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Covid-19 Jab: They Knew Children Would Die

How Virginia Democrats Are Working To Make Elections Sloppy Again

Visitors from 50 countries with low levels of vaccine availability will NOT need to be vaccinated to travel to US from Nov 8

Vladimir PutTin speaks ouT … Woke culTure is --- desTroying The WesT…

Is there a constitutional right to food? Mainers to decide

Its the White House siccing the FBI on parents who question CRT nonsense

Vindicated Rand Paul Blasts Lying Fauci Over Civilization-ending Experiments

Marine veteran disarms robber: "The situation had to be dealt with"

Virginians Troll Kamala Harris at Terry McAuliffe Event with Lets Go Brandon Chants Outside

Biden Suggests Medical Freedom Is Horrible and Unvaccinated Americans Are Murderers

HORROR: In order to make covid vaccines, Pfizer cuts open live babies without anesthesia to harvest tissues

Kamala Video Message To Churches Interrupted By Fire, Brimstone

DC Comics Artist Quits; Says Woke Superman Dropping The American Way From Motto Really Pissed Me Off

Once Again, The Masked Morons Earn Their Name

A Few Definitions from the New Woke Collegiate Dictionary

Its Time To Disobey Covid Mandates

Why Biden wont tell you where the record number of illegal immigrants in the US are going


Chinas Nightmarish New Bio Weapon Targets Race and Ethnicity

Gregg Jarrett: Disgraced dossier author Steele attempts to resuscitate his ruined reputation with more deceit

Manchin Told The pResidenT ThaT ... SLOW DOWN - he sees governmenT as a parTner wiTh The public --- noT The ulTimaTe provider

AZ GubernaTorial CandidaTe Kari Lake has seen enough To know ThaT ... This elecTion was sTolen --- shes noT going To leT The lying fake news conTrol The narraTive any longer.

ITaly - Somali 'Refugee' ... STabs 5 - including a Child in The ThroaT --- on The 20Th Anniversary of SepTember 11

Panic At White House As All The Stores Are Out Of Depends

Biden playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants

Colin Powells ... BreakThrough InfecTion ... Was Hardly Unusual

The Story Of Ivermectin And COVID-19

Colin Powell and the Crisis of the Boomer Elite

The Left Wanted To Destroy The Police, And So Far Theyve Succeeded

"The A.N.S.W.E.R., my FRiendz..."

Fully-vaccinated former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, dies due to complications from COVID

The most Dangerous place to fish | Great Miami River - Ohio

The VPN Empire Built By Intelligence Agents


The next pandemic is just around the corner! Lady Predicts future September 2019

New Hampshire Executive Council Meeting 10/13/2021 - THE REAL FACTS (The Media are liars)

Covid SURGES Among Most Vaxxed Communities Says Harvard Study



DARPA Hydrogel in COVID Vaccine can create crystals, nano-antennas to receive signals from 5G Tower

Hydrogel microbots to ferry living cells



How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab manufactured the Covid-19 Crisis to usher in a New World Order that will Build Back Better

More than 100 scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory could be fired Monday

The UnvaccinaTed ... Are Looking SmarTer --- Every Week

Man who was 13 when he killed a four-year-old boy ... granTed parole --- afTer decades behind bars

Americas ... DescenT --- inTo Medical Fascism

Terry McAuliffe is misreading what matters to Virginia voters

Results Over Rhetoric: Biden's Divisive Administration

Latest Articles: Watching The Cops

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Single mother tracks down thief who stole her 470 iPad Air 2 only for police to tell HER to 'knock on his door' because they are too busy
Post Date: 2016-09-13 08:45:16 by cranky
Sarah Gration, 37, from Derby, had her iPad stolen from her car overnight App gave the name of the street of a house where the device was She called the police to tell them that she had tracked down stolen iPad But they told the mother to knock on the doors herself to get it back Sara Gration, 37, from Derby, called the police after her Find My iPhone app told her the stolen device had been switched onA single mother tracked down the thief who stole her £470 iPad Air 2 only for the police to tell her to arrest him herself because they were too busy.Sara Gration, 37, from Derby, called the police after her Find My iPhone app told her the stolen device had been switched on. The app gave ...

Cop accidentally films himself taking 8-ounce brick of marijuana from the police station and giving it to his girlfriend
Post Date: 2016-08-29 17:31:56 by cranky
Roshern McKinney, 33, was arrested Wednesday in AlbuquerqueAllegedly left lapel camera on as he took marijuana from the officeHe then allegedly gave the pot to his girlfriendHe is also accused of embezzling $800 cash A New Mexico police sergeant accused of unwittingly recording himself on a lapel camera taking marijuana from his office and giving it to his girlfriend has been released from jail.KOB-TV in Albuquerque reported Saturday that Grants police Sgt. Roshern McKinney is out of jail.It wasn't immediately known Sunday under what conditions he was released. Caught by his own camera: Roshern McKinney, 33, was arrested Wednesday after allegedly leaving his lapel camera on while ...

