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Thousands ATTend aT ... “MandaTe Free Maui” --- AgainsT Tyrannical Governance imposed in The STaTe of Hawaii

AOC’s Policies Hurt the Poor and Help the Rich

After AOCÂ’s Met Gala stunt, IÂ’m officially done with Democrats

I Knew It Would Be a Disaster, But This?

Former Vice-PresidenT WHO European Advisory Group ... “UnvaccinaTed people are noT dangerous --- vaccinaTed people are dangerous – Should be QuaranTined” (Video)

Antifa - unnamed FBI agents would infilTraTe The crowd ... Trigger-happy CapiTol Hill police officers --- would gun down young women.

General Milley Aided BLM During 2020 Riots And Stopped Trump From Invoking Insurrection Act

Gonzalez - announced his reTiremenT ... wiTh anoTher denunciaTion of The presidenT Trump --- calling him ‘a cancer ( cure ) for The counTry.’

Surge of Haitians at the border shows Team Biden really has no clue what to do

New Durham indictment exposes second leg of Hillary Clinton's Russia collusion dirty trick

DEFEATED: Pelosi Suffers Huge Blow After 3 Moderate Dems Revolt Against Drug Pricing Plan

Pandemic of The VaccinaTed ... Covid HospiTalizaTions Up 8-Fold Compared To LasT Year --- in Super-Vaxxed UK

Idaho docTor reporTs a ... ‘20 Times increase’ of cancer --- in vaccinaTed paTienTs

Gavin Newsom wins, but California loses

Japanese STudy — ‘DelTa varianT is poised To acquire ... compleTe resisTance --- To Vaccines’

Dems ... Go InTo Full Panic Mode Over --- LaTesT ElecTion AudiT UpdaTe

Very Concerning Evidence of Vote Fraud in California Recall Election

The Media's Shameless Shielding of Joe Biden

‘He shouldn’t be lecturing anybody!’: Trump blasts Bush over Capitol riot remark on 9/11

Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan cast a cloud over this 9/11 anniversary

Covid’s ... Willing --- ExecuTioners

WATCH - Bill Maher Says ...The Race-Obsessed LefT --- is ‘Embarrassing’ Him

Alaska Airlines ... ChrisTians - Republicans --- are noT welcome

BREAKING HUGE ... President Trump --- “They Are Going To DecerTify This ElecTion!”

Spicer: Removal From Military Board Is Partisan Blacklisting

EXCLUSIVE - Was Rosanne Boyland BeaTen By Female ( federal - feral ) Officer ... Before She Died --- on January 6Th? (Video)

Democrats' Policies Are a Gift to China

BREAKING – HUGE ... ResulTs of Canvassing in Arizona Released --- ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED

Virginia cuts Confederate Gen. Robert Lee statue into pieces

Joe Biden Is a Total Failure

Why most Americans no longer honor unions on Labor Day

Exclusive — True The VoTe ... ConducTing Massive ClandesTine --- VoTer Fraud InvesTigaTion

Things are bad in California and seem to be getting worse for Gov. Newsom

HOUSE PAINTER takes only a minute to prove that ‘COVID-prevention masks’ don’t work!

It’s Time to Put the Right-Wing Zombie Death Cult on Trial

Can Americans still beat Democrat voter fraud?

Joe Biden Is Lying To Americans About Afghanistan

Biden's Job Approval Has Entered Dangerous Territory

The White House Hopes We Can All Forget Afghanistan (And The Press Will Help)

The Radical LefTs War ... on The American --- Middle Class

Conrad Black: Evicting Donald Trump was clearly a catastrophe

The grim rise of anTivax deaTh porn ... Why do people delighT in news sTories abouT --- COVID-deniers dying of COVID?

