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The most Dangerous place to fish | Great Miami River - Ohio

The VPN Empire Built By Intelligence Agents


The next pandemic is just around the corner! Lady Predicts future September 2019

New Hampshire Executive Council Meeting 10/13/2021 - THE REAL FACTS (The Media are liars)

Covid SURGES Among Most Vaxxed Communities Says Harvard Study



DARPA Hydrogel in COVID Vaccine can create crystals, nano-antennas to receive signals from 5G Tower

Hydrogel microbots to ferry living cells



How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab manufactured the Covid-19 Crisis to usher in a New World Order that will “Build Back Better”

More than 100 scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory could be fired Monday

The UnvaccinaTed ... Are Looking SmarTer --- Every Week

Man who was 13 when he killed a four-year-old boy ... granTed parole --- afTer decades behind bars

America’s ... DescenT --- inTo Medical Fascism

Terry McAuliffe is misreading what matters to Virginia voters

Results Over Rhetoric: Biden's Divisive Administration

30 years ago this was a fishing village

Educating Students about the Victims of Communism

The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Vandalized By Democrats, Big Tech, And The Media

BUSTED! MASKLESS School Board VP Caught on VIDEO Singing At Crowded Karaoke Bar After Accusing Fellow MI School Board Members of Spreading COVID Because They Won’t Wear Masks To Meetings

Joe Rogan forces Dr. Sanjay Gupta to admit CNN shouldn't have called his COVID treatment 'horse dewormer'

Rolling Stones Cave to Woke Idiots

Democrats are going down, down, down

In MinnesoTa - BreakThrough Cases From The Fully VaccinaTed ... AccounT For 99% Of All New Covid Cases --- Including Rising DeaTh RaTe DespiTe Vaccine

Jason Chaffetz: Dems own Biden failures – they'll run but they can't hide from policy fiascos

Loudoun County Schools covered up bathroom rape and sodomy of 15 year-old girl by skirt-wearing bisexual male…

If Polls Are Right, Dems Are Doomed. If They're Wrong, It's Worse.

Stop making excuses for Joe Biden — he’s the one to blame for his far-left agenda

I Interviewed Trump For 5 Hours. Here’s What He Told Me About ‘Stupid F—er’ McConnell, McCarthy’s Bromance With Luntz, And The Fake News That Bothered Him The Most

"Wilder is The biggesT puncher in The hisTory of our sporT ... I have goT The biggest balls in The hisTory of our sporT --- as I have proved many - many Times."

Joe Biden’s class war

Why I Just Sued Facebook

They’re Coming for You

The USA Is Now In The Hands of The KGB!

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MIT Abandons Its Mission. And Me.

Emmy Award Winning STylist ... Dies of COVID --- DespiTe Being Fully VaccinaTed

How Leftist Prosecutors Contributed To 2020’s Massive Crime Spike

NEW - La Palma volcano eruption: More earthquakes and strange heat signatures.

Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000.

Supply Collapse: Inevitable?

How To Remove Vaccine Poison And See What The Spike Protein And Graphene Oxides Do To Your Blood...Instant Clotting

Failed governmenT policies for fighTing The COVID-19 pandemic ... are The direcT consequence of The poliTical conTaminaTion --- of science - medicine ( poliTics / law Too ).

Donald J. Trump on Election 2020 and 2024

McAuliffe: Virginia is for Lovers, but Not Parents

Complete collapse: Team Biden’s made a mess on every front

I had To Duck search The accuser's firsT name ... I could noT believe --- iT was really her name.

Latest Articles: Watching The Cops

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Baltimore calls in federal agents to help homicide cops deal with spike in violence
Post Date: 2015-08-04 10:41:33 by GrandIsland
Baltimore's police and civic leaders launched a two-month partnership Monday that will see ten federal agents embed with the city's homicide detectives in the latest bid to curb a surge in violent crime that has not been seen in decades. Under the program, two special agents from each of the federal government's five crime-fighting agencies (the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals Service and the ATF) will help investigate cases for the next 60 days. The city's acting police commissioner, Kevin Davis, told reporters that the agents met with officers Monday to discuss cases where officers have identified suspects, but need additional evidence to file charges. The ...

