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Covid SURGES Among Most Vaxxed Communities Says Harvard Study



DARPA Hydrogel in COVID Vaccine can create crystals, nano-antennas to receive signals from 5G Tower

Hydrogel microbots to ferry living cells



How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab manufactured the Covid-19 Crisis to usher in a New World Order that will “Build Back Better”

More than 100 scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory could be fired Monday

The UnvaccinaTed ... Are Looking SmarTer --- Every Week

Man who was 13 when he killed a four-year-old boy ... granTed parole --- afTer decades behind bars

America’s ... DescenT --- inTo Medical Fascism

Terry McAuliffe is misreading what matters to Virginia voters

Results Over Rhetoric: Biden's Divisive Administration

30 years ago this was a fishing village

Educating Students about the Victims of Communism

The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Vandalized By Democrats, Big Tech, And The Media

BUSTED! MASKLESS School Board VP Caught on VIDEO Singing At Crowded Karaoke Bar After Accusing Fellow MI School Board Members of Spreading COVID Because They Won’t Wear Masks To Meetings

Joe Rogan forces Dr. Sanjay Gupta to admit CNN shouldn't have called his COVID treatment 'horse dewormer'

Rolling Stones Cave to Woke Idiots

Democrats are going down, down, down

In MinnesoTa - BreakThrough Cases From The Fully VaccinaTed ... AccounT For 99% Of All New Covid Cases --- Including Rising DeaTh RaTe DespiTe Vaccine

Jason Chaffetz: Dems own Biden failures – they'll run but they can't hide from policy fiascos

Loudoun County Schools covered up bathroom rape and sodomy of 15 year-old girl by skirt-wearing bisexual male…

If Polls Are Right, Dems Are Doomed. If They're Wrong, It's Worse.

Stop making excuses for Joe Biden — he’s the one to blame for his far-left agenda

I Interviewed Trump For 5 Hours. Here’s What He Told Me About ‘Stupid F—er’ McConnell, McCarthy’s Bromance With Luntz, And The Fake News That Bothered Him The Most

"Wilder is The biggesT puncher in The hisTory of our sporT ... I have goT The biggest balls in The hisTory of our sporT --- as I have proved many - many Times."

Joe Biden’s class war

Why I Just Sued Facebook

They’re Coming for You

The USA Is Now In The Hands of The KGB!

Why Is ... The FBI Working for --- The DemocraTs?

MIT Abandons Its Mission. And Me.

Emmy Award Winning STylist ... Dies of COVID --- DespiTe Being Fully VaccinaTed

How Leftist Prosecutors Contributed To 2020’s Massive Crime Spike

NEW - La Palma volcano eruption: More earthquakes and strange heat signatures.

Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000.

Supply Collapse: Inevitable?

How To Remove Vaccine Poison And See What The Spike Protein And Graphene Oxides Do To Your Blood...Instant Clotting

Failed governmenT policies for fighTing The COVID-19 pandemic ... are The direcT consequence of The poliTical conTaminaTion --- of science - medicine ( poliTics / law Too ).

Donald J. Trump on Election 2020 and 2024

McAuliffe: Virginia is for Lovers, but Not Parents

Complete collapse: Team Biden’s made a mess on every front

I had To Duck search The accuser's firsT name ... I could noT believe --- iT was really her name.

Maricopa County audit flags 57k+ ballot issues in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes

Left-Wing Media Borg Orchestrates Yet Another Bogus Hit On Tucker Carlson

This women - crazie Hirono ... conTinues To be --- The most insipid member of congress.

Former NoTre Dame Professor Who Said ... “Damn The UnvaccinaTed” --- Dies Two Weeks AfTer Receiving 3rd Covid ShoT

Dr. Joseph Mercola ... How The Spike ProTein --- HurTs The HearT

Latest Articles: Watching The Cops

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EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman interview (19 minute VIDEO) [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-03-29 21:25:09 by Hondo68
EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman interview: MyFoxORLANDO.comLAKE MARY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - For the first time since that fateful night on February 26, the father of a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager sat down for a television interview. Robert Zimmerman, father of George Zimmerman, said he decided it was time to speak out for his son, against the advice of others. He shared with us what George said happened on the night that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin died. Complete coverage of Trayvon Martin shooting "It's my understanding that Trayvon Martin got on top of him and just started beating him," the 64-year-old Robert Zimmerman said. He said he ...

