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Official describes the moment a Butler officer confronted the Trump shooter

Jesse Watters: Don’t buy this excuse from the Secret Service

Video shows Trump shooter crawling into position while folks point him out to law enforcement

Eyewitness believes there was a 'noticeable' difference in security at Trump's rally

Trump Assassination Attempt

We screamed for 3 minutes at police and Secret Service. They couldn’t see him, so they did nothing. EYEWITNESS SPEAKS OUT — I SAW THE ASSASSIN CRAWLING ACROSS THE ROOF.

Video showing the Trump Rally shooter dead on the rooftop

Court Just Nailed Hillary in $6 Million FEC Violation Case, 45x Bigger Than Trump's $130k So-Called Violation

2024 Republican Platform Drops Gun-Rights Promises

Why will Kamala Harris resign from her occupancy of the Office of Vice President of the USA? Scroll down for records/details

Secret Negotiations! Jill Biden’s Demands for $2B Library, Legal Immunity, and $100M Book Deal to Protect Biden Family Before Joe’s Exit

AI is exhausting the power grid. Tech firms are seeking a miracle solution.

Rare Van Halen Leicestershire, Donnington Park August 18, 1984 Valerie Bertinelli Cameo

If you need a Good Opening for black, use this.

"Arrogant Hunter Biden has never been held accountable — until now"

How Republicans in Key Senate Races Are Flip-Flopping on Abortion

Idaho bar sparks fury for declaring June 'Heterosexual Awesomeness Month' and giving free beers and 15% discounts to straight men

Son of Buc-ee’s co-owner indicted for filming guests in the shower and having sex. He says the law makes it OK.

South Africa warns US could be liable for ICC prosecution for supporting Israel

Today I turned 50!

San Diego Police officer resigns after getting locked in the backseat with female detainee

Gazan Refugee Warns the World about Hamas

Iranian stabbed for sharing his faith, miraculously made it across the border without a passport!

Protest and Clashes outside Trump's Bronx Rally in Crotona Park

Netanyahu Issues Warning To US Leaders Over ICC Arrest Warrants: 'You're Next'

Will it ever end?

Did Pope Francis Just Call Jesus a Liar?

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) Updated 4K version

There can never be peace on Earth for as long as Islamic Sharia exists

The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 Years of Spiritual Deception.

Trump Is Planning to Send Kill Teams to Mexico to Take Out Cartel Leaders

The Great Falling Away in the Church is Here | Tim Dilena

How Ridiculous? Blade-Less Swiss Army Knife Debuts As Weapon Laws Tighten

Jewish students beaten with sticks at University of Amsterdam

Terrorists shut down Park Avenue.

Police begin arresting democrats outside Met Gala.

The minute the total solar eclipse appeared over US

Three Types Of People To Mark And Avoid In The Church Today

Are The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse About To Appear?

France sends combat troops to Ukraine battlefront

Facts you may not have heard about Muslims in England.

George Washington University raises the Hamas flag. American Flag has been removed.

Alabama students chant Take A Shower to the Hamas terrorists on campus.

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

Deadly Saltwater and Deadly Fresh Water to Increase

Deadly Cancers to soon Become Thing of the Past?

Plague of deadly New Diseases Continues

[FULL VIDEO] Police release bodycam footage of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley traffi

Police clash with pro-Palestine protesters on Ohio State University campus

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Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) Updated 4K version
Post Date: 2024-05-22 23:46:21 by A K A Stone

Meet DarkBERT - AI Model Trained On DARK WEB
Post Date: 2024-01-12 19:47:39 by A K A Stone

Scientists Unveil 'Air Vax' to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy
Post Date: 2023-10-27 19:59:41 by 3-Dee
Scientists Unveil 'Air Vax' to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy Frank Bergman October 27, 2023 A group of leading American scientists has unveiled a new “Air Vax” which uses airborne aerosols to deliver mRNA vaccines straight into people’s lungs. The new system was developed by researchers at Yale University. The scientists developed the “Air Vax” to combat vaccine hesitancy as the new method bypasses the need for injections as it can be pumped into the air and used to vaccinate large crowds of people at once via the air they are breathing. The mRNA in “Air Vax” is encapsulated into polymer nanoparticles, according to reports. Following a study on ...

