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Covid-19 Jab: They Knew Children Would Die

How Virginia Democrats Are Working To Make Elections Sloppy Again

Visitors from 50 countries with low levels of vaccine availability will NOT need to be vaccinated to travel to US from Nov 8

Vladimir PutTin speaks ouT … Woke culTure is --- desTroying The WesT…

Is there a constitutional right to food? Mainers to decide

Its the White House siccing the FBI on parents who question CRT nonsense

Vindicated Rand Paul Blasts Lying Fauci Over Civilization-ending Experiments

Marine veteran disarms robber: "The situation had to be dealt with"

Virginians Troll Kamala Harris at Terry McAuliffe Event with Lets Go Brandon Chants Outside

Biden Suggests Medical Freedom Is Horrible and Unvaccinated Americans Are Murderers

HORROR: In order to make covid vaccines, Pfizer cuts open live babies without anesthesia to harvest tissues

Kamala Video Message To Churches Interrupted By Fire, Brimstone

DC Comics Artist Quits; Says Woke Superman Dropping The American Way From Motto Really Pissed Me Off

Once Again, The Masked Morons Earn Their Name

A Few Definitions from the New Woke Collegiate Dictionary

Its Time To Disobey Covid Mandates

Why Biden wont tell you where the record number of illegal immigrants in the US are going


Chinas Nightmarish New Bio Weapon Targets Race and Ethnicity

Gregg Jarrett: Disgraced dossier author Steele attempts to resuscitate his ruined reputation with more deceit

Manchin Told The pResidenT ThaT ... SLOW DOWN - he sees governmenT as a parTner wiTh The public --- noT The ulTimaTe provider

AZ GubernaTorial CandidaTe Kari Lake has seen enough To know ThaT ... This elecTion was sTolen --- shes noT going To leT The lying fake news conTrol The narraTive any longer.

ITaly - Somali 'Refugee' ... STabs 5 - including a Child in The ThroaT --- on The 20Th Anniversary of SepTember 11

Panic At White House As All The Stores Are Out Of Depends

Biden playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants

Colin Powells ... BreakThrough InfecTion ... Was Hardly Unusual

The Story Of Ivermectin And COVID-19

Colin Powell and the Crisis of the Boomer Elite

The Left Wanted To Destroy The Police, And So Far Theyve Succeeded

"The A.N.S.W.E.R., my FRiendz..."

Fully-vaccinated former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, dies due to complications from COVID

The most Dangerous place to fish | Great Miami River - Ohio

The VPN Empire Built By Intelligence Agents


The next pandemic is just around the corner! Lady Predicts future September 2019

New Hampshire Executive Council Meeting 10/13/2021 - THE REAL FACTS (The Media are liars)

Covid SURGES Among Most Vaxxed Communities Says Harvard Study



DARPA Hydrogel in COVID Vaccine can create crystals, nano-antennas to receive signals from 5G Tower

Hydrogel microbots to ferry living cells



How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab manufactured the Covid-19 Crisis to usher in a New World Order that will Build Back Better

More than 100 scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory could be fired Monday

The UnvaccinaTed ... Are Looking SmarTer --- Every Week

Man who was 13 when he killed a four-year-old boy ... granTed parole --- afTer decades behind bars

Americas ... DescenT --- inTo Medical Fascism

Terry McAuliffe is misreading what matters to Virginia voters

Results Over Rhetoric: Biden's Divisive Administration

Latest Articles: Watching The Cops

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Omaha police officers did not plant drug evidence, jurors decide
Post Date: 2018-02-01 08:20:33 by Gatlin
A civil jury on Wednesday found that two Omaha police officers did not plant a bag of methamphetamine in the rear of a cruiser near a woman they had arrested. Tabatha Manning sued the officers and the City of Omaha in U.S. District Court, alleging that they intentionally fabricated evidence and supported her false prosecution after she was arrested during a 2013 traffic stop. Manning is the mother of Payton Benson, who was 5 when she was shot to death four months later, in January 2014, by an errant bullet. The trial included testimony from former Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes on allegations in 2010 that an officer had mishandled illegal drugs. In that instance, a police officer reported ...

Michigan police officer pulls teenager from raging car fire
Post Date: 2018-02-01 07:55:49 by Gatlin
A Michigan police officer risked his life to pull a teenager from a car that burst into flames early Sunday after the driver crashed into the woods in a dramatic incident captured on dashcam video. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office said the crash happened around 2:30 a.m. north of Pontiac, after the driver flew past the deputy at speeds that exceeded 100 mph. The deputy tried to chase the driver, but couldn't catch up. The driver ended up crashing into a group of trees before the car then erupted into flames. In dashcam video, the deputy is then seeing running over to the inferno, then breaking the sunroof of the car to pull the 18-year-old driver from the burning vehicle. A ...