Video: Ohio cop indicted on murder charge in shooting Officer has said he was dragged by suspect's car and was forced to shoot [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-07-30 10:39:43 by GrandIsland
CINCINNATI — A University of Cincinnati officer who shot a motorist during a traffic stop over a missing front license plate was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge, with a prosecutor saying the officer "purposely killed him" and "should never have been a police officer." Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the grand jury indictment at a news conference to discuss developments in the investigation into the July 19 shooting of 43-year-old motorist Samuel DuBose by Officer Ray Tensing. Authorities have said Tensing spotted a car driven by DuBose and missing the front license plate, which is required by Ohio law. They say Tensing stopped the car and a ...

Ohio police charge man who filmed but didn't aid teens in car crash
Post Date: 2015-07-15 20:03:43 by cranky
An Ohio man was charged on Wednesday for entering a vehicle after an accident where he filmed two injured teenagers, one of whom later died, while calling them “idiots” and making no effort to help them, police said. Paul Pelton, 41, was charged with vehicular trespass after he opened a back door and leaned into the vehicle to capture video on his cellphone just after the Monday accident in Lorain, 30 miles west of Cleveland, the Lorain Police Department said. The crash involved Zachary Goodin and Cameron Friend, both 17. Friend, who was a passenger, was taken to an area hospital where he died of his injuries, while Goodin’s condition was unknown. Neighbors tried to help ...

Surrey police officer bellows "I'm in charge here today, OK?" as she shuts down casual soccer game
Post Date: 2015-07-06 11:20:50 by Deckard
A clip from a Facebook video taken at a Surrey park, apparently last Sunday, after a bylaw officer and two police officers asked men to leave for not having a permit to play soccer.METRO VANCOUVER — A soccer game came to an abrupt halt in Surrey last Sunday after men were told by police to take their cones and leave."I'm in charge here today, OK?" a police officer says to a group of men in a video circulating on Facebook Friday."So today you will pick up your cones. You will go home. You will make a complaint to the City of Surrey. There's no signs, you don't agree with the bylaw, you don't like the rules. Make the complaint."But today, today you ...

PD Officer Dance With a Gay Pride Parade Marcher
Post Date: 2015-06-29 20:36:46 by GrandIsland
Most New York City police officers remained stoic at Sunday’s annual gay pride parade, but one officer went above the call of duty. Way above. The officer — whose identity is sadly unknown — joined in on the festivities by showing off some dirty dance moves. (You can enjoy a taste of said moves in the video above.) Paige Ponzeka, a member of an LGBT softball league, posted the clip to YouTube after the parade. One of Ponzeka’s fellow marchers, Aaron Santis, told BuzzFeed that he’d been trying (and failing) to get cops to dance with him all day. Finally, his plan worked. “I didn’t expect him to get into it as much as he did,” Santis said. ...

‘All about the money’: Motorists plagued by sky-high Calif. traffic ticket fines
Post Date: 2015-06-27 09:55:18 by GrandIsland
Campbell isn't the only victim of California's effort to wring more money from traffic scofflaws. Residents owe state coffers $10 billion in unpaid tickets. Currently 4 million Californians -- 17 percent of the state's adult population -- have a suspended license for failure to appear or pay. It’s gotten so bad that Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing an amnesty program for those owing money. "It's a poverty trap," said Theresa Zhen, a lawyer who helps motorists navigate traffic court. "If you can't afford to pay, many don't show up in court because they're afraid of jail. Then the state automatically suspends their license.” She said ...

Police fatally shoot Richard Matt, pursuing second escaped inmate [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-06-26 16:56:23 by GrandIsland
PLATTSBURGH, N.Y., June 26 (UPI) --Richard Matt, one of the two convicted murderers who escaped from a prison in upstate New York three weeks ago, was shot dead Friday, law enforcement officials said. Sources told CNN Matt was shot and officers were pursuing the second escaped inmate, David Sweat. told The New York Times and ABC News, quoting sources, reported that Matt died of his injuries. Earlier Friday, in a news conference, Maj. Charles Guess told reporters they believed the men were headed to Canada. "Based on what we know at this point, we have a high degree of confidence in our conclusion," he said. It's unclear exactly where the shooting of Matt took place. ...