New Study Claims Much of Eastern U.S. Will Become Dangerously Hot Soon
Post Date: 2023-10-12 00:06:49 by Charles_Byrd
According to a brand-new study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week, large portions of the most densely populated parts of the planet, including much of the eastern and central United States, may be rendered uninhabitable or nearly so within a few decades, as a consequence of anthropogenic global warming projected through the year 2100. Reckoning in terms of so-called wet-bulb temperatures — a measure of temperature in terms of the human body’s capacity to thermoregulate — as little as a 1.5° Celsius rise in average global temperatures would result in significant temperature increases in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian ...

‘Trust the Experts’: 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration Denouncing Climate Change Hoax
Post Date: 2023-09-30 01:05:26 by Charles_Byrd
“Trust the experts,” we the peasants are exhorted by the governing authorities in all matters at all times – common sense, intuition, individual judgment be damned. They never bother to explain why some experts are to be mindlessly obeyed while others are to be dismissed. Click for Full Text!

Washington Post Misleads Readers About Antarctic “Heat Wave”
Post Date: 2023-09-27 19:50:52 by Charles_Byrd
The headline in Sunday’s Washington Post was frightening — especially for those who believe the carefully nurtured media narrative that climate change (which used to be called global warming) is out of control and that mankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases are slowly making the planet uninhabitable. The headline read: “Scientists found the most intense heat wave ever recorded — in Antarctica.” Needless to say, climate alarmists quickly jumped on the story to gloat their “I told you so’s” to the world. WaPo can be forgiven for referring to the anomalous weather on the ice continent as a “heat wave,” since the story came from a ...

Scientists need to share ideas 'secretly' to avoid gov't smearing
Post Date: 2023-09-22 00:43:28 by Charles_Byrd
On May 15, 1970, the New York Times published an article by esteemed Russia scholar Albert Parry detailing how Soviet dissident intellectuals were covertly passing forbidden ideas around to each other on handcrafted, typewritten documents called samizdat. Click for Full Text!

The 'Climate Emergency' Is a Hoax
Post Date: 2023-09-11 23:33:42 by Charles_Byrd
More than 1,600 scientists, including two Nobel laureates, have signed a declaration saying that "There is no climate emergency." The declaration is unlikely to get any attention from the mainstream media, unfortunately, but it is important for people to know about: the mass climate hysteria and the destruction of the US economy in the name of climate change need to stop. "Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific," states the declaration signed by the 1,609 scientists, including Nobel laureates John F. Clauser from the US and Ivar Giaever from Norway/US.

Second Nobel Prize Winner Signs Letter With 1,600 Scientists Declaring Climate ‘Emergency’ A Myth
Post Date: 2023-09-11 06:21:49 by Charles_Byrd
A coalition of more than 1,600 scientists critical of their peers’ hyperbolic claims about climate change drew a prominent recruit to sign their 2019 declaration that the climate “emergency” is a myth. John Clauser, who won last year’s Nobel Prize in physics, became the second Nobel laureate last month to sign the document with 1,607 other scientists rebuking the idea of a climate crisis. Click for Full Text!

The Earth Has No Average Temperature
Post Date: 2023-09-10 00:54:43 by Charles_Byrd
Frequently, I read where a politician like John Kerry; Al Gore; Joe Biden; or António Guterres, the secretary general of the U.N., has stated: "We must keep the increase of the average temperature of the Earth to 1.5°C or less; it has already risen 1.1°C since the beginning of the industrial age." The implication of such a statement is that the Earth is on a path to thermal destruction if we humans don't take action to save the planet. Aside from exhibiting the height of man's hubris to think that we could control any basic aspect of nature; such a statement demonstrates either a profound ignorance about fundamental physics or an intent to deceive. I suspect ...

