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Thousands ATTend aT ... “MandaTe Free Maui” --- AgainsT Tyrannical Governance imposed in The STaTe of Hawaii

AOC’s Policies Hurt the Poor and Help the Rich

After AOCÂ’s Met Gala stunt, IÂ’m officially done with Democrats

I Knew It Would Be a Disaster, But This?

Former Vice-PresidenT WHO European Advisory Group ... “UnvaccinaTed people are noT dangerous --- vaccinaTed people are dangerous – Should be QuaranTined” (Video)

Antifa - unnamed FBI agents would infilTraTe The crowd ... Trigger-happy CapiTol Hill police officers --- would gun down young women.

General Milley Aided BLM During 2020 Riots And Stopped Trump From Invoking Insurrection Act

Gonzalez - announced his reTiremenT ... wiTh anoTher denunciaTion of The presidenT Trump --- calling him ‘a cancer ( cure ) for The counTry.’

Surge of Haitians at the border shows Team Biden really has no clue what to do

New Durham indictment exposes second leg of Hillary Clinton's Russia collusion dirty trick

DEFEATED: Pelosi Suffers Huge Blow After 3 Moderate Dems Revolt Against Drug Pricing Plan

Pandemic of The VaccinaTed ... Covid HospiTalizaTions Up 8-Fold Compared To LasT Year --- in Super-Vaxxed UK

Idaho docTor reporTs a ... ‘20 Times increase’ of cancer --- in vaccinaTed paTienTs

Gavin Newsom wins, but California loses

Japanese STudy — ‘DelTa varianT is poised To acquire ... compleTe resisTance --- To Vaccines’

Dems ... Go InTo Full Panic Mode Over --- LaTesT ElecTion AudiT UpdaTe

Very Concerning Evidence of Vote Fraud in California Recall Election

The Media's Shameless Shielding of Joe Biden

‘He shouldn’t be lecturing anybody!’: Trump blasts Bush over Capitol riot remark on 9/11

Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan cast a cloud over this 9/11 anniversary

Covid’s ... Willing --- ExecuTioners

WATCH - Bill Maher Says ...The Race-Obsessed LefT --- is ‘Embarrassing’ Him

Alaska Airlines ... ChrisTians - Republicans --- are noT welcome

BREAKING HUGE ... President Trump --- “They Are Going To DecerTify This ElecTion!”

Spicer: Removal From Military Board Is Partisan Blacklisting

EXCLUSIVE - Was Rosanne Boyland BeaTen By Female ( federal - feral ) Officer ... Before She Died --- on January 6Th? (Video)

Democrats' Policies Are a Gift to China

BREAKING – HUGE ... ResulTs of Canvassing in Arizona Released --- ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED

Virginia cuts Confederate Gen. Robert Lee statue into pieces

Joe Biden Is a Total Failure

Why most Americans no longer honor unions on Labor Day

Exclusive — True The VoTe ... ConducTing Massive ClandesTine --- VoTer Fraud InvesTigaTion

Things are bad in California and seem to be getting worse for Gov. Newsom

HOUSE PAINTER takes only a minute to prove that ‘COVID-prevention masks’ don’t work!

It’s Time to Put the Right-Wing Zombie Death Cult on Trial

Can Americans still beat Democrat voter fraud?

Joe Biden Is Lying To Americans About Afghanistan

Biden's Job Approval Has Entered Dangerous Territory

The White House Hopes We Can All Forget Afghanistan (And The Press Will Help)

The Radical LefTs War ... on The American --- Middle Class

Conrad Black: Evicting Donald Trump was clearly a catastrophe

The grim rise of anTivax deaTh porn ... Why do people delighT in news sTories abouT --- COVID-deniers dying of COVID?

Joe Biden’s Presidency Has Gone Off The Rails And The Democratic Party Will Pay For It

To survive, we must fire them all

Our military and our allies no longer trust Biden

As Newsom Recall Vote Looms, Corporations Are Fleeing California On The Double

Panicked Democrats switch from 'defund' to 'refund' the police

Enough is Enough: Antifa Attacks Reporter in Portland

The Afghanistan Debacle Is Exposing President Biden’s Descent Into Unreality

The Only Way Back To Deterrence Is Firing Biden’s Entire National Security Team

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Derek Chauvin's FaTe ... Is Now in The Hands --- of The Jury
Post Date: 2021-04-20 13:33:14 by BorisY
Derek Chauvin's Fate Is Now in the Hands of the Jury BY VICTORIA TAFT APR 19, 2021 The jury has now gotten the case of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd. And so begins the jury’s sequestration in a city that is the site of riots, looting, and nearly non-stop protesting – especially since the death of another man in a nearby suburb at the hands of police. In the eleven months since Floyd’s death, Minneapolis has erupted into riots, looting, protests, and arsons, which have been replicated in Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and several other American cities. Related: Who Are the Jurors in the George Floyd Case ...

