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Underreported Data Suggests Victory for GOP in PA Suburbs

Well these images show US ship, helicopter and plane activity days and hours before the first explosion.

Macron will think twice about insulting Italy from now on.

America’s military and our country won’t survive if wokeism continues to rule

What Trump Gets Right about Harvard

The wesT has no viable opTions ... shorT of nuclear war --- of defeaTing Russia in Ukraine

Who’s our real president? Joe Biden — or the staffers who keep walking back his comments?

Flint, Mich. Clerk Resigns After Elections Group Calls Out Lopsided Number Of Democrat Poll Watchers

China Recruited Top US Scientists To Gain Military Edge In Hypersonic, UAV & Submarine Tech – Reports

Pete Kaliner: Former EcoHealth VP says they developed COVID-19

Biden’s FBI is no beTTer Than ... The worsT miliTanT police enTiTies --- in hisTory

U.S Military Recruitment video. Woke Homos

The Latino vote in Nevada could lead to a Republican Senate majority

DeSantis Moves to Prohibit Communist China From Buying Farmland, Land Around Military Bases

Trump haTers who said ... “his supporTers" --- "musT be exTerminaTed”

'I'm NoT Bluffing' - Vladimir PuTin ... Warns The WesT --- He Is Willing To Use Nuclear Weapons

Democrats are blind to the dangers the illegal migrants they invite in face

Crazed NorTh DakoTa Man ... Runs Over - Kills Teen --- For “ExTremisT” Republican Views

WWIII - The DemocraTs’ ulTimate weT dream ... JusT imagine - marTial law wiTh DemocraTs ruling over us --- wiTh an iron-fisT

By transporting migrants, GOP governors are exposing Democrats’ hypocrisy

Release Biden’s secret voter plan

Nikki Haley: I won’t stand for liberal intimidation from Tish James or her office

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

Progressives, Journalists Worry: Are Polls Once Again Overestimating Democrats?

Crime Runs Rampant In Democrat Strongholds, With Shootings, Beheading Last Weekend

Biden Quietly Loosens Tech Export Rules to Chinese Communist Firms Just Days After Huawei Lobbyist’s Brother Joins White House.

Now it's a majority of voters who want Biden impeached!

Bank of America's Equity: Racial Discrimination, Elitism, Fraud, and Bad Business

NUKE ALERT - ‘DirecT ThreaT’ ... Russia could use TacTical nuclear weapons in Ukraine --- Taking us To brink of WW3 - warns miliTary chief

Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells

DemocraTs ... Dangerously Copy The TacTics --- Of Famous FascisTs

TIPP Poll Asks: Does America Have A Two-Tier Justice System?

FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower on Hunter and the ‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden

Biden’s open border is attracting a huge new category of illegal migrants

Inmates received $1.3 billion in covid-19 stimulus checks, including those serving life sentences

China’s Forced Organ Harvesting Demands U.S. Response

Studies Show ... ThaT Covid “Vaccines” --- Cause Massive Blood Damage

Zuckerberg’s Admission Of FBI Meddling In 2020 Election Is Even Bigger Than It Seems

Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Confirms Biden’s DOJ Fished For A Crime To Pin On Trump

Remember The People's Convoy (Feb 2022)

EveryThing abouT The raid ... The case being builT by The DeparTmenT of JusTice --- reeks of sloppiness - desperaTion.

Unsealed Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit reveals the government has no case against Trump

Wave of lawsuits coming against psychiatrists and doctors who rubber-stamped transgender mutilations and surgeries

CONFIRMED: FBI Colluded With Big Tech To Prevent Voters From Learning About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

With IRS Funding, Democrats Plan to Audit the Middle Class

Biden’s 87,000 IRS Agents Set to Become Woke Army of “Equity” Enforcers

My husband Capt. David Dorn was murdered in 2020 riots. His killer had help dividing America.

The ReTurn of PeTer STrzok ... How a Fired FBI Official Is Making The Case --- AgainsT Himself

Parents and the left are in an all-out war, and the kids are collateral damage

Mar-a-Lago ... The --- Abyss

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Rupert Murdoch Apologizes For Slamming ‘Jewish Owned’ Media
Post Date: 2012-11-19 13:55:43 by Brian S
Billionaire media baron Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation, apologized “unreservedly” on Sunday for a comment he made criticizing “the Jewish owned press.” Though Murdoch didn’t specify which media outlets he was talking about, he accused them of pitching an anti-Israeli framing of the conflict. “Why is the Jewish owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?” he asked on Twitter. In an earlier post to his Twitter account, the owner of the Fox News Channel specifically cited The Associated Press and CNN for what he called “bias to the point of embarrassment.” After a full day of criticism, he backed off the comments on Sunday, ...