Watch an Early Silent Film About the Theory of Relativity
Post Date: 2023-09-07 22:41:19 by Charles_Byrd
Albert Einstein first published his theory of special relativity in 1905; his work on general relativity followed in 1915. By 1923, Premier Productions made a silent film to explain the most salient bits. Though it’s entirely silent (and, of course, 100 years old), it’s a thoroughly lucid way to understand Einstein’s most important work—with some great vintage animation as well. The theory of special relativity revolutionized the ways that scientists study and understand the universe. It introduced the famous equation E = mc2, which stands for “energy = mass x the speed of light squared.” Fundamentally, special relativity proposes that mass and energy are the ...

Media Ignore NASA’s New Climate-change Culprit
Post Date: 2023-07-31 22:14:38 by Charles_Byrd
There’s no denying that we’re enduring a heat wave this summer. The eco- alarmists want us to blame our discomfort on one chemical compound that is vital to life on Earth — carbon dioxide. CO2 is regularly demonized as a “greenhouse gas,” and increasing atmospheric concentrations of it are reputedly taking us down a doomsday path toward oblivion. Click for Full Text!

Two Supermoons in August Mean Double the Stargazing Fun
Post Date: 2023-07-30 18:51:51 by Charles_Byrd
The cosmos is offering up a double feature in August: a pair of supermoons culminating in a rare blue moon. Catch the first show Tuesday evening as the full moon rises in the southeast, appearing slightly brighter and bigger than normal. That’s because it will be closer than usual, just 222,159 miles (357,530 kilometers) away, thus the supermoon label. Click for Full Text!

The climate witch trials
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:40:19 by Charles_Byrd
In 1590, in Scotland, an elderly woman named Agnes Sampson was arrested. She was from East Lothian. Earlier in her life she had been a midwife and a healer, but lately she had been living in poverty. She was tried, found guilty and taken to Edinburgh Castle where, on 28 January 1591, she was strangled to death by rope and then burnt at the stake. Her offence? Climate change. Sampson was charged with stirring up ‘contrary winds’, among other things. Her persecution stemmed from the troubles of King James VI whose attempts to bring his new wife, Anne of Denmark, to Scotland were continually thwarted by hellish weather. ‘Unusual’ winds capsized ships of the royal fleets. ...

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser — who recently declared climate science a ‘pseudoscience’ — has his IMF talk abruptly canceled
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:12:30 by Charles_Byrd
Nobel Laureate (Physics 2022) Dr. John Clauser was to present a seminar on climate models to the IMF on Thursday and now his talk has been summarily canceled. According to an email he received last evening, the Director of the Independent Evaluation Office of the International Monetary Fund, Pablo Moreno, had read the flyer for John’s July 25 zoom talk and summarily and immediately canceled the talk. Technically, it was “postponed.” Click for Full Text!

Meteor and Milky Way over the Alps
Post Date: 2023-07-16 19:35:56 by Charles_Byrd
Now this was a view with a thrill. From Mount Tschirgant in the Alps, you can see not only nearby towns and distant Tyrolean peaks, but also, weather permitting, stars, nebulas, and the band of the Milky Way Galaxy. What made the arduous climb worthwhile this night, though, was another peak -- the peak of the 2018 Perseids Meteor Shower. As hoped, dispersing clouds allowed a picturesque sky-gazing session that included many faint meteors, all while a carefully positioned camera took a series of exposures. Suddenly, a thrilling meteor -- bright and colorful -- slashed down right next to the nearly vertical band of the Milky Way. As luck would have it, the camera caught it too. Therefore, a ...

