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House Speaker Mike Johnson Calls “Separation of Church and State” a “Misnomer”

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1611 KJV Bible Compared To The 1560 Geneva Bible

South African lawmakers vote to suspend diplomatic ties with Israel, shut embassy

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History of Artificial Intelligence & Mark of the Beast

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It Was a Set-Up: Recent J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police May Have Incited Riot – Fired on Massive Trump Crowd Without Warning

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Iranian politician and former IRGC minister Brig.-Gen. Mohsen Rafighdoost told Iranian TV in an interview that Iran is holding Western hostages

Are Scientists Confirming Bible Prophecy Regarding Eruptions In The Last Days?

Israel Hamas Conflict : 17 नवंबर को Israel में 'ब्लैक आउट'


IDF shares a new video, shows weapons at civilian sites in northern Gaza

Israeli military video said to show destruction of Hamas tunnels in Gaza

Unseen footage: Israeli army's daring Gaza evacuation | News9

Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Now in Gulf of Oman

Terrorists shoot at IDF soldiers from Gaza hospital

Terrorists in Columbus Ohio

Researchers have just discovered a ‘kill switch’ that causes cancer cells to self-destruct in possible medical breakthrough

Mike Johnson LIVE | Speaker Mike Johnson Vs Joe Biden LIVE

Israeli Navy’s Unit for Underwater Missions located dozens of weapons in the Gazan maritime region

Is Trump Paralleling an Ancient Leader?

Footage from the operations in the Rantisi Hospital


The Internet Kill Switch Has Arrived With Larry Ragland

The Syllabus Of Errors Pope BI. Pius IX - 1864

James Carville explains everything about Mike Johnson

This Is The Technology The Bible Warned Us About

Israel Palestine War Update LIVE: Israeli Tanks And Forces Hit Multiple Targets, Invading Gaza

Yellow Fever: Coming to the U.S.?

Scientists Unveil 'Air Vax' to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy

Judge Arthur Engoron Orders Ivanka Trump to Testify at Father’s NY Trial

House Republicans Set Legislative Priorities After Electing Mike Johnson as Speaker

US Warplanes Conduct Major Strikes On 'Iranian Proxies' In Syria

Tucker Carlson Warns America Is on the 'Brink of Collapse'

MasterCard's New 'Digital ID' Allows Governments to Track Public’s Vaccination Status

American Oligarchy: Meet the Billionaire Mega-Donors Behind the Biden Presidency

Sanctuary State Illinois: Illegal Aliens Freed from Jail After Allegedly Stealing $1.7K in Clothes from Macy’s

'Reasonable Decisions': 70% Of Criminals Dem Gov Released Early Went On To Commit More Crimes

Rep. Jamaal Bowman Pleads Guilty To Pulling Fire Alarm In Capitol Building

ACLU Declares Trump Gag Order To Be Unconstitutional

Mike Johnson Elected House Speaker

Texas AG Sues Biden Administration For Cutting Razor Wire At Southern Border

Retail Credit Card APR Hits Record 28.93% Average

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G3 Conference Evacuated After Bomb Threat: Suspect Arrested
Post Date: 2023-09-25 00:01:09 by Charles_Byrd
Hundreds of people evacuated from the G3 Conference after a man ran up on stage and claimed that there was a bomb in the building and that the fire alarms were not working, according to sources and conference organizers. Attendees were just about to watch a screening of John MacArthur’s ‘The Essential Church,’ the last event of the night, when the threat occurred. The man was apprehended by security and turned over to police. Click for Full Text!

Left-Wing German Minister Proposes Refugee Voting Rights
Post Date: 2023-09-24 02:06:03 by Charles_Byrd
Germany’s left-wing Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has suggested extending the right to vote to foreigners in local elections, including those who may only have been in the country for as little as six months. Click for Full Text!

STEAL SURGE Major retail chains claim ‘TikTok videos with 9b views’ causing shoplifting boom & issue dark warning to employees
Post Date: 2023-09-24 02:04:06 by Charles_Byrd
A NEW generation of shoplifters has been learning how to commit crime on TikTok, with videos about theft getting millions of views. As retail theft has risen all over the US in the last few years, TikTok videos about getting away with shoplifting have surged in popularity. Click for Full Text!

Zelensky Departs Washington Mostly Empty-Handed Amid Mood Shift In West
Post Date: 2023-09-24 02:01:43 by Charles_Byrd
By all accounts, Zelensky came away from his Washington visit with nothing new. Biden did announce a fresh $325 million aid package for Ukraine from already committed funds, but the hoped-for long range missile approval never came (however, more cluster bombs are being sent). And as we detailed Thursday, House Republican leadership once again failed to move forward on a mere procedural vote for the Pentagon funding bill, due in large part to GOP members rejecting Biden's proposed $24 billion more in Ukraine aid. Thursday's package announced by Biden, as Zelensky visited the White House and Capitol Hill, was run-of-the-mill and entirely to be expected. "Today I approved the ...

