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‘MAGA’ Model Katie Williams Stripped of Miss Nevada 2019 Crown for ‘Being a Conservative’

Conspiracy Theories From The Elders of Zion to Epstein's Youngsters

Trump tells Republicans he may begin cutting social security and Medicare if he wins in 2020

David Koch, billionaire industrialist and libertarian political activist, dies at 79

San Francisco Changes Term 'Convicted Felons' To More Politically Correct 'Elected Officials'

Elizabeth Warren Is The Worst Of The Bunch

Why No Congressional Investigation into Epstein’s Intelligence Connections?

Know Your Ruby Ridge Apologists

Manufacturing Mass Fascism Hysteria

Hot Rod Heart (John Fogerty Still Kicks Ass)

Spending on Defense Is One Great Big Lie

American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize the Nation Is Working

Newsweek: Time to Rethink Taboo on Cannibalism?

TRIGGERED: Anti-Socialist Parody of ‘Monopoly’ Board Game Enrages Leftist History Professor

Sharing Memes – Man Ends Up Red Flagged

Pre-Crime Hysteria Sweeps the Nation as Dozens are Arrested for Making Internet and Social Media ‘Threats’

Court Rules Cop Who Shot Unarmed 15-Year-Old Is Protected by Qualified Immunity

Florida Cops Arrest a 15-Year-Old Boy for Joking About Perpetrating a Mass Shooting

The Republican Party is never going back [to Reaganism]

Will Joe Walsh’s primary challenge to Trump backfire?

Detroit man charged with murder in death of girl, 9, who was killed by pit bulls

Trump May Issue Exec Order Ending Citizenship For Babies Of Illegal Immigrants: Calls It ‘Frankly Ridiculous’

Afghan forces and U.S. coalition allies have killed more civilians in 2019 than the Taliban

Five elderly men and an 85-year-old woman are arrested for 'having public sex in a Connecticut woodland'

Fresno police officer punches innocent teen multiple times

Could CANNABIS be the Key to Curing Pancreatic Cancer?

Philly Cop-Shooter Was Federal Informant

Secretive warfare training being staged in 21 North Carolina counties, Army says

Cleveland cop allegedly filmed himself urinating on girl at school bus stop

Michigan Court of Appeals Has Reversed the Felony Assault Convictions of a Gun Owner Who Acted in Self-Defense

Saloon owner: Nugget, Sparks city officials strong-arming him to raise prices

‘I am the chosen one’

The Process of Damockrisy

Portrait of a Politician

If “Emissions” Actually Mattered . . .

Happy Birthday, Ron

Law Enforcement To Flag & Spy On "Future" Criminals

Joe Biden's brain surgeon is defending Joe Biden's brain

Seth Rich Murder Update: FBI Claims They Didn’t Investigate but NSA Claims Can’t Disclose Files Due to Matter of National Security

Bartow sheriff's deputy fired, fiancee arrested over confrontation

LAPD Shoots Unarmed Homeless Man over Noise Complaint from Neighbor

Siege at Ruby Ridge: The Forgotten History of the ATF Shootout That Started a Militia Movement

Republican Palestinian-American is sole vote against anti-Semitism monitor

Oberlin College is a microcosm of our society ... The governing class assumes we must be motivated by racism - white supremacy - sexism - patriarchy - Naziism - fascism - etc - etc - etc - by all things bad.

Just A Few Points To Ponder

Planned Parenthood abandons Title X federal funds after Trump rule prohibits abortion referrals

Antidepressants AGAIN: Dayton shooter found to have mind-altering SSRI drugs in his system

HOTCARS Are Coming

NYPD Cop Danny Pantaleo Fired over Eric Garner's Death; Loses Retirement Pension

'I'm not happy with it': Trump hits Fox News over poll results

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GOLDI!!! The Musical...
Post Date: 2010-05-19 09:00:24 by war
#12. To: Itzlzha (#0) Specter is now a spectator. Specter is now just a speck. Specter is just like Hannibal Leckter...a cannabal who eats his own (R). Specter can no longer lecture. --- Ding dong the witch is gone which old Witch the Specter witch Ding Dong the Spector witch is gone!! Goldi-Lox posted on 2010-05-19 8:58:43 ET Reply Trace

Goldi: There Is NO Such Thing As A "Southerner"
Post Date: 2010-05-18 10:48:21 by war
#41. To: robertpaulsen (#40) (Edited) I'd call him an Arab, or an Egyptian depending on his/her origin. Or possibly, a Syrian, a Jordanian, an Iraqi, an Iranian, a Saudi, a Kuwaiti, etc. Never a Palestinian...as it was never a nation/state/country etc. People of a REGION don't carry the name of the region. Do they call people who live in the Gobi Desert...Gobians? Or people who live in the Sahara Desert Saharians. It just gets damned silly/foolish...when you play it out. Goldi-Lox posted on 2010-05-17 15:19:13 ET Reply Trace