Daniels signs police entry law (raid wrong house, get shot - castle doctrine)
Post Date: 2012-03-26 13:06:19 by Hondo68
Listen to this Story Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels signed one last bill to bring this year’s General Assembly to a close.That bill, Senate Enrolled Act 1, lays out in greater detail when a homeowner can refuse entry to a police officer.The law comes as a result of last summer’s ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court that concluded Hoosier homeowners cannot refuse entry into their homes by police, even if the officers arrive without a warrant.“After close inspection, I have decided to sign Senate Enrolled Act 1. Contrary to some impressions, the bill strengthens the protection of Indiana law enforcement officers by narrowing the situations in which someone would be ...

US Military Unveils Non-Lethal Heat Ray Weapon
Post Date: 2012-03-12 12:37:44 by Brian S
A sensation of unbearable, sudden heat seems to come out of nowhere -- this wave, a strong electromagnetic beam, is the latest non-lethal weapon unveiled by the US military this week. "You're not gonna see it, you're not gonna hear it, you're not gonna smell it: you're gonna feel it," explained US Marine Colonel Tracy Taffola, director the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, Marine Corps Base Quantico, at a demonstration for members of the media. The effect is so repellant, the immediate instinct is to flee -- and quickly, as experienced by AFP at the presentation. Taffola is quick also to point out the "Active Denial System" beam, while powerful and ...

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-29-12
Post Date: 2012-03-01 12:56:53 by Capitalist Eric
Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, February 29, 2012: Milwaukee WI settles suit for $2mil to man badly beaten by cops at a cop party in a high profile racially-charged case. [0] post.cr/yPjNmjBaltimore MD settles suit for $70k to 2 men & a 2-year-old child who were injured by 2 cops who beat & maced them while one of them held the 2-year-old child for sitting on a porch of an abandoned home. [0] bsun.md/zl2a6hHouston Co GA deputy sued by a woman claiming he beat her in front of her son after she refused to hand him ID when he refused to say why he pulled her over. [3] bit.ly/zXFssXMiami Co KS deputy ...

Cop Shoots 54 Year Old Sunday School Teacher to Death
Post Date: 2012-02-19 00:52:25 by Hondo68
Her crime? She rolled up the car window. Poster Comment:The cop must be a secular progressive.

Man shot to death while holding baby [ANOTHER "Contempt of Cop" Execution
Post Date: 2012-02-18 00:00:04 by Capitalist Eric
SCOTTSDALE, AZ (KPNX) -- An Arizona man was shot to death by police Tuesday while holding his grandson. Police say 50-year-old John Loxas was holding his grandchild in his arms as he walked around his Scottsdale neighborhood Tuesday night threatening neighbors and police. "There were at least three officers in position to engage the suspect. At least one of the officers thought he saw something in the suspect's hands," said Sgt. Mark Clark. Loxas was standing outside of his home with his grandchild still in his arms when Officer James Peters fired one shot to the head, killing the suspect. Police say the 9-month-old boy was not injured during the shooting. Officers also ...

Heightened Security in U.S. Over Iran Threat; Police Guard Jewish, Israeli Targets...
Post Date: 2012-02-14 19:21:03 by Brian S
With Iran allegedly striking out at Israeli citizens and Jewish targets around the world, Israeli and American security officials in the U.S. are on high alert. "We expect it and we are ready," one senior Israeli official told ABC News. Israeli officials told ABC News that the level of personal security on high-ranking Embassy officials as well as other, lower profile officials in the U.S. is at its highest in at least five years, a response to what they called "a coordinated series of attacks." When Israeli officials travel to and from events, ABC News has observed a notable increase in the security presence. Federal officials told ABC News that there is so far no ...

Patricia A. Cook Dies In Culpeper Police Officer Involved Shooting In VA ["Contempt of Cop" Execution]
Post Date: 2012-02-13 13:56:47 by Capitalist Eric
CULPEPER, Va. (WUSA) -- An eyewitness to a fatal police shooting in Culpeper, Virginia is contradicting the State Police version of the story. Kris Buchele says he saw a Culpeper Town Police officer shoot 54-year-old Patricia Cook to death in the Epiphany Catholic School parking lot at around 10 a.m. Thursday, February 9. PHOTOS: DC AREA MUG SHOTS Buchele is a carpenter who was working on the house next door. He says he heard loud arguing outside and looked through a window where he had a clear view of the school parking lot. Cook was in her Jeep Wrangler . State police say Cook rolled up the window, catching the officer's arm inside, and then dragged him. Buchele says it ...

FBI Arrests 4 Conn. Officers on Conspiracy Charges
Post Date: 2012-01-24 09:31:00 by Fred Mertz
The FBI on Tuesday arrested four East Haven police officers on conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges following an investigation into possible civil rights violations. Federal law enforcement officials said in indictment papers that Officers Dennis Spaulding, David Cari and Jason Zullo and Sgt. John Miller executed unreasonable searches and seizures, used unreasonable force and concealed their actions. Mayor Joseph Maturo said the four men were arrested at about 6 a.m. Tuesday at their homes and at the police department. Donald Cretella, Miller's lawyer, said his client has been honored with awards and risked his life in shootouts. "John Miller is a hero in East ...

