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Club for Growth Snubs Trump Ahead of Annual Donor Retreat

North Korean Leader Seen in Public First Time in 36 Days

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Labeled 'Anti-abortion' by AP

Disney May Lose Control of Its Kingdom With Florida Bill Read Newsmax: Disney May Lose Control of Its Kingdom With Florida Bill | Newsmax.com Important: Find Your Real Retirement Date in Minutes! More Info Here

‘Riotsville, USA’ Shows the Birth of Police Militarization

Russia and Ukraine Have Incentives to Negotiate. The U.S. Has Other Plans.

Push Global CCP Influence Into the Light

Mac Isaac to Newsmax: No Wrongdoing in Turning Over Laptop

Equity Destroying Education in Va.

UN Using “Neuroscience” to Push One World “Spirituality” on Children

Ukraine: The War That Went Wrong

Another Recession Sign: Part-Time Work Is Growing Faster than Full-Time Work

Internal Pink Floyd Feud Reignited Amid Antisemitism Accusations

No Freedom of Car Choice? Thank Blue State Tyrants

Prohibiting Guns for Marijuana Users Ruled Unconstitutional

The Price-Gouging State

Brickbat: Finger-Licking Good

The Not-So-Great Depression Diet

Yes, the US Government Has Defaulted Before

BREAKING - mRNA Vaccine ... Paralyzes Young Girl --- Now Wheelchair Bound

Lauterbach in 2020: "Schools drive the pandemic, the research is clear." Lauterbach in 2023: The belief that many infections occur in schools and day-care centres “did not prove to be correct"

Tyre Nichols’s Death Proves Yet Again That ‘Elite’ Police Units Are a Disaster

Local Gov't Internet Is No Solution

WE NEED TO STOP THIS | Jimmy Dore’s Epic RANT About Ukraine War

Justice Denied

Top Bush Lawyer Admits Guantánamo Military Commissions ‘Doomed From the Start’

Fuller a Pioneer of Solar Energy

Innovation in all fields of research and invention has entered a uniform, precipitous decline since at least 1945

America Is Once More Safe for Democracy After 'Terrorist' Balloon Shot Down!

Stoics in the Shining City

Zelensky Warns Major Russian Offensive Is Looming

Pro-Life Students File Lawsuit After Kicked Out From Smithsonian

The deeply flawed campaign for racial reparations

Pentagon Tells Lawmakers Ukraine Unlikely to Retake Crimea

War Racketeers Won’t Reform Themselves


An Apostate Indicts Our Educational System

Ukraine to Replace Defense Minister After Corruption Scandal

Salman Rushdie Opens Up About Surviving Attack: I Feel Lucky

New $2.2 Billion Arms Package for Ukraine Includes Longer-Range Rockets

Montana Senate Kills Call for Con-Con

Brickbat: Remember, We Never Met

Fed’s Giant Economic Science Experiment

Iraq Central Bank Governor Urges US to Scale Back Dollar Restrictions

Germany Open to Theories That a Western Country Attacked Nord Stream Pipelines

Former Israeli PM Bennett: Putin Promised Not to Kill Zelenskyy Read more: Former Israeli PM Bennet: Putin Promised Not to Kill Zelenskyy | Newsmax.com

DOJ Probes Memphis PD on Tyre Nichols' Killing

US V-22 Ospreys Grounded Over Defective Clutch Parts

Leftist Lawyers Try To Protect Killing The Unborn By Calling It A Religion

The President Has Spoken

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The_Plan Die America Die
Post Date: 2012-04-11 21:34:47 by whyofcourse
The_Plan Die America Die Disclose.tv - Rense & Texe Marrs - The Plan - Die America Die Video

Saturday Night Music
Post Date: 2012-04-07 19:00:20 by CZ82
Poster Comment:Since we haven't done Staurday Night Music threads in a while I thought I'd start one.....

News Busted 3/23/2012
Post Date: 2012-04-07 18:45:52 by CZ82

Are Voter I.D. Laws Racist???
Post Date: 2012-04-07 18:26:33 by CZ82

The missing link to renewable energy
Post Date: 2012-04-07 13:48:32 by jwpegler
The problem at the heart of many sustainable-energy systems: How to store power so it can be delivered to the grid all the time, day and night, even when the wind's not blowing and the sun's not shining? At MIT, Donald Sadoway has been working on a grid-size battery system that stores energy using a three-layer liquid-metal core. With help from fans like Bill Gates, Sadoway and two of his students have spun off the Liquid Metals Battery Corporation (LMBC) to bring the battery to market.