On the media hype around bad weather
Post Date: 2023-07-11 18:16:01 by Charles_Byrd
I don’t want to write about climate change. Truly. I don’t know if the models are right or wrong, and I don’t want to spend my life finding out. Click for Full Text!

Stars, Dust and Nebula in NGC 6559
Post Date: 2023-07-10 17:36:45 by Charles_Byrd
Explanation: When stars form, pandemonium reigns. A textbook case is the star forming region NGC 6559. Visible in the featured image are red glowing emission nebulas of hydrogen, blue reflection nebulas of dust, dark absorption nebulas of dust, and the stars that formed from them. The first massive stars formed from the dense gas will emit energetic light and winds that erode, fragment, and sculpt their birthplace. And then they explode. The resulting morass can be as beautiful as it is complex. After tens of millions of years, the dust boils away, the gas gets swept away, and all that is left is a bare open cluster of stars. Click for Full Text!

China releases its first open-source computer operating system
Post Date: 2023-07-08 01:18:21 by Charles_Byrd
China has released its first homegrown open-source desktop operating system, named OpenKylin, state media said, as the country steps up efforts to cut reliance on U.S. technology. Released on Wednesday, and based on the existing open-source Linux operating system, China's version was built by a community of about 4,000 developers, and is used in its space programme and industries such as finance and energy, they added. Click for Full Text!

Humanoid Robot Conducts National Orchestra in Seoul
Post Date: 2023-07-05 00:53:05 by Charles_Byrd
In a groundbreaking moment, an android robot named EveR 6 took to the conductor's podium over the weekend in Seoul to lead South Korea's national orchestra in a performance. Created by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, the two-armed robot made its debut at the National Theater of Korea on Friday, guiding musicians of the country's national orchestra, according to CNN. Click for Full Text!

WSU Vancouver corpse flower is blooming, on display all day Friday
Post Date: 2023-07-03 18:34:30 by Charles_Byrd
Washington State University Vancouver’s rare corpse flower Titan VanCoug is now blooming and will be showcased on campus from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday. Due to a watering accident years ago that cloned the plant, visitors will be able to see the flower in three different stages of life — an ultra- rare glimpse of an already ultra-rare plant. Click for Full Text!

Venus in Ultraviolet from Akatsuki
Post Date: 2023-07-03 18:08:11 by Charles_Byrd
Why is Venus so different from Earth? To help find out, Japan launched the robotic Akatsuki spacecraft which entered orbit around Venus late in 2015 after an unplanned five-year adventure around the inner Solar System. Even though Akatsuki was past its original planned lifetime, the spacecraft and instruments were operating so well that much of its original mission was reinstated. Also known as the Venus Climate Orbiter, Akatsuki's instruments investigated unknowns about Earth's sister planet, including whether volcanoes are still active, whether lightning occurs in the dense atmosphere, and why wind speeds greatly exceed the planet's rotation speed. In the featured image taken ...

Is ET phoning home? Astronomers detect unprecedented space signals
Post Date: 2023-07-03 18:04:05 by Charles_Byrd
In a groundbreaking discovery, astronomers have detected radio wave signals being transmitted to Earth at an astonishing rate of approximately three times per hour. This phenomenon, never before observed in space, has sparked speculation among researchers that it could potentially be a deliberate attempt by unidentified extraterrestrial beings to establish contact with humanity. Scientists from Australia are currently engrossed in the task of deciphering and analyzing the perplexing messages and signals received from the vastness of outer space. They strongly believe that these transmissions may be an attempt by extraterrestrial life forms residing on distant planets to initiate ...

Robot takes podium as orchestra conductor in South Korea
Post Date: 2023-07-03 18:01:00 by Charles_Byrd
An android robot, EveR 6, took the conductor’s podium in Seoul on Friday evening to lead a performance by South Korea’s national orchestra, marking the first such attempt in the country. The two-armed robot, designed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, made its debut at the National Theater of Korea, leading musicians in the country’s national orchestra. Click for Full Text!

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