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Nagorno-Karabakh Is No More

Trigger for Next Financial Implosion

No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the WEF

The Problem of the Tariff in American Economic History, 1787–1934

Coming full circle: Subpoena demands FBI return Hunter Biden laptop to Delaware repair shop owner

Famed Signature Room Restaurant in Chicago’s Hancock Tower Suddenly Closes Citing ‘Economic Hardship’

Pakistan: Politicians fight on live debate after Nawaz Sharif’s party leader calls Imran Khan ‘Jewish agent’ and ‘bootlicker’

FBI arrests Proud Boys member who disappeared days before sentencing over role in Jan. 6

Winklevoss twins secretly withdrew $280M in assets before crypto firm collapsed: sources

Leader in Richmond Democrat Party group ARRESTED after posting bomb threat against Andy Ngo Virginia talk

Riley Gaines shares video of trans male violence in school: ‘You can’t hide …’

Connecticut DCF Invites Children To Report On Non-Affirming Parents

Trans activists force anthropologists to cancel conference panel discussing the identification of male and female skeletons

Taiwan Launches the Island's First Domestically Made Submarine for Testing

Bail bondsman Scott Hall takes plea deal in Georgia election interference case

Supreme Court Returns To Mountain Of Cases From Conservative 5th Circuit

Facing A U.S. Anti-Corruption Push In Ukraine, Burisma Demanded Hunter Biden Call Dad

Investigators Subpoena Bank Records Of Hunter, James Biden After Uncovering $20 Million In Foreign Payments

San Diego declares a crisis as feds release thousands into the cit

Democrats sour on Bidenomics as it fails to move the needle for voters

‘Trust the Experts’: 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration Denouncing Climate Change Hoax

US Refuses to Acknowledge Systemic Use of Torture by Its Armed Forces in Iraq

At the Brink?

As the FCC Revisits Net Neutrality, Let's Remember the Day the Internet 'Ended'

British intelligence in the dock for CIA torture

The End of the Road for the Dollar

Time to end the Fed and its mismanagement of our economy

Thanks to US Policy, CCP Controls Key Resources for US Weapons

Europa, a Girl From West Asia, Raped Again by an American Bull

Brickbat: Just a 'Regular Person'

FTC’s Amazon Complaint: Perhaps the Greatest Affront to Consumer and Producer Welfare in Antitrust History

Julian Simon: Expressing the Imago Dei in Economic Terms

It’s the Beginning of the End of This Whole Phony Economy

Russia Might Call for Extradition of Ukrainian Nazi Honored in Canada, Trudeau Blames Parliament Speaker

New York National Park Site to House Thousands of Migrants in Tent City

Review: Shiny Happy People Charts the Downfall of the Duggar Family

The Problem with a Chicago Municipal Grocery Store

Ukrainian Whoppers

Former major city police detective reveals 50% of SIDS cases happened within 48 hours post vaccine

August border encounters of more than 322,000 highest monthly total in U.S. history

Trump Accuses Pro-Life Groups of Being a Political Liability That Exist to Make Money

MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT: Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada

Washington’s Strategic Overextension

Trump adviser: GOP should ‘end’ primary debates, focus on Biden

When it Comes to Preventing Abuse, are All Churches Equal?

Methodist Community in Religious Freedom Fight Against NJ Regarding Sunday Beach Access

Imperial Footprints in Africa: The Dismal Role of AFRICOM

Biden warns Trump's MAGA 'extremist movement' is a threat to democracy

‘Quiet Crisis’: Food Banks Are Inundated With Requests For Aid As Inflation Bites

Illegal Immigrant Launches Unhinged Assault, Leaves Cop Missing A Body Part

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Trucking firm Yellow averts strike by drafting agreement
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:58:46 by Charles_Byrd
Trucking company Yellow Corp. came to an agreement with its drivers Sunday, narrowly avoiding a strike. The Central States Health and Welfare Fund agreed with the Teamsters to extend drivers' health care benefits and pensions to the tune of $50 million. Originally, benefits were set to expire Sunday. Click for Full Text!