Video shows Arnold officer recovering after he was shot in the head last month
Post Date: 2018-02-01 07:37:45 by Gatlin
Video is here with this update from the O'Connor family... We've come so far in the last 57 days. This video is just a small reflection of our journey so far. We continue to celebrate each small victory that comes our way. This week we have celebrated Ryan puckering up for sweet kisses and successfully catching a small nerf ball with his left hand. As we continue our week full of intense therapy, we anticipate and look forward to sharing more triumphs. Despite our distance from home we still feel all the love and encouragement you continue to send our way. Thanks to each of you for supporting our family in so many ways. We are touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity. ...

Trial begins for suspect accused of shooting Philadelphia Police officer
Post Date: 2018-01-31 09:07:45 by Gatlin
CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- The trial of a man charged with shooting a police officer in West Philadelphia at point-blank range two years ago got underway Thursday in a Center City courtroom. Both the prosecution and defense gave opening statements this morning. The trial for 32-Year-old Edward Archer opened today with statements from both the prosecution and the defense. But even before that, as each charge was read, Archer - rather than entering a plea of guilty or not guilty - replied, "I don't plead to anyone but Allah." Judge Leon Tucker then entered a plea of not guilty. The prosecution said during the trial, jurors will see video, physical evidence, and hear from ...

Jury rules reasonable force in cop shooting
Post Date: 2018-01-31 06:20:59 by Gatlin
MOULTRIE — A Colquitt County Grand Jury has ruled that the 2017 fatal shooting of a Moultrie man by a sheriff’s deputy was a justified use of force in the situation. Brad Shealy, district attorney for the Southern Judicial Circuit that includes Colquitt County, announced the jurors’ finding on Tuesday afternoon. Peter Torres was shot on the afternoon of Feb. 4 outside his 153 Blackberry Lane residence after officers were dispatched to investigate a domestic disturbance complaint. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which was requested to investigate the shooting, determined that Colquitt County deputy Joshua Luke fired a single shot that struck Torres in the chest. ...

Off-duty officer shoots erratic driver trying to run over pedestrians in Philadelphia, police say
Post Date: 2018-01-31 06:02:21 by Gatlin
PHILADELPHIA -- An off-duty police officer shot an erratic driver early Monday morning in South Philadelphia, CBS Philadelphia reports. Police said the driver of a black Honda was shot as he attempted to run over pedestrians. Around 7:30 a.m., the driver struck and injured at least one pedestrian and attempted to mow others down with the Honda. Police say a concerned citizen pinned the driver in with their SUV. An off-duty police captain who happened to be nearby approached the scene and the suspect tried to attack him, police said. The officer then pulled his service weapon and shot the driver in the head, according to police. "I just heard, 'Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,' and ...

South Carolina officer dies, 3 others remain wounded, after 'ambush' shooting
Post Date: 2018-01-29 17:49:30 by Gatlin
York County Det. Mike Doty died Wednesday after being shot in an "ambush" attack by a gunman in South Carolina on Tuesday morning. (York County Sheriff's Office) A South Carolina sheriff's detective has died after a man, who was wanted for assaulting his wife, "ambushed" and shot him and three other officers, officials said Wednesday. York County Detective Michael Doty died Wednesday after he was shot by Christian Thomas McCall, 47, during an hours-long manhunt Tuesday morning. "It is with a heavy heart & great sadness that York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson announces the passing of Detective Michael R. Doty," the sheriff's office wrote on ...

Cop-killing suspect laughs in courtroom outburst, threatens to kill more officers
Post Date: 2018-01-29 08:32:08 by Gatlin
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A suspect standing trial in the slayings of two Northern California deputies was briefly removed from a courtroom Wednesday after his latest outburst threatening jurors and police. Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes began shouting profane threats in English and Spanish moments after the second day of his trial began, The Sacramento Bee reported. "I'm going to kill one of you [expletive]," Bracamontes told jurors as the jury was escorted out of the courtroom. Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes in a Sacramento courtroom CBS SACRAMENTO He also ranted against law enforcement officers and their families, looking toward relatives of the slain deputies as he ...

Detroit officer shot in the head last week dies
Post Date: 2018-01-28 22:27:39 by Gatlin
Detroit Police Office Glenn Doss Jr. died Sunday after being shot in the head and chest Wednesday while responding to a domestic violence call. A Detroit police officer who was shot last week while responding to a domestic violence call died Sunday, the department’s chief said.Officer Glenn Doss Jr., 25, was shot in the head and chest on Wednesday night after receiving reports of a couple arguing and possible shots fired, Fox 2 Detroit reported.  When Doss, along with other officers, arrived at the scene, they encountered a 43-year-old suspect who was standing outside the home with a weapon, according to the Detroit Free Press.  The suspect, identified as ...

