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Your Default Assumption Should Be That Everything Corporate Media Says Is A Lie

Unjabbed Austrians Now Face PRISON If They Do Not Comply

Supreme Court Justice Barrett Tips Hat to Bodily Autonomy in Vaccine Mandate Debate


Here’s A Picture Of The Loudoun Rapist The Superintendent Claimed Was Not ‘Gender-Fluid’

Ursula von der Leyen says time Europe eyed mandatory vaccination

AIDS Drugs Tested On Foster Kids

Have you seen the document dump on the Pfizer vaccine data? It's a bombshell. No wonder the FDA fought to keep it hidden for 55 years.

World Economic Forum Sees Synthetic Biology as Force to Reset Living Systems

Morning Greatness: Biden Greeted in Minnesota with ‘FJB’ and ‘You Suck’ Signs

Jussie Smollett should face justice for hurting race relations in America — and undercutting the real victims

IT was CusTer’s cavalry ... who blocked Lee’s forces aT AppomaTTox --- forced The whiTe flag of surrender.

Jamie Dimon’s quick kowtow after telling truth on communist China

Progressives forget that parents are in charge of kids’ education

NH Public Health Policy Has Officially Killed More “Kids” than COVID


Smartphones and Social Media - A Mass Surveillance Dystopia

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Democrats' deepest fears

If GOP wins in 2022, they must investigate Biden family corruption

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Build Back Better’s tax hikes will squeeze Americans long into the future — yet still won’t cover its spending

Whistleblower Videos Capture Pennsylvania Election Officials Destroying Evidence

Feehery: The next Republican wave is coming

FULL RELEASE: Ashley Biden Diary Reveals Child Sex Trauma, Drug Abuse, Resentment For Joe – Whistleblower

Proof that AG Garland misled Congress about silencing parents who dissent

Trump ... ‘ The USA is ' --- ' a Radicalized Mess’


Pinkerton: Joe Biden and John Kerry’s Green Great Reset Punishes America, Rewards China

Are You Better Off Today Than You Were 10 Months Ago? (Does a bear sh-t in the woods?_

Byron York's Daily Memo: The Biden White House dumpster fire

Washington Post edits and adds editor's notes to at least a dozen Steele dossier stories

Media ... sacrifices RiTTenhouse --- aT alTar of iTs lies

Byron York's Daily Memo: When Adam Schiff loved the dossier


What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?

The Russian ATTack On Ukraine ... Has Already Begun --- Biden Will Do NoThing To STop IT

“The only Thing ThaT sTands beTween The new way of life ... The currenT way of life is - frankly --- hesiTancy To vaccinaTions,” he said.

Joe Biden is all-in for open borders

NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney concedes election loss to GOP trucker Edward Durr

Virginia Paves the Way for Trump’s Return

Astro World Hell - First hand account - My prayers go out to everyone involved

Mississippi to launch mobile ID program with digital driver’s licenses and vaccine cards

Joe Biden just keeps on lying to the American public: Devine

Democrat Governor Who Pushed for Trump's Tax Returns Didn't Pay Income Tax for Years

CNN - Sesame STreeT Team Up ... To Push Vaccine Propaganda --- for Very Young Children

Latest Articles: Watching The Cops

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Deputy in office of Tompkins Sheriff charged with assault, robbery
Post Date: 2015-04-01 23:52:00 by GrandIsland
Ithaca, N.Y. — A deputy in the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office has been charged with assault and robbery. Jeremy Vann was arrested by state police on Monday after an incident in Enfield that involved a 22- year-old female, according to police. WHCU, citing Sheriff Ken Lansing, reported that Vann was suspended Monday night with pay pending an investigation. Here are the felony charges against Vann, according to a state police news release: — Robbery in the Third Degree — Tampering with Physical Evidence — Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree And his misdemeanor charges: — Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree — Criminal Obstruction of ...