Barbour: We’ve Got To Give Republicans ‘a Very Serious Proctology Exam’
Post Date: 2012-11-15 11:14:17 by Brian S
Echoing calls for a thorough examination of what went wrong in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) told an audience on Wednesday that he believes the Republican Party’s “political organizational activity” needs to undergo “a very serious proctology exam.” “The ground game is really important, and we have to be, I mean we’ve got to give our political organizational activity a very serious… [pause] proctology exam,” he said during a Las Vegas conference of the Republican Governor’s Association, according to CNN. In the days since the election, Republicans in the media have seemed apoplectic, ...

Petraeus Sex Scandal Prompts Laughter Among Taliban
Post Date: 2012-11-15 11:12:46 by Brian S
The sex scandal that has brought down CIA chief David Petraeus may be causing heartache in the Washington security establishment but the affair has prompted laughter among the Taliban. Petraeus resigned last week to pre-empt revelations of an affair with his married biographer Paula Broadwell, bringing to an end a glittering military career that included a spell commanding NATO forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. A stony-faced Taliban official burst into laughter at the mention of the Petraeus affair during an interview with AFP in northwest Pakistan this week. “What a bastard! But all Americans are the same, it’s nothing new,” the official said, who did not want ...

Who Pays?
Post Date: 2012-11-14 22:00:58 by Abcdefg

Anti-Obama AZ Woman Runs Over Husband For Not Voting
Post Date: 2012-11-13 10:40:04 by Brian S
An Arizona woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and reckless driving after running her husband over with their SUV Monday out of anger over him not voting in last week’s presidential election. KPHO-TV reported that Holly Solomon was upset over the possibility of her family “would suffer” because of President Barack Obama’s re-election Nov. 6 when she chased and hit Daniel Solomon in a parking lot following an argument. “At one point, he went behind a light pole so that, obviously, the vehicle couldn’t strike him,” said Gilbert Police Department Sergeant Jesse Sanger. “He ended up leaving the light pole at one point, trying to run ...

3 Billionaire Campaign Donors End up with 1 Win and 11 Losses
Post Date: 2012-11-12 13:11:58 by Brian S
Billionaires spent heavily on the 2012 election, but 11 of the 12 candidates they backed lost.   Casino owner Sheldon Adelson, who gave more money to super PACs than any other contributor ($53.7 million), supported at least eight candidates, all of whom were defeated. The losers included Mitt Romney and Republican U.S. Senate candidates in Florida, Virginia and New Jersey. During the Republican primary season, Adelson contributed $16.5 million to Newt Gingrich’s losing campaign.   Other conservative billionaires who lost on Election Night were Contran Corp. CEO Harold Simmons, homebuilder Bob Perry and TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts. These three gave $13.4 million to ...

Luntz: Fox Viewers Ought To Be Outraged Because Day In/Day Out They Were Told Romney Would Win
Post Date: 2012-11-10 21:47:47 by Brian S
Frank Luntz: Fox Viewers "Ought To Be Outraged Because Day In And Day Out They Were Told" Romney Would WinVIDEO HERE:http://mediamatters.org/video/2012/11/10/frank-luntz-fox-viewers-ought- to-be-outraged-be/191328********************** Told by whom....Mr. Luntz......by whom.............?

Romney Staffers Stranded When Campaign Killed Credit Cards On Election Night
Post Date: 2012-11-09 10:41:32 by Brian S
Staffers working for the Romney 2012 campaign got a sudden and unwelcome lesson in fiscal conservatism Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when they tried to check out of hotel rooms or travel home. According to NBC’s “First Read” blog, campaign workers were left to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they found that all the credit cards issued by Romney/Ryan 2012 were canceled as soon as the nominee finished his concession speech. “From the moment Mitt Romney stepped off stage Tuesday night, having just delivered a brief concession speech he wrote only that evening, the massive infrastructure surrounding his campaign quickly began to disassemble itself,” ...

