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The Incredible Story of the US Army's Earth-Shaking, Off-Road Land Trains


Fear and Uncertainty: The Modern-Day Cult of Corona.

Watch SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon rocket launch

China reveals plan for ‘Heavenly Palace’ space station to rival ISS

‘Rich Mitch’ Gets Scorched In GOP Ad

THE ENEMY WITHIN: Ilhan Omar’s CUNT of a Daughter Retweets List Of “Supplies” Needed For Minneapolis Riot

According to Attorney the DNI Allegedly Has Call Records Between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks – It’s Now Presumed Brennan’s CIA Was More Involved Than We Thought

Power Freaks Losing Control As Public Laughs At Coronavirus Lockdowns

A Women Gets Her Contact Tracer Certificates and Tells All

Why You Might Rent Yourself A Mustang This Weekend

Minneapolis Riots Are a Reminder that Police Don't Protect You or Your Property

Arkansas Can't Secure Financial Assistance Site So Governor Asa Hutchinson Decides To Call The Person Discovering The Breach A Criminal

NBC Bans Reporters From Using The Word ‘Riot’ In Coverage Of Minnesota Riots

Police Investigate 7-Year-Old’s Toy Gun After Zoom Call

Rioters ATTACK CNN headquarters in Atlanta – burn police car as unrest continues

Minneapolis is Burning – Soros Paid Antifa Gangs Involved

‘The Looting Starts, The Shooting Starts’: Trump Calls for Extrajudicial Execution of Rioters

Elon Musk Baby Mama "Grimes" will legally sell her soul as part of a virtual art exhibit titled 'Selling Out'

ATF Warns Police of The “Boogaloo Movement”

Tourist Town Desperate to Reopen Faces Another Battle—White Nationalists in the Castle

Here is the Twitter faggot Yoel Roth censoring the President.

Smackdown! Homeschool 'Park Patriots' Vs. Brazoria County Park Closures

Suspicious Man Breaks Window & Starts Minneapolis Riots

98.1% Of ‘COVID-19 Deaths’ In Massachusetts Had An Underlying Health Condition

Flashback: Biden Calls for Communist Chinese Influence in “All Levels of Government, Classrooms… and Boardrooms”

"Where Did My World Go?"

Twitter Fact-checker Claimed Trump Admin Are ‘ACTUAL NAZIS’; Mocked ‘Fly Over’ States

Armed Citizens Stand With MN Protesters, But Defend Stores From Looters

Governor DeWine Suppresses Data Disproving COVID-19 Policies

What the Failed 55-MPH Speed Limit Law Tells Us About COVID Lockdowns

Bible Declares Churches Essential

Scholars Claim Jesus Actually Told Lepers 'Stay Home, Save Lives'

Top CDC official says “get rid of all the whites in the United States” to force vaccines on everyone else

Prosecutors Back Dismissal of 91 More Cases Involving the Houston Cop Who Lied to Justify a Deadly Drug Raid

Nextdoor Helps Spread Neighborhood Snitching By Showering Law Enforcement With Gifts

Staten Islanders with masks drive a non mask wearing person out of a Shoprite

The Sleep Eazys (Joe Bonamassa) New Album

“F*CK TRUMP” – Kathy Griffin Tells Jim Acosta How to Kill President Trump

Trump’s NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien Drains the Swamp, Cuts Staff to HALF of Obama-Era Levels

BREAKING: Here's The Full List Of Declassifications That Will Bring The Deep State To It's Knees

7 Ways the DNC Will Use Contact Tracers for Biden’s Campaign to Oust Trump

Hitler Reacts to Georgia Reopening Businesses

What Would Cool Hand Luke And Virgil Hilts Do?

Hillary Clinton says lockdown protesters are domestic terrorists

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Tweets Video Of Creepy Joe Biden Paired With Child Grooming Analysis

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Video Shows Cops Kneel on Motionless Man’s Neck — Until He Dies

Lard ass Jerry Nadler Paper Ballots are extremely suspectable to fraud

Psycho Joe Scarborough joking about having sex with and murdering intern

Sex Doll Sales Surge In Quarantine, But It’s Not Just About Loneliness

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This is a funny kind of pandemic, featuring empty hospitals
Post Date: 2020-05-11 21:56:51 by Deckard
If you pay attention to the news, you might assume that record numbers of people are dying. The opposite is true.Adoni The way this whole thing has played out shows me that there simply is no “novel corona virus”, at least not in the sense that the media is pushing it. A pandemic identifies itself by killing large numbers of people very quickly and by spreading across the planet in short order. If there actually was a pandemic, those two features would be overwhelmingly evident and there would be no need for a 24/7 media push to cement the idea onto the minds of people. If there was an actual pandemic, the sheer number of deaths and new cases of infection would be irrefutably ...