NYPD Cop Epitomizes Why People Distrust Police as He Goes Ballistic on an Uber Driver
Post Date: 2015-03-31 08:38:14 by Deckard
New York, NY– In an insane encounter caught on camera, an NYPD officer is seen behaving extremely inappropriately, erratically, and verbally abusing an Uber driver. It happened after the officer reportedly attempted to park without using his turn signal just before 2pm on the West side of Manhattan, in police precinct 6, on March 30. According to the video’s description, uploaded by the customer in his back seat, the driver had pulled around and gestured that the officer should use his turn signal, casually and non-offensively, and kept driving.  What followed was a horrifying glimpse of power going to someone’s head when they are granted a shiny badge and forget ...

Drunken Cop Arrives at Work with Three Flat Tires, Attacks Supervisor (fired '13, reinstated)
Post Date: 2015-03-30 20:56:25 by Hondo68
Officer recently reinstated despite being terminated for robbery, assault on girlfriendA Philadelphia police officer assaulted his supervisor Saturday after arriving to work intoxicated. The officer, six-year veteran Darryl Cathey, was noticed by coworkers shortly after midnight when his patrol vehicle pulled up to the station with three flat tires. According to a Sergeant who approached the scene, Cathey, who smelled heavily of alcohol, failed to explain how his tires became damaged. As police attempted to take Cathey into custody, the inebriated officer became violent, says CBS Philly. “A struggle ensued with the supervisor and other cops before he was taken for processing,” ...

This Cop Did Not Like Her Lies Being Captured on Video, So She Arrested the Man for Recording Her
Post Date: 2015-03-28 18:35:05 by Deckard
In a video uploaded to YouTube recently, two Sacramento police officers show their ignorance of the law and their willingness to violate the rights of others. In the video, a man was harassed and arrested for doing absolutely nothing illegal. According to the uploader, RichRex100, he was minding his own business when these two rights-violating vultures approached him. “I was just standing in a vacant dirt lot watching some people jump a car when the police pull up and ask for IDs. Nothing was stolen, and everything was legal. They checked their IDs, and when they were finished they focused on me. I refused to identify myself because according to the law I’m not required ...

Cops in Colorado Could Soon Face $15,000 Fines if they Try to Stop People from Filming
Post Date: 2015-03-28 17:58:18 by Deckard
Denver, CO — While Texas lawmakers are trying to make filming the police illegal, Colorado is taking a much better approach. A package of bills that are designed to increase police oversight have been introduced in the Colorado Legislature. One of the measures included in the package would impose up to $15,000 in civil penalties for cops who interfere with someone trying to film them. “Primarily, it came up as a result of the number of news reports we’ve been seeing about police officers telling people, ‘Give me your camera,’ or taking the data away, and that is unacceptable conduct,” said Rep. Joe Salazar, a Democrat from Thornton and co-sponsor of the bill. ...

Fire Marshall Brilliantly Shuts Down Cop Who Attempts To Violate His Rights
Post Date: 2015-03-28 11:14:17 by Deckard
Philadelphia, PA– Tony Soto, a Pennsylvania fire marshall, was pulled over for his tinted windows, and stood his ground brilliantly in a series of videos uploaded on March 25 which quickly went viral. “Look, I pay my taxes. You work for me.” In the first video which was captured via personal dash cam, the officer claims that he pulled Soto over for a couple of reasons.  The first reason being his tinted windows- which Soto quickly invalidates by showing him his tint permit.  The officer next claims that the man’s headlight is out, which Soto asserts it was not and he’s right. Upon receiving the information proving Soto broke no laws, the officer ...

Nebraska senator compares police to ISIS, says he’d shoot a cop
Post Date: 2015-03-27 10:26:11 by Vinny
Nebraska senator compares police to ISIS, says he’d shoot a cop By Deena Winter  /   March 25, 2015  /   No Comments EQUATING COPS WITH ISIS: Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers says American police are the equivalent of ISIS, Islamic State terrorists who have beheaded journalists and executed Westerners in Iraq and Syria.   By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog LINCOLN, Neb. – A black Nebraska state senator compared American police to Islamic terrorists and suggested he’d shoot a cop if only he had a weapon. State Sen. Ernie Chambers said during a legislative hearing on gun bills Friday that you don’t have to go halfway around the world to ...