Joe Biden’s Presidency Has Gone Off The Rails And The Democratic Party Will Pay For It

To survive, we must fire them all

Our military and our allies no longer trust Biden

As Newsom Recall Vote Looms, Corporations Are Fleeing California On The Double

Panicked Democrats switch from 'defund' to 'refund' the police

Enough is Enough: Antifa Attacks Reporter in Portland

The Afghanistan Debacle Is Exposing President Biden’s Descent Into Unreality

The Only Way Back To Deterrence Is Firing Biden’s Entire National Security Team

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Democrats' disgraceful lies keep on giving
Post Date: 2021-03-01 19:57:03 by tankumo
We are awash in so many media lies that I thought it might be useful to list a few for easy reference, in no particular order. No. 1. The Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6 was an “armed insurrection” in which five people were killed, including a U.S. Capitol officer hit by a fire extinguisher in the head. Reality: The rioters had no firearms or even knives. Two of the five died from a stroke and heart attack. The officer, Brian Sicknick, was not hit by a fire extinguisher, did not die from “blunt trauma,” and his death the next day was from “unknown causes,” as The New York Times eventually admitted.

At CPAC ... The conservaTive faiThful --- double down on Trumpism
Post Date: 2021-02-28 14:58:10 by BorisY
At CPAC, the conservative faithful double down on Trumpism After resounding embrace of ex-president, leaders to define where movement goes next as it resists Biden agenda. By John Solomon February 27, 2021 Cast aside the debunked Russia scandal, a roaring economy supplanted by pandemic, two impeachments, two acquittals and a whole lot Washington vitriol. The heart of America's conservative movement wants it to be known: Trumpism is here to stay. Day one of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando delivered a resounding embrace of the 45th president and his "America First" agenda, and a warning to what host Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called "the failed ...

'EaTing while black'... N.Y. Times admiTs eliTe college scapegoaTed janiTors in race hoax --- Officials appeased sTudenT who claimed she was profiled
Post Date: 2021-02-28 14:33:07 by BorisY
'Eating while black': N.Y. Times admits elite college scapegoated janitors in race hoax Officials appeased student who claimed she was profiled By Art Moore February 28, 2021 A remarkable New York Times story shows how the postmodern relativistic culture of an elite women's college prompted administrators to appease a black student who falsely claimed she was racially profiled, wrecking the lives of four of the school's lower- class wage earners, who were branded as bigots. Times reporter Michael Powell begins by pointing out that at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, tuition, room and board top $78,000 a year while the employees who keep the school running ...

Pics/Video ... 51-day Waco siege began wiTh deadly ATF shooTouT --- 28 years ago
Post Date: 2021-02-28 13:24:16 by BorisY
Pics/Video: 51-day Waco siege began with deadly ATF shootout 28 years ago RYAN MORGAN FEBRUARY 28, 2021 On February 28, 1993, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agents initiated a raid at a compound in Waco, Texas that resulted in a deadly shoot-out and an ensuing 51-day standoff. The ATF raid targeted the compound of a religious sect of Seventh Day Adventists, known as the Branch Davidians and led by David Koresh. The initial raid was an attempt to serve search and arrest warrants for Koresh and other members of the religious sect on weapons charges, but the bungled raid saw ATF agents pull back due to casualties sustained in the initial assault. According to a Treasury ...

The Communist Takeover Of The United States
Post Date: 2021-02-28 10:16:39 by IbJensen
I do believe the new president is, in fact, the old president. This is the third term of Obama. The first time around, Obama tried his best to destroy America, American exceptionalism, our Judeo-Christian values, our capitalist economic system, our health care system (17.7% of the U.S. economy in 2019) and the great American middle class. Obama gave it his best shot. He crippled America, but he couldn't quite finish the job. He needed Hillary Clinton to be elected to do that, but we all know how that turned out. Former President Donald Trump managed to bring out the biggest turnout of white middle-class voters in history for the 2016 election. Obama vowed to never let that happen ...

Time To Impeach Our Government
Post Date: 2021-02-28 09:57:54 by IbJensen
Our government has appointed itself as judge, jury, and executioner of its own alleged misconduct. Unsurprisingly, it has found itself innocent. This is an inherently corrupt system and the way to change it is to “impeach” our government using a constitutional convention. The Supreme Court’s decision denying the most recent Trump election lawsuit, recalls the case of Corinna Mullen. Her brutal murder went unsolved for years until an investigator found one slip of paper. That document revealed that his predecessor had requested that the state crime lab return evidence without testing it. The evidence was later lost or “disappeared.” It then became clear why the ...