State trooper shoots dead an unarmed deaf mute father who was trying to communicate via sign language after being pulled over for a speeding violation
Post Date: 2016-08-23 07:41:19 by cranky
A North Carolina state trooper shot dead a deaf and mute man who was apparently trying to communicate using sign language after he was pulled over for a speeding violation.Daniel Kevin Harris, 29, a father to a four-year-old boy, was killed just feet from his home in Charlotte by trooper Jermaine Saunders on Thursday evening.Police say Saunders tried to pull Harris over for a speeding violation on Interstate 485 at around 6.15pm, but the driver led authorities on a brief pursuit before stopping.Officials said that's when the driver got out of his car and an encounter took place between the driver and the trooper, causing a shot to be fired. Harris died at the scene.But witnesses said ...

AG Lynch announces global police force
Post Date: 2016-08-15 10:06:24 by Vinny
So, here we have the end result of the nearly 2-year propaganda war against local police departments. Our federal government will create a global police department, and to this I say yippee! I can hardly wait until the White BLM members of Flame gripe & complain about these new global agents. They'll be jacked and shoved into the trunk of a UN police cruiser so quick their dentures will rattle :)

Little girl has tea party with officer who saved her life
Post Date: 2016-07-31 21:45:10 by buckeroo
(CNN)This is the cutest thing you'll see all day -- maybe even all week. A fully uniformed police officer sitting in a tiny chair, at a tiny table, with a tiny girl -- having a tea party. Corporal Patrick Ray, 30, saved 2-year-old Bexley's life a year ago when she choked on a coin at her home in Rowlett, Texas. "Her lips were completely blue," her mother, Tammy Norvell, 41, told CNN. She called 911, and Ray was there within minutes. "I could not believe how fast he got here," Norvell said. He was able to pry Bexley's mouth open to perform a "finger sweep." His body camera captured the moment she started breathing again. "It was the most ...

The real war on drugs
Post Date: 2016-07-27 22:36:43 by paraclete
The Phillipine President has launched a real war on drugs, you cannot applaud his methods but he is effective, now how is it the shame war on drugs in the US hasn't been so effective. is it that americans just don't trust the cops? Click for Full Text!

Police shoot unarmed black therapist lying flat on his back with his arms in the air while he tried to calm his autistic patient and BEGGED cops not to open fire
Post Date: 2016-07-21 08:55:45 by cranky
Charles Kinsey, 46, was shot in North Miami while he was on the ground with his hands upKinsey, a behavioral therapist, was attempting to calm down his 23-year-old autistic patient, who had run away from a group homeThe therapist begs police to not shoot him — right before a North Miami officer fires three times, striking his legThe object mistaken for a gun was a toy truck An unarmed Florida therapist was shot by police while trying to calm down his autistic patient, authorities said. Police in North Miami were responding to a report of a man with what appeared to be a gun when they came across Charles Kinsey and his patient, who had run away from a group home.'All he has is a toy ...

Sovereign citizen fears realized in Baton Rouge shooting
Post Date: 2016-07-18 11:52:41 by Willie Green
Kansas City native Gavin Eugene Long, who died on his 29th birthday on Sunday after ambushing and killing three Baton Rouge police officers, said in online postings that he didn't want to be affiliated with any group.Long was, however, a member of a group involved in the sovereign citizen movement. Since 2011, the FBI has considered sovereign citizens "a growing domestic threat to law enforcement." In a bulletin, the agency wrote that they consider "sovereign-citizen extremists as comprising a domestic terrorist movement."+Simply put, sovereign citizens believe themselves to be above the law of the land. Their reasons vary, but they don't believe they have to do ...

Former Marine kills 3 Baton Rouge officers, wounds 3 others
Post Date: 2016-07-18 05:54:13 by GrandIsland
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A former Marine dressed in black and carrying extra ammunition shot and killed three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers Sunday, less than two weeks after a black man was fatally shot by police here in a confrontation that sparked nightly protests that reverberated nationwide. Three other officers were wounded, one critically. Police said the gunman was killed at the scene. The shooting less than a mile from police headquarters added to the tensions across the country between the black community and police. Just days earlier, one of the slain officers had posted an emotional Facebook message about the challenges of police work in the current environment. ...

