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House Speaker Mike Johnson Calls “Separation of Church and State” a “Misnomer”

Epic Bear Fight - NO MUSIC...Full length

1611 KJV Bible Compared To The 1560 Geneva Bible

South African lawmakers vote to suspend diplomatic ties with Israel, shut embassy

Jesus Continues To Reveal Himself Through Dreams In These Last Days

Speaker Mike Johnson Slams DOJ Live

History of Artificial Intelligence & Mark of the Beast

NEW VIDEO From January 6th

How We Are Being Conditioned For "Disease X"

Romans 11:26-27 King James Version 26 And so all Israel shall be saved

It Was a Set-Up: Recent J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police May Have Incited Riot – Fired on Massive Trump Crowd Without Warning

What’s the Connection Between Eugenics and Evolution?

This Was The First Thing Jesus Warned About In The End Times

Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening

Iranian politician and former IRGC minister Brig.-Gen. Mohsen Rafighdoost told Iranian TV in an interview that Iran is holding Western hostages

Are Scientists Confirming Bible Prophecy Regarding Eruptions In The Last Days?

Israel Hamas Conflict : 17 नवंबर को Israel में 'ब्लैक आउट'


IDF shares a new video, shows weapons at civilian sites in northern Gaza

Israeli military video said to show destruction of Hamas tunnels in Gaza

Unseen footage: Israeli army's daring Gaza evacuation | News9

Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Now in Gulf of Oman

Terrorists shoot at IDF soldiers from Gaza hospital

Terrorists in Columbus Ohio

Researchers have just discovered a ‘kill switch’ that causes cancer cells to self-destruct in possible medical breakthrough

Mike Johnson LIVE | Speaker Mike Johnson Vs Joe Biden LIVE

Israeli Navy’s Unit for Underwater Missions located dozens of weapons in the Gazan maritime region

Is Trump Paralleling an Ancient Leader?

Footage from the operations in the Rantisi Hospital


The Internet Kill Switch Has Arrived With Larry Ragland

The Syllabus Of Errors Pope BI. Pius IX - 1864

James Carville explains everything about Mike Johnson

This Is The Technology The Bible Warned Us About

Israel Palestine War Update LIVE: Israeli Tanks And Forces Hit Multiple Targets, Invading Gaza

Yellow Fever: Coming to the U.S.?

Scientists Unveil 'Air Vax' to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy

Judge Arthur Engoron Orders Ivanka Trump to Testify at Father’s NY Trial

House Republicans Set Legislative Priorities After Electing Mike Johnson as Speaker

US Warplanes Conduct Major Strikes On 'Iranian Proxies' In Syria

Tucker Carlson Warns America Is on the 'Brink of Collapse'

MasterCard's New 'Digital ID' Allows Governments to Track Public’s Vaccination Status

American Oligarchy: Meet the Billionaire Mega-Donors Behind the Biden Presidency

Sanctuary State Illinois: Illegal Aliens Freed from Jail After Allegedly Stealing $1.7K in Clothes from Macy’s

'Reasonable Decisions': 70% Of Criminals Dem Gov Released Early Went On To Commit More Crimes

Rep. Jamaal Bowman Pleads Guilty To Pulling Fire Alarm In Capitol Building

ACLU Declares Trump Gag Order To Be Unconstitutional

Mike Johnson Elected House Speaker

Texas AG Sues Biden Administration For Cutting Razor Wire At Southern Border

Retail Credit Card APR Hits Record 28.93% Average

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NY Gov Hochul to Raise Cigarette Taxes
Post Date: 2023-01-17 21:43:44 by Charles_Byrd
I think this is going to do more harm than good. NY’s cigarette taxes are already the highest in the nation by a wide margin. It’s just a way for them to say that cigarettes are bad for you – unless you pay the government to be able to do it, then it’s safe. Click for Full Text!

Bjorn Handeen on Using Local Politics to End the Wars
Post Date: 2023-01-17 21:37:50 by Charles_Byrd
Scott talks with Bjorn Handeen, a long-time listener who is now the Idaho Republican Party Region 1 Chairman. The two talk about Handeen’s efforts to translate his knowledge of American foreign policy into results by focusing on local politicians. Unlike some of the big names in today’s Congress, politicians on the county and state levels are often totally uninformed about international issues, which can make them relatively open-minded if only you’re able to get in their ear. Handeen says you’ll be surprised how much access you’ll get to local legislators if you just start showing up. They talk about when democratic institutions can be an effective tool in the ...