Officer charged with killing unarmed driver lying facedown (expired inspection sticker)
Post Date: 2015-03-26 21:01:20 by Hondo68
Hummelstown, Pa., Police officer Lisa Mearkle walks into District Judge Lowell A. Witmer's office in West Hanover Twp., Tuesday, March 24, 2015, for her preliminary arraignment in connection with the shooting death of David Kassick during a traffic stop in February 2015. She was charged with criminal homicide, and is being held without bail over the Feb. 2 shooting. Investigators say Mearkle had incapacitated Kassick with a stun gun and he was on the ground when she shot him twice. She told investigators she thought he was reaching into his jacket for a gun.(AP Photo/PennLive.com, Mark Pynes) HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania police officer was charged Tuesday with criminal ...

DoJ: DEA agents had sex parties with cartel-provided hookers in Colombia
Post Date: 2015-03-26 12:59:06 by Tooconservative
Move over, Secret Service, because another government agency has challenged for the party-culture championship. A Department of Justice Inspector General report accuses Drug Enforcement Agency personnel of having “sex parties” with hookers in Colombia, but at least government funds weren’t used to procure them. No, the bill got picked up by the drug cartels the DEA agents were supposed to investigate, as Politico’s John Bresnahan reports: Agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency reportedly had “sex parties” with prostitutes hired by drug cartels in Colombia, according to a new inspector general report released by the Justice Department on Thursday. It gets ...

New Mexico moves to curb civil asset forfeitures by police [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-03-26 12:15:16 by Tooconservative
Perhaps it’s just the arrival of Spring which has put me in a more hopeful mood of late, but there seem to be some opportunities for government to actually do something good for a change. The other day I pointed to the possibility that Congress might get together and pass the Sportsman’s Act. Now, thanks to the good folks in New Mexico, there is a glimmer of hope that a more egregious problem might be addressed. Last year we looked at the widespread problem of law enforcement and government officials at the local, state and federal levels using the practice of civil forfeiture to grab up the assets of citizens. This takes place even in cases where there was never a conviction ...

Cops Shoot Down Innocent Man Who Won't Put Down Guns
Post Date: 2015-03-25 18:04:03 by Biff Tannen
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9w14MWaQEg Poster Comment:I can't embed it properly, but hopefully the link works to this most recent example of our police state. Or something like that

This Sample Police Officer Exam Proves Departments Are Not Hiring Smart Recruits
Post Date: 2015-03-22 14:03:18 by Deckard
Many have suspected it, but it is actually an official federal court ruling: police departments deliberately avoid hiring applicants with high IQ scores. But now there, is a sample test that shows some of the questions cops are required to answer in order to determine that IQ. Critics of law enforcement have long suggested that police officers tend to be selected for their lack of critical thinking, but news that department hiring processes officially disqualify high-scoring applicants might still come as a shock to many. While a rare exception to the rule might slip through the cracks, if you are too smart, police departments simply won’t hire you. This policy became ...

Police departments hiring immigrants as officers [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-03-21 18:29:31 by cranky
Law enforcement agencies struggling to fill their ranks or connect with their increasingly diverse populations are turning to immigrants to fill the gap. Most agencies in the country require officers or deputies to be U.S. citizens, but some are allowing immigrants who are legally in the country to wear the badge. From Hawaii to Vermont, agencies are allowing green-card holders and legal immigrants with work permits to join their ranks. At a time when 25,000 non-U.S. citizens are serving in the U.S. military, some feel it's time for more police and sheriff departments to do the same. That's why the Nashville Police Department is joining other departments to push the state ...