Separated At Birth
Post Date: 2012-01-20 13:13:31 by war

Arpaio Deputy Shot, Killed On Burglary Call
Post Date: 2012-01-09 19:19:19 by Brian S
William Coleman, 50, deputy to controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, was shot and killed on Sunday while responding to a burglary call in Phoenix. The suspect, a 40-year-old man who deputies found in a van behind a medical building around 4 a.m., opened fire right away, killing Coleman. His partner returned fire and killed the suspect, The Associated Press reported. Arpaio said he was eager to investigate the suspect’s background for clues as to “what caused him to come out shooting.” Officials were investigating whether the shooting was the work of the same criminal responsible for a double murder in Sedona, Arizona on Friday morning. Coleman’s death ...

5 Charged After A Fight Involving Police Officers Leaves Several Injured [Cops Attack Innocent Kid, Family Jumps Cops]
Post Date: 2011-12-28 13:39:17 by Capitalist Eric
Jacksonville, FL cops are being accused of attacking a teen after mistaking him for an assault suspect, then arresting his family members when they tried to stop the beating. Then police confiscated an unrelated woman’s camera and arrested her for videotaping the incident. This happened Christmas Eve on Davis Street in Jacksonville. Police initially responded to a call for a fight on Davis Street around 4 p.m. Another fight broke out several minutes later that injured several people including police officers. I spoke with the people who are accused of assaulting the police officers. They told me the incident all started because the officers targeted the wrong person. ...

Congress To Fund Massive Expansion Of TSA Checkpoints [Fears over burgeoning police state increase after passage of NDAA]
Post Date: 2011-12-23 15:05:29 by Capitalist Eric
Congress is set to give the green light on funding for a massive expansion of TSA checkpoints, with the federal agency already responsible for over 9,000 such checkpoints in the last year amidst increased fears America is turning into a police state following the passage of the 'indefinite detention' bill. The increase in funding has nothing to do with the TSA's role in airports - this is about creating 12 more VIPR teams to add the federal agency's 25 units that are already scattered across the country and responsible for manning checkpoints on highways, in bus and train terminals, at sports events and even high school prom nights. "The TSA's 25 ...

We Killed Your Daughter; You're Under Arrest
Post Date: 2011-12-21 14:49:19 by Capitalist Eric
Killer’s buddies assault the relative of a victim Daniel Hiler ran out of gas during an evening motorcycle ride in Oildale, California on December 16. While walking his bike to a gas station, the twenty-year-old father of two ran into a family friend named Chrystal Jolley. The pair was crossing a street at a widely-recognized intersection when they were fatally blindsided by a vehicle traveling at a speed well in excess of the posted speed limit. Despite the fact that darkness had descended, the driver hadn’t turned on his headlights. The victims were killed instantly. Within minutes, police swarmed the scene, and arrests were made — none of which involved the driver, Deputy ...

The New Breed of Hero
Post Date: 2011-12-21 13:01:17 by Capitalist Eric
The United States has done a remarkable job over the years convincing you that the folks in law enforcement are here for no other reason then to "protect and serve." The words sound honorable and are meant to instill trust and confidence. You see this worn out, duplicitous motto emblazoned across every squad car in every small town across America. But it has become just another slogan that means nothing at all any longer. In an earlier essay I wrote about buzzwords; words politicians like to spew out when speaking to the people. We’ve heard liberty, freedom and democracy so often , they have become nothing but empty, meaningless, over-used words, just like the slogan, ...

Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons
Post Date: 2011-12-21 12:02:07 by Capitalist Eric
Nestled amid plains so flat the locals joke you can watch your dog run away for miles, Fargo treasures its placid lifestyle, seldom pierced by the mayhem and violence common in other urban communities. North Dakota’s largest city has averaged fewer than two homicides a year since 2005, and there’s not been a single international terrorism prosecution in the last decade. But that hasn’t stopped authorities in Fargo and its surrounding county from going on an $8 million buying spree to arm police officers with the sort of gear once reserved only for soldiers fighting foreign wars. Every city squad car is equipped today with a military-style assault rifle, and officers can don ...

WATCH: Online Furor After Police Pepper-Spray Demonstrators at UC Davis
Post Date: 2011-11-19 18:23:12 by A K A Stone
A non-violent protest at UC Davis turned chaotic Friday afternoon as police pepper-sprayed a group of students sitting on the ground. Videos shot at the scene show a policeman walking up to the protesters, pulling out his can of pepper spray to display to the crowd, and liberally sweeping the protesters with the stinging substance. Many students had their heads down, but at least one demonstrator was hit in the face. Other officers then followed suit, spraying many of the Occupiers who appeared to be sitting in a circle with their arms linked. By midday Saturday, videos of the showdown were circulating the Internet. As the pepper spray hit protesters, the gathered crowd bristled at the ...