Cops Violently Arrest Grandma, Drag Her from Car for Not Signing Ticket
Post Date: 2020-05-11 21:01:23 by Deckard
Alpharetta, GA — In the land of the free, if law enforcement witnesses you driving your personally owned vehicle with dark window tint or without your seat belt on, they will pull you over and issue a citation, otherwise known as extortion. If you refuse to acknowledge this extortion, or attempt to resist it, you will be kidnapped and caged. If you refuse to be kidnapped and caged, you can and will have violence brought upon you, and can and will be killed. The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous traffic citations over the years, which started over victimless crimes and ended with someone getting beaten or killed. Rose Campbell, a 67-year-old grandmother learned this the hard ...

Ahmaud Arbery – Did a Georgia DA sabotage any future prosecutions in the case?
Post Date: 2020-05-11 12:09:20 by misterwhite
When I first saw the horrifying video of the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, I was sickened to my core. I’ve worked in the criminal justice system since 1989, as a law enforcement officer, prosecutor and defense attorney. I have worked more murders than I care to remember, and I’ve seen all sorts of graphic evidence, yet this video shook me. I’m not alone. The emotional response to this video caused such an uproar it got the attention of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who immediately offered the assistance of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). They, in turn, arrested Travis and Greg McMichael for murder within 48 hours of taking over the investigation. At face value, ...

Innocent 80yo Grandma, Attacked, Detained by Cops, Refused Bathroom Until She Soiled Herself
Post Date: 2020-05-11 00:13:47 by Deckard
Springfield, MA — One innocent grandmother found out the hard way that getting involved with police officers who were attempting to confiscate her car would lead to assault on a police officer charges as well as disorderly conduct. She is now suing police over the incident which left her humiliated and abused. Let us be clear. If the stated objective of police activity is to “get drugs off the street,” there cannot be any justification for stealing a person’s car. Simply remove the drugs and paraphernalia and return the vehicle to its rightful owner. But because police department budgets often depend on civil asset forfeiture, police departments tow, and sell private ...

Multimillionaire Celebrities Call For End to Capitalism From The Comfort of Their Luxury Mansions
Post Date: 2020-05-09 19:29:42 by Deckard
Multimillionaire celebrities have signed a petition calling for an end to capitalism from the comfort of their luxury mansions. The petition, called ‘Please, let’s not go back to normal’, says the COVID-19 pandemic is a “tragedy,” but that the “ongoing ecological catastrophe is a meta-crisis.” “The pursuit of consumerism and an obsession with productivity have led us to deny the value of life itself: that of plants, that of animals, and that of a great number of human beings,” states the letter. “Pollution, climate change, and the destruction of our remaining natural zones has brought the world to a breaking point.” The petition urges ...

Citizens Swarm Cops Arresting Woman for Being On Beach — Force Them to Stand Down
Post Date: 2020-05-09 19:23:28 by Deckard
“You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up. Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life! It’s not about food. It’s about keeping those ants in line.” — Hopper, A Bugs Life California — Over the course of the last month, citizens of California have watched their beaches open and then close as Governor Gavin Newsom flexed his gubernatorial powers at the end of April. After 40,000 people visited Newport Beach and there were crowds at Huntington Beach on the last weekend in April, Newsom said, “We’re going to do a hard close” of the California beaches. ...

When Repeated Petitions Are Answered Only by Repeated Injuries
Post Date: 2020-05-08 03:00:08 by Deckard
Gabrielle Ellison owns a bar in Odessa, Texas. She mourns as do so many entrepreneurs that “her business is sinking and her employees are struggling” since Our Rulers forced her “to close up shop. Ellison said she’s been paying her employees with no help from the paycheck protection program.” She doubts her ability to endure Leviathan’s economic embargo: “We can’t take it no more, we’re not going to make it…” So she re-opened Big Daddy Zane’s this past Monday, defying Gov. Greg “Stalin” Abbott’s diktat. Ms. Ellison invited a group called “Open Texas” to her celebration. These patriots not only insist that ...