Detransition: The Wounds That Won't Heal
Post Date: 2023-01-15 18:58:06 by Charles_Byrd
Dr Jordan B Peterson sits down with 18 years old de-transitioner Chloe Cole. Chloe was indoctrinated, affirmed, and set on an irreparable path at the age of 15, and now finds herself abandoned by the community and the doctors that lead her over the edge. Chloe Cole is an 18-year-old de-transitioner from The Central Valley of California. She started her transition at 12 years old, puberty blockers and testosterone at 13, and had a double mastectomy at 15 years old. She is now a strong advocate against gender ideology. Click for Full Text!

College of Psychologists vs Jordan B Peterson
Post Date: 2023-01-15 18:45:30 by Charles_Byrd
Dr Jordan B Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila explain the current situation with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. They have presented Dr. Peterson with an ultimatum: take part in re-education courses aiming to correct his “wrongthink,” or lose his clinical psychology license. Click for Full Text!

The Idaho Student Murders
Post Date: 2023-01-15 18:41:00 by Charles_Byrd
Four college students are found stabbed to death in their home. Police say the suspect had studied the criminal mind. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports. Watch more full episodes of "48 Hours" on Pluto TV. Click for Full Text!

US President Joe Biden has said a small number of documents were discovered and the Department of Justice immediately notified.
Post Date: 2023-01-15 18:03:48 by Charles_Byrd
US President Joe Biden has said a small number of documents were discovered and the Department of Justice immediately notified. Click for Full Text!

Clint Russell on Woke Corporations, and What We Should Do Now
Post Date: 2023-01-13 02:07:26 by Charles_Byrd
Clint Russell of Liberty Lockdown joins me to talk woke capitalism and ESG, why mankind is so frustrating, and productive approaches to living in a hostile world. Click for Full Text!

Building Back Bad: Red Flags Laws
Post Date: 2023-01-11 21:09:19 by Charles_Byrd
Every time a gun free zone is turned into a shooting gallery, we get another crying jag from the Democrats, and even some Covenant Breaking Republicans, for more red flag laws. Are red flag laws effective? How do they work? Or is it just simply government overreach? Also, what other issues seem to be common denominators in mass shootings? We are going to answer those questions and more. And our 2A For Today Modern Militiaman spotlight is on an armed 68-year old retired wrestling legend who, on the heels of surviving prostate cancer, grabbed his .44, laid the smackdown, and made a home invader tap out. Welcome to 2A For Today, a program where we explore all things Second Amendment: all ...

Inflation & Our Immoral Money System Require a Bitter Pill
Post Date: 2023-01-10 22:08:48 by Charles_Byrd
Record inflation is hurting millions of American families. But despite these recent symptoms, inflation is the result of a longstanding and immoral money system that benefits the powerful at the expense of everyone else. In this episode, Paul interviews Executive Senior Editor of The New American magazine Steve Bonta, who discusses the difficult but doable path to restoring our wretched money system. Bonta makes clear that the remedy is a bitter pill. But it’s nothing compared to what lies ahead if Americans don’t wake and address our corrupt money system. Don’t miss this episode! Click for Full Text!

Fauci Runs Defense On Hamlin
Post Date: 2023-01-10 20:56:01 by Charles_Byrd
Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie take a look at Anthony Fauci's recent appearance on CBS news to tell us there is absolutely no way Damar Hamlin's collapse was because of the MRNA vaccine, Kevin McCarthy getting the votes for speaker of the house and the dramatic events leading up to it, We then rap up the show taking a look at the latest embarrassing bit by Jimmy Fallon. Click for Full Text!

A Look at the Libertarian Party's Success and Growth Strategies: Insights w/ Angela McArdle
Post Date: 2023-01-10 19:54:31 by Charles_Byrd
In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian welcomes back Angela McArdle, chair of the Libertarian Party, to discuss the progress and challenges the party has faced over the past year. We start by discussing the financial state of the party, with Angela sharing that the LP ended the year on a strong financial point, with revenue close to $2 million, the strongest in 20 years. Click for Full Text!

The Significance of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022)
Post Date: 2023-01-05 23:18:29 by Charles_Byrd
Catholic and non-Catholic listeners alike requested an episode on Pope Benedict XVI, so I invited Catholic publisher Roger McCaffrey to discuss what his pontificate meant in the context of the post-Vatican II church. Read the original article at TomWoods.com. http://tomwoods.com/ep-2261- the-significance-of-pope-benedict-xvi-1927-2022/ Click for Full Text!

Robert Brown: The Harsh Reality of a “Convention of States”
Post Date: 2023-01-04 20:39:20 by Charles_Byrd
At an event hosted by the Fox Cities chapters of the John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin, Constitutional scholar Robert Brown addresses the harsh realities about a so-called “Convention of States,” debunking the various false and deceptive claims made by the organization Convention of States (COS) and its co-founder Mark Meckler. Brown examines what really happened at the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, the 12 state commissions, what the delegates actually said, and its bearing on a modern constitutional convention under Article V. Brown also discusses the origins of the term “convention of the states” and what is a constitutional convention. Click for Full Text!