Coprolalia: The excessive and uncontrollable use of foul or obscene language
Post Date: 2010-05-15 21:23:56 by Jethro Tull
Coprolalia: The excessive and uncontrollable use of foul or obscene language, including words related to feces (bowel waste). Coprolalia is a typical symptom of Tourette syndrome, a condition that has its onset in childhood and is characterized by compulsive arm movements, facial tics, grunting, groaning and shouting. Aside from coprolalia, there is often echolalia, the involuntary parrot-like repetition (echoing) of a word or sentence just spoken by another person. Persons with Tourette syndrome do not usually curse out of anger or displeasure but out of uncontrollable compulsion. They cannot help themselves. (The disease is also called Gilles de la Tourette syndrome.) Coprolalia can ...

Mad Dog Teaches Us About Economics [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2010-05-14 23:53:32 by Biff Tannen
#4. To: jwpegler (#0) ALL fiat money systems in all of human history have FAILED. They ALWAYS will, because there is no intrinsic value to said currencies, and "trust me" just ain't gonna get it long term wise. Fiat money systems are tools used by centralized power structures as a means of economic and political control. Today an ounce of fine gold will buy about the same amount of goods that it would buy a hundred years ago, even though the dollar "value" of that ounce of fine gold has gone several orders of magnitude up through the roof. This is a FACT of life. Like gravity. Mad Dog posted on 2010-05-14 21:23:51 ET Poster Comment:He's a fucking genius.

Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft
Post Date: 2010-05-13 11:33:01 by Skip Intro
Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft IT left Earth 33 years ago, now it's claimed the Voyager 2 spacecraft may have been hijacked by aliens after sending back data messages NASA scientists can't decode. NASA installed a 12-inch disk containing music and greetings in 55 languages in case intelligent extraterrestrial life ever found it. But now the spacecraft is sending back what sounds like an answer: Signals in an unknown data format! The best scientific minds have so far not been able to decipher the strange information – is it a secret message? Alien expert Hartwig Hausdorf said: "It seems almost as if someone had reprogrammed or hijacked the probe – ...

The most disturbing movie ever made?
Post Date: 2010-05-12 00:53:07 by A K A Stone
If the title alone isn't enough to make you squirm, a brief rundown of the premise for the indie horror movie, "The Human Centipede," certainly will. Any film involving three humans sharing a single digestive tract obviously isn't aiming to be easy on the eyes. Yet director/writer Tom Six's portrayal of a crazed surgeon who takes his skills at separating conjoined twins and uses them to create his own living human insect has left some critics appalled that it was even created; venerated critic Roger Ebert didn't think his star rating system was even applicable. "No horror film I've seen inflicts more terrible things on its victims than 'The Human ...

One in Three Birthers Supports Obama, Poll Finds
Post Date: 2010-05-07 17:26:27 by Skip Intro
One in Three Birthers Supports Obama, Poll Finds Now this is surprising: According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, about one in three so-called "birthers" - those who erroneously believe President Obama was born outside of the United States - nonetheless approve of the president's job performance. Fourteen percent of those surveyed in the poll volunteered that Mr. Obama was born in another country, a figure that rose to 20 percent when pollsters explicitly offered that as a possibility. That means roughly one in five Americans could be considered a birther, according to the poll. It showed that about one in three conservatives and Republicans believe the president ...

The Book of The Revelation of Ste. Goldi-Lox
Post Date: 2010-05-06 10:28:15 by war
#3. To: Magician (#0) The harder the US presses Israel to give up land or nukes --- the more "Acts of G-d"/disasters will befall America. This oil rig explosion is -- JUST THE FIRST OF MANY TO COME. ---- For our very survival...we need to get rid of this arrogant POS, and ship his half-black ass back to Kenya. Goldi-Lox posted on 2010-05-06 9:37:21 ET Reply Trace

Goldi Gets Caught Up On Current Events
Post Date: 2010-05-05 09:48:24 by war
#2. To: Mad Dog (#0) Oh man. When I read the words 50,000 gallons, and gusher...I had deja vu. I think about a year ago, I posted something about a dream I had...it was in the Louisiana area, and there were lots of large concrete "boxes" actually rectangles with one side open...and I was looking down on them in a panic because the black oil was coming. I think we are in for a nightmare of HUGE proportions regarding this oil spill. Beyond huge, gargantuan. Goldi-Lox posted on 2010-05-04 21:18:50 ET Reply Trace

CLAIM: US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig
Post Date: 2010-05-01 01:27:46 by Hondo68
A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States. Most important to understand about this latest attack by North Korea against its South Korean enemy is that under the existing “laws of war” it was a permissible ...

