveillance bill by another name." Reuters All but one of the 15 members of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee voted in favor of a cybersecurity bill Thursday. The measure would allow government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security to exchange information with private companies about data breaches and hacking threats.Called the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA), the bill would give companies that share data about threats liability protections, allowing them to report more information about cyberthreats to the public. The ...

Former Mossad chief blasts Netanyahu government at Tel Aviv rally
Post Date: 2015-03-07 18:56:58 by Hondo68
Maj. Gen. (res.) Dagan tells massive crowd at Rabin Square 'change' rally that 'Israel is in the worst crisis since its creation' after six years of Netanyahu's leadership. Former Mossad chief Maj. Gen. (res.) Meir Dagan slammed the current administration on Saturday night in front of a crowd of some 80,000 at a rally in Rabin Square. "I fear our current leadership," he said, warning that the Gaza war "ended with no deterrence and no diplomatic achievements." "I am here as a soldier who wants to do everything required and possible for the state that I have dedicated 45 years to defend. I have no other aspirations," he told a receptive crowd ...

UN Drug Czar Attacks U.S. States for Ending Cannabis Prohibition
Post Date: 2015-03-06 08:45:37 by Deckard
The UN’s army of drug warriors has been meeting in Vienna to plan a response and demand obedience to its global drug-control regimeWith four American states so far having defied the United Nations and the federal government by ending marijuana prohibition, the UN’s army of drug warriors has been meeting in Vienna to plan a response and demand obedience to its global drug-control regime. Uruguay is also in UN crosshairs, with the planetary body’s prohibition bureaucrats vowing to dispatch a “high-level mission” to the South American nation in a bid to have the cannabis plant re-criminalized in accordance with UN narcotics treaties. However, resistance to UN demands ...

Fear of Terrorism Can Destroy Your Health … But There’s Good News
Post Date: 2015-02-25 13:44:09 by Hondo68
Fear of Terrorism Can Kill You Fear of terrorism can kill you: A new study has found that long-term exposure to the threat of terrorism can elevate people’s resting heart rates and increase their risk of dying. The study of more than 17,000 Israelis is the first statistics-based study, and the largest of its kind, that indicates that fear induced by consistent exposure to the threat of terrorism can lead to negative health consequences and increase the risk of mortality, according to researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The scientists explain: “We found that fear of terrorism and existential anxiety may disrupt the control processes using acetylcholine, causing a ...

The Men Behind the Curtain
Post Date: 2015-02-22 11:28:50 by Deckard
"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." -Mayer Rothschild. For most people, facing the truth is a hard thing to do. It is so much easier to simply ignore the obvious than it is to make the necessary, hard decisions that are required once we know the truth. Facing the truth takes courage. Dealing with the truth demands courage. But ignoring harsh reality is cowardly. As I often say, "Silence isn't golden, it's yellow." As any "therapist" will tell you, the first step to healing is admitting the truth about your condition. An alcoholic will never seek treatment until he admits he has a problem. A gambler will never ...

Rand Paul On The Federal Government: ‘Shut The Damn Thing Down’
Post Date: 2015-02-13 12:36:10 by Hondo68
AP Photo/Andrew A. Nelles Speaking at the American Spectator Gala in Washington D.C. last night, Sen. Rand Paul delighted the crowd with a strong anti-government speech. He began with a defense of the government shutdown in 2013, pointing out that many Americans in “fly-over country” didn’t really care, and only a third of government was shut down at the time. Paul blamed Obama for shutting down national parks and national monuments to raise public concern, praising World War II veterans for ignoring the barriers placed in front of their monument in Washington D.C. “I tell people who don’t understand America, don’t understand that we need to shut the damn thing ...

In Alabama ... We Dare Defend --- our Rights
Post Date: 2015-02-13 11:03:08 by BorisY
ALGOP >> ALGOP News >> Chairman's Corner >> In Alabama: We Dare Defend our Rights Posted on February 11, 2015 I have just returned from a week in Israel where I visited many holy sites from both the Old and New Testament. I walked where Jesus walked in Galilee, Nazareth, Jerusalem and other sites. I stood where Abraham stood at the gate at the City of Dan, the northern most city of the kingdom of Israel, where he rescued his nephew Lot. Scripture comes alive more than ever as you come to realize much of what you see of God’s chosen land is what was seen by Jesus and those who lived in Biblical times, like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It also solidifies the ...

The Rand Paul Debate Society (ankle biters King, Bolton, Graham - attack)
Post Date: 2015-02-09 21:27:22 by Hondo68
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul address attendees during the Republican National Committee spring meeting at the Peabody hotel in Memphis, Tenn., May 9, 2014.Photo by William DeShazer/The Commercial Appeal/AP New York Rep. Pete King knows he’s a long shot for the GOP presidential nomination. He has little national following, no campaign organization, and must constantly remind people he’s considering a run to keep his name in the mix at all. But if King doesn’t make it to the White House, he’ll happily settle for another victory: Making sure Rand Paul doesn’t get there either. “I want to take advantage of the opportunity of my name being there to get around and ...

Katy Perry rides the beast – America’s Super Bowl holy day
Post Date: 2015-02-02 11:24:32 by Deckard
Jay’s Analysis More Mass Media Liturgical Psychodrama Well, my first full Super Bowl – losing my S card. was a panacea of propaganda and sensory stimulatory overload.  From pop country music to troops everywhere to jets flying around and Katy Perry, the Stupor Bowl was everything I hoped it would be.  Losing my Super Bowl virginity, I’m now in love – with Amerika, with freedom, and with fast food.  I’m still basking in my blue flavor Gatorade corn syrup shower, quivering over “eagerness for balls” like Bob Costas during the pregame show discussing faux “conspiracy theories” like #deflategate (and #spygate). But now, ...