Biden enjoys a 12-point lead over Trump in New Hampshire poll of a possible rematch
Post Date: 2023-09-24 02:00:10 by Charles_Byrd
A slight majority of New Hampshire residents would support President Biden in a hypothetical rematch with former President Donald Trump in 2024, according to a poll released Friday that shows outright anger toward the ex-president is giving the incumbent a boost. The CNN/University of New Hampshire poll has Mr. Biden leading Mr. Trump, 52%-40%, while 8% are not decided or would support another candidate. Click for Full Text!

Striking WGA Union’s Spending Spree Revealed, Including 25K On Sushi
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:57:53 by Charles_Byrd
The Writers Guild of America West (WGA) union has spent thousands on fancy meals, travel expenses to Europe, and even donated to Democrats, while asking the public to give money to writers who are on strike, according to The New York Post. Click for Full Text!

Congress to Release New Evidence Backing Up IRS Whistleblowers Against Biden
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:52:16 by Charles_Byrd
Congressman Jason Smith (R-Mo.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said on Thursday that he plans to release additional evidence in the Hunter Biden IRS probe that will vindicate the claims of two IRS whistleblowers. As reported by Just The News, the Committee’s new evidence will include the testimonies of two more IRS agents, whose claims will back up those made by Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, during their testimony before Congress in July. The two men claimed that the agency took actions meant to help Hunter Biden against a probe into possible tax crimes, including direct interference and procedural slow-walking. Click for Full Text!

Hawaii Desperate to Overturn Butterfly Knife Ruling That Threatens Gun Control Laws
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:49:40 by Charles_Byrd
The State of Hawaii filed a petition on Wednesday seeking en banc review of a Ninth Circuit panel’s ruling in Teter v. Lopez. While that ruling was limited in scope, declaring Hawaii’s ban on butterfly knives to be unconstitutional, the panel’s correct application of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bruen and the standards it set for evaluating Second Amendment challenges to gun control laws has implications that extend well beyond butterfly knife cases and well beyond Hawaii. States facing Second Amendment lawsuits challenging various gun control laws have worked very hard to twist and misapply the Bruen standard, and some courts have gone along with the distortions of ...

Fetterman Holds Up His Phone, Shows App He Has to Use to 'Fully Process Language'
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:47:37 by Charles_Byrd
On internet platforms that still allow free speech, there’s an unusual word being used to describe our current form of government: kakistocracy. A kakistocracy is defined as a government run by the worst people. Whether those people in positions of power are the worst due to their malpractice, corruption or infirmity varies on a case-by-case basis. Some manage to manifest all three at once. Click for Full Text!

Eagle Pass Mayor Reveals What Type of Response City Has Gotten From Biden Admin
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:45:43 by Charles_Byrd
Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas told CNN during an interview on Friday his city has been met with radio silence from the Biden administration they are dealing with a significant surge of illegal immigrants. Click for Full Text!

Some Senators Waking Up to the Disaster That Is Cornyn’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Capitulation
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:43:32 by Charles_Byrd
[Kansas Senator Roger] Marshall and his colleagues further warn the rule will “circumvent the U.S. Congress” by working around passed and signed gun-control legislation with “administrative action,” according to the letter. “The administration has stated its intent to ‘move the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation.’ But Congress has not authorized universal background checks, and the administration does not have the authority to impose this policy unilaterally,” the letter read. … Click for Full Text!

Biden Names Obama Crony Penny Pritzker to Lead Ukraine’s Economic Recovery
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:41:46 by Charles_Byrd
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced Thursday that President Joe Biden would name Penny Pritzker, a billionaire heiress and former commerce secretary, to manage Ukraine’s economic recovery from the ongoing war. Sullivan, a major proponent of the “Russia collusion” hoax against President Donald Trump, told reporters that Biden, meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky at the White House for the sixth time on Thursday, would “introduce a special representative for Ukraine’s economic recovery, Penny Pritzker, who will focus on engaging the private sector, partner countries, and Ukrainian counterparts to generate international investment in ...

Two Texas Lawmakers Call for Special Session to Secure the Border
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:39:43 by Charles_Byrd
Two state representatives are urging Gov. Greg Abbott to call an immediate special session to address the invasion on the southern border. State Reps. Brian Harrison (R–Midlothian) and Matt Schaefer (R–Tyler) sent out a joint statement asking Abbott to use “every state and federal constitutional authority he has to stop the invasion and deport illegal migrants.” Click for Full Text!

Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:34:12 by Charles_Byrd
By The Hand Club For Kids officially became an organized nonprofit ministry in 2005 as a Christ-centered after-school program in Chicago, Illinois. Leaders mentor kids in a safe place from kindergarten through college. Click for Full Text!