In video, man ignores police demands and is fatally shot
Post Date: 2016-07-14 19:20:11 by GrandIsland
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Despite demands that he “Show both hands!” and shouts that “You’re going to get shot man!” a 19-year-old in California refused to pull one hand from behind his back and to stop walking toward Fresno police. Officers then shot him four times, killing him. Dramatic and graphic body-camera video shows the man, identified as Dylan Noble, was struck twice after he already had gone down from the first two bullets. “Get on the ground now!” officers continually shout at Noble in the video released by police Wednesday. One yells: “Drop whatever you have in your hand!” It turned out Noble, who was white, was unarmed and had ...

Judge in officer's trial: Is failure to seat belt a crime?
Post Date: 2016-07-14 17:07:42 by cranky
BALTIMORE (AP) — The trial for the highest-ranking officer charged in the death of a 25-year-old black man who was fatally injured in the back of a police van may hinge on a simple question: Should the officer have put a seat belt on Freddie Gray? Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams, who will decide the case of Lt. Brian Rice, focused on that question during closing arguments Thursday, asking prosecutors if they believed it was a crime not to put a seat belt on Gray. "So, failure to restrain equals criminal act?" the judge asked. Michael Schatzow, chief deputy state's attorney, replied that it was, because to leave Gray face down on the floor of the van in ...

'An inexcusable use of excessive force': Dylan Noble's family say bodycam footage of the teen being shot dead by cops during a traffic stop proves his death was unlawful
Post Date: 2016-07-14 08:55:38 by cranky
Police in Fresno have released video which shows shooting of Dylan NobleNoble family lawyer says it proves he was killed with 'inexcusable force'Police say it shows he repeatedly ignored orders and refused to lay downNoble was shot four times, twice while bleeding on the floor, after police were called to reports of a man with a rifle and stopped his vehicleDeath sparked protests by Confederates who chanted 'white lives matter' California police have released harrowing new bodycam footage which shows unarmed teen Dylan Noble being shot dead by officers last month.Stuart R. Chandler, the attorney representing Noble's family, said the footage makes him 'more certain ...

Release the Police robots!!!
Post Date: 2016-07-11 10:12:06 by Vinny
I'm loving these police robots!!!!

Amid protests, DA says La. police shooting may be "authorized killing"
Post Date: 2016-07-08 07:51:14 by cranky
(Warning: This video contains graphic footage) Outrage is growing over the police shooting of a black man in Louisiana with new cell phone video showing a different perspective of the deadly encounter between Alton Sterling and two Baton Rouge officers.As hundreds protested Wednesday night at the convenience store where the shooting took place, a Baton Rouge official said the officers involved in the shooting believe their actions were justified, reports CBS News correspondent David Begnaud.The second video, taken from a closer angle, appears to show Sterling pinned down by two Baton Rouge police officers. Moments later, Sterling is shot multiple times in the chest and back. The ...

EXCLUSIVE: Security camera recording of Alton Sterling's shooting by two white cops was seized 'illegally' by police - who now face demands to return 'best evidence' of death
Post Date: 2016-07-08 07:01:31 by cranky
Death of Sterling, an African-American man who was shot six times by two white cops in Baton Rouge, LA, is being probed by FBITwo witnesses captured death on their phones and have made recordings public - but they have missing seconds and are not complete recordOne set of CCTV camera outside food market where Sterling was shot recorded entire incidentPolice questioned store owner - who recorded one of the two videos already made public - and took recording equipment from shopBut he tells Daily Mail Online he was never shown a warrant by officers - who were from same department as two who shot SterlingBaton Rouge PD now facing legal demand to turn over footage because it was 'illegally ...

Terrifying moment brave cop's bullet bounces off armored vest of Dallas gunman - who then shoots the officer in the back before executing him at point-blank range with assault rifle
Post Date: 2016-07-08 06:35:43 by cranky
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT The terrifying footage shows a cop creep up on one of the Dallas shootersHe tries to take him by surprise with a bullet but the killer seems unharmedThe gunman then rushes the officer, shooting him in the backHe then then executes him at point-blank range with as many as four shotsA witness said the killer looked like he was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle And had so many magazines 'they were falling out of his pockets' This is the horrifying moment a brave police officer attempted to shoot one of the Dallas gunmen- only for the bullet to bounce off his armored vest and for him to turn around and execute the cop at point-blank range.The footage, filmed from ...

The horrifying moment a woman Facebook live-streams her dying boyfriend seconds after he is shot by a cop - and confronts the shaky officer who screams at her 'I told him not to reach for it!' [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2016-07-07 07:45:17 by cranky
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Lavish Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath of her boyfriend's shootingPhilando Castile was shot at 9pm during a traffic stop in MinnesotaReynolds claims that he was reaching for a license and IDAnd she says he told the cop he had a license to carry a weaponBut she claims the 'Chinese police officer' shot him four times in the armThe cop - audibly panicky - swears and tells her not to move several timesCastile appears to lose consciousness partway through the video Police have confirmed that he died in hospitalCrowds of protesters have formed outside Minnesota Governor's house The cop is from the St. Anthony Police Department in Falcon Heights He has ...