NYPD Launches Plan to Deal with Protests – Arm Police with Long Rifles, Machines Guns and Extra Protective Gear
Post Date: 2015-01-31 15:29:43 by Hondo68
Murders reached a historic low in NYC for 2014; overall crime was down across the board by nearly 5%; hell, even the holiday slowdown didn’t really lead to any additional crime. So clearly, now is the time when NYC really needs to implement a new anti-terrorism program which would empower a team of NYPD officers to roam around the city carrying machine guns. What could go wrong? This new squad will be used to investigate and combat terrorist plots, lone wolf terrorists, and… protests. “It is designed for dealing with events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai or what just happened in Paris,” Bratton said, according to CBS. – From the Gothamist ...

Putin nationalist calls for Austria to be incorporated into Russia dominated 'Eurasian empire'
Post Date: 2015-01-31 04:40:11 by out damned spot
Russian nationalist ideologue Alexander Dugin, who has close links to Vladimir Putin's Kremlin, has described his vision of a Russian lead 'Eurasian empire', incorporating Austria, as well as Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. Dugin, who has called for Russia to completely annex Ukraine and exterminate Ukrainians, made the comments in an interview with far-right Hungarian website alfahir.hu, and declares his belief in the necessity of a Eurasian empire to counteract the influence of the "nihilistic" West. He said that he envisions an end to nation states, with a US-led western block facing off against a Eurasian Union that would stretch as far west as Austria. ...

Immigration, Outsourcing And Now Fast-Tracking TPP–When Will GOP Stand Up For Americans?
Post Date: 2015-01-31 00:51:58 by nativist nationalist
Last November, Republicans grew their strength in Congress to levels unseen since 1946. What united the party and rallied the nation was the GOP’s declared resolve to stand up to an imperious president. Give us powerful new majorities, said John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and we shall halt these usurpations of Congressional power. And, so, what is the first order of business now in the Ways and Means Committee of Paul Ryan and Senate Finance Committee of Orrin Hatch? “The first thing we ought to do,” says Ryan, “is pass trade promotion authority.” Trade promotion authority, or “fast track,” is a synonym for Congress’s surrender of all rights to ...

After Crying “Conspiracy Theory,” CNN Touts North American Union
Post Date: 2015-01-30 15:13:57 by Deckard
Just a few years ago, it was all a baseless “conspiracy theory.” Now, promotion of a European Union-style merger between the United States, Mexico, and Canada is being shouted from the rooftops — by U.S. taxpayer-funded globalists writing in the very same media outlet, CNN, that tried to ridicule GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul over the North American Union issue just a few years ago. Indeed, according to the recent opinion piece by two mid-level operatives for the “New America Foundation,” the future of the United States does not rest with the U.S. Constitution, “We the People,” or even the Supreme Court. Instead, it “lies in North America,” ...

Why Elites And Psychopaths Are Useless To Society
Post Date: 2015-01-28 10:11:58 by Deckard
The ultimate and final goal of evil is to obscure and destroy our very conception of evil itself, to change the inherent moral fiber of all humanity until people can no longer recognize what is right and what is wrong. Evil is not a wisp of theological myth or a simplistic explanation for the aberrant behaviors of the criminal underbelly; rather, it is a tangible and ever present force in our world. It exists in each and every one of us. All men do battle with this force for the entirety of our lives in the hope that when we leave this Earth, we will leave it better and not worse. When evil manifests among organized groups of people in the halls of power, power by itself is not always ...

"Climate Change" Forecasters Fail on Blizzard "snowmageddon" predictions (Media and Police State exploit fake crisis )
Post Date: 2015-01-27 11:57:27 by Liberator
Weather forecasters are apologizing for over-exaggerating what was just two days ago being predicted to be the “worst ever” blizzard to hit the eastern US, and yet we’re simultaneously supposed to believe 100-year climate models that purport to show the earth being devastated by global warming. After Governors in six states declared emergencies, with some threatening to order police to arrest anyone who drove during the snowstorm, the blizzard turned out to be a great deal more benign than the doomsday headlines just 24 hours before had billed it. The “snowmaggedon” that was forecast by meteorologists to top 2006′s record of 26.9 inches of snow in New York ...

Handcuffs, Leg Shackles and Tasers: The New Face of Punishment in the Public Schools
Post Date: 2015-01-27 11:36:52 by Hondo68
Roughly 1500 kids are tied up or locked down every day by school officials in the United StatesImage Credits: Pingnews / Flickr“In many parts of the country, teachers are viewed as beyond reproach, much like doctors, police officers, or clergy … and, therefore, are rarely challenged about their classroom conduct. In some cases, this means that actions that would be considered criminal if committed by a parent remain unchallenged by law enforcement if they occur in a school setting.”—Senator Tom Harkin, “Dangerous Use of Seclusion and Restraints in Schools Remains Widespread and Difficult to Remedy: A Review of Ten Cases” Roughly 1500 kids are tied up or locked ...

The New World Order is Real : AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE
Post Date: 2015-01-23 18:25:32 by Deckard
AFP PODCASTDave Dionisi, former United States military intelligence officer and corporate executive, is the founder and president of the Teach Peace Foundation, an organization working to educate people in the U.S. and around the world about the New World Order (NWO), specifically the dangers that this secretive cartel pose to the planet.Dave sat down with Dave Gahary to discuss the NWO, Freemasonry, and the importance of 9-11 in understanding this elite organization, and discusses the first book in his five-part series, Vigilant Christian I: The New World Order, in this informative interview (27:37). Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ...

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