Episcopalians See Partial Attendance Rebound as Membership Melts Down
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:31:54 by Charles_Byrd
As the sixth largest cathedral in the world, the Episcopal Church’s landmark Washington National Cathedral seats about 4,000 worshippers. Across the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia, Restoration Anglican Church, a congregation planted in 2009 as part of the Anglican Church in North America, has a building completed in 2014 that seats about 360. Click for Full Text!

Jerry Falwell’s (Jr.) Legal Battle With Liberty University — and His Brother — Escalates
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:28:57 by Charles_Byrd
The ongoing legal battle between Liberty University and Jerry Falwell Jr. has taken yet another twist, with the disgraced former president of the school alleging misconduct by its board of directors and attempting to ban the university from using images of his late father. Click for Full Text!

New York Times Acknowledges Ukrainian Origin of Deadly Strike
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:25:39 by Charles_Byrd
The New York Times is finally acknowledging that the September 6 deadly impact of a missile in the center of Kostiantynivka was caused by a Ukrainian missile: Evidence Suggests Ukrainian Missile Caused Market Tragedy One wonders what took them so long. Click for Full Text!

Portland pays out $680,000 to defund the police activist, former city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty over leaked incident report
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:22:50 by Charles_Byrd
The Portland Police Association has settled a lawsuit brought by anti- police activist and former Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty for $680,000. The settlement was first reported by KGW8 and was in response to a 2021 incident in which the union's president at the time, Brian Hunzeker, and Portland Police Bureau staff leaked a report in which Hardesty was mistakenly identified as the suspect in a hit-and-run accident. Click for Full Text!

Foursquare Church in Urbana Closed, Pastor Questions Rationale
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:19:52 by Charles_Byrd
Michael Elmore was a pastor in the Foursquare denomination for 30 years. He believes his small congregation in Urbana, Illinois, was targeted by the denomination and its property taken without justification. Click for Full Text!

How Will the Biden Administration Cope With Its Loss in Ukraine?
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:17:02 by Charles_Byrd
While this piece will touch on the war in Ukraine it is more about the U.S., and the Biden administration, and how they will cope with their defeat in their war on Russia. Please keep that in mind when commentating. Washington’s moment of recognizing the defeat in Ukraine, and its consequences, has yet to arrive. Click for Full Text!

Flash Mob Robberies Are Changing the Way America Does Business
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:15:28 by Charles_Byrd
Many people have probably heard about the viral epidemic that is sweeping America, bringing mask-wearing back into fashion once again. No, it’s not Covid-19, at least not yet, but rather organized retail theft that is wreaking havoc on the nation’s heartland. Back in the Soviet days, before mega malls and hyper-stores became prominent features across Russia’s 11 time zones, communist shoppers were forced to choose merchandise that was locked away behind display cases. A clerk would write down the price of each desired item and the shopper would take the piece of paper to the cashier, pay for the merchandise and then return to the salesperson with proof of purchase. Only then ...

Biden administration announces additional $325 million in military aid to Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:14:01 by Charles_Byrd
The Biden administration on Thursday announced an aid package for Ukraine with a value of “up to $325 million” for “critical security and defense needs.” The announcement came after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in Washington, D.C., to meet with U.S. leaders including President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). The package includes weapons such as missiles and machine guns to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Click for Full Text!

World Vision Responds to Senator’s Inquiry, Denies Accusations of Aiding Terrorism
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:12:21 by Charles_Byrd
World Vision, the $1.4 billion Christian relief and development ministry, has told U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley that it denies claims it aided terrorists in Gaza, according to Christianity Today. Click for Full Text!

Almost Half of All Young Adults in the United States Are Living With Their Parents
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:08:49 by Charles_Byrd
When are we going to wake up and admit that our system is failing? If close to half of our young adults find themselves needing to live with their parents, we have a major crisis on our hands. Yes, there are some young people that are simply lazy and don’t want to work hard enough. I definitely understand that. But most young adults in America today don’t actually want to live with their parents. Given the opportunity, they would love to have their own homes. Unfortunately, home prices have risen to absolutely absurd levels and housing in America is now more unaffordable than it has ever been before. I feel so badly for the millions upon millions of young people that are ...

Pentagon: Ukraine Training, Support, Exempt From Shutdown
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:06:27 by Charles_Byrd
The Pentagon's training and support for Ukraine's military will be exempt from a government shutdown if lawmakers can't agree on a deal to keep funding the government to allow operations to continue without being interrupted. "Operation Atlantic Resolve is an excepted activity under a government lapse in appropriations," Defense Department spokesperson Chris Sherwood told Politico on Thursday afternoon after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley, and other Pentagon leaders. Click for Full Text!

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