Cities Reducing Minimum Standards for Police Recruits
Post Date: 2015-03-20 18:17:33 by Hondo68
Fewer people going into law enforcement Image Credits: Tony Webster / Flickr Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Wenjian Liu. Rafael Ramos. These are just a few of the lives that have been claimed by officer-civilian shootings over the last three years. What happened during these incidents can be disputed — the fact that they’ve had an enormous impact on this nation cannot. Though officer attacks and ambushes are rare, the effect of high-profile civilian deaths has drawn attention to the public perception of those working in law enforcement. Read more Amid all the tension, including an overwhelming amount of anti-police protests, is the desire to work in law enforcement ...

Lt. Gov Candidate Assaulted after Police Throw a Tantrum, Cops Left his Girlfriend Stranded
Post Date: 2015-03-20 09:44:34 by Deckard
Holmes County, MS — A candidate for Lieutenant Governor, who’s outspoken about holding police accountable, says he was targeted by Mississippi police. Lt. Governor candidate, Jelani Barr, got the entire incident on video too. In an interview with WAPT, Barr claimed that troopers mistreated him after pulling him over for speeding in Homes County. “He said that he knew me and that he knew who I was and what I was about,” Barr said. Barr said that the officers who pulled him over refused to tell him why he was stopped, so for his safety he refused to get out of the car. “They didn’t give me probable cause and told me to step out again. I was like, ‘No sir, I ...

Police were Concerned for Man’s Safety, So they Broke into His Hotel Room and Shot Him to Death
Post Date: 2015-03-19 07:29:07 by Deckard
Calgary, AB — A Canadian man is dead after a confrontation with police in his hotel room Monday. Calgary Police officers were called to the Super 8 Motel on Monday to conduct a welfare check on one of the motel’s guests. The staff had reportedly said the guest was acting strange. A 27-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was killed by police during the confrontation. According to the police, they attended the room and found the door locked by a security chain when they tried to open it with a key provided by the motel. When police spoke with the man, they say he appeared agitated and in medical distress and refused to let the officers inside the room. Police then ...

Man Heartbroken After Cowardly Cop Kills His Dog
Post Date: 2015-03-17 08:42:46 by Deckard
A San Diego man said he’s heartbroken after police officers responding to a call near his home in Pacific Beach shot and killed his dog. Police officers were called to Felspar and Bayard streets just before 5:30 a.m. Sunday for what appeared to be a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, officers say they were confronted by a 50 to 60 pound pit bull. One officer fired, killing the dog. The dog’s owner Ian Anderson spoke with NBC 7 about the death of his dog, Burberry. He said the 6-year-old pit bull was his service dog. Anderson stood on a sidewalk outside his home and walked through the last moments of Burberry’s life. Anderson said Burberry started barking when ...

Edits to Wikipedia pages on Bell, Garner, Diallo traced to 1 Police Plaza
Post Date: 2015-03-14 08:29:58 by cranky
Edits ranged from sensitive entries on cases of police brutality to the British band, Chumbawamba.Computers operating on the New York Police Department’s computer network at its 1 Police Plaza headquarters have been used to alter Wikipedia pages containing details of alleged police brutality, a review by Capital has revealed. “The matter is under internal review,” an NYPD spokeswoman, Det. Cheryl Crispin, wrote in an email to Capital after examples of the changes were presented to the NYPD. The edits and changes were linked to the NYPD through a series of Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses, which can be publicly tracked by various websites. (Here, for example, is ...

Two officers shot outside Ferguson police department
Post Date: 2015-03-12 02:46:01 by GeorgiaConservative
(Reuters) - Two police officers were shot during a protest outside the Ferguson, Missouri police department early on Thursday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper reported. The Post-Dispatch reported that Ferguson Lt. Col. Al Eickhoff said he did not believe either of the officers were part of his department. He could not provide details on their injuries to the Post-Dispatch. Click for Full Text!