Fools' overture
Post Date: 2021-04-20 10:36:37 by IbJensen
It hasn't taken long: gas prices are rising — as are the prices of other durable and consumer goods, such as timber. Crime is soaring. China is making threatening gestures, and Russia is massing troops on the border of Ukraine. There is a crisis on our own southern border, which even President and Lid-Caller-in-Chief Biden accidentally admitted recently, causing White House press secretary Jen Psaki to claim that's not what he really meant to say. This was all eminently predictable because, as any rational human being knows, actions have consequences. Banning the Keystone Pipeline, printing and spending trillions upon trillions of dollars, and threatening to implement ...

Democrats Are Terrified of Georgia
Post Date: 2021-04-20 01:37:42 by tankumo
Georgia’s voting reform success has the liberal coalition on high alert. Why? Because the left fears common sense voting reforms will stand in the way of their dream—a federal takeover of state and local elections.

Climate Media vs. Climate Science
Post Date: 2021-04-17 21:20:51 by tankumo
Joe Biden has put a presidential imprimatur on climate change being an existential threat, and he doesn’t mean in the Jean-Paul Sartre sense of man’s search for meaning in an uncomforting universe.

Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws
Post Date: 2021-04-16 20:05:06 by tankumo
Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws COMMENTARY .By Rep. Burgess Owens, Robert Woodson, Jennifer Carroll, Ken Blackwell, Raynard Jackson, George Farrell, James Wright & Michael MurphyApril 16, 2021 Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File) America is a country of over 300 million people. We are comprised of every shape, size, nationality, and opinion. This diversity has proven to be one of our greatest strengths. However, if you listened to largely white liberal media personalities and elite CEOs, you wouldn’t know this. According to liberal orthodoxy, all Blacks think alike, and all Blacks support Black Lives Matter, and all Blacks oppose ...

Pelosi: ‘No Plans' to Bring a Court-Packing Bill to the House Floor – at This Time
Post Date: 2021-04-15 19:43:03 by tankumo
(Honestly I don't think the bill will pass the house, the majority is too slim, and there will be some Democrats opposing the bill.) House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says she currently has no plans to bring Democrats’ bill to add four new members to the Supreme Court (“court packing”), but that might change if Pres. Joe Biden’s commission to study the move determines it’s necessary.

B-1 Bombers Are Deploying To Norway For The First Time With An Eye On Nearby Russia And The Arctic
Post Date: 2021-04-14 10:42:34 by watchman
The U.S. Air Force is preparing to deploy bombers to Norway for the first time. A detachment of B-1Bs, accompanied by more than 200 personnel, is set to arrive at the country’s Ørland Main Air Station in the near future as the U.S. military intensifies its focus on the strategically important Arctic region. U.S. European Command (EUCOM) announced today that an advance team was about to head to Ørland ahead of B-1Bs touching down, but did not say specifically when the bombers would arrive. There are reports that the aircraft could make their way across the Atlantic later this week, while the first airmen have already arrived in the country. The aircraft and airmen ...

High School Coach Fired After Refusing To Enforce “Insane” Outdoor Masks During Sports
Post Date: 2021-04-14 01:04:37 by Deckard
“I will not stand up in front of the kids and lie to them and tell them that these masks are doing anything worthwhile” Track and field coach Bradley Keyes told reporters in New Hampshire that he has been fired after he refused to force students to wear masks outside while they were engaged in sporting activities. Coach Keyes was working at Pembroke Academy when it introduced an outdoor mask policy, which he calls “senseless, irrational, cowardice bullsh*t.” “I will not stand up in front of the kids and lie to them and tell them that these masks are doing anything worthwhile out in an open field with wind blowing and the sun shining,” Keyes explained in a ...

CNN Says Chinese-Style Fonts Are Racist
Post Date: 2021-04-14 00:40:50 by Deckard
CNN has added another entry to the ever-expanding list of things now deemed to be racist, publishing an article asserting that Chinese-style fonts are offensive because they perpetuate “crude” stereotypes. Author Anne Quito claimed that “chop suey fonts to communicate “Asianness” in food packaging, posters and ad campaigns” are further evidence of “discrimination and systemic racism.” Yes, really. She made this ludicrous assertion despite admitting that the fonts were immediately adopted by Chinese immigrants who came to the United States to set up businesses. Apparently, the hundreds of thousands of Chinese business owners across the western world ...