Millennials & Gen Z's Can't Afford To Buy A Home No Matter How Much They Save, So Why Not Embrace Nihilism And Buy Taylor Swift Tickets
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:56:52 by Charles_Byrd
Spain went to the polls over the weekend following a decision by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to seek a renewed mandate after poor municipal election results in May. The conservative opposition People’s Party was widely expected to form government with the support of the right-wing Vox party and perhaps a constellation of minor parties. However, despite the PP winning the largest number of seats, Sanchez’s ruling Socialists exceeded expectations and managed to add two more seats to their own tally. This was enough to ensure that there is no easy path to the required 176 for any coalition of the right or left. So, having resolved nothing, Spain now enters a political purgatory of ...

Judge denies standing in Connecticut challenge
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:54:03 by Charles_Byrd
If a law stops you from doing something you’ve been doing all along, that’s kind of an issue. We all know it to be one because many of us have run into that at some point or another. Click for Full Text!

This Effects EVERY Gun With Plastic Parts
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:52:02 by Charles_Byrd
Today on the Minuteman Moment, Ben dives into the swamp to shine a light on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Specifically, how Senate Democrats are using backdoor processes to hide gun control in this must- pass piece of legislation. Click for Full Text!

The climate witch trials
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:40:19 by Charles_Byrd
In 1590, in Scotland, an elderly woman named Agnes Sampson was arrested. She was from East Lothian. Earlier in her life she had been a midwife and a healer, but lately she had been living in poverty. She was tried, found guilty and taken to Edinburgh Castle where, on 28 January 1591, she was strangled to death by rope and then burnt at the stake. Her offence? Climate change. Sampson was charged with stirring up ‘contrary winds’, among other things. Her persecution stemmed from the troubles of King James VI whose attempts to bring his new wife, Anne of Denmark, to Scotland were continually thwarted by hellish weather. ‘Unusual’ winds capsized ships of the royal fleets. ...

FBI Monitoring Gun Owners Who Sell Firearms Via Facebook
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:38:28 by Charles_Byrd
A Texas man who posted on Facebook that he was selling his own guns was placed under warrantless surveillance by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The ATF investigated the man, found no evidence, yet gave his information to the FBI to monitor him for at least six months. According to internal documents reviewed by The Epoch Times, two ATF special agents interviewed the Hispanic man who admitted to “advertising” his personal firearms for sale on Facebook. He stated that he had a “habit” of purchasing new guns, tinkering with them, losing interest, and subsequently selling them. The man told the agents that he never made a profit. Click for ...

Cori ‘Defund The Police’ Bush Pays Big Money For Hubby’s Security Business
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:35:24 by Charles_Byrd
The gravy train keeps flowing for Congresswoman Cori ‘Defund The Police’ Bush’s (D-MO) bodyguard hubby. A new report indicates that he has received thousands of dollars for private security and “wage expenses” from Bush’s campaign. Yet, he allegedly doesn’t have the proper authorization for such services in either St. Louis or Washington, D.C. Fox News reported Sunday that Bush’s campaign has paid her husband, Courtney Merrits, $30,000 so far in 2023. That’s on top of the $60,000 her campaign sent him in 2022, per Fox. Click for Full Text!

Biden press sec refuses to accept gay press award in solidarity with Hollywood strike: report
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:32:40 by Charles_Byrd
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been honored with an award for Achievement Award for Press and Media from Outfest, but has reportedly declined to go to LA and accept the award in solidarity with the Hollywood actors and writers strike. Deadline reported that inaugural award is specifically meant to commemorate the “LGBTQ+ community in the media.” Click for Full Text!

VP Harris called out for 'sick' lie
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:28:55 by Charles_Byrd
Exodus Institute founder Kali Fontanilla and Florida mother Rebecca Nathanson joined 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss Harris' remarks and why they could be seen as a misrepresentation of the truth. Click for Full Text!

Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:17:45 by Charles_Byrd
Vice President Joe Biden Greets Soto Cano Air Base Commanders, March 6th, 2012. Public Domain Photo by Martin Chahin. One month after Joe Biden returned from a clandestine side trip to Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras, the U.S. State Department and Drug Enforcement Administration in Honduras collaborated with Honduran law enforcement on a drug interdiction effort code named Operation Anvil. Click for Full Text!