Is This Why Jim Acosta Went to CPAC?
Post Date: 2021-02-28 01:14:33 by tankumo
(Some people behave like pests). Just because the 2020 election is over doesn’t mean we can’t beat up on CNN’s Jim Acosta. Of course, he’s at CPAC and he got the reception he deserved. In a video, Acosta was doing an interview when Dave Marcus, a writer for The Federalist, started to ask him why his network wasn’t covering the recent sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS - Judge Rules Maricopa CounTy ... MusT Provide 2.1 Million BalloTs From 2020 --- To Arizona SenaTe for AudiT
Post Date: 2021-02-26 17:16:08 by BorisY
HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Judge Rules Maricopa County Must Provide 2.1 Million Ballots From 2020 to Arizona Senate for Audit By Cassandra Fairbanks February 26, 2021 A Maricopa County judge has ruled that the Arizona Senate subpoenas demanding the 2020 election ballots and voting machines for audit are valid. In the ruling, the judge wrote that “the court finds that the subpoenas are legal and enforceable.” “There is no question that the Senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas. The subpoenas comply with the statutory requirements for legislative subpoenas The Senate also has broad constitutional power to oversee elections,” the ruling continued. ...

HUGE BREAKING NEWS - Judge Rules Maricopa CounTy ... MusT Provide 2.1 Million BalloTs From 2020 --- To Arizona SenaTe for AudiT
Post Date: 2021-02-26 17:13:27 by BorisY
HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Judge Rules Maricopa County Must Provide 2.1 Million Ballots From 2020 to Arizona Senate for Audit By Cassandra Fairbanks February 26, 2021 A Maricopa County judge has ruled that the Arizona Senate subpoenas demanding the 2020 election ballots and voting machines for audit are valid. In the ruling, the judge wrote that “the court finds that the subpoenas are legal and enforceable.” “There is no question that the Senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas. The subpoenas comply with the statutory requirements for legislative subpoenas The Senate also has broad constitutional power to oversee elections,” the ruling continued. ...

WAR: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Decorates Hall Outside Her Office After Dem Rep. Puts Up Trans Flag
Post Date: 2021-02-26 16:28:57 by IbJensen
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is having a hallway war with her Democrat neighbor Rep. Marie Newman — and she is definitely winning. Rep. Newman had a tantrum on Wednesday after Rep. Greene voted against the so-called “Equality Act,” which would force girls to compete with biological boys in school sports and stomp on religious liberty laws. The petulant Democrat decided to post a video of herself hanging a transgender flag outside of her office, which is directly across from Rep. Greene’s. “Our neighbor, @RepMTG , tried to block the Equality Act because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is ‘disgusting, immoral, and evil.’ ...

NoT Making Headlines ... California BLACK Man Films Himself on Facebook Live ... wiTh Two Dead Women on The Floor He Killed --- Including Minor
Post Date: 2021-02-25 15:24:54 by BorisY
Not Making Headlines: California Man Films Himself on Facebook Live with Two Dead Women on the Floor He Killed, Including Minor By Jim Hoft February 25, 2021 A California man, Raymond Michael Weber, was arrested in late January after filming himself on Facebook live with two dead women on the floor. One woman was 15-years-old. The other woman Savannah Theberge was 27-years-old. Savannah Theberge is a young mother from Utah. Weber killed the two women and then filmed it on Facebook Live. If the races were reversed on this double homicide the country would ignite in riots. But for some reason this horrific murder has not received much play from the far left mainstream ...