Flex Your Rights: The Top 3 Things To Do In Every Police Encounter
Post Date: 2011-11-08 11:22:49 by Brian S
Dealing with police in the U.S. can be a touchy situation, no matter who you are, where you’re going, or what you’re up to. That’s why three law enforcement experts attending the 2011 Drug Policy Alliance conference in Los Angeles decided to stage a panel discussion about what people can do to prevent police encounters from becoming seriously detrimental to one’s life. While the conversation was wide-ranging and covered a lengthy variety of topics, there were several main points they all made that can help every single person to deal with police in a manner that limits the potential for arrest or violence. 3. Be cool and be aware When confronting an officer during a ...

FYI...OWS Generators
Post Date: 2011-11-02 12:18:17 by war
Walking up from South Ferry this AM I noticed that the OWS people were using bikes to generate power. Novus Ordo Seclorum.

Libery Post's Finest
Post Date: 2011-10-26 22:57:17 by Fred Mertz
#7. To: A Pole(#3) Yes... No glass containers at all... and NO coolers that don't fit in a small box... all backpacks and bags are checked... and like I tell the few seek the police out and bitch about track ticket- checkers... if you don't like it... go the F' home. It's 2011... expect it. Also... I check the inside of vehicles... that raise an eyebrow. If they refuse... they're escorted off track property. I could make a whole thread... Listing the many rules. lol GrandIsland posted on 2011-10-26 22:51:57 ET Reply Trace Poster Comment:What an asshole!

Police seeking robber kill unarmed, innocent man
Post Date: 2011-10-25 18:09:37 by Capitalist Eric
(CBS/AP) DOWNEY, Calif. - A Southern California police officer looking for an armed ATM robber may have shot and killed the wrong man, investigators said Monday. A Downey officer responding to the Saturday night robbery call spotted Michael Nida, a 31-year-old unarmed father of four who matched the description of the suspect, said Lt. Dave Dolson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, which has taken over the shooting investigation. Customers at a nearby ATM had been robbed at gunpoint minutes earlier and Dolson said it was believed Nida was the suspect. "It very well looks like it could be a matter of perception," Dolson told KNX radio. "This individual ...

The First Food Nazi busted, caught pigging out on fried food
Post Date: 2011-10-11 10:01:58 by Happy Quanzaa
Paula Deen: Michelle Obama likes fried food too By: Nikki Schwab and Katy Adams | 10/10/11 1:39 PM Examiner Staff Writer | Follow on Twitter @NikkiSchwab Paula Deen (Getty Images) When Paula Deen met Michelle Obama, it wasn't exactly the queen of butter versus the first lady of garden greens. Deen, known for her delicious not-so-good-for-you recipes like Gooey Butter Cake, said the two women had more in common than you might expect. "Well, I did a show with Michelle and I just loved being with her," Deen told Yeas & Nays. "She probably ate more than any other guest I've ever had on the show —she kept eating even during commercials." Deen taught ...

Model Plane Enthusiast Netted in Manufactured ‘Terror’ Plot
Post Date: 2011-09-29 11:49:44 by Brian S
The latest in a long line of extremely high profile arrests that appear to be based on extremely little really concrete evidence, prosecutors have announced Boston physicist Rizwan Ferdaus is being charged with “material support for terrorism” and “attempting to destroy federal buildings using explosives” over what they assure is an enormous plot. Putting aside his scarily foreign-sounding name, Rizwan is a 26-year-old physicist from Ashland, MA who officials say “was radicalized watching videos from the Internet” and then bought a model airplane under an assumed name. A few hand-waving exercises and model airplane becomes “drone” and selling some ...

Kelly Thomas death: 1 cop in jail, 1 on bail [Cops MURDERED Homeless, Harmless Man]
Post Date: 2011-09-22 12:22:27 by Capitalist Eric
Fullerton Police officer Manuel Ramos looks back at attorneys as the arraignment hearing begins for him and fellow officer Jay Cicinelli in Orange County Superior Court Wednesday. Orange County prosecutors charged a Fullerton police officer with murder on Wednesday, saying he launched a lethal assault on a homeless man with the words: “My fists … are getting ready to f--- you up.” A second officer, accused of repeatedly smashing victim Kelly Thomas in the face with a Taser, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced. It is one of the first times – if not the first time – that Orange County prosecutors have charged an ...

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