Hunter Biden put then-VP dad Joe on the phone with business associates at least 2 dozen times, ex-partner Devon Archer to testify
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:14:25 by Charles_Byrd
Hunter Biden would dial in his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on speakerphone into meetings with his overseas business partners, according to testimony expected before Congress this week from Devon Archer, the first son’s former best friend. Archer, 48, who is facing jail for his role in a $60 million bond fraud, is scheduled to testify to the House Oversight Committee about meetings he witnessed that were attended by Joe Biden either in person or via speakerphone when Hunter would call his father and introduce him to foreign business partners or prospective investors. Click for Full Text!

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser — who recently declared climate science a ‘pseudoscience’ — has his IMF talk abruptly canceled
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:12:30 by Charles_Byrd
Nobel Laureate (Physics 2022) Dr. John Clauser was to present a seminar on climate models to the IMF on Thursday and now his talk has been summarily canceled. According to an email he received last evening, the Director of the Independent Evaluation Office of the International Monetary Fund, Pablo Moreno, had read the flyer for John’s July 25 zoom talk and summarily and immediately canceled the talk. Technically, it was “postponed.” Click for Full Text!

Will a New BRICS Currency Backed by Gold Mean the End of Global Dominance for the U.S. Dollar?
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:10:45 by Charles_Byrd
Is the global dominance of the U.S. dollar in danger? In recent weeks, there has been lots of speculation about the introduction of a new BRICS currency that would be backed by gold. In this article, my goal is to sort through what is true and what is not true. From August 22nd to August 24th, the 15th BRICS summit will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Back on July 5th, RT sparked a firestorm of rumors when it reported that a decision to introduce a new BRICS currency that would be backed by gold would be made prior to the upcoming summit in Johannesburg… Click for Full Text!

Hunter Biden Investigation: Comer says he doesn't want a special counsel appointed
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:09:32 by Charles_Byrd
The chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, which has taken a leading role in the House’s inquiry into Hunter Biden, is not fond of the idea of a special counsel being appointed to investigate the president’s son. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chairman of the Oversight Committee, said he doesn’t want to see a special counsel appointed by the Department of Justice to investigate Hunter Biden because his committee, along with House Ways and Means and Judiciary Committees, are already doing the work. Click for Full Text!

Is the DeSantis Campaign Doomed? New Polls Raise Serious Concerns
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:05:43 by Charles_Byrd
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been in a slump as of late. As his campaign prepares to undergo a reboot, polling seems to suggest that his second- place position might be in jeopardy if something does not change soon. But, as I’ve said before, it’s still early, and there is plenty of time for the governor to stage a comeback if his team plays its cards right. Click for Full Text!

CNN panelist Scott Jennings calls out VP Kamala Harris over 'completely made up' Florida slavery curriculum claim
Post Date: 2023-07-28 01:01:23 by Charles_Byrd
A CNN Republican commentator has condemned Kamala Harris for speaking out against Florida's new school curriculum, saying her anger at the course discussing how slaves 'benefitted' was misguided and calling the scandal 'fabricated.' Harris was in Jacksonville, Florida, Saturday and condemned the new curriculum, which was unveiled on July 19. Click for Full Text!

Ukrainian SBU Takes Credit for Last Year’s Crimean Bridge Bombing
Post Date: 2023-07-28 00:59:24 by Charles_Byrd
On Wednesday, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) took responsibility for the October 2022 truck bombing of the Crimean Bridge that connects Crimea to the Russian mainland. While it’s been clear that Ukraine was behind the bombing, which killed three people, Kyiv has not officially taken credit. SBU chief Vasyl Malyuk made the comments during an appearance on television where he was unveiling a new SBU postage stamp with the head of Ukraine’s national postal service, Igor Smelyansky. Click for Full Text!

Hunter’s Plea-Deal Implosion Reveals the Justice Department’s Deception
Post Date: 2023-07-28 00:57:39 by Charles_Byrd
President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, backed out of a plea deal Wednesday after learning that the Justice Department planned to continue pursuing new criminal charges after he pleaded guilty. Hunter’s attorneys thought that last month they’d secured a sweetheart deal with federal prosecutors in which Hunter would plead guilty to federal tax and firearms charges and avoid both prison time and felonies on his record. If Hunter were a normal citizen not related to the president, he would have otherwise faced charges for additional years of unpaid taxes, unreported income, illegal tax deductions for hookers and payments to family members, unregistered lobbying for foreign ...