Gran Torino Denounced for Anti-Asian Racism
Post Date: 2021-04-13 23:59:29 by Deckard
Some laughed at the phoniness of the crisis the media fabricated after last month’s rampage against sex workers in Atlanta, as it twisted itself into knots to dupe the gullible into believing that “white supremacism” poses a threat to Asians. But racism against Asians coming from someone other than blacks did come to light. Surprisingly, it emerged in the wokest sector of society after academia, Hollywood: Bee Vang, who starred opposite Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, says the film “mainstreamed anti-Asian racism” in the United States. Vang says he remains “haunted” by audiences laughing at the racist jokes said by Eastwood’s character in the 2008 ...

'It Is Still Not Safe To Go Outside,' Says Fauci's Head In A Jar In Year 2739
Post Date: 2021-04-13 23:35:58 by Deckard
WASHINGTON, D.C.—An intercepted transmission that appears to be from the year 2739 shows footage of Dr. Anthony Fauci -- or rather, just his head, which has been preserved in a jar. In the video from the future, Fauci says it's still not safe to go outside, go to movie theaters, or eat indoors. "Honestly, even if you've been immunized and are quadruple-masking, per current recommendations, I don't think I would risk it," he said. "Although we eradicated the virus some seven centuries ago, we can't be too careful. We must remain vigilant.""If we let up even a little bit, we could end up right back where we were in 2020."Fauci also revealed ...

Biden Re-Ignites the Waco Fire
Post Date: 2021-04-13 22:28:33 by Deckard
The president’s ATF nominee reminds us of a dark episode of law enforcement lawlessness.The Branch Davidians' Mount Carmel compound outside of Waco, Texas, burns to the ground during the 1993 raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Nearly 80 members of the religious group were killed in the fire, which ended the 51-day standoff between the Davidians the ATF. | Location: Near Waco, Texas, USA. (Photo by Greg Smith/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images) Last week, President Joe Biden nominated David Chipman to be head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the premier federal firearms enforcement agency. Biden complemented that announcement with a ...

Over 500 White People Have Been Killed By Cops Since 2020. There Has Been No Rioting Over Those Deaths.
Post Date: 2021-04-13 19:39:45 by tankumo
(I wonder why!!!!!!!!!!!!!) BLM militants smashed police cars, assaulted police officers, vandalized police stations, and looted local businesses in Minneapolis on Sunday night. Video footage shows the pillagers ransacking shoe stores, auto parts retailers, pharmacies, dollar stores, and even pizza restaurants. As we have learned in recent months, no ointment can numb the pain of systemic racism quite like an armful of stolen merchandise.

Buttigieg on Exaggerated Infrastructure Jobs Estimate: ‘I Should Have Been More Precise’
Post Date: 2021-04-12 10:21:37 by IbJensen
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitted on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that he “should have been more precise” when confronted by the accuracy of the number of jobs that he said would be created by President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal. On Buttigieg’s claim to several media outlets, anchor Chris Wallace said, “It turns out the study you’re citing from Moody’s Analytics says the economy will add 16.3 million jobs without the infrastructure bill, and 2.7 million more with it. So it doesn’t, as you said last Sunday, create 19 million jobs. Again, Secretary Buttigieg, why mislead folks?” Buttigieg ...

Videos - ChrisTians Tear Down MeTal Fences ... Denounce The Closure Of GraceLife Church --- Due To A COVID-19 ResTricTions
Post Date: 2021-04-11 18:11:12 by BorisY
Videos: Christians Tear Down Metal Fences, Denounce The Closure Of GraceLife Church Due To A COVID-19 Restrictions By Ray Pearson April 11, 2021 Officials in Alberta, Canada, shut down a church that broke coronavirus restrictions by erecting chain-link metal fencing around the building. “This is what happens when you have freedom of religion in a free and democratic society: they jail your pastor for freely opening the doors of the church and serving Christ’s sheep and hurting people. Now they’ve chained the doors of GraceLife Church enclosing in chain link fence,” an Instagram post from Erin Coates, the wife of pastor James Coates, reads. Police and health ...

Pete BuTTigieg ... To evangelical vaccine hold-ouTs --- Maybe iT's parT of God's plan
Post Date: 2021-04-11 17:27:55 by BorisY
Pete Buttigieg to evangelical vaccine hold-outs: Maybe it's part of God's plan By David Sherfinski The Washington Times April 11, 2021 Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that faith-minded people who say they don’t plan to get a coronavirus vaccine should consider that the shots could be part of God’s plan for their well- being. Mr. Buttigieg had been asked about a recent poll showing nearly 3 in 10 White evangelical Christians say they definitely will not get vaccinated. “Sometimes I’ve heard people — people I care about — saying, ‘If I’m faithful, God’s going to take care of me,’” Mr. Buttigieg said ...