Video claims San Marcos city, police websites hacked (by Bitcoin Baron)
Post Date: 2015-03-05 12:55:10 by Hondo68
12:30 p.m. update: San Marcos officials confirmed the city and police websites were taken offline Monday night after receiving security threats.In a statement, city officials confirmed that a hacker group claimed responsibility and stated the threats are retaliation for an incident involving former San Marcos police officer James Palermo and 22-year-old Alexis Alpha, who was arrested and thrown to the pavement during a downtown traffic stop in May 2013.Palermo was charged with aggravated assault by a public servant after another officer reviewed that night’s dash camera video, officials said. Earlier this year, Palermo pleaded guilty and was required to serve 10 years of deferred ...

Searing DOJ report says Ferguson PD routinely violated rights of African-Americans
Post Date: 2015-03-04 09:57:14 by misterwhite
The Ferguson Police Department routinely violated the constitutional rights of the local African-American population in the Missouri city for years, the Department of Justice has found in a searing report. The investigation, launched after the August shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, found that the department violated the Fourth Amendment in instances such as making traffic stops without reasonable suspicion and making arrests without probable cause. The report provides direct evidence of racial bias among police officers and court workers, and details a criminal justice system that through the issuance of petty citations for infractions such as walking in the middle ...

The 21 Foot Rule
Post Date: 2015-03-02 19:54:23 by GrandIsland
Officers throughout the United States have heard use of force instructors discuss the “21 Foot Rule” during their officer safety, firearms and deadly force training. As a use of force instructor and a forensic police practices expert, I have trained and testified to this concept myself. In 1983, the concept’s founder, Salt Lake City PD police firearms instructor Lt. John Tueller (Ret.) set up a drill where he placed a “suspect” armed with an edged weapon 20 or so feet away from an officer with a holstered sidearm. He then directed the armed suspect to run toward the officer in attack mode. The training objective was to determine whether the officer could draw and ...

IMPD Chief: Detective not removed from decades-old cold case
Post Date: 2015-02-28 20:28:03 by cranky
A detective who requested public funding for a DNA test in a decades-old murder has not been removed from the case, Indianapolis' chief of police said Friday. IMPD Detective Sgt. Bill Carter has spent his own time working on a cold case -- trying to solve the homicide of Carmen Van Huss. The 19-year-old was raped and killed in her apartment on the city's north side March 23, 1993. She was found by her father two days later. Chief Rick Hite said Carter may have been temporarily removed from the case -- apparently due to a miscommunication between Carter, IMPD and the crime lab -- because of payment for a DNA test, but that he will continue to be a part of the investigation going ...

SWAT Raids for Mundanes, Taxi Rides for the Elite
Post Date: 2015-02-25 08:59:42 by Deckard
Scenes from the American Soyuz: More than 120 "door-kicks" take place each day.   Summoned from his slumber by the insistent pounding on his front door, Mark Casterline opened his bedroom window to ask what was wanted. By way of reply a blinding spotlight was trained on him. An instant later his front door was kicked in to admit more than a dozen armed men, who dragged him naked from his bed.“They intended to kill me,” Casterline said during an interview in the kitchen of his home outside of Ontario, Oregon. “I was sound asleep when the SWAT team showed up and had no idea why they were in my house. They came thundering in and I hear clicking noises as they ...

Sheriff that Laughed about Flash Banging a Toddler, Was Just Shot By Murderous Rogue Cop [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-02-24 13:34:11 by Hondo68
Habersham County, GA — Sheriff Joey Terrell and one of his deputies were shot and injured while responding to a domestic violence complaint that involved another officer. Terrell has been the subject of a number of reports at The Free Thought Project, because he is the law enforcement official who authorized the “no knock raid” that maimed and nearly killed a young toddler. Terrell then later broke a promise to pay the family’s medical bills when he left them to take care of it on their own. On Sunday, Sheriff Terrell and Deputy William Zigan were dispatched to a domestic disturbance that involved former Gainesville city police officer Anthony Giaquinta. Giaquinta was ...

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