‘Blessings Of LiberTy’ ... How ‘The EqualiTy AcT’ Viciously ATTacks --- ChrisTians - Freedom - SocieTy - Sex - You
Post Date: 2021-02-25 14:09:12 by BorisY
RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ‘Blessings Of Liberty’: How ‘The Equality Act’ Viciously Attacks Christians, Freedom, Society, Sex, And You According to the Equality Act, religious nurses, doctors, and hospitals unwilling to kill an unborn child or perform a sex-change surgery could be legally discriminating. By Christopher Bedford FEBRUARY 25, 2021 “Have you been following this ‘Equality Act?'” a Catholic priest I know asked me as I passed on the icy sidewalk early Sunday afternoon. “A bit,” I answered. “You can be sure anything that comes out of D.C. does the opposite of its name.” “Check it out today,” he replied. “It ...

Biden bends to the ayatollah
Post Date: 2021-02-24 19:53:46 by tankumo
Just weeks ago, in a pre-Super Bowl interview, President Biden hinted that he might have learned something from his former boss. Namely, that it’s not very useful to negotiate with Iran from a position of weakness. Biden was asked whether he would remove sanctions on Iran in advance of its return to full compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear accord. He said no. The show of strength didn’t last very long. But it ended with a bang.

Oklahoma murder suspecT confesses To ... killing neighbor - cooking her hearT --- invesTigaTors say
Post Date: 2021-02-24 13:29:13 by BorisY
Oklahoma murder suspect confesses to killing neighbor, cooking her heart, investigators say by NOLAN CLAY February 23, 2021 Young girl, man found dead in Chickasha homeWhy a Chickasha triple murder suspect got out of prison for past crimes after just 3 years CHICKASHA — A triple murder suspect has confessed, saying he killed a neighbor first and cut her heart out to eat at home, the OSBI reported. "He took the heart back to 214 West Minnesota, Chickasha," an agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation told a judge in a request for a search warrant. "He cooked the heart with potatoes to feed to his family to release the demons," the agent ...

Biden Is No FDR
Post Date: 2021-02-24 00:45:45 by tankumo
Given my consistent but never uncritical support of President Trump and his administration and my frequent expressions of skepticism about Joe Biden over many years, it has seemed appropriate to ease gently into coverage of the new administration and to give it a pass as much as I can. In this spirit, it must be said that the administration has scored well on what must be its primary objective: providing a quieter and calmer atmosphere than obtained throughout the Trump years.

Jason Chaffetz: Biden-Harris' disastrous start – first month full of hypocrisy, scandal and incompetence
Post Date: 2021-02-23 20:23:22 by tankumo
(No surprise, this is what you get when you vote Democrat). The first full month of the Biden-Harris administration could not have gone worse. With no accomplishments to boast of, deepening national divisions, and an embarrassing array of hypocrisy and scandal, this administration's incompetence has been on full display. Let's take a look: The administration has nothing to show legislatively. Impeachment leaves the Democrats 0-2. After dedicating a week of the Senate’s time to the effort, they departed for a week-long recess. Having wasted so much time on impeachment, the Senate is behind on confirming the administration's nominees. And to top it off, the Senate of ...

Biden is set to repeat Obama’s Mideast failures — and wipe out US influence
Post Date: 2021-02-23 00:57:14 by tankumo
Every now and then, America mislays one of its Mideast allies. “Who lost Iran?” they asked in 1979, as the shah’s regime went sideways, the answer being Jimmy Carter and the State Department. “Who lost Egypt?” they asked in 2012, as the Muslim Brotherhood took power, the answer being Barack Obama and the State Department.

How the GOP can win back Congress
Post Date: 2021-02-22 19:58:55 by tankumo
(GOP can win by supporting Trump.) While pundits talk about a post-impeachment civil war within the Republican Party, the truth is that the GOP is more unified than ever in taking back control of Congress in 2022. History is also on the Right's side, with Democrats in charge of both chambers and President Biden pushing a leftist, go-at-it-alone agenda. Put simply, Democrats are helping to unify the Republican Party.