Dog the Bounty Hunter Involved In Search For Escaped Prisoners
Post Date: 2015-06-23 08:48:17 by Willie Green
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- He's more than just a reality TV celebrity. "People expect me to do something," said Duane "Dog" Chapman. "Do you know what I mean?" Chapman, better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, and his crew are following the manhunt for the two escaped prisoners from Clinton Correctional Facility. "The reward out there is good," he said. "Somebody's going to make some money to provide some information." Chapman said his website has been receiving two tips an hour about the whereabouts of escapees Richard Matt and David Sweat. Their investigation stepped up last week after U.S. Marshals placed the convicts on the 15 Most ...

New perimeter set up as search for alleged cop killer continues
Post Date: 2015-06-21 18:53:58 by cranky
Police are monitoring a new area as the search for alleged cop killer Travis Boys continues. A perimeter has been set up roughly from Elysian Fields to N. Derbigny street along Franklin Avenue with several roads in the area closed down, according to Fox 8 reporters on the scene. SWAT and K9 units are on the scene as police continue their search. Witnesses say officers are going door to door searching for Boys after his truck crashed into a house in the area. A Louisiana State Police officer protects the border of a perimeter that may contain Travis Boys. According to police, 46-year-old Officer Daryle S. Holloway, a 22-year NOPD veteran, was killed by 33-year-old Travis Boys. Travis ...

4yo Ohio girl takes police bullet meant for dog (officer receiving psychological counseling/traumatic leave)
Post Date: 2015-06-20 15:34:29 by Hondo68
Reuters / Shannon Stapleton A police officer following up on a hit-and-run case in Columbus, Ohio, heard screams coming from a neighbor panicked by a medical emergency. On responding, he was accosted by the family dog and in the struggle accidentally shot a young girl in the leg. The mishap occurred on Friday when a Columbus police officer missed the dog and hit the girl in the right leg. “They were carrying her, she had a blanket around her, there was some blood, she obviously was conscious, she wasn’t even crying,” Gary Parsley, who lives a few doors down, told WTTE Fox 28. The police officer responsible, who remains unnamed, is receiving psychological counseling. ...

The Disposable Life of a 20-Year-Old Confidential Informant
Post Date: 2015-06-18 18:56:58 by Hondo68
Andrew Sadek was bullied into becoming an informant by an unaccountable drug task force. When he turned up dead, police washed their hands of him. On June 27, 2014, the body of 20-year-old Andrew Sadek, a promising electrical student at the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) in Wahpeton, North Dakota, was pulled from the Red River bordering North Dakota and Minnesota. Missing for two months, the young man was found shot in the head, wearing a backpack filled with rocks.  The grisly death of a college student in one of the safest towns in the state, where violent crime is extremely rare, did not lead to a sweeping investigation. In fact, ...

Lost Elderly Woman Riding Scooter Gets Police Escort Home
Post Date: 2015-06-16 03:17:59 by GrandIsland
"(The) trooper had to point out on a map where they were and she realized it, then they had to figure out how to get her home," Francis said. Since the woman was unable to walk, their only option was to call for an ambulance and they'd have to strap her to a backboard to get her home, then figure out a way to get her scooter to her, Francis said. So instead, the trooper mapped out the route to her home decided to give her a police escort, riding behind her at a very slow speed with his lights on to make sure no one would hit her. "(The trooper) said he drove her 3 1/2 miles at 6 mph to finally get her home," Francis said. Francis said the trooper was eager to get ...

EXCLUSIVE: Jury awards $325K to female NYPD cop who claimed her boss was a pervert obsessed with her panties
Post Date: 2015-06-15 20:41:17 by cranky
Officer Augustina Balu accused her boss of being a horndog who often tried to bed her and made comments about her underwear A federal jury has awarded $325,000 to a female NYPD cop who claimed she was sexually harassed by a creepy lieutenant obsessed with the color of her “granny panties,” the Daily News has learned. The verdict came down Friday in favor of Police Officer Augustina Balu, a veteran transit cop who was suing Lt. Denis McAuliffe for allegedly retaliating against her after she rebuffed his relentless campaign to bed her. Jurors rejected the retaliation claims, but found that Balu, 44, was subjected to a hostile work environment and ordered McAuliffe to pay $25,000 ...