Gomer Gets The Birther Religion
Post Date: 2010-04-21 08:48:37 by war
After a year or so spent rightfully ridiculing the Moonbat Birther's looks like Gomer [King LF Lurker] got the religion. Maybe he's ascared of being sent down the LP memory hole. Or maybe he's just the pussy we always knew him to be... ~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you claiming that if Der Messiah, with the willing help of Pelosi et.al, is in fact not eligible to hold the office of POTUS that He has the authority to issue an legal order in the capcity of C'n'C. And Nuremberg is totally revelvant as it clearly established the position that one who is even several levels down the chain of command does not have the defense of "just following orders". Or are you also claiming ...

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann Photo Op Priced At $10,000
Post Date: 2010-03-17 11:18:20 by Fred Mertz
Just how much are Republican donors willing to pay for a private photo opportunity with conservative firebrands Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)? The folks at Minnesota-Bachmann Victory Committee are putting the price tag at a whopping $10,000 per couple, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by the Huffington Post According to the invitation, attendees at the April 7 event in Minneapolis are asked to spend $500 per person for attendance at the General Reception and Dinner; $5,000 for a table of ten; and $10,000 per couple for a "Private Reception with Photo Opportunity. (Included in the latter is a table for ten as well). The money donated will, per campaign ...

Man attacked for trying to buy drugs with Monopoly money [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2010-03-13 18:44:04 by Skip Intro
Man attacked for trying to buy drugs with Monopoly money A Kansas man told police officers that he had been beaten and left with a head wound after he tried to buy drugs using Monopoly money. The unidentified 33-year-old was pulled over in a traffic stop in Wichita, Kansas last Thursday, and was found to be bleeding from the head. He told officers he had attempted to buy several hundred dollars worth of crack cocaine using money from the popular capitalism-simulation game. Police spokesman Gordon Bassham said: 'The man from whom he had bought the drugs was upset and invited him over to his house and upon arrival struck him in the head several times with a handgun and other people ...

Ferret Mike Says God is a Dog and if he sends his son again we will nail him up again
Post Date: 2010-03-10 12:17:54 by A K A Stone
Nah, you failed to nail the point; but send down another son of dog and we'll nail that sucker up just like we supposedly did the first. And I say it that way, because I don't believe he even fucking existed, got it this time? Jerk. If you couldn't get the point after so many fucking stupid religious blattering meant to convert me none in a witless way to me when I absolutely hate that shit, you get what you deserve here. Asshole.

Boy Directs JFK Air Traffic (FAA NOT LAUGHING)
Post Date: 2010-03-03 12:59:02 by Murron
March 03, 2010 Boy Directs JFK Air Traffic (FAA NOT LAUGHING) Audio indicates kid directed planes at NY airport, KID CONTROLLER CONTROVERY: SUSPENSIONS AFTER AIRPORT INCIDENT

Pelosi Claims Health Reform Will Create 400,000 Jobs Almost Immediately
Post Date: 2010-02-26 08:14:41 by Get Outta Dodge!

Linux Fortune-Does Everyone Get the Same One or Are They All Different? Mine was on buying protection. What was yours?
Post Date: 2010-02-21 12:50:17 by 3-Dee
"Good afternoon, madam. How may I help you?" "Good afternoon. I'd like a FrintArms HandCannon, please." "A--? Oh, now, that's an awfully big gun for such a lovely lady. I mean, not everybody thinks ladies should carry guns at all, though I say they have a right to. But I think... I might... Let's have a look down here. I might have just the thing for you. Yes, here we are! Look at that, isn't it neat? Now that is a FrintArms product as well, but it's what's called a laser -- a light-pistol some people call them. Very small, as you see; fits easily into a pocket or bag; won't spoil the line of a jacket; and you won't feel you're ...

Olbermann Says He Backs Ann Coulter Living ‘His’ Life As A Woman
Post Date: 2010-02-19 11:33:33 by Brian S
In a column about Iran’s potential nuclear capability, Ann Coulter also criticized Keith Olbermann, Richard Wolffe and Rachel Maddow. In response, in a segment about those he disagrees with -- which he turned on its head Thursday night -- Keith Olbermann dubbed legendary conservative maven Ann Coulter a "guy." "Our winner" of the not worst person in the world segment, Olbermann declared, was "Coultergeist." "Of me, [Coulter] writes, 'after donning his mother's housecoat, undergarments and fuzzy slippers,' then, 'Olbermann's even creepier sidekick androgynous Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe,' then, 'his most macho guest ...