Nahum: An Overview
Post Date: 2023-07-28 00:55:59 by Charles_Byrd
Nahum is a book of comfort for those who trust in the LORD. God is portrayed as a warrior who will fight for His people, but He is also as an avenging God who does not tolerate wickedness. The following is adapted from Lutheran Bible Companion. Click for Full Text!

Should you get a Ham Radio License or Hide from the Government? If SHTF, The First Place They Would go Would be The Ham Operators And Take Them Offline
Post Date: 2023-07-26 23:15:11 by Charles_Byrd
In another video this same guy went on to explain and demonstrate his own personal Ham Radio setup complete with a really nice antenna that was suspended from trees and hidden from view with additional comments about how he would not get his Ham license because he didn’t need to be on any government lists and if TSHTF, the first place they would go would be the Ham operators and take them offline. This got me to thinking a while back and I really debated whether or not I should be like this guy and be a conscientious objector to the whole notion of licensing and just be a rebel with my antenna hanging in a tree. After a lot of thought and some research I decided to pull the trigger ...

Joe Biden Triggers Paralysis in the Production of Strategic Semiconductor Chips
Post Date: 2023-07-26 23:13:10 by Charles_Byrd
Semiconductors constitute a strategic commodity, used in a variety of sectors including electronics, medical devices, electronic and communications networks etc. There is evidence of manipulation, which has led to artificial shortages of semiconductors affecting a number of key sectors of the global economy. Click for Full Text!

Bethel Church Teams Up With Roman Catholics for ‘World Evangelism’ and to ‘Bring the Gospel’ to Every Person
Post Date: 2023-07-26 23:11:42 by Charles_Byrd
No one’s ever accused Bethel Church of having great theology and discerning spirit, and this was no more evident by leader Bill Johnson promoting and raising funds for ‘The Change,’ an ecumenical event for World Catholic Youth Days in Lisbon, Portugal, he describes as an “unprecedented opportunity for Protestants and Catholics to work together in evangelism.” Click for Full Text!

Aides and the press have created a Potemkin presidency, hiding if Joe Biden is up to it
Post Date: 2023-07-26 23:09:35 by Charles_Byrd
President Biden is merely pretending to do his job. But will the charade collapse before he can finagle another election victory? In czarist Russia, a Russian governor named Potemkin built a fake village to deceive Catherine the Great about the condition of the peasants she ruled. Click for Full Text!

Pope Tells Transgender Person: ‘God Loves Us As We Are’
Post Date: 2023-07-26 23:07:55 by Charles_Byrd
Pope Francis has told a young transgender person that “God loves us as we are,” continuing his unbridled attempts to normalize th LGBTQ agenda within the Roman Catholic Church. While there is no such thing as a ‘good’ pope, since they are the head of an evil and wicked heterodox church, Francis has been particularly noxious and vexatious, doing things like affirming the faith of Joe Biden and saying he would never refuse him communion because the President’s love for abortion is between him and God, endorsing civil unions for gay couples, appointing multiple pro-choice people to his pro-life organization, asking pagans to send him ‘good vibes,’ appointing ...

8+ Places To Avoid Like The Plague When SHTF (the biggest threat to you in a SHTF scenario is, unfortunately, other people.)
Post Date: 2023-07-26 23:06:31 by Charles_Byrd
To begin today’s article with a word of wisdom from our sponsor, everything in life is location, location, location. Joke aside, an interesting issue to be addressed when it comes to prepping is which places are to be avoided after SHTF. The short story goes something like this, I mean this is the preamble: it is very possible for a catastrophic event to take place at some point in one’s life, whether you like it or not; it may be a large scale disaster of sorts, like a nuke strike, or an EMP strike, solar-made or man-made, courtesy of your local- crazy-nuke-armed dictator, or whatever natural extinction-level event, or terrorist attack. Click for Full Text!

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