TINHORN FLATS ... The Symbol of Modern Day America --- AgainsT Tyranny
Post Date: 2021-04-11 16:45:52 by BorisY
TINHORN FLATS – The Symbol of Modern Day America Against Tyranny By Joe Hoft April 11, 2021 This is the symbol of modern-day Americans against tyranny. America is standing up against this communist onslaught. One American is standing up against tyranny. He’s becoming the symbol of America. The Conservative Treehouse brought this to our attention. Here is what they shared: Tinhorn Flats is the oldest bar in Burbank. In March of 2020 they shut down in compliance with state guidelines. They reopened in November 2020, and when the second lockdown was announced their defiance began. TRENDING: "A Demented Pervert - Who Can't Tie His Own Shoelaces or Know Where He ...

This Trial is a ToTal sham ... The enTire power of The sTaTe - media - lefT-wing shock Troops - counTry's finesT legal TalenT ... is being deployed againsT Derek Chauvin.
Post Date: 2021-04-11 15:51:57 by BorisY
Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice Ann Coulter Posted: Mar 31, 2021 The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com. In modern America, we periodically offer up white men as human sacrifices to the PC gods. Among our benefactions: Jake Gardner, Kyle Rittenhouse, Darren Wilson, the Duke lacrosse players, University of Virginia fraternity members, Stacey Koon and Mark Fuhrman. The rest of us just keep our heads down and pray we won't be next. At least the Duke and UVA human offerings were sufficiently upper- crust to have a few journalists and lawyers defending them. But policemen, bar owners, military veterans and ...

A few billionaires currenTly have The power To decide ... ThaT some Americans’ speech righTs are more sacred Than oThers --- Clarence Thomas offers a remedy.
Post Date: 2021-04-11 13:27:58 by BorisY
What Should Be Done to Curb Big Tech? A few billionaires currently have the power to decide that some Americans’ speech rights are more sacred than others. Clarence Thomas offers a remedy. Bari Weiss Apr 9 Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas at the swearing-in ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett in October (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) Do your eyes gloss over when you see the words “Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act”? Mine do. Yet the subject of Big Tech’s might — Should Facebook have the power to ban a president? Should Amazon have the power to ban the sale of a controversial book? Should Twitter have the power to permanently bar a ...

Biden Defense Secretary Orders Several “Immediate Actions” to Weed Out ‘Extremism’ in the Ranks
Post Date: 2021-04-10 10:17:33 by IbJensen
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday signed a memo ordering several “immediate actions” to weed out so-called ‘extremism’ in the ranks. Austin signed this memo after he ordered military-wide “stand downs” to “address white nationalism” and rid the military of “extremists and racists.” “The vast majority of those who serve in uniform and their civilian colleagues do so with great honor and integrity, but any extremist behavior in the force can have an outsized impact,” Austin wrote. Austin outlined a series of actions the department will take to get rid of extremism: Review and update the DoD’s definition of ...

Target selling book that includes prayer to 'hate white people' in 'Religion' section
Post Date: 2021-04-09 09:02:44 by Gatlin
"On Saturday, one of the members of my church sent me these images of a 'devotional' she found in Target," Ryan McAllister, lead pastor at Life Community Church in Alexandria, Virginia, tweeted on Wednesday with photos of the passage in question titled, "Prayer of a Weary Black Woman" by author Chanequa Walker-Barnes, Ph.D.

America is losing its religion — and the effects will be long-lasting
Post Date: 2021-04-09 08:59:05 by Gatlin
New surveys show Americans' membership in communities of worship has declined sharply in recent years, with less than 50% of the country belonging to a church, synagogue or mosque. Why it matters: The accelerating trend towards a more secular America represents a fundamental change in the national character, one that will have major ramifications for politics and even social cohesion.

Conservative Grassroots Begin to Take Back Wisconsin
Post Date: 2021-04-09 07:37:44 by Gatlin
The strength of conservatism in Wisconsin has always rested in its grassroots, particularly in the WOW Counties, and last night once again proved its strength when it is well-organized and motivated.

Ron DeSantis Is What the Post-Trump GOP Should Look Like
Post Date: 2021-04-09 07:30:23 by Gatlin
If Florida governor Ron DeSantis ever sets up a presidential exploratory committee, it should have to disclose an enormous in-kind contribution from CBS News. The 60 Minutes segment this past weekend alleging that DeSantis distributed the COVID-19 vaccine through pharmacies at the Publix grocery-store chain as part of a quid pro quo was so outlandishly wrong that even Democratic officials in the state have objected.

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