CNN Anchor Refers to Dallas Gunman’s Actions as ‘Courageous and Brave’
Post Date: 2015-06-14 08:26:05 by Tooconservative
During a discussion on the Dallas Police headquarters shooting this afternoon, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield appears to have really misspoken in referring to the gunman’s actions as “courageous and brave.” Whitfield was speaking to CNN legal analyst Philip Holloway when she said this: “It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff. So you believe these are the hallmarks of more than one person’s involvement.” We have reached out to CNN for comment. Poster Comment:The YouTube comments are priceless.

7 Reasons Why Police are More Dangerous to Americans than ISIS
Post Date: 2015-06-13 16:31:15 by Hondo68
Everywhere, USA: If you think it’s absurd to compare the men and women in blue uniform to terrorists, just read the definition of terrorism. Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. The Free Thought Project has compiled a list of 7 examples that shows why comparing police to ISIS is not so crazy. In fact, it proves that police are far more dangerous to Americans, and our freedoms than any terrorist group on earth. #7 The fact that the US government funded and essentially created ISIS, and the police are powerless to jail those who were responsible. While there are over 3 thousand people serving life without parole in America for nonviolent, ...

LAPD officer acted 'improperly' in shooting dead mentally ill man, oversight panel finds
Post Date: 2015-06-11 09:16:16 by cranky
An oversight panel found Los Angeles Police Department Officer Sharlton Wampler was unjustified in shooting Ezell Ford, 25, in AugustThe panel also found that Officer Antonio Villegas was wrong to draw his weapon initially but acted appropriately when he shot the man twiceThe two stopped Ford, there was a struggle, Villegas shot the man twice and Wampler pulled out a backup gun afterward and fired a third shotA Los Angeles police officer had no reason to stop and question a black man last year and that violation of department policy led to an altercation that ended with the fatal shooting of the man, an oversight panel found.The Los Angeles Police Commission unanimously determined Tuesday ...

Baltimore cops on soaring crime rate: The public wanted a softer police force and now they’ve got it
Post Date: 2015-06-10 22:39:42 by Tooconservative
The numbers don’t lie. There were 23 homicides and 39 nonfatal shootings in Baltimore in May 2014. Through 29 days of May 2015, there were 42 homicides and 104 nonfatal shootings. Gulp. Why are arrests down so sharply? Some cops may fear that criminals have turned more aggressive and confrontational after a year of high-profile allegations of police brutality, from the protests in Ferguson to the assassination of two officers in New York to the riots over Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Jack Dunphy, a cop himself, noted in a piece for PJM last month that crime rates are up in multiple major cities nationwide. Can’t be a coincidence. For other officers, it’s not fear of perps ...

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says it's hard to hire black cops because too many have criminal histories
Post Date: 2015-06-10 09:18:09 by cranky
The NYPD has a hard time hiring black men to become police officers because too many have criminal records, the city’s top cop said in an interview.  NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said it’s a challenge to find hirable blacks because so many African-American men have been arrested. “We have a significant population gap among African-American males because so many of them have spent time in jail and, as such, we can’t hire them,” Bratton said in an interview published Tuesday by The Guardian, a British newspaper with a New York bureau. Bratton put at least part of the blame on the NYPD’s use of the controversial tactic stop-and-frisk, according to The ...

McKinney officer resigns due to actions in pool party video
Post Date: 2015-06-09 18:48:44 by GeorgiaConservative
McKinney Police Corporal Eric Casebolt has resigned after video showed him pushing a 15-year-old girl in a swimsuit to the ground and pointing his firearm at other teens. Casebolt's lawyer informed FOX4 of Casebolt's decision. The video of the Friday incident involving Casebolt at a McKinney neighborhood pool went viral and had initially landed Casebolt on administrative leave while police officials conduct an investigation. Casebolt was seen pulling Dajerria Becton to the ground and pinning her with his knees while she cried out. He also pulled out his gun and pointed it at other teens and briefly ran after them before being stopped by two fellow McKinney police officers. ...