Police union slashes number of ‘get out of jail free’ cards issued
Post Date: 2018-01-22 15:28:01 by Tooconservative
The city’s police-officers union is cracking down on the number of “get out of jail free” courtesy cards distributed to cops to give to family and friends. Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association boss Pat Lynch slashed the maximum number of cards that could be issued to current cops from 30 to 20, and to retirees from 20 to 10, sources told The Post. The cards are often used to wiggle out of minor trouble such as speeding tickets, the theory being that presenting one suggests you know someone in the NYPD. The rank and file is livid. “They are treating active members like s–t, and retired members even worse than s–t,” griped an NYPD cop who retired on ...

'Shoot black kids' smoking weed, police chief advises recruit
Post Date: 2018-01-19 20:48:14 by Hondo68
FILE PHOTO. © Steve Skinner Photography / Getty Images A former assistant police chief in Kentucky advised a recruit to “shoot” black youths smoking marijuana and to have sex with their mothers if he finds them attractive. While being interviewed by the police recruit who was writing a paper about “the right thing to do,” Todd Shaw, assistant chief in Prospect, Kentucky, was asked what to do if he encountered juveniles smoking marijuana.“If black, shoot them,” Shaw responded, according to a letter written by Mike O’Connell, the Chief Legal Officer for Jefferson County to the Mayor of Prospect, John Evans.Shaw continued with outlandish answers when ...

One-armed police chief who got Americas attention for losing his job had his dark private life exposed
Post Date: 2018-01-07 05:30:45 by Tooconservative
LEECHBURG, Penn. — State agents on Friday arrested a Western Pennsylvania police chief who gained national attention when he lost an arm in a fireworks accident only to return to duty with a prosthetic. Leechburg police Chief Mike Diebold is charged with unlawful contact with a minor and criminal attempt to commit involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced. Diebold, 40, allegedly solicited sex from an undercover agent posing online as a 14-year-old girl, Shapiro said. He allegedly sent “inappropriate pictures” to the agent and made plans to meet despite the agent saying she was an underage girl on multiple occasions. ...

Politically fueled cop hatred has taken another innocent officers life
Post Date: 2018-01-04 17:36:21 by Gatlin
Politically fueled cop hatred has taken another victim. Convicted felon Alexander Bonds, who had already assaulted an officer with brass knuckles, wrote on Facebook last September, “Police is f—-ts, and this ain’t no gimmick. That’s where your taxpayer money be going, to pay off your own people being murdered. N—-s ain’t taking it no more, Mr. Officer.” Bonds chose just after the Fourth of July to act on his hatred, walking up to an NYPD mobile command post in the Bronx at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday to pump a bullet into the head of Officer Miosotis Familia, a 12-year veteran of the force. She died several hours later in the hospital. The assassination of ...

Officer on leave after bullet misses dog, hits girl
Post Date: 2018-01-02 19:43:33 by Hondo68
Police officer’s shot misses dog, injures girl in home A Wichita police officer was placed on administrative leave after a girl was injured when the officer tried to shoot a dog inside a home on Saturday. The officer tried to shoot a dog that charged at him while in a home in the 1500 block of North Gentry, near 13th and Hillside, at around 6:15 p.m., Officer Paul Cruz said in a statement. The shot missed the dog, the round broke into fragments when it hit a hard floor, and a piece of fragment ricocheted and hit a 9-year-old girl in the forehead just above her right eye. The girl was treated and released from a local hospital that night. Officers were responding to a 911 call of a ...

5 Deputies Shot, One Fatally, by Colorado Gunman, Officials Say
Post Date: 2017-12-31 14:45:20 by GrandIsland
Five deputies were shot, one fatally, after they responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Sunday morning in a suburb of Denver, officials said. The gunman was shot by deputies and was “believed to be deceased,” the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook. Two civilians were also shot by the suspect, the Sheriff’s Office said. The shooting occurred in Highlands Ranch, Colo., about 15 miles south of Denver. Three of the wounded were taken to Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colo., with injuries that were not critical, Linda Watson, a hospital spokeswoman, said in a phone interview. She declined to say if the wounded were civilians or members ...

Man dies after being shot by Wichita officer investigating possible homicide (Prank 911 Call)
Post Date: 2017-12-30 18:24:57 by Hondo68
A 28-year-old man is dead after being shot by a Wichita police officer who was investigating a call of a possible homicide and hostage situation at the corner of Seneca and McCormick on Thursday night. Latest story: Call of Duty gaming community points to ‘swatting’ in deadly Wichita police shooting Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston said police received a called of a shooting at around 6:15 p.m. “It was a shooting call involving hostages,” he said. “The original call, we were told someone had an argument with their mother and dad was accidentally shot. And now that person was holding mother, brother and sister hostage. We learned through that call that a father ...