San Antonio City Council Passes Resolution Declaring “Chinese Virus” to be “Hate Speech”
Post Date: 2020-05-08 02:52:11 by Deckard
Encourages citizens to report people who use terms to the authorities. San Antonio City Council has unanimously passed a resolution that declares the terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu Virus” to be hate speech.President Trump and many of his supporters have used variations of both terms as a reminder that COVID-19 did indeed originate in China.This prompted the media and leftists to claim Trump was being “racist” despite the fact that viruses are routinely named after their place of origin.Now San Antonio City Council has officially declared such language to be “hate speech.”Resolution being voted on by San Antonio City Council this morning labels ...

Village of Hoffman Estates Urges Citizens to Call the 911 Emergency Line on an Ice Cream Truck
Post Date: 2020-05-08 02:45:13 by Deckard
Investigative reported Brad Edwards and CBS Chicago ran a segment this week where they snitched on the local ice cream truck. The driver wasn’t wearing gloves or a mask. So they snitched him out. The Village Manager at Hoffman Estates where this took place asked citizens to call 9-1-1 i they see this unmasked villain again on their streets. Sounds like a great place to live — Where they snitch out the ice cream man! It should be noted that Swiss and Dutch officials reopened schools this month due to the fact that children are not at risk of coronavirus and are not carriers of the disease.TRENDING: Breaking: Department of Justice Drops Case Against General Michael Flynn No ...

Veteran Cop Arrested for Trafficking Massive Amount of Weed and Cocaine
Post Date: 2020-05-08 02:31:43 by Deckard
Redding, CA — As TFTP regularly reports, all too often cops are caught hypocritically breaking the laws they are tasked with enforcing. Their role as a law enforcement officer gives them access to inside information, subsequently giving the ability to do things that regular criminals cannot. Much of the time, the corruption goes under the radar and cops get to retire having lived a double life. A cop in Redding, California, however, is no longer living that double life. Cpl. Will Williams, 53, was one of three people arrested by the California Highway Patrol as part of an investigation into and raid of what authorities are calling a drug warehouse. The other two were identified as ...

Dumb And Corrupt Cops Risk Losing Our Support
Post Date: 2020-05-07 07:37:15 by IbJensen
As conservatives, we pride ourselves on our unwavering support of the Thin Blue Line, on backing our cops against leftist slander, and yet stupid and evil people in law enforcement are putting that default thumbs-up from normal Americans at risk. It’s bad enough when we watch the ridiculous spectacle of Deputy Karren and Deputy Man-Karen yelling at some mom for committing felony play-dating, but then we see how the FBI has flat-out framed political enemies and it’s too much. If the LEO community does not police its own ranks and stamp out this nonsense, it might as well take all the goodwill it has earned over the years, douse it in cheap gasoline, and set it on fire. A big chunk ...

No Fear, No Mask and No Helmet, Either
Post Date: 2020-05-06 18:30:34 by Deckard
You get pushed enough, eventually you push back. Wear a seatbelt. Wear a helmet. Wear a mask. No. It is enough. A Solzhenitsyn Moment descends when people finally realize they have nothing left to lose – except their chains. And much to regain. The Mask Mandate – gradually congealing here, already imposed there – is a mandate too far. Bad enough to be denied the freedom to do as you like inside your own damn car, when the doing harms no other person. And the same when on your bike, when he doing harms the person on the bike – who is denied the freedom to feel the sun on his face and the wind in his hair as well as forced to have his visual range diminished and his ...

Weed Warriors Who Mistook Tea for Marijuana Will Pay Their Victims $150,000
Post Date: 2020-05-06 18:18:16 by Deckard
After seven years of litigation, a Kansas couple finally obtains some compensation for a comically inept drug raid. Not marijuana (Teavana) The Leawood, Kansas, couple whose home was raided in 2012 after sheriff's deputies claimed that loose tea found in their trash was marijuana will receive $150,000 for their trouble under a settlement agreement with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office. The settlement—which caps seven years of litigation, including two trips to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit—falls far short of the $7 million that Adlynn and Robert Harte originally sought. But it represents an implicit acknowledgment that the Hartes and their children ...