Video emerges in fatal shooting of man who allegedly attacked off-duty NY cop
Post Date: 2016-07-06 19:25:23 by GrandIsland
Officials declined to release the video, and Bill Bratton said it was "much too early" to say whether shooting was justified NEW YORK — A security videotape shows an unarmed motorist exiting his car at a stoplight and leaning into the vehicle of an off-duty officer before the officer shot and killed him in a road-rage incident, a law enforcement official who viewed it said Tuesday. The video has emerged as key evidence in a review by the New York Police Department and the state attorney general's office into the shooting of Delrawn Small early Monday Officer Wayne Issacs was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, police said. ...

Man commits murder after removing prosthetic leg with ankle GPS
Post Date: 2016-06-22 20:52:56 by cranky
Instead of cutting off or removing the bracelet, however, which would have alerted authorities, police said Quincy Green found a new way to dupe the tracker - he took off his leg. A review is underway at the District’s Pre-Trial Services agency after a GPS monitoring device was incorrectly placed on a man’s prosthetic leg. That man, 34-year-old Quincy Green, took off his leg and committed a murder. Dana Hamilton was shot to death on Southern Avenue last month and police had no suspects for six days until someone dropped a dime on Green. He was fitted with the GPS device after he had been arrested for carrying a pistol without a license. After receiving the tip on Green, ...

3 ways to prepare for psychological realities of violent encounters
Post Date: 2016-06-01 21:20:14 by GrandIsland
What few instructors teach is the psychological gap between the theory and practice of training and the jarring, disorienting reality of a violent encounter May 25, 2016 Amid the current debate over recent and highly publicized police uses of force (UOF), law enforcement agencies policies, practices, and training related to the “how and when” of force are beginning to come under scrutiny. This is a natural and necessary — if often frustrating — byproduct of the debate that should be welcomed: where deficiencies in training and expectations of officers are lacking, let light and reform shine, but where officers and agencies are getting it right, let that be ...

Do Blue Lives Matter?
Post Date: 2016-05-31 00:51:29 by Hondo68
According to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, they do. He signed a new law last week making attacks on armed government workers – you know, cops – a “hate crime” subject to harsher and additional penalties than would otherwise apply.Edwards – a former armed government worker himself – has an interesting view of crime and punishment, as well as of rights. These vary in degree according to such things as the color of the uniform one wears.Punch a mere peon (not uniformed) in the face because you hate the guy’s guts and it’s still a crime, but a lesser one. “Hate” enters into it only if the person receiving the punch happens to be a certain ...

Judge says public has no right to record police on cellphones
Post Date: 2016-05-08 10:10:14 by Willie Green
Across the country, videos of police arresting and even shooting people have sparked lawsuits, protests and even riots. But if a federal judge's opinion stands, bystanders could be handcuffed in their ability to hold officers accountable by recording them.U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney in Philadelphia says citizens have no constitutional right to record officers unless they explain they are recording for the purpose of criticizing police, which then would be protected by the First Amendment. That doesn't mean it's illegal to record, but his opinion could open the door to that possibility."We find there is no First Amendment right under our governing law to observe and ...

Evade and Avoid vs. Harass and Collect
Post Date: 2016-04-23 18:06:07 by Deckard
Standing up to bullies is usually the best way to end the bullying. But what if you can’t do that?Legally, I mean.That’s the dilemma when it comes to dealing with the Enforcers of the Law. No matter what they do to you, “resisting” is not a good idea. Perhaps later, your family will be able to obtain some money as compensation via a wrongful death civil suit against the municipality.Provided of course a fellow mundane managed to video your execution. And it got enough attention as to cause sufficient embarrassment to make the Enforcer’s handlers desirous of making the complaint go away.But the Enforcer himself, will not be held personally accountable, as they are ...

NYPD detectives charged in Queens assault of postal employee
Post Date: 2016-04-20 18:01:03 by cranky
Two New York City police detectives have been indicted on assault charges after they allegedly assaulted a uniformed U.S. Postal employee who had just finished a shift in October of 2015.Queens District Attorney Richard Brown and NYPD Commissioner William Bratton announced the grand jury indictment Wednesday, and that one of the officers perjured himself when filing a sworn criminal complaint with the court.The officers -- 31-year-old Angelo Pampena, a nine-year veteran of the force, and 29-year-old Robert Carbone, an eight-year veteran -- were previously assigned the NYPD's Patrol Boro Queens North Gang Unit. They are now facing a five-count indictment.Pampena is charged with second- ...

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