Eric Garner's daughter Erica declared brain dead after heart attack
Post Date: 2017-12-28 20:49:43 by GrandIsland
Doctors have listed the daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner as brain dead with no chance of recovery — five days after the mother of two suffered a massive heart attack. Family members were being called early Thursday to Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn to say final goodbyes to Erica Garner, who became an outspoken critic of police brutality after her father’s death in 2014. The 27-year-old firebrand remained on life support Thursday morning, said her mother, Esaw Snipes. “She’s not gone; she’s brain dead,” Snipes said. “Physically she is still with us.” Garner has been in a coma since Saturday, when an asthma attack triggered a heart ...

A Deputy Punched Through A Frozen Pond To Save A Drowning 8-Year-Old Boy On Christmas
Post Date: 2017-12-27 07:03:07 by Stoner
Sgt. Aaron Thompson quickly decided to punch his way through the ice to rescue the boy after he crashed through the pond while chasing his dog Christmas evening. A sheriff's deputy in Utah punched his way through a frozen pond on Christmas to save an 8-year-old boy who had fallen through the ice, officials said Tuesday. The little boy was chasing his dog in the Southern Utah town of New Harmony when he ran onto a frozen pond and crashed through the thin ice around 5 p.m., Lt. David Crouse of the Washington County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. The boy had been playing with his siblings and one of the children tried to help him but was unable to pull him out of the water. ...

6-year-old boy killed after deputies opened fire
Post Date: 2017-12-22 16:41:10 by Hondo68
The 6-year-old boy killed by a stray bullet in a shooting involving Bexar County deputies in Schertz was identified Friday by the Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office. Kameron Prescott was shot in the abdomen and taken to University Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Sheriff Javier Salazar previously said the boy was 7 years old, but the Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office said on Friday that he was actually 6 years old.  Kameron was shot while inside his home in the 100 block of Peach Lane. Four Bexar County deputies had been chasing a wanted felon in the area, and they opened fire on her as she tried to break into Prescott's home. The woman, who has not ...

Malzberg | Minister Quanell X reactions after going through a police "Shoot, Don't Shoot" exercise
Post Date: 2017-12-14 18:45:42 by Gatlin
National spokesman for the New Black Panther Nation and leader of the New Black Panther Party in Texas joins Steve to share his surprising reaction to police shootings after he went through a police "Shoot, Don't Shoot" exercise with the Missouri City Police Department

What Happens When Cops Don't Shoot
Post Date: 2017-12-14 15:21:44 by Gatlin

The video 'Black Lives Matter' does not want you to see
Post Date: 2017-12-14 08:03:38 by Gatlin
Activist critical of police undergoes use of force scenarios. We've seen protests all across the country after police officers have been accused of shooting people who aren't armed. Jarrett Maupin, a vocal critic of police during recent protests, went through force training with local authorities. FOX 10's Troy Hayden also went through the training and discusses the results.

Don't Shoot the F*cking Dog!
Post Date: 2017-12-14 03:15:23 by Gatlin
PR exec. Steve Sharp shows SWAT how to resurrect their public image with one simple rule: don't shoot beloved family pets. We the Internet TV is the weirdly informative love child of comedy, politics, and online life. Keep being weird, Internet.

4 Police Officers Hailed As Heroes, Apprehended NYC Pipe Bomb Suspect
Post Date: 2017-12-12 15:27:29 by Gatlin
Four police officers receive praise for their courageous efforts to stop the New York City pipe bomb suspect. On Monday, officials described the men as heroes, saying they potentially saved the lives of many people. This comes after the Port Authority police officers ran towards the source of the explosion, navigating a passageway full of smoke and debris. Officers Jack Collins, Sean Gallagher, Anthony Manfredini, and Drew Preston are all credited with restraining the Bangladeshi terror suspect. Their quick actions also earned them recognition by the White House. “Undercover Port Authority Police Department Officer Jack Collins apprehended the terrorist, along with several other ...

Albuquerque - 71 homicides this year are the most in recent history
Post Date: 2017-12-06 20:32:58 by Gatlin
Four deaths this week have brought the city’s number of murder investigations to 71 this year. With a month to go, it’s the highest number in a single year in recent history. Hannah Glasgow, a spokeswoman for the Albuquerque Police Department, said Thursday that a 17-year-old boy and his friend were shot at in the area of Wyoming and Central on Sunday. The 17-year-old, Donaldo Yañez-Reyes, was hit and died two days later. Glasgow had not provided information about the incident until Thursday afternoon. Also, on Monday, police say, a 20-year-old man fatally stabbed his brother, Dezmond Ravenel, 22, in a southeast Albuquerque apartment. D’Andre Ravenel was arrested ...

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