Court Says Innocent Mom Can’t Sue Cops Who Mistook Cotton Candy for Meth, Jailed Her for MONTHS
Post Date: 2020-05-06 18:04:13 by Deckard
By Matt Agorist Monroe County, GA — An innocent grandma, Dasha Fincher, was kidnapped by police and thrown in a cage for months—not because she did anything wrong—but because police couldn’t tell the difference between cotton candy and meth. Seriously. After being locked up for no reason, this innocent new grandma went after the police who did this to her, in the form of a lawsuit, as well as the company who manufacturers the dangerously inaccurate tests cops used to take her freedom. This week, Fincher learned exactly how much money she will be getting from her lawsuit against the negligent drug warriors who stole her freedom. Zero. Unfortunately for Fincher, the ...

Writer Complains “Manspreading” Joggers Violate Social Distancing Guidelines
Post Date: 2020-05-06 17:54:27 by Deckard
‘It feels selfish. It feels scary. It feels borderline dangerous,’ says writer describing male joggers Males who “manspread” while jogging are selfishly violating social distancing guidelines, says a writer for a mainstream publication.In a recent UK Independent life & style editorial, Helen Coffey writes, “Manspreading has crossed over to the realm of running, and it’s not OK.”“Taking up space in the world seems hardwired for men – but right now, it reeks of selfishness,” writes Coffey.Coffey says lately while jogging she’s noticed herself innately adhering to social distancing guidelines, attempting to take up as little space as ...

While Pandemic Destroys So Many Lives, The Surveillance State Celebrates
Post Date: 2020-05-06 17:43:24 by Deckard
If they’re able to track “violators” who follow within a flying spit particle of someone else, then it stands to reason they could choose to track pretty much any other type of behavior. By Lee CampSpecial to Consortium NewsIf we don’t fight back against the secretive surveillance state growing steadily around us, your wife/husband may find out you love a Cinnabon more than you love her/him. And that might be just the beginning of it.While many of us remain quarantined — inexorably welded to our home/apartment/RV in an abandoned Walmart parking lot — the surveillance state is actually stretching its legs, brought out for a run by our friendly ...

Cops Not Wearing Masks Beat Man, Threaten to Arrest Others “For Not Wearing a Mask”
Post Date: 2020-05-06 17:32:02 by Deckard
New York, NY — Violent cops in New York appear to be loving the COVID-19 lockdown and the apparent pass it gives them to dole out beatings to anyone who doesn’t obey their every dictate. There is no shortage of videos of this violence either. A 20-year-old Brooklyn man was beaten and arrested this week because he was less than six feet away from his friends. According to the arrest report, Stephon Scott and three others were stopped by police “for failing to social distance. All were within six feet of each other.” When Scott refused to be put in handcuffs for doing nothing other than standing next to his friends, the cops violently took him to the ground and began ...

Someone Snitched on a Food Pantry Helping Needy During Pandemic, So Gov’t Shut It Down
Post Date: 2020-05-06 17:22:42 by Deckard
Amesbury, MA — There have been few things more divisive in recent American history than the current pandemic which we have been watching unfold over the past two months. While politics should play absolutely no role in a pandemic, it’s become the polarizing central issue currently tearing America in half. It is also turning countless Americans into tattletales who rat out their neighbors for not standing six feet apart, or, as the following infuriating case illustrates, helping those in need. Last week, Tracey Brown, of Amesbury, wanted to do something good for her community in their time of need. So, she converted her front yard free library box — that let people check out ...

Texas Governor Orders ‘Immediate Release’ Of Jailed Salon Owner
Post Date: 2020-05-06 16:58:28 by Deckard
Tyrannical judge sentenced Shelley Luther to week in jail for refusing to apologize for reopening business Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered for the “immediate release” of a woman who was sentenced to jail for seven days for refusing to apologize for reopening her salon business in defiance of county lockdown orders.Abbot released a statement Wednesday denouncing the judge who sentenced Shelley Luther to jail, saying there better ways of protecting public safety than jailing a mom wanting to feed her kids.“As I have made clear through prior pronouncements, jailing Texans for non-compliance with executive orders should always be the last available option,” Abbot ...