MSNBC Hosts Mock Karl Rove’s On-air Ohio Freakout
Post Date: 2012-11-07 12:04:13 by Brian S
Republican operative and dark money overlord Karl Rove’s moment of on-air discombobulation did not go unnoticed at Fox News’s rival network MSNBC. A few of the liberal network’s hosts took a moment to relish the spectacle of the man once known as “Bush’s brain” attempting to willfully disconnect from reality regarding the vote counts coming in from Ohio. “I don’t mean to cross-advertise here,” said Rachel Maddow, “but I want to note that conservative cable news network Fox News Channel – Fox News Channel called Ohio for Obama, but the on-air talent is refusing to concede that they believe it. Karl Rove is describing this as being just ...

Angry Yukon
Post Date: 2012-11-06 18:19:50 by Abcdefg
Poster Comment:It's gotta be him.

Fox News Begins Election Day With ‘Alert’ Over New Black Panthers
Post Date: 2012-11-06 09:56:17 by Brian S
The Fox News Channel began election day on Tuesday by warning viewers about an alleged member of the New Black Panthers Party at one Pennsylvania polling place. “This is a member of the Black Panthers standing guard outside a polling place in Philadelphia,” co-host Gretchen Carlson noted following the blaring “Fox News Alert” graphic. “Does it look reminiscent?” she asked. “Remember this from four years ago. The organization said it was thinking about monitoring the elections. Critics say it’s more like intimidation. The Black Panthers also stood guard outside polling places, as I just mentioned, in 2008 in Philly, the group’s leader with a ...

Republican-Heavy Counties Eat Up Most Food-Stamp Growth
Post Date: 2012-11-05 13:41:32 by Brian S
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said in May that he’d written off votes from 47 percent of Americans who are collecting government aid. Turns out many of them are part of his political base. Seventy percent of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg. They include Republican strongholds like King County, Texas, which in 2008 backed Republican John McCain by 92.6 percent, his largest share in the nation; and fast-growing Douglas County, Colorado. That means Romney is counting on votes from areas where ...

Chrysler executive to Trump: ‘You are full of sh*t!’
Post Date: 2012-11-01 23:35:32 by Brian S
Ralph Giles, the vice president of product design at Chrysler, blasted real estate mogul Donald Trump via Twitter on Thursday. Trump, who has campaigned with Republican hopeful Mitt Romney, accused President Barack Obama of being “a terrible negotiator” on Twitter, adding that the President “bails out Chrysler and now Chrysler wants to send all Jeep manufacturing to China–and will!” Giles bluntly responded, “you are full of shit!” Hours later, he added, “I apologize for my language, but lies are just that, lies. Thanks for the support People.” The Romney campaign has claimed Jeep is shipping American jobs to China. But Chrysler described the ...

Morale Waning for Anti-Paul Zealots
Post Date: 2012-11-01 16:33:44 by calcon
With the loss of their leader, the anti-paul jihadists at LP are losing the battle against the forces of ron paul. Once again their efforts to control LP has resulted in an EPIC FAIL. #35. To: Gatlin (#34) Purge your list ... Facts and accuracy is not the "AGENDA" for some posters. As always, good job. The responsible, normal thinking posters are dwindling. I bet you wont see Yukon back. I wouldn't blame him. GrandIsland posted on 2012-11-01 1:00:21 ET Reply Trace #36. To: GrandIsland, Goldi-Lox (#35) (Edited) I bet you wont see Yukon back. I wouldn't blame him. I have already come to that conclusion ... I wouldn't blame him either. Goldi screwed the pooch. 1 ...

Biden to voter: ‘Are you Indian?’
Post Date: 2012-10-31 14:47:26 by calcon
Speaking with a group of voters at a campaign volunteer center, Vice President Joe Biden asked if one of a group of men if he was an Indian. “Are you an Indian,” the Vice President asked, according to the pool report. “American,” the man replied. “No, I mean first generation,” Biden said shortly before he moved on.

Happy (Redistributionist) holloweeen
Post Date: 2012-10-31 14:14:36 by calcon
Today we celebrate Halloween, when roving bands of children go from door to door threatening to do damage to people’s houses unless they get payoffs in sugar. All right, so the “trick” part of “trick or treat” has become an anachronism, but that’s probably the only thing that will make you feel better about Steven Crowder’s demonstration of how redistributionism really works — and how easy it is for children to recognize that it’s just not right. He placed a hidden camera at a church trick-or-treat event and attempted to make the candy distribution more “fair” by redistributing the loot in the bags. That prompted immediate objections ...