Bill Jasper’s Brazilian Blast from the Past
Post Date: 2023-01-04 18:06:11 by Charles_Byrd
In 1992, TNA Senior Editor William Jasper covered the original “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 30 years later, Mr. Jasper reminisces about the event with TNA Executive Senior Editor Steve Bonta, including never-before-published details of his encounter with then-Senator Al Gore. Click for Full Text!

The 4 Most Significant Pieces of 2A Legislation in 2022 | 2A For Today!
Post Date: 2023-01-04 17:29:15 by Charles_Byrd
2A For Today is back with a 2022 Second Amendment recap! From New York to North Korea, I mean… California, the Democratic People’s Republic of California, we have seen significant changes in the law and our opponents’ strategies. On today’s show we will break down what we believe to be The 4 Most Significant Pieces of 2A Legislation in 2022. And our 2A For Today Modern Militiawoman spotlight is on a 23 year old woman who jacked up a gang of carjackers. She was prepared and ready to act! The carjackers didn’t even have a chance! Click for Full Text!

Is There A Conservative Case For 'Speaker McCarthy'?
Post Date: 2023-01-02 21:22:26 by Charles_Byrd
Tomorrow a (slim) Republican majority will take control of the US House of Representatives. Unknown is whether former Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will get the needed 218 votes among the 222 House Republicans. What's at stake? Also today, will admitted liar George Santos end up being the most truthful Member of the House? Finally - most Americans want the FBI investigated. Will a Republican House be up to the task? Click for Full Text!

Manipulation! Four Ways The Mainstream Media Lied To Us In 2022
Post Date: 2022-12-29 20:48:25 by Charles_Byrd
Journalists are supposed to inform the public. That is the job of what has been referred to as the Fourth Estate. They are supposed to expose the crimes of the state against the people. But something is very wrong with our mainstream media. Journalists and their institutions have upended their traditional roles and decided to side with the political power against the people. We are just beginning to see the ugly truth with the release of the Twitter Files, but more importantly in the mainstream media reaction to what should be the biggest story of the century: silence. Click for Full Text!

The UN’s New World Religion
Post Date: 2022-12-29 19:56:25 by Charles_Byrd
It is becoming increasingly well-known and understood that the UN’s “climate” agenda is about shackling the planet in the name of saving it. At last November’s “climate” COP27 conference in Egypt, the UN took another step in this direction by calling for climate reparations entailing a gargantuan transfer of wealth from the United States and other developed nations to poor nations supposedly suffering from the bad effects of climate change. But less well known than the UN’s political/economic power grab is the emerging New World (Green) Religion that is occurring in tandem. Yet the religious implications of the UN’s overall agenda, according to The ...

Vladimir Putin Addresses the Russian Defense Ministry Board Dec 21, 2022 - English Subtitles
Post Date: 2022-12-28 23:10:02 by Charles_Byrd
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu address the Russian Defense Ministry Board Recorded December 21, 2022 In Russian with English subtitles Click for Full Text!

Edward Dowd, author of "Cause Unknown".
Post Date: 2022-12-27 00:27:40 by Charles_Byrd
Edward Dowd discusses inside information from his book, "Cause Unknown". Click for Full Text!

The Always Relevant "What if..." Speech -- And Now It's Ukraine
Post Date: 2022-12-26 23:05:16 by Charles_Byrd
The Always Relevant "What if..." Speech -- And Now It's Ukraine Click for Full Text!

Ron Paul: Impact of a Life
Post Date: 2022-12-26 23:02:01 by Charles_Byrd
Tribute to one of the greatest educators and defenders of liberty ever. Click for Full Text!

Energy Crisis Being Engineered for Evil Purposes
Post Date: 2022-12-26 22:49:06 by Charles_Byrd
The Deep State is engineering a major energy crisis that may make life very difficult this winter across large parts of the Northern hemisphere, even in the United States, warns The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. The emerging crisis was brought about through relentless Deep State sabotage of Western energy systems, including energy exploration and power plants, under the guise of "fighting climate change," though even nuclear and hydropower are under attack by Deep State forces and their useful idiots. All over Europe, in large parts of America, and even in Japan, establishment media organs are warning that blackouts, brownouts ...

QR CODES - This is Whole Foods in the USA.
Post Date: 2022-12-26 22:16:31 by Charles_Byrd
QR CODES - This is Whole Foods in the USA. Capturing all your data as you enter, scanning everything you buy & spying on your every move. Social Credit scoring will Look like this. Rationing you, deciding for you and controlling you. Click for Full Text!

Amendment to Raise Threshold to waive the Budget Act
Post Date: 2022-12-24 00:13:46 by Charles_Byrd
Click for Full Text!

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