There Is No GOP Civil War
Post Date: 2021-02-22 01:02:53 by tankumo
(I like this, "Republican party is Donald Trump's party". It is time to change for better.) In the film “Wag The Dog,” Robert De Niro plays a political fixer who produces a fake war to save a president from a scandal. In one seminal scene, William H. Macy plays a CIA operative who tells De Niro’s character that there is no war. But the fixer has an answer; he says of course there is a war, because he is watching it on TV. We find ourselves in a similar place on the supposed Republican civil war in the wake of the non-leftist Capitol riot.

Biden rewards Iran’s bad behavior by begging it to make a deal
Post Date: 2021-02-21 19:42:01 by tankumo
(Iran is so happy than Trump is gone.) President Biden has officially offered to restart nuclear talks with Iran, holding out yet another olive branch to Tehran despite the evil regime’s continued, deadly behavior.

‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world [Biden] been ‘so cognitively compromised’
Post Date: 2021-02-20 05:53:47 by IbJensen
(The greatest danger to America!) WOW. A legacy media outlet telling like it is. The free world is in free fall. ‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised’ Sky News, February 19, 2021: It is clear US President Joe Biden is not up to the task he has been “sworn in to do”, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi. “Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised,” Mr Bernardi said “It’s clear to me at the least that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.” Mr Bernardi said it is ...

ATTorney Lin Wood Releases STaTemenT Before Supreme CourT Ruling ... on ElecTion Fraud Today --- UPDATED WITH NEW COMMENT
Post Date: 2021-02-19 18:03:53 by BorisY
Attorney Lin Wood Releases Statement Before Supreme Court Ruling on Election Fraud Today — UPDATED WITH NEW COMMENT By Jim Hoft February 19, 2021 Attorney Lin Wood released a statement on Telegram before the Suprem Court ruling today on Election Fraud. The US Supreme Court is set to consider President Trump’s voter fraud cases in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan on Friday. These three cases are on the Supreme Court docket for Friday. TRENDING: Happening Today: Supreme Court Set to Consider Whether Trump Voter Fraud Cases in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan Can Proceed Attorney Wood wrote his statement on Telegram, after he was banned liked many other top Trump ...

Biden and his assistant is too cruel a punishment with which to hit America.
Post Date: 2021-02-19 10:26:01 by IbJensen
Shoving the brain-dead Biden and the butt-ugly Camela down the throats of those voters who actually won the election for PresidentTrump is jsust too damned cruel. This is a grievous error that will destroy this nation over the next four years. Americans will bounce around like a pin ball machine bearing knocking Americans almost as senseless as the nincompoop in the White Hut. There has never in the history of the nation a time as perilous as this. It's comparable to a nuclear attack. Every establishment of the central socialist government is affected. There isn't one that believes in the oath they took upon taking office. Over 95 per cent of these weasels voted and supported the ...

TiTanic ... Genius Time Traveler goes back --- everyone saved !
Post Date: 2021-02-17 16:51:13 by BorisY
NOV 9, 2009 Titanic The Titanic was a luxury British steamship that sank in the early hours of April 15, 1912 after striking an iceberg, leading to the deaths of more than 1,500 passengers and crew. HISTORY.COM EDITORS The RMS Titanic, a luxury steamship, sank in the early hours of April 15, 1912, off the coast of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic after sideswiping an iceberg during its maiden voyage. Of the 2,240 passengers and crew on board, more than 1,500 lost their lives in the disaster. Titanic has inspired countless books, articles and films (including the 1997 “Titanic” movie starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio), and the ships story has entered the public ...

Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning
Post Date: 2021-02-17 12:46:41 by Hank Rearden
Katherine Limbaugh opened Rush's show this morning to read a statement from herself, family and Rush - he died this morning after a year fighting lung cancer. Man, I'll miss that guy; listening since about 1990 - like him or not, he had an enormous impact and educated millions of people about liberty. I sent my parents on a trip to New York for their 40th Anniversary. In addition to hotels, dinners and a Broadway show, I got them front-row seats to Rush's first TV show episode after his wedding to Marta. So they got to meet him, on camera, he signed their book, which I have to their day and it was the highlight of their trip. I was so happy to have been able to do that for ...

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