Oregon gov cancels Independence Day
Post Date: 2020-05-06 16:50:35 by Deckard
The irony, it burns. On Friday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown held a press conference to discuss the latest developments in the containment efforts of the Wuhan coronavirus, and how to implement safe reopening procedures for different parts of Oregon. She failed, however, to announce the specific framework of the reopening, and said she would extend the emergency declaration until July 6 — two days after Independence Day. Although Brown has announced a gradual plan to allow businesses to reopen, her emergency declaration gives state agencies the ability to set their own rules for a longer period. In her press conference, Brown said right off the bat, “I want to be clear. We will not ...

Georgia kicks off chilling door-to-door COVID-19 blood collections
Post Date: 2020-05-06 16:39:35 by Deckard
Washington Times They have in Georgia at least, where the state’s Department of Public Health recently announced, in cooperation with both Fulton County and Dekalb counties’ Boards of Health, that “to learn more about the spread of COVID-19,” an “investigation” has commenced — and it’s an “investigation” that’s leading government officials to make random stops at randomly selected residences and ask random citizens for, get this, their blood.  Citizens’ DNA in the hands of unelected government officials. Hmm, what could go wrong there? Specifically, Georgia’s health wonks want to know “the percentage of people in ...

DOJ sides with church suing Virginia Gov. Northam after pastor who held 16-person service faced fine, jail
Post Date: 2020-05-06 15:02:08 by Gatlin
DOJ sides with church suing Virginia Gov. Northam after pastor who held 16-person service faced fine, jail The Justice Department is siding with a Virginia church suing Gov. Ralph Northam after police threatened a pastor with jail time or a $2,500 fine for violating the state's coronavirus lockdown restrictions by holding a 16-person church service on Palm Sunday. The DOJ decision came after police in protective garb served a summons to Kevin Wilson, the pastor of Lighthouse Fellowship Church on Chincoteague Island, for holding the service on April 5 with 16 people spaced far apart from one another in a church that could fit 293 people. State officials said Wilson and the church ...

Kansas City Forces Businesses, Churches to Keep Lists of Visitors for COVID-19 Tracking
Post Date: 2020-05-05 12:54:05 by Deckard
As part of its partial reopening of “nonessential” institutions, Kansas City, Missouri, is now requiring businesses and churches to maintain lists of people who enter their doors, an Orwellian policy established ostensibly to enable the city health department to respond quickly to reports of COVID-19 exposure. On Thursday, Mayor Quinton Lucas (shown), a Democrat, issued an executive order relaxing some of the provisions of his previous lockdown orders. The new order allows “nonessential” businesses to reopen under the “10/10/10 rule,” which states that “non-essential businesses open to the public must limit the number of customers allowed to no more than ...

Clinton Foundation Wants To Use AmeriCorps To Create A 'National Contact Tracing Corps'
Post Date: 2020-05-05 12:18:33 by Deckard
By MassPrivateI The Co-Chair of AmeriCorps and the creator of AmeriCorps, former President Bill Clinton, wants to create a national contact tracing force using AmeriCorps volunteers. The Co-Chair of the AmeriCorps, Congressman John Garamendi, recently introduced a bill that would “expand volunteer opportunities within AmeriCorps and the Federal Emergency Management Agency” (FEMA). The bill “Undertaking National Initiatives to Tackle Epidemic Act” (UNITE Act) would allow AmeriCorps and FEMA to create a national contact-tracing corps. (see page 10) The bicameral legislation ensures that existing national and community service programs are fully mobilized in order to ...

Volkswagen Beetle Repurposed Into an Old-Fashioned Mini Bike
Post Date: 2020-05-05 12:01:33 by Deckard
Here’s how to transform the original VW Bug into a sweet mini-motorcycle The original Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most popular vehicles of all time. Not wanting to let them go when their engines finally break down, fans have found all kinds of ways to repurpose their parts. The “Volkspod” mini-bike is one of the coolest we’ve seen. Brent Walter decided to use the most iconic part of the VW bug – the round, bubbly fenders – as the body of a mini-motorcycle. He made two Volkspods out of one bug by welding one front fender and one back fender together for the body of each mini-bike. The headlights and taillights are preserved, making them look like ...

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