Rare Snowflakes Start Falling From Miss. to Fla.
Post Date: 2010-02-12 16:02:48 by Murron
Rare Snowflakes Start Falling From Miss. to Fla. By MELISSA NELSON, Associated Press Writer Melissa Nelson, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 10 mins ago PENSACOLA, Fla. – It took back-to-back blizzards to paralyze the nation's capital, but in the Deep South it only takes a couple inches of snow. Flakes were falling — or threatened — Friday from Texas to the Florida Panhandle and then up along the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina, bringing a rare white landscape to spots that haven't seen snow in a decade or longer. The storm crawled out of Texas, where it left the Dallas area with more than a foot of snow, nearly 200 traffic accidents, thousands without ...

Camel burger newest "healthy" option on Dubai menu
Post Date: 2010-02-08 08:00:04 by 3-Dee
A traditional Emirati restaurant in Dubai has added a new entree to its menu billed as a fat-free choice for carnivorous but health-conscious diners: the Camel Burger. For 20 UAE dirhams ($5.45), the Local House restaurant offers a quarter pound camel burger, loaded with cheese and smothered in burger sauce, the Xpress weekly newspaper reported on Thursday. Ali Ahmad Esmail, Local House assistant manager, told the paper that the burger patties were fat- and cholesterol-free. But he declined to say how the outlet tenderized the tough camel meat. "It's a trade secret," he said. Camel meat is widely eaten in some Arab countries, but is not typically sold in supermarkets or ...

Did Palin write the answers to Tea Party Convention questions on her hand?
Post Date: 2010-02-07 10:09:13 by go65
Tonight, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin spoke to the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN, an event that was ditched by other high-profile Republicans who disliked its for-profit model. After her speech, organizer Judson Phillips asked Palin several questions. One of them was about what needs to be done when there is a “conservative House and a conservative Senate.” Palin jumped right in and said, “We’ve got to rein in the spending, obviously.” However, she then seemed to forget her next talking point and glanced down at her left hand, as if there were notes she had scribbled down. She went on to talk about “energy projects.” Watch it: ...

Democrats Have More Cash Than Republicans for Off-Year Election
Post Date: 2010-02-01 09:03:31 by war
Feb. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic Party committees entered an off-year election with more money in the bank than their Republican counterparts for the first time in at least 18 years, giving the party a financial boost as it tries to stave off a surge by the opposition. The Democratic National Committee and the fundraising arms of House and Senate Democrats reported $37.9 million in the bank as of Dec. 31, almost double the $19.4 million the Republicans had, Federal Election Commission filings show. The Democrats have never had more money than Republicans to spend at the beginning of an off-year election, according to FEC records that date to 1991, the first year the parties had to report ...

Fantasia 2011: Barry's budget includes Cap & Tax revenue
Post Date: 2010-01-30 11:50:30 by Happy Quanzaa
A trade publication is reporting this afternoon that President Obama's 2011 federal budget proposal will assume receipt of billions of dollars in revenue generated from the cap-and-trade program even though that proposal appears now to be all but dead in Congress. "The White House told Sen. John Kerry's office that the president plans to assume revenue from the controversial climate policy approach. Kerry aides said they had assurances the revenue won't be designated for issues unrelated to energy policy and combating climate change. "Obama last year proposed in his fiscal 2010 budget that a cap-and-trade program would raise some $650 billion over 10 years via a full ...

elPee's Priorities
Post Date: 2010-01-22 23:49:19 by Fred Mertz
This is what Goldi apparently thinks is important in light of the momentous events going on in this world. www.libertypost.org/cgi-b...gi?ArtNum=282203&Disp=All

Orly Needs Your Frequent Flyer Miles
Post Date: 2010-01-15 12:29:34 by Skip Intro
A large number of my supporters have asked me to speak at the Tea Party convention. Please keep in mind that I am not the chair of the Convention or tea party, it is not up to me, though I will be happy to speak. Keep in mind that only controlled opposition is allowed in this country. I remember during 9-12 protest only speeches, that didn’t include Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency were allowed, even though it is the only issue that will remove Obama from office and will bring Tea party to power. If you want me to speak at the convention, you need to write to organiser of the tea party Dick Army and organisers of the Convention and demand to bring this issue to forfront. Dick ...

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