Romney Campaign Staged Donations At Storm Relief Event
Post Date: 2012-10-31 11:23:04 by Brian S
As the East Coast and parts of Ohio struggled to regroup in the devastating wake of “Superstorm” Sandy, the Romney campaign hastily transformed a scheduled victory rally in Dayton, Ohio into a non-political “storm relief event” on Tuesday. According to BuzzFeed, the campaign encouraged supporters to bring hurricane relief supplies and “deliver the bags of canned goods, packages of diapers, and cases of water bottles to the candidate, who would be perched behind a table along with a slew of volunteers and his Ohio right-hand man, Senator Rob Portman.” Just to be safe, campaign aides reportedly spent $5,000 at a local Wal-Mart on supplies that could be put on ...

Post Date: 2012-10-29 23:50:35 by Brian S
MITT ROMNEY’S 5-POINT FRANKENSTORM PLAN: 1) Stash money. 2) Put money in binders. 3) Pray to money. 4) Lie about money. 5) Strap dog to roof.

Labor Department Says No Decision Yet on Whether to Delay Jobs Report
Post Date: 2012-10-29 12:17:14 by Brian S
The Labor Department said Monday that it has yet to make a decision on whether to delay Friday’s closely-watched October employment report due to the effects from Hurricane Sandy. Federal government offices in Washington are closed Monday and may be shut again Tuesday due to the storm. It isn’t clear if the closure would cause a delay in processing the data. “We will assess the situation when the weather emergency is over and notify the press and public of any changes at that time,” said Gary Steinberg, spokesman for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data arm of the department. The Labor Department is also scheduled to release its third quarter employment cost index ...

Zionist Organization Of America Cancels Its Annual Fundraising Dinner Because Of The Loss Tax-Exempt Status
Post Date: 2012-10-24 11:56:36 by Brian S
The Zionist Organization of America has canceled its annual fundraising dinner because of the loss of its tax-exempt status, the organization has confirmed. The fundraiser, usually held in late November or early December, is a key annual event for the group. Recent galas have drawn such high-profile speakers as conservative talk show host Glenn Beck and Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, the House majority leader. The event could still be held sometime next spring, according to David Drimer, the ZOA’s executive director. But the cancellation comes as internal critics continue to raise questions about the handling of the crisis, and as the ZOA makes cuts to some programs. As the Forward ...

Please Move The Deer Crossing (Donna - Romney voter)
Post Date: 2012-10-22 16:54:10 by Hondo68
This audio clip from Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station was too funny to not find a way for more people to hear it -- so thus, this video. Donna asks for help getting deer crossing signs moved to lower traffic areas. "The government can guide deer to lower traffic areas". Poster Comment:Move those signs... a shovel ready project for big government Willie-Mitt!

Romney Blimp Goes Limp
Post Date: 2012-10-22 10:56:29 by Brian S
An airship promoting Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in Florida drew attention for other reasons Sunday when it was forced to make an emergency landing just north of Miami. According to WSVN-TV, the blimp, bearing the banner, “America Needs Romney,” was caught in high winds on its way back to a local airport, forcing it to the ground near a residential area in Davie, Florida. “It was getting lower and lower,” one resident said. “It was totally going down, it was just losing altitude. The wind was just taking it and taking it.” The airship was first spotted in the area Friday, on the weekend before the final presidential debate between Romney, the ...

Fire destroys State Fair of Texas icon Big Tex
Post Date: 2012-10-19 13:58:40 by Brian S
DALLAS (AP) -- Fire has destroyed Big Tex, leaving behind little more than the metal frame of the 52-foot-tall metal-and-fabric cowboy that's an icon of the State Fair of Texas. Some fabric that made up the towering structure's hands and sleeves still could be seen as firefighters gathered around the scorched area Friday. Big Tex's 75-gallon hat, 50-pound belt buckle and slow drawl have been greeting state fair visitors since 1952. This year's fair, which closes Sunday, had been celebrating Big Tex's 60th birthday. Fair spokeswoman Sue Gooding says she doesn't know the cause of the fire but did note electrical controls move Big Tex's mouth and head. Gooding ...

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