Bikini-clad girl thrown to ground by McKinney officer speaks out
Post Date: 2015-06-08 21:44:01 by GrandIsland
'I was telling him to get off me because my back was hurting bad' The bikini-clad teenage girl who was forcibly restrained by a police officer responding to a disturbance at a pool party in a Dallas suburb over the weekend says she was an invited guest and was obeying his orders to leave when he grabbed her. "He told me to keep walking," Dajerria Becton, 15, told Fox 4. "And I kept walking and then I'm guessing he thought we were saying rude stuff to him." Becton was then thrown to the ground by Eric Casebolt, one of 12 McKinney Police Department officers who responded to the disturbance call at a private community pool Friday night. He grabbed ...

Guy beats up two cops and knocks one out for touching his weed
Post Date: 2015-06-08 01:06:36 by GeorgiaConservative
Bystanders only watch, shouting "f*** the police" and not helping because of recent events involving police in America. Civilians not intervening to help cops in public struggles will only get more common as police make less friends. Click for Full Text!

Jury convicts female LA officer of assault in deadly arrest
Post Date: 2015-06-06 22:07:25 by Tooconservative
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jurors on Friday convicted a female Los Angeles police officer of felony assault for repeatedly kicking a handcuffed woman who later died. The jury of 11 women and one man reached its verdict after about two days of deliberations in the trial of Officer Mary O'Callaghan, 50. She pleaded not guilty to assaulting a civilian in the 2012 arrest of Alesia Thomas, 35. Dressed in a black pantsuit, O'Callaghan wiped her face, appearing to cry after the verdict was read. Robert Rico, O'Callaghan's attorney, said he plans to appeal and ask for a new trial. "I firmly believe the evidence presented by the prosecution did not show her force was ...

Texas Judge Refuses to be a Part of Traffic Ticket Scheme, Blows the Whistle on Policing for Profit
Post Date: 2015-06-05 08:40:13 by Deckard
Calvert, Texas – Retired municipal court judge David Viscarde has recently come forward to expose the use of quotas on speeding tickets. In an exclusive interview this week, Viscarde told WFAA that the police department and the local courts were involved in a revenue collection scheme where officers had quotas for speeding tickets, and judges were pressured to rush the cases through the courts. Viscarde was a volunteer municipal court judge for over 15 years. “When I first became a judge, we had one reserve officer. That’s all he did on Friday and Saturday every other weekend. He’d write 100 citations,” Viscarde said. “Their municipal court is their cash ...

Baltimore Homicides Approach Record High
Post Date: 2015-06-03 09:52:22 by GrandIsland
The month of May approached an all-time high for homicides in the city of Baltimore. With 43 reported homicides last month, May 2015 counts the most in more than 40 years, according to the Baltimore Sun recordkeeping. City records online only date back to 2011, show the most homicides committed in a one-month span of time peak at 27. The five deadliest months since 1970, according to the Sun, include: Homicides by Month December 1971: 44 August 1972: 45 August 1990: 42 August 1996: 39 May 2015: 43 U.S. Census Bureau estimates put Baltimore’s population around 622,000, down 31 percent from about 906,000 in 1970. Homicides rose in May as arrests plummeted, which some attribute to ...

Mount Pleasant police officer pulls man from burning car
Post Date: 2015-06-03 09:17:59 by GrandIsland
Cpl. Adam Willis’ dash-cam video shows him pulling a man from a burning car outside Vickery’s in Mount Pleasant early Saturday morning. Mount Pleasant Police Department via YouTube A Mount Pleasant police officer pulled a man from a burning car over the weekend, possibly saving his life. Cpl. Adam Willis came upon a car engulfed in flames in the Vickery’s parking lot about 4:35 a.m. Saturday, according to the incident report. Willis ran toward the car with a fire extinguisher and started putting out the fire before realizing there was a man sitting in the driver’s seat. Willis pulled the man from the car and helped him run clear. “Corporal Willis’ quick ...

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