The Great Eight--Obozo's out of Luck
Post Date: 2012-04-07 09:40:59 by CZ82

Univision Introduces Us to Mitt Romney’s Cousins in Chihuahua, Mexico [Video]
Post Date: 2012-04-01 20:00:59 by Hondo68
During a campaign stop in New Hampshire last week, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney casually mentioned his father was born in Mexico, a part of his life that he wasn’t really discussing until he realized it was time to get the Latino vote. Romney’s grandfather fled to Mexico to avoid anti-polygamy laws and that’s one of the complaints from Mexicans to Romney: Mexico opened its doors to your ancestors but you oppose immigration reform in the United States? Watch the video and meet Romney’s primos. Poster Comment:

Will America become a cashless Society??
Post Date: 2012-04-01 09:11:45 by CZ82

President Obama: A Dominion Theocrat?
Post Date: 2012-03-31 10:24:33 by CZ82

The real meaning of MPH
Post Date: 2012-03-30 19:33:54 by CZ82
Poster Comment:My guess is she is one of the ones who said she would gladly give up some of her brains to have bigger boobs!!!!

John Stossel's Illegal Everything
Post Date: 2012-03-23 13:23:41 by A K A Stone
The producer of Stupid in America, John Stossel, broadcasts another outstanding documentary "Illegal Everything" which shows how nearly everything is (or may soon be) illegal - including lemonade stands, raw milk, fast food, recording police, and more. Poster Comment:The goverment can take their laws and shove them up Obamas pussy. I will do what I want to do. I could care less what the law says. My moral code is superior. I will follow it and not the law.

Ron Paul: The Movie
Post Date: 2012-03-22 17:08:58 by whyofcourse
1hr 19min

A New Editor For Breitbart.com Throws Andrew Breitbart Under the Bus (my title) Video Interview
Post Date: 2012-03-19 19:48:20 by Murron
A new editor for Breitbart.com, reorganized quickly after the sudden death March 1 of founder and conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, says the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility simply doesn’t matter. “To my knowledge, there’s no evidence. I just don’t believe it,” Ben Shapiro, newly named editor-at-large for Breitbart.com, told Mark Gillar during an interview on his BlogTalkRadio program. It was Breitbart who told the Conservative Political Action Conference shortly before his sudden death that he had obtained videos and other information about Obama’s past. Breitbart said he intended to vet the incumbent president before the 2012 election, because ...

Near Riot As GOP Leaders Try To Steal Caucus From Ron Paul
Post Date: 2012-03-19 17:38:20 by Capitalist Eric
As the Missouri Caucus opened today the GOP establishment immediately tried hijacking the caucus by appointing the Caucus committee when procedure is to have a elect a committee from those in attendance. It was a blatant attempt to seize control of the physical ballots and perpetuate the nationwide vote fraud of systematically suppressing votes for Ron Paul. But Ron Paul supporters where not going to stand by and just let it happen and soon the situation exploded into a near riot which ended with the police in body armor arresting Ron Paul supporters beneath a helicopter in sky wailing its siren and ordering the crowd to disperse over a megaphone. The events in Missouri come just after a ...

Weekend Music Thread
Post Date: 2012-03-17 11:10:08 by jwpegler

FeloniousMunk--- Balance the Budget "B" (Lots of 4 letter words)..
Post Date: 2012-03-16 06:59:12 by CZ82
Poster Comment:ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms
Post Date: 2012-03-13 18:31:13 by CZ82
video platform video management video solutions video player

Despicable Me
Post Date: 2012-03-12 20:02:41 by sneakypete
Poster Comment:Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to be under 10 years old to enjoy this one. It is freaking hilarious.

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys play Bluegrass
Post Date: 2012-03-12 19:53:38 by whyofcourse

AL Candidates Forum: Live Now on C-SPAN (Santorum, Gingrich)
Post Date: 2012-03-12 18:32:20 by Hondo68
Birmingham, AL Monday, March 12, 2012 The Alabama Republican Party hosts a presidential candidate forum with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham. Also today, Mitt Romney holds a campaign event in Mobile, Alabama. The Alabama Republican Primary is Tuesday, March 13. 50 Republican delegates are at stake. www.infowars.com/danny-da...pook-media-agitprop-shop/

Why I left Judiasm
Post Date: 2012-03-11 11:33:50 by whyofcourse

The Great 8, 10Mar12
Post Date: 2012-03-10 08:29:49 by CZ82

One Last Kiss
Post Date: 2012-03-08 06:38:15 by CZ82

KTRH talks birth certificate forgery with Joe Arpaio
Post Date: 2012-03-05 18:57:08 by whyofcourse
KTRH talks birth certificate